[Top 10] Elder Scrolls Online Best Character Creation

The Best Characters in ESO

These Heroic Poses always get me.

In the Elder Scrolls Online, you have a lot of freedom to create the character of your dreams. You can create almost anything, from all parts of the body to the face, hair and eyes, the combinations are endless. Do you want to make sure your character is badass? Or you’re just looking for inspiration on your next toon that sets foot on Tamriel, If yes, then this guide is for you! 

10. The Fierce Lady Dunmer

With Eyes as sharp as these? They cut deeper than a Knife.

With Eyes as sharp as these? They cut deeper than a Knife.

Dunmer Character Creation Video

A Lady Dunmer that befits the strong, intelligent, quick, fierce but reserved Dark Elves, this fits a character such as a Nightblade or any Melee Stamina based Character, with the black eyes, drooping blood war paint from the eyes and athletic build, this is a nice set for your Brave Dunmer Warrior or a Mysterious Assassin, If you are eyeing a character that holds such a sharp personality for a Dark Elf, then this will be great for you.

9. The Fiery Breton

She brings the heat

Breton Character Creation Video

This beautiful lady Breton brings the heat with fiery short red hair, radiant skin, elegant body and fierce eyes fitting the Breton’s intelligent, willful and hardy nature, this matches greatly with a sorceress or probably a Dragon knight with her red scorching hair, match it with fiery spells and a name like Elena Snapfire or Drathena Burns a lot or something along those lines and you’ve got the perfect feisty warrior to bring the heat to Tamriel.

8.   Lady Redguard

Elegant and Deadly

Redguard Character Creation Video

The Lady Redguard holds her own with the tattoos, long black hair and beautifully contoured face, along with a muscular build, she boasts a sturdy, agile and elegant frame which fits exactly how the Redguards are. This character can fit well with an assortment of roles, but I’d recommend something along the lines of a Stamina Dual Wielding Warden which will compliment her fierce looks with fast, powerful nature and poison themed attacks and skills are a great combination for our Lady Redguard, if you are in to play with an optimal race plus these looks, then this is for you.

7. The Eloquent Altmer

Proud and Cultured

The Eloquent Altmer stands tall and proud hailing from the Summerset Isles, she carries her beautiful frame, clean hair but with fierce eyes complimenting her eyebrows greatly, we can see here how such small details really bring the best out of a simplistic design, this look is perfect for Roleplaying Players, such as your Aldmeri Sorceress or a Mysterious Necromancer who is hiding her power of the dark arts, if you really want this mysterious and proper look as an Altmer, then this is for you!

6. Sneaky Khajiit

Sneaky and Deadly, yes?

This Khajiit look fits the naturally stealthy, agile and cunning Khajiit, she brings green eyes, with black fur and small pointy ears, complimenting her athletic frame, the type that you may underestimate but will put a blade between your eyes in before you can say anything, she fits greatly as a Nightblade sort of character which can roleplay as someone from the Thieves Guild with such a cunning aura she fits perfectly, or can also go as a Dark Brotherhood Assassin befitting her sneaky and deadly looks, if you are in to that kind of dark and sneaky path, then this one's for you!

 5. The Yokudan

Blades and looks?

4. Beastmaster Orc

Beastly Orc!

Orc Character Creation Video

This Beast of an Orc has the personality of a strong, hardy, cold and ruthless Orc, he really brings the looks of what a ferocious Orc can do! This really fits the vibe of a Dual Wielding, Straight out of the wilds Orc Warden, he is fierce, powerful and a force to be reckoned with, and that’s just from the looks! If you are in need of an Orc that gives that awesome sense of wild energy, then this is for you!

3. Daedric Argonian

Daedra and Argonians eh?

Argonian Character Creation Video

This Abomination of an Argonian is definitely unique with the cross of a Daedric Entity and the Enigmatic Argonian, with Protruding Horns, Red Daedric eyes and a striking fearless look built in a tall, muscular frame, this fits such characters like a Master Necromancer or a Mysterious Deadly Nightblade, personally I’d like a Necromancer more, if you are in for such a scintillating villainous look as an Argonian, then I can’t recommend anything better than this.

2. Beloved Razum-dar

My Dear Friend, what a handsome fellow you are, yes?

Razum-dar Character Creation Video

Simple, strong, sly and charismatic, this is what Razum-dar is all about, this brings out a look as an agent of the Queen and the Great Aldmeri Dominion, though the hair doesn’t match, the tall frame, minimalistic look with just the earrings, this is just a classic look for anyone who wants a striking Khajiit in their options, Fits greatly for almost any class or role you want for him, as Razum-dar as he can be sneaky for a Nightblade, strong and fierce for a Dragon knight,  and intelligent and cunning for the adventurous Warden or Necromancer, anything you choose for him just fits perfectly.

1. The God of War

What a Crossover.

God of War Character Creation Video

This is probably one of the most awesome creations I’ve seen as a character, the Ghost of Sparta himself setting foot on Tamriel is just a dream too good to be true, though he won’t be coming anytime soon and smack Molag Bal or decapitate merry Sheogorath, with a character like this I’d be roaming around, hacking and slashing my way through anything as you look and feel like a God, The Barbaric war paint fits nicely, the Nordic Muscular Build, fierce eyes and signature Beard, you can never go wrong with this striking appearance, just set this on your toon and Kratos looks will do the work for you, this is probably the perfect Stamina Dragon knight or Axe Wielding Cold Warden, This is always a good choice which will stand out no matter what.



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