[Top 10] The Sims 4 Best Clothing Mods

Sims 4 Clothing Mods
Get a new and improved CAS experience with these mods.

[Top 10] The Sims 4 Best Clothing Mods

Clothing in the Sims 4 can be really hit or miss, and boy when they miss, do they miss. Custom content has gotten a real upgrade in the past years too, with creators being able to create hyper-realistic and beautiful pieces of clothing, accessories, and hair. So, if you’re looking to add some real fashion to your game, keep reading to see the top 10 best clothing mods for the Sims 4.

10. Weerbesu’s More Columns Mod


IndianaDanae showcases Weerbesu's More Columns mod.

With all the packs, and custom content, CAS gets a bit busy and you’re left scrolling for hours trying to find that one shirt you downloaded years ago. This mod allows for more columns, making it easy to find what you’re looking for!

This mod is a must-have if you’re a custom content hoarder like me. It makes creating your sims so much faster and easier. You can pick between 3, 4, or 5 columns depending on what suits you best. 

Why the More Columns Mod is fun:

  • You can customize the number of columns you want, I currently have 3 in my game but will probably need to upgrade as my custom content collection grows.
  • With more columns, it makes CAS more organized, and easier to navigate. Gone are the days of scrolling all the way to the bottom of the shoe menu to find that one pair of Vans you put on every sim. 

Download Weerbesu’s More Columns mod here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/more-columns-in-27751117 

9. Kijiko 3D Lashes Mod Pack


 IndianaDanae showcases Kijiko's 3D Lashes mod.

The eyelashes in the Sims 4 are...bad. They’re blocky, boring, and don’t really add much to your sims’ face. Kijiko’s eyelashes are the perfect addition to those of you who prefer realistic-looking sims!

There is not a single sim in my library who does not wear Kijiko’s eyelashes. They add dimension to your sims’ faces and help them look more lifelike. This mod is a must for alpha CC lovers, such as myself.

Why the 3D Lashes Mod pack is fun:

  • It comes with a variety of lashes to pick from! So, if you’re looking for something simple, or wanting a dramatic lash for your party outfit, Kijiko’s got you covered! They also come in different colors to add some fun to your sims’ look.
  • They really help make your sim look human, some people prefer their sims to look like, well, sims. But I love making my sims look as realistic as possible, so Kijiko eyelashes are a must.

Download Kijiko’s 3D Lashes mod here: http://kijiko-catfood.com/3d-lashes/ 

8. Katverse’s CAS Backgrounds Mod


Darielle showcases Katverse's CAS backgrounds.

Long gone is the cool makeover studio from Sims 2 and 3, the Sims 4 has a simple blue background for CAS. There is a huge variety of mods out there that allow you to change your CAS background, but Katverse has so many on their website!

The mod is a cool little addition that just adds some life to your game and makes it uniquely yours. It doesn’t add anything to the gameplay but it’s fun to make the CAS background be whatever you want.

Why the CAS Background Mod is fun:

  • Katverse has a huge selection of backgrounds to choose from, I could spend hours scrolling through their website trying to find the right one.
  • You can personalize the CAS process for yourself, making the game truly immersive. If one background gets boring, simply remove it from your mods folder and download a new one! And you can do this as many times as you want! Change it daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, or maybe even hourly!

Download Katverse Background’s here: https://katverse.com/category/custom-content/cas-background/ 

7. Luumia’s Teen Style Stuff Mod Pack


Luumia showcases their Teen Style Stuff mod

Teens in the Sims 4 don’t really look like teens. They have access to all the same clothes as adults and don’t really have anything that sets them apart. They just look so...old, all the time. So there’s no difference when they age from teen to adult, it’s one thing the Sims 4 is severely lacking.

Luckily, Luumia has created a pack designed for teens! It adds 14 new items that are grouped into stereotypical teens! So, whether your a jock, a popular girl, or a wannabe punk rocker, Luumia has something for everyone.

Why the Teen Style Stuff mod is fun:

  • Be an athlete! The pack comes with a cute new bandana hairstyle with 18 swatches, a new sweater, and sweatpants. Plus, the coveted Gucci slides.
  • Be the ‘it’ girl of your dreams! With a new hairstyle with super cute bangs, a denim skirt with 10 swatches, a crop top straight out of the Sims 3, and a thick denim choker!
  • Be the punk kid! A hairstyle with brightly colored highlights is sure to secure your position as punk. But with the addition of dual-patterned jeans, a distressed crop top with fishnet accessory, and platform boots, you’ll be living the punk-rock life in no time.

Download Luumia’s Teen Style Stuff mod pack here: https://luumiasims.com/post/167072426529

6. Deligracy and Grimcookies CAS Stuff Pack


Deligracy showcases her and Grimcookies' CAS Stuff pack

Deligracy is a well-known Sims Youtuber, she has tons of videos playing the Sims and often creates fun series. For this pack, she teamed up with well-known custom content creator Grimcookies to create a CAS stuff pack full of clothes they both loved.

The pack is more Maxis Match-based, so those of you who prefer Alpha CC might not love it, but it has a ton of cute clothes, some new accessories, and a new hairstyle that fit seamlessly into the base game.

Why the Deligracy and Grimcookies CAS Stuff Pack is fun:

  • It’s made by fans of the Sims, so they know what’s lacking from CAS, and decided to make it themselves. They also know what other sims players like, and designed the clothing with that in mind.
  • It has 20 new items! With each piece of clothing coming in both neutral and colorful swatches! The pack also includes a new tattoo, based on script tattoos. There are multiple swatches of the tattoo that vary in size, placement, and design.

