[Top 15] Sims 4 Dating Mods Every Player Should Have Have

Dating is only the beginning.

Dating can be the start of a fling or of something forever.

Dating mods are much more than just about going on dates. Dating itself is a road that can end in marriage or in the pair just being. 

The mods are to enhance the romance and give more gameplay to your sim's journey in finding that one sim that is everything or those many sims. Finding these mods are simple, but there are many of them out there. 

Which ones should you have in your game? What good will they do for you and your experience? 

Here are the top 15 dating mods that enhance your game and give your sims more options and much-needed depth. Each one has different qualities and is amazing in many different ways. 

15. Romance Aspiration (TS2-TS4)

Blast from the past is here at last.

Sims 2 had some of the best aspirations that covered more than just one specific thing. The Romance Aspiration (TS2-TS4) shows off that aspiration in the Sims 4 for everyone to experience once again or even for the first time. 

As stated on the details page, the mod is supposed to be broken, though the mod seems to be working just fine in my game. Keep that in mind when you add it to your game. 

What's Fun About Romance Aspiration (TS2-TS4):

  • Blast from the past - This mod brings back the best feeling of nostalgia one could even begin to ask for. 
  • Story - Add an extra layer of goals and buffs for the best story of romance you can manage. 
  • Gameplay - Added to the game is a new buff and a reward trait. The trait is Seducer, giving your sim the ability to have fun with any sim they want. 

Romance Aspiration (TS2-TS4) details: Download

14. Passionate Romance MOD

Passion and romance go hand in hand.

From the creator of the extreme violence mod comes a mod all about romance and passion. The creator Sacrificial brings us the mod Passionate Romance MOD that opens the door to a new world of romance. 

Take a romantic walk with your significant other, snuggle, have your first kiss in the air, and so much more with this beautiful mod. Your sim will have the best dates and romantic life in the history of sims with this particular mod. 

What's Fun About Passionate Romance MOD:

  • Added flair - Sims 4 gets much-needed flair to romance with this wonderful mod, making the first kiss even more special than before. 
  • Expanded - This mod expands on the basic romance and ups the interactions more than one could ever wish. 
  • Romantic - Nothing is more romantic than being about to have more actions that center around love and romance. 

Passionate Romance MOD details: Download

13. Road to Romance

Where will this road lead? 

Ever want to have your sim go on a date without you having to be there? Same, and now you can have that happen with the mod, Road to Romance. 

This mod requires the Mood Pack Mod, which is on the download page. With this mod, your sim will have a new skill that is all about romance, and you will be able to even online date and have counseling. 

What's Fun About Road to Romance:

  • Rabbit hole - No worries about having to work on the date with your sims. Sit back and relax or prepare for their return. 
  • Easy dates - Work smarter, not harder, right? This mod gives you and your sims an easy way of dating. 
  • No goals - There are no goals that you have to complete, and your sim still has a great time on their date. 

Road to Romance details: Download

12. “SimDa” Dating App

Date on the go.

There are so many dating apps in the world right now, but none in the sims. Until now. LittleMsSam's mod “SimDa” Dating App gives your sims a change of pace. 

You can look for a specific date, go on a blind date, or have a one-night stand. Your sim will even have a chatroom for SimDa available on the computer or tablet. 

What's Fun About “SimDa” Dating App:

  • Realism - Like Tinder, SimDa gives your sims a chance to live realistically and have a new type of dating life. 
  • Gameplay - Extra gameplay is always a bonus, and this mod gives several new interactions for your sims. 
  • Storytelling - Weave a tale of many possibilities. Perhaps your sim had a blind date gone wrong or a hook-up that ends up in true love. 

“SimDa” Dating App details: Download

11. “Embrace” Interaction Improved

New and improved interaction to give your sims an edge. 

Have you ever noticed that the romantic action "embrace" seems more like best friends having a deep hug? The mod “Embrace” Interaction Improved gives the gesture a more romantic feel. 

This mod gives a more fluid look to the embrace and doesn't give off that "best friends" feel. Perfect to end your sim's date on, a warm embrace. 

