[Top 5] ESO Best Vampire Class - What's the Best Class for Vampires?

The Best Class for Vampires in 2022?
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Many players have the desire to be infected with Vampirism while roaming around the world of Elder Scrolls: Online. Finding the best character class to serve as a baseline to the Vampirism skill line can be a great challenge. 

5.  Warden

Wardens are known for their incredible ability to deal damage and heal allies during great battles in ESO.  Many players that sport the Warden class prefer to use the ‘Nightqueen’ build, which is optimized for Vampirism Stage 3 and focuses on combining the Warden’s passive skills with the Vampirism skill line.

Why the Warden Class is Great for Vampires

  • Wardens can be excellent for healing.
  • Dealing large chunks of damage can clear enemies out quickly.
  • Stage 4 Vampires need the Warden’s healing abilities to be effective.

Pick the Warden Class if... 

  • If a balance between Magicka and stamina is important to you.
  • You want an adaptable build that compliments the vampirism skill line.


4.  Necromancer

The greatest strength when pairing vampirism with the Necromancer class is stealth. Prioritizing your Magicka abilities and remaining stealthy can allow you to dominate the PVE aspects of the game, especially during solo play.  

Why the Necromancer Class is Great for Vampires

  • Necromancers can take advantage of remaining stealthy.
  • The Necromancer class can be excellent for solo PVE objectives.
  • Health draining abilities play a crucial role in overall success.

Pick the Necromancer Class if... 

  • If you want to prioritize stealth and Magicka as a vampire.
  • If you desire a well-balanced and coordinated build with vampirism. 


3.  Sorcerer

Sorcerers are capable of showing great strength as a tank, but they are also adaptable enough to serve as excellent healers. When paired with vampirism, sorcerers can be one of the most versatile and adaptable builds in ESO, especially for PVE gameplay.

Why the Sorcerer Class is Great for Vampires

  • Sorcerers can offset the penalties for non-vampirism abilities. 
  • The sorcerer class is extremely adaptable for healers and tanks. 
  • Sorcerers have exceptional damage towards individual targets. 

Pick the Sorcerer Class if... 

  • If you want to have a superb ability to heal yourself and others.
  • If you plan on playing as a Stage 3 Vampire or above.


2.  Dragonknight 

I must admit that the Dragonknight character class is my personal favorite when exploring Elder Scrolls: Online with the vampirism affliction. Dragonknights are an exceptional choice for solo PVE players that can’t resist the urge to feed on the blood of others. 

Why the Dragonknight Class is Great for Vampires

  • Dragonknights can deal exceptional amounts of damage. 
  • Solo-build vampires can survive easier as a Dragonknight.
  • Prioritize either Magicka or stamina with virtually no penalty.

Pick the Dragonknight Class if... 

  • You want the ability to remain stealthy and deal damage when necessary.
  • You want an unkillable vampire build that is extremely strong in PVE solo.


1.  Nightblade

The Nightblade class is by far the most popular vampire class within the Elder Scrolls: Online, and it’s not even close. This combination is destined for absolute dominance simply because it is capable of generating so much damage towards enemies. You’ll get the genuine vampire experience by selecting Nightblade before embracing the effects of the various vampirism stages. 

Why the Nightblade Class is Great for Vampires

  • Nightblade Vampires can deal a lot more damage than other classes.
  • Resiliency and survivability in nearly all PVE solo situations. 

Pick the Nightblade Class if... 

  • You want the ability to deal massive amounts of damage when necessary.
  • You want a resilient vampire build that is extremely strong in PVE solo.

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