[Top 10] Sims 4 Best Kitchens That Are Amazing

Sims 4 Best Kitchens
A kitchen is a concrete place that relationships and friendships bloom

10. The Basic Needs Kitchen

Check out this video for an overview of the Basic Needs Kitchen!

The Basic Needs Kitchen not only meets all of your basic needs but … well that’s it. This kitchen has the typical and cheap refrigerator, stove, a few countertops, and a sink. It also doesn’t have good decorations (or any at all) and the colors are mutual. It may sound like this kitchen has nothing to offer, but there are a few things that could come from this.

What makes The Basic Needs Kitchen fun!

  • Minimal and cheap appliances make it easy to renovate in the future
  • Having no decorations lets you make your signature touch in this kitchen
  • Of course with the basics and small square footage, this kitchen costs little to nothing to your Sims wallet

9. Eclectic Kitchen

Check out this video for an overview of the Eclectic Kitchen!

The Eclectic kitchen is for you if you like to put your taste into your sims home. This type of kitchen uses rich colors and textures to grab your Sim’s eye (or camera). Overall, this kitchen is 100% made by you for you and can be as functional or just artistically pleasing as you want.

What makes the Eclectic type kitchen fun!

  • With this being a reflection of your (or your Sims) taste this helps keep you happy and wanting to play more
  • The rich colors and texture are visually stimulating and equally welcoming.

8. Industrial

Check out this video for an overview of the Industrial Kitchen!

This open concept Industrial type kitchen is perfect for the entertainer Sim. They are usually found inside loft or studio apartments, which are perfect for the Sims living the city life. This type of kitchen has a very specific design concept of using brick, metal, and woods that bring a pleasing look to your home.

What makes the Industrial type kitchen fun!

  • Has a lot of top-end appliances to help produce the best products while entertaining your guests with the open concept design
  • Provides a very pleasing design while using lots of brick, metals, and woods that are easy to find matching decorations or furniture to

7. Craftsmanship

Check out this video for an overview of the Craftsman Kitchen!

If you like to feel connected to nature (especially to trees), then this is a good kitchen type for you. A large portion of a craftsmanship-style kitchen is made up of handmade architecture. So, if your Sim is outdoorsy and handy then this would be a good type of kitchen to create!

What makes the Craftsmanship type kitchen fun!

  • Gives you a chance to admire your craftsmanship
  • Gives a rustic feel to your home
  • Uses a lot of natural resources (so make sure your kitchen has a good fire prevention system)

6. Southwestern

Check out this video for an overview of the Southwestern Kitchen!

Who doesn’t like a nice combination of tile, wood, brick, and arches? A typical southwestern type kitchen has all of those to create this Mediterranean style that is to please your Sims for sure.

What makes the Southwestern kitchen style fun!

  • Uses materials that are commonly found in the sims world
  • No need to unlock special appliances with your careers as the simple ones that are readily available would do just fine
  • Easy to create a functional kitchen that still looks nice

5. Farmhouse

Check out this video for an overview of the Farmhouse Kitchen!

This type of kitchen allows the Sim to have a bit more flexibility when designing their home. It can range from a naturally rustic look to a bit more contemporary. Decorations are commonly found in a farmhouse-type kitchen, so it is perfect for those creators who like to use the clutter option. Overall this type of kitchen is visually pleasing while making you feel right at home.

What makes a farmhouse-type kitchen fun!

  • The use of woods and natural textures along with the combination of decorations makes the room visually appealing
  • With having more premium materials it may cost more while creating the kitchen however it will save you repair costs and time in the future.

4. Transitional

Check out this video for an overview of the Transitional Kitchen!

This simple and minimal kitchen is great for the sims that do not own too many items. It offers the functionality of a traditional kitchen and the visually pleasing aspect of a contemporary kitchen, which means it is the best of both worlds.

What makes the transitional kitchen style fun!

  • While it may seem that this type of kitchen demands a perfect blend of traditional and contemporary it’s more about putting both in and creating a kitchen you can both use and enjoy 
  • This inviting space would be a great kitchen to hose a small dinner party in while showing off your keen eye for design to your neighbors

3. Contemporary

Check out this video for an overview of the Contemporary Kitchen!

This is a kitchen made for the artistic (and slightly OCD) Sim. It comes with straight edges and a minimalistic design. That is to please almost anyone that walks into it. The contemporary type kitchen is great for the sims who do no like to decorate but match different unexpected details throughout the kitchen.

What makes a Contemporary type kitchen fun!

  • Artist elements allow for simple designs and decorations created by your Sim.
  • The less you put into this type of kitchen the better, so it won’t hurt your simoleons too much.
  • The kitchen is still highly functional as well with all of the user-friendly designs.

2. Traditional

Check out this video for an overview of the Traditional Kitchen!

Traditional type kitchens allow for a fully designed and functional kitchen with even the slightest details coordinated with the next to make a visually pleasing and comforting room. These types of kitchens are for the more detail-oriented and elegant Sims and seem to be more inviting for those with a built-in dining room to entertain guests.

What makes a Traditional kitchen style fun!

  • Very do-able with the cheaper of appliances and furniture available
  • Easy to design with the same color palette in mind the entire time
  • Great way to show off your Sims artistic ability to match shades and designs

1. Modern

Check out this video for an overview of the Modern Kitchen!

Just like the contemporary, this sleek and clutter-free design is perfect for sims that like to live a simple life. With bare countertops and neutral colors, there is little to no effort that goes into making this type of kitchen. Overall, it is still very functional and organized, so your Sim can do what they need to do quickly and efficiently.

What makes the modern type of kitchen fun!

  • Sleek designs make it easy and appealing to create
  • The materials will be on the more expensive side, however, they pull the room together nicely.
  • With all of the high-end materials and clutter-free space, it allows the culinary Sims to enjoy their time well spent in this type of kitchen


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