What's Fun About “Embrace” Interaction Improved:

  • Romantic - Embracing sims now look more romantic than before. Truly an improvement from the regular stiff motions. 
  • Deeper - Sims now can appear to be more in love than they might be. 
  • Realistic - Add to the realism factor by letting your seems truly look like they are in love. We all need that one person. 

“Embrace” Interaction Improved details: Download

10. Romantic Massage

Massage yourself into their heart.

Ever need to set the mood for your sims date or even during? Try out the Romantic Massage mod; great for getting your sims in the right mood. 

You will need the massage table, but after that, you just need to have your sim to request a romantic massage or to give one. The massage lasts about 46 to 60 minutes and results in both parties becoming flirty. 

What's Fun About Romantic Massage:

  • Storytelling - Weave a story of your sim's date life with their love interest's gentle touch. 
  • New romance - Sparks can fly with a good deep massage. 
  • Gameplay - Show your sim's wellness skills off in this romantic gesture and add more play to your game. 

Romantic Massage details: Download

9. Date Night - A Custom Content Pack

Give yourself a fresh look for your first date. 

First impressions can be the deal breaker when it comes to dating. From three amazing creators comes Date Night - A Custom Content Pack that will impress your sim's date and insure a second date. 

This pack comes from three creators to bring you several outfits and accessories for your sims dating life. Make sure you get the complete set and enjoy. 

What's Fun About Date Night - A Custom Content Pack:

  • Specialized clothes - This pack of clothing can assist your sim in making the best first or second impression on their date. 
  • Story - Much like costumes, a good date outfit tells the best stories.
  • Photos - Get picture-taking ready with this pack of fresh clothes.

Date Night - A Custom Content Pack details: Download

8. Better Romance

Make every moment count.

Romance isn't dead for your sims; you just haven't found the right mod that takes into consideration their traits. The Better Romance mod by simler90 gives romance an overhaul. 

With this overhaul, buffs are decided by what type of trait your sims have, such as flirty or non-committed traits. The best part is that simler90 keeps this mod updated with the updates, so nothing breaks.

What's Fun About Better Romance:

  • Devil’s in the details - Your sim's traits matter now more than ever. 
  • Gameplay - Expand in romance, where your sim's personality affects their dating life.
  • Story progression - Progress stories of romance with this mod. After all, there is autonomy.

Better Romance details: Download

7. Arranged Marriages

Do you want someone to make you a match?

Finding someone special and dating can be ridiculously difficult to achieve. With the mod Arranged Marriages, you get to take the difficulty out and get matched to someone you may not exactly know. 

This mod requires your sim to at least know the sim you are about to arrange a marriage to. Your sim can have an arranged marriage, marriage of convenience, and even more. 

What's Fun About Arranged Marriages:

  • Storyline - This mod is perfect for storylines if you are wanting to do a romance story.
  • Tradition - In some cultures, even in history, arranged marriages are a tradition. You can now bring that tradition into your game. 
  • No guesswork - Take the guesswork out of dating and arrange the marriage with someone you know or just met. What could go wrong?

Arranged Marriages details: Download

6. Autonomous Go Steady and Propose

Don't have to have your sim do all the leg work, instead another can do it now.

If your sim's love interest becomes serious, your sim is going to have to ask them to go out or to marry them. Doesn't seem fair, but the mod Autonomous Go Steady and Propose can help.

The NPC that asks must be enamored, adoring, or close to your sim, and that is sentiments needed. There are no other requirements for this mod, you just need to accept or reject the question at hand. 

What's Fun About Autonomous Go Steady and Propose:

  • Spontaneous - Adding spontaneity gives your sim's dates with their significant other that much more special. 
  • NPC doing something - No one likes a one-sided relationship. This mod makes your sim's relationship even better than before with both parties involved. 
  • Story- Make your story that much better with the other half of your sim asking romantic questions.

Autonomous Go Steady and Propose details: Download

5. Bed Cuddle

Cuddling is a sweet thing to see with your sims. 

Do you remember when the sims would go to sleep with their significant other and cuddle? I do. It was disappointing to find out they no longer do that, and then creator thepancake1 brought us the Bed cuddle mod. 

