[Top 5] Elder Scrolls Online Best Solo Classes To Play

[Top 5] ESO Solo Classes
Strong and Solo

What are the best solo classes in ESO?

The Elder Scrolls Online(ESO) may be an online game with over 22 million people playing it, but that doesn’t mean that the game can not be played by yourself.

Perhaps you’re looking for a relaxing game/world to get lost in, but don’t feel like doing a lot of group activities. The best part of Elder Scrolls Online is that you can play ESO any way you like, with solo play; you get a rich and rewarding experience that is infinitely replayable.

PVE stands for Player Versus Environment. Playing PVE means you will be spending your play time playing against developer created content as opposed to other players. All missions, dungeons, map explorations and crafting can be done by oneself or with a group of people. Your class plays a big part in how you will be interacting with the world. There are positives to every class. Some classes can give you a huge advantage though, and these are the top five ESO classes to play solo. Get ready to go adventuring. We have some solo work to do!

There is no requirement about playing ESO either solo or as a group. Solo gameplay can be done for a variety of reasons. Busy schedules make coordinating a time difficult for some. Others have connection issues, or are at the mercy of their chosen system. Some people play by themselves by choice as well, no matter the circumstances ESO is inclusive and never makes you feel as if you will miss out. Time to go lone wolf and make a strong character, you ready?


1. Magicka Templar

ESO Solo Classes 1

What is the Magicka Templar Class?

The Magicka Templar build is a solo character that has a focus on Magicka damage using Staves and the classes natural Templar skills that assist with healing. This class is one for those that like to start their fights at range, and are comfortable causing DoT (damage over time).

Can you use the Magicka Templar solo?

I personally use this type for my solo character and love it. The class allows for the ability to cause big damage with Magicka then roll dodge away and heal. It’s fun to be able to self heal, which means I rarely if ever use potions, and when you do come across someone in the wild you can always give them a helping heal. People love healers but beyond that it’s a fun way to feel super powerful but kind of untouchable in the back too. It’s a great class for anyone looking to get going quick and easily.

Why is the Magicka Templar so good?

  • Healing! 
    •  Plain and simple, if you can’t heal, you die and the game isn’t as fun. This class provides powerful healing allowing you to survive almost any battle, more experience is just a heal away.
  • Switch Staves. 
    •  Being strong in Magicka gives you the ability to use either the destruction staves or the restoration staff which in turn will enable you to quickly swap out if the need ever arises. 
  • Allies
    •  Being strong with Magicka, but not having a summon ability isn’t an issue. You can gain powerful Allies like “Bastion” who will follow you endlessly and help in every battle you get into!
  • Easy!
    •  This solo class can be done without the need for multiple bars of skills. The Magicka Templar is a very easy pick up and play build, allowing you to explore further and accomplish more.

Choose the Magicka Templar If...

  • You are looking for a class that doesn’t take preparatory research.
    •  You can get into this class by simply following the games provided by “Skills Advisor”. This class is strong and able; you will have no problems finding endgame content for hours to come.
  • You want to play with Magicka. 
    •  Magicka can be used with every class and character, but this class is built for it. Your Templar passive skills will help you, and with the addition of your staves and crafting; you can find yourself with an endless supply of Magicka.
  • You’re new to the game.
    •  Without needing to know too much about the game you can get started. The drop rate for items is high and you will begin to feel powerful almost from the jump. This class is perfect for solo play and you won’t regret it. 

Solo Score: 95/100


2. Magicka Sorcerer

ESO Solo Classes 2


What is the Magicka Sorcerer class?

As the name hints at, this class is Magicka heavy. The Sorcerer class also comes equipped with the skills to unlock pets or familiars. These pets will help you to fight and also take some of the damage for you, allowing you to play close or cause damage from a far. This class is great since it allows for healing, as well as large base reserves of Health, Stamina and Magicka. You are really a walking master of all with this class!


Can you use the Magicka Sorcerer solo?

The Magicka Sorcerer is a great class for anyone. The class has spells to cause damage, spells to cause AoE(Area of Effect), and even spells for Health and Magicka recovery. This class is a great choice for solo adventuring because of its flexibility, it can be upgraded and used for everything from simple quests to veteran dungeons.


Why is the Magicka Sorcerer so good?

  • One Bar!
    •  The Magicka Sorcerer can be built in such a way that it only requires one weapon. No more weapon swapping with this class, you don’t need to worry about anything except destroying the monsters in front of you.
  • Pets/Familiars
    •  Having someone to fight with you, if for no other reason than to be a meat shield, is great! You can always count on them for a little extra damage, or to take a little extra damage!
  • Flexibility.
    •  The Sorcerer class is one of the best for solo play because it has the ability to buff and change almost all of your base levels. Too little stamina? Buff it! Health running low? Buff it! You can always be sure you’ll win the fight because you can put the odds in your favor!

Choose Magicka Sorcerer if…

  • You want to feel unstoppable.
    •   Between your two pets and all the buffs you will have on your character the monsters of Tamriel better watch out. You will feel super strong and have the ability to back it up as well. 
  • You like simplicity.
    •  Being able to play this class with one single action bar is a great plus. Not needing to quickly swap or change out abilities in battle makes the entire fight process more streamlined and easy. You can take on any monster with ease knowing you are adequately prepared for whatever comes your way.
  • You are new to Magicka.
    •  The Magicka Sorcerer has great abilities and passive skills making it easily approachable. This is a great class if this is your first foray into Tamriel and ESO. The world is large and can be confusing at first glance, this class will take all the guesswork out of your class and let you enjoy just simply playing the game.
  • You love having pets
    •  This is one of the best classes for having pets. You have a range of options to choose from, up to 4 different pets are able to be unlocked, and they will follow you endlessly. If they fall in battle, just resummon them and keep exploring!