Download Deligracy and Grimcookies CAS Stuff Pack here: https://deligracy.com/post/deligracy-grimcookies-cas-stuff-pack

5. Stellar Stuff Pack


 TheGamingMermaid showcases the Stellar Stuff pack

A collaboration project between various Sims content creators, the Stellar Stuff Pack is every sci-fi lover’s dream. Aliens were added with Get to Work, but they all look the same, and to be honest, they look kinda bad. So, the Stellar Stuff Pack is perfect for those of you who want to upgrade your alien fashion.

The pack is huge, with over 120 items in total. These include CAS and Build and Buy items so you’re getting the quality of an EA stuff pack, for free! With new hair, clothes, accessories, makeup, and clothing, this pack really does have it all.

Why the Stellar Stuff Pack is fun:

  • The number of options in the pack makes for endless possibilities! You can make so many different sims just with this pack alone, and create awesome houses with space-themed rooms too.
  • The quality is amazing, the pack is Maxis Match, so it fits in with the regular game while also giving off something special. Every item in the pack is beautifully designed and well thought out, making this pack seem extra special for all alien lovers.

Download the Stellar Stuff Pack here: https://plumbobteasociety.tumblr.com/post/150541385473/stellar-stuff-for-sims-4-a-collaboration-between 

4. Savvy x Grimcookies Collection


Grimcookies showcases his collaboration with Savvy

Grimcookies is back with another collaboration project, this time with Savvy! Again, Grim specializes in making Maxis Match content that gives your sims just a little bit of an edge, he really knows how to make content that simmers are going to love.

The collection comes with 20 items that include hair, makeup, and clothing. They’re all expertly made as usual from Grim, and make for some really cute outfits! It’s a cohesive collection, with the makeup matching a lot of the clothes.

Why the Savvy x Grimcookies Collection is fun:

  • The pack adds a ton of new options for your sims! 2 of the new hairs feature braids, The Sims can sometimes be lacking representation of different cultures, so it’s nice to see the inclusion and see it done so well. 
  • It’s a very classy pack! It adds a bunch of new clothing that is meant to be elegant and classy looking, and it succeeds! It’s great for those of you who like to make powerful female sims, and want their outfits to reflect on their personality.

Download the Savvy x Grimcookies Collection here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/savvy-x-grim-36916128

3. Arethabee’s Pretty and Savage Collection


Disillia showcases Arethabee's Pretty and Savage Collection

If you’re looking for more teen-inspired clothes, then this pack is perfect! The Pretty and Savage Collection takes inspiration from the more recent fashion trends, such as e-girls and Tik Tokers, which makes for some really cute clothes.

This collection is so nice! It’s Maxis Match but Alpha CC users, such as myself, are sure to love it just as much. The clothes are so cute, and the added hairstyles are unlike anything in the base game.

Why the Pretty and Savage Collection is fun:

  • Choose between, you guessed it, Pretty, or Savage! There are a couple of different clothing pieces you can switch up to give a sweet innocent look or more of an edgy vibe.
  • It gives more teen options! While the collection can certainly be used when creating adult sims, the clothes are definitely more teen-like in design. And as mentioned before, teen sims are severely lacking in the clothing department.

Download Arethabee’s Pretty and Savage Collection here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/51495513 

2. Serenity’s Back to the 60s Pack


HazelSims showcases Serenity's Back to the 60s Pack

If you were a fan of the 70s, 80s, and 90s stuff pack that came out for the Sims 3, then you will love this pack. Granted, the Sims 3 missed the 60s but Serenity’s pack brings it to life in the Sims 4!

The pack is super cute, adding 22 new items all with their own swatches and designs. The Maxis Match designs mean it fits well into the base game and pairs well with the EA-designed clothes.

Why the Back to the 60s Pack is fun:

  • It adds style! A lot of the clothes in the base game are more modern looking, but Serenity has added a dash of retro! So, now sims can live their 60s mod fantasy and bring some real style to the Sims world.
  • There are a ton of new items! Serenity has added hair, clothes, shoes, and accessories to make this pack as good as it could be! All of the pieces have a matching color palette so that mixing and matching the different pieces is easier than ever.

Download Serenity’s Back to the 60’s pack here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/49880776 

1. Greenllamas’ Greenhouse Collection


ChySimmer showcases Greenllamas' Greenhouse Collection

This pack is the cutest! Greenllamas is a well-known and well-loved CC creator for the Sims 4, with both CAS and build and buy in their repertoire. This pack adds a dash of spring-inspired clothes, giving a real boho feel to the designs.

This pack is a must for those of you who love boho-inspired and slightly retro-looking clothes without going too far. It adds new hairs, clothes, and accessories so you’re able to create flawless looks.

Why the Greenhouse Collection is fun:

  • It’s got real style! Inspired by the 60s and early 2000s, the items are beautifully designed and mesh the two decades’ styles together seamlessly.
  • Your sims will be the talk of the town! I think this pack is perfect for those of you who want cute, simple clothes, that are light in color and give off a perfect spring vibe. It radiates cute, plant lover vibes and is a perfect addition to the game.

Download Greenllamas’ Greenhouse Collection here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/greenhouse-50109278

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