[Top 10] Sims 4 Best DLCs That Are Fun (Ranked Fun To Most Fun)

On top of the hill what will you see from there?

What's fun and the best? 

With any game, you will find DLC, or Down Loadable Content, that you can add to the base game. Sims 4 is no exception to having DLC in the form of expansion packs, game packs, stuff packs, and kits. 

This list is forever changing as EA adds more to the list of DLC you can buy and install. There is a total of 54 DLC and more to come this year to the Sims 4. 

Though subjective, it is fun to see how people rank each DLC in the Sims 4. I will be ranking Sims 4 DLC from fun to the most fun based on my findings. 

10. My Wedding Stories

Who wants to get married?

With a beautiful world and being able to plan every detail of your sim's wedding, My Wedding Stories brought about new game mechanics. Though it was released broken, the Sims 4 team worked hard to make patches to fix this game pack. 

My Wedding Stories brings the ability to have a flower girl, ring bearer, bridesmaids, groomsmen, and an officiant of the wedding. The part I find to be the most fun is creating your sim's wedding cake and picking the topper. 

There are still a few glitches occasionally, but for the most part, it expands weddings and gives more storytelling capability. Ultimately, My Wedding Stories is fun to play around with, and you will find some lore within the world of Tartosa.

My Wedding Stories full details: Official Page

My Wedding Stories score: 5/10

9. Island Living

Don't forget your sunscreen, and watch out for mermaids.

Go to Sulani to relax in the sun, explore the cave, save the environment, or find the secrets of mermaids with Island Living. This expansion pack brought new traditions, children and toddlers able to play in the sand, and sims to swim in the ocean again.

Your sims can even risk getting a sunburn when tanning on the sandy beaches. This pack is one of my favorite packs that I love to play with to this day. 

Though mermaids could have more depth, it is still a blast to build an island getaway on the water's edge with Island Living. You can never go wrong with having your sims live in Sulani, just watch out for the volcano.

Island Living full details: Official Page

Island Living score: 8/10

8. Eco Lifestyle

Fresh air is better than the smog filled air, right?

In Evergreen Harbor, it is encouraged to reduce, reuse, and recycle. With the Eco Lifestyle expansion pack, simmers can choose between changing the eco footprint for the better or worse. 

In this expansion pack, you can make candles, fabricate furniture and decor, farm insects, collect water, generate energy, and even use the Afissionissimi Fizzing Station. One of my favorite parts of this pack is the ability to create a house out of shipping containers. 

This pack allows the community of Evergreen Harbor to vote for change while you can actively make your sim's home sustainable. As a simmer who spends lots of time in build/buy mode, this is a rather enjoyable pack to play around with. 

Eco Lifestyle full details: Official Page

Eco Lifestyle score: 6/10

7. Snowy Escape

In the snowy escape you can climb mountains and reach for the top.

Whether you wish to hike throughout Mt. Komorebi or go up the mountain to enjoy the Onsen Bathhouse and sledding, you can assure yourself that Snowy Escape has it all. This expansion pack brings Sims 4 styles inspired by Japan and brings your sims winter sporting opportunities. 

Be careful of the vending machines while using them, and make sure your sim has everything they need for climbing to the mountain top. There are several options for your sim's home and CAS style that you can correct endless looks. 

This expansion pack brought platforms into the build mode. My favorite item is the Best Friend Forever Space Heater, which gives an extra level of creativity for building homes. 

Snowy Escape full details: Official Page

Snowy Escape score: 8/10

6. Nifty Knitting

Learn from grandma or grandpa how to knit lovely sweaters.

Something I have always imagined was having an elder sim rocking in a rocking chair on the front porch with their grandchild, knitting that grandbaby something nice. With the stuff pack of Nifty Knitting, you can officially have that scene in your game. 

Take your pick between the Super Stash Yarn Basket or the Beginner's Yarn Basket to begin gaining the knitting skill. You can choose to knit decor items, toys, and clothing for your sims. 

This stuff back also gives your sims some new items to create your ideal room to get your sim's creative juices flowing. Perhaps it is because it provides something for children and elders to do together that makes this pack fun for me, but it is highly fun either way. 

Nifty Knitting full details: Official Page

Nifty Knitting score: 7/10

5. Blooming Rooms Kit 

Where there are blooming flowers, there is beauty.

There are simmers that love to have plants everywhere in their home. If I could keep a plant alive, I would be one of those simmers, but Blooming Rooms Kit gives me that opportunity without the risk of plant death. 

This particular kit is strictly about decor to give your sims a plant-filled life. There's a specific curtain with a vine-draped over a wooden pole which would go perfectly over an old factory window while converting it into a home. 

You will find that this kit gives you lights that have plants attached, but the best part is that your sim will never have to water these plants. Forever floral, your sims can have fun in their new plant-filled room. 

Blooming Rooms Kit full details: Official Page

Blooming Rooms Kit score: 9/10

4. Cottage Living

Farm life in a small cottage by the waterfull. Can't get better than that. 

Go back to living off the land with the Cottage Living expansion pack. You can build a cottage or a farmhouse with cows, chickens, llamas, and a garden. 

Your sims will be able to compete in different contests that are available during the fairs in Henford-on-Bagely. Ask the townsfolk questions and become part of the community while your farm becomes the best it can be. 

Not only is it a fun pack to experience, but Henford-on-Bagely is also aesthetically pleasing. Just be wary of the foxes coming for your chicken. 

Cottage Living full details: Official Page

Cottage Living score: 9/10

3. Industrial Loft Kit

Industrial but beautifully unique.

The Sims 4 has a little something for every style you can think of to create. Adding to the endless creativity, the Industrial Loft Kit gives you more build/buy options to design that old factory into a home. 

Some of the best pieces of this kit are the ventilation pieces that allow you to create a classic ventilation system. The table with this kit is perfect for creating an industrial kitchen, which is my favorite room to create. 

This kit is ideal for scene-setting or for those simmers that love to spend 99.9% of their time in build mode. The Industrial Loft Kit provides so much fun for us builders. 

Industrial Loft Kit details: Official Page

Industrial Loft Kit score: 9/10

2. Little Campers Kit

Build a fort and eat some smores.

It has been a common issue that the Sims 4 is perfect for young adult and adult life stages, leaving out toddlers, children, and elders. With the recent kit for the Sims 4, Little Campers kit, your toddlers and children have more to do. 

The style is homemade, pillow fort perfection, complete with a tent that you can decorate. This kit brings a new activity table, doll house, radio, the Little Camping Buddy toy, and the Bigfoot Stuffie.

Each item is highly detailed like kids have thrown quilts and pillows together. This kit gave my child sims more gameplay and is more than just a little fun to use.

Little Campers Kit details: Official Page

Little Campers Kit score: 10/10

1. Werewolves

Don't forget to howl at the moon.

Many simmers love finding lore in the Sims 4, and it would be amazing for more to be in the game. The newest game pack, Werewolves, did just that. 

You can now explore Moonwood Mill, but be aware of Greg lurking in the woods. You can now design your own werewolf down to every tiny detail, or you can have your sim explore Moonwood Mill as a regular human sim. 

This game pack has tons of lore you can discover while in this new world. Ask the locals or explore the underground tunnels that hide within Moonwood Mills.

Werewolves full details: Official Page

Werewolves score: 10/10


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