There are conflicts if you have other mods that affect sleep. You will have a choice of regular speed and No Super Speed, so choose wisely. 

What's Fun About Bed Cuddle:

  • Gameplay - Adds another animation to your gameplay and gives you a cute moment.
  • Story-telling - Couples cuddle together, and this can affect your story, especially if you are wanting to add photos from your game.
  • Staying in - Have a date night in and end with a nice cuddle. 

Bed Cuddle details: Download

4. Leap into Arms & Carry Lovingly

Going old school!

In past incarnations of Sims, your sims could leap into the arms of their loved ones, but Sims 4 took that out. The mod Leap into Arms & Carry Lovingly brings back that aspect and allows something new along for the ride. 

After the mod is added to your game, you will be able to find both interactions in the romance category in the pie menu. It works amazingly and is simple to use.

What's Fun About Leap into Arms & Carry Lovingly:

  • Nostalgia - A blast from the past. This was originally in the Sims 3 and did not make it to the Sims 4 until this mod by andrian_m.l.
  • Romantic - Gives your sim a romantic flair with their significant other and gives more to a lovely night out or in. 
  • Added layer - This mod adds a layer to dates and your sims photo album or your story.

Leap into Arms & Carry Lovingly details: Download

3. Harder Dates

Some of the hardest things in life are the most worthwhile. 

Dates are not always the easiest thing to go through, but they are fairly easy in the Sims 4. The mod Harder Dates brings you a bit of a challenge when your sim is trying to have a nice time. 

The change is rather simple, the main goal is changed to 25 social interactions, and the flirt went up to ten. The time for your sim's date is decreased to 4 hours instead of 6 hours. 

What's Fun About Harder Dates:

  • Realism - This mod gives a more realistic approach to dating in the sims than regular dating in the sims, which gives way too much time to your sims for a date. 
  • Story-telling - The mod gives you a bit more layers to tell your sim's story the way it should be told. 
  • Challenge - Life is never easy, so having your sim being challenged on a date can be fun for you and your sim. Granted, it is also stressful. 

Harder Dates details: Download

2. First Kisss Autonomy

Your sim shouldn't always be the one to initate a kiss.

When you are in control of a household, your sim has to do everything first in the relationship. The mod First Kisss Autonomy from Scanner gives the NPCs a chance to take the lead.

This mod only affects sims who are not actively being played and focuses on NPCs to give sims, including yours, their first kiss. Download and add to your mod folder or your mod manager and watch what happens on your sim's first date. 

What's Fun About First Kisss Autonomy:

  • First move - Making the first move can be scary, and it shouldn't always be your sim. NPCs can finally make the first move with a simple kiss. 
  • Spontaneous - It's exciting to never know what to expect when you go on a date with another. 
  • First date approved - Your sim's date should be a romantic occasion, and sometimes that is having their date kiss your sim first. 

First Kisss Autonomy details: Download

1. ERO: Etheria’s Romance Overhaul 3.8: One-Sided Crushing, Blushing, & Gender-Specific Turn-ons and -offs

Overhaul your romance for your sims.

In Sims 4, dating is fairly one-dimensional without likes, dislikes, personality traits, and much more. The mod ERO: Etheria’s Romance Overhaul 3.8: One-Sided Crushing, Blushing, & Gender-Specific Turn-ons and -offs changes the game in dating. 

You will need to download the Sims 4 Community's Library v1.75 or later for this mod to run. This makes it possible to customize what your sim is attracted to in another sim. 

What's Fun About ERO: Etheria’s Romance Overhaul 3.8: One-Sided Crushing, Blushing, & Gender-Specific Turn-ons and -offs:

  • Story - Add to your storyline with personalities, turn-on/offs, and their preferences. This mod adds another layer that can/will add to your sim's dating life. 
  • Added layer - This mod adds a layer to your game that can make or break a relationship, with randomization and being able to tweak the likes and dislikes at will. 
  • Adorable - Your sims can get crushes on others and vice versa. Being near a crush brings a new moodlet helping with being a bit flirty. 

ERO: Etheria’s Romance Overhaul 3.8: One-Sided Crushing, Blushing, & Gender-Specific Turn-ons and -offs details: Download


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