Solo Score: 95 /100


3. Stamina Necromancer

ESO Solo Classes 3


What is the Stamina Necromancer class?

The Stamina Necromancer is a wonderful solo class if you are looking to take on everything ESO has to offer. The Stamina Necromancer has been seen to solo every world boss and dungeon currently in the game, meaning it is super powerful and you will have no problems getting stronger!


Can you use this class solo?

The Stamina Necromancer is a great solo class. The ability to raise dead is not only a fun ability, but can be extremely useful in crowd control, giving you the ability to fight back with your army of the undead. This class uses Stamina as the name states, so you will be spending time up close attacking enemies with Daggers and Swords; however the class also has powerful healing included allowing you to stay in the fight until you can convert the enemy into an ally!


Why is the Stamina Necromancer so good?

  • Undead Army!
    •  The options are vast. You have the ability to raise exploding skeletons, healing guardians, and even the ability to transform into a Goliath! There are a number of ways to use the undead to your favor and win the battle.
  • Strong!
    •  The physical damage that this class can put out makes it one of the best for a solo player. The ability to call the dead; which makes you almost unstoppable, causing huge damage and destroying anything in your path.
  • Fun!
    •  Beyond being strong, the class is simply fun to play. The ability to run up on a group of enemies and lay waste is fun, and will keep you coming back for more. Since the Stamina Necromancer is so good for solo it can even become addicting to see just how strong you really can become. Will you solo a dungeon?

Choose the Stamina Necromancer if…

  • You have the DLC
    •  The Necromancer class was first introduced  in 2019 with the Elsweyr expansion. The class has since been tweaked and changed and now the class is a great and fun class to play. If you’ve never tried the Necromancer you need to try it!
  • You want to try and solo everything
    •   More than any of the previous classes this class is most capable to take on anything. The class can be slightly harder to handle, since there are a lot of different abilities to juggle, but this class has helped others with solo(ing) content that is built for groups, meaning it is strong!
  • You’ve never used a Necromancer class in a game before.
    •  The Necromancer class in ESO is a fully fleshed out character, with a fun lore and backstory along with strong abilities. If you have always wanted to play a Necromancer character this is one of the most fun you can have in a game with the character type. 
  • You’re bored.
    •  The Stamina Necromancer plays differently from the majority of the classes that we talk about, so it is a great class to play if you find yourself bored or burnt out with the options and play styles that you are currently using. Try it out, it may just be… to die for.   


Solo Score: 95 /100


4. Stamina Arcanist 

ESO Solo Classes 4


What is the Stamina Arcanist class?

The Stamina Arcanist is a class that allows for great damage output, a good range and unstoppable buffs. You can create one of the strongest solo characters with the Stamina Arcanist. This is the newest class added to the game and it has been tested by other players, who have shown that this class is one to beat!


Can you use the Stamina Arcanist solo?

The best thing about the Stamina Arcanist is that it is, simply put, the most powerful solo class you can make right now. There is a learning curve to playing the class on the hardest content, but it can be picked up and played extremely easily and made to be powerful in a short amount of time. You will have no problem playing through the game and will have a lot of fun leveling this character up.


Why Stamina Arcanist Excels in Solo

  • Damage Output
    •  This class is a beast! The amount of damage that you are able to put out is amazing. You will be blown away by how quickly and effectively you can put down enemies and win battles. This is a great class for soloing simply put. 
  • You will not be worried about dying
    •  The abilities of the Arcanist makes health recovery and damage shielding a breeze. You will be amazed by how easy it is for you to survive dangerous enemies. You can heal up easily and be back to killing more monsters before you know it!
  • Range
    •  You can use this class at a medium range which is great for avoiding damage as well. Not needing to be in close allows you to sustain in battle easier. You won’t have to worry about constantly being hit with enemy status effects and can continue pouring damage onto them.

Choose Stamina Arcanist if…

  • You have the DLC.
    •  The Arcanist is the newest class added to ESO. This class just came out this past year in 2023 and has quickly been shown to be extremely strong and fun to use.
  • You want to solo all the content
    •  The truly impressive damage output, and ability to survive are all you need to start destroying content. You can solo just about anything with this class. If you want the bragging rights of being the strongest and best, this is the class for you.
  • You’ve never done a stamina class
    •  This is one of the most approachable stamina classes you can do. This class allows you to use Stamina in a way that is effective while still allowing for range. This is a great class to teach you how to use stamina based characters if you never have, or even if you have. This is just a great class and worth playing!


Solo Score: 100 /100


5. Magicka Nightblade

ESO Solo classes 5


What is the Magicka Nightblade class?

The Magicka Nightblade is a fun class that allows for the ability to use your Ultimate ability multiple times. The class uses staves and Magicka. The strongest in solo content can be a challenge, with the class being most effective at range, but the ability to heal and generate multiple ultimate abilities will have you taking out every enemy in your path.


Can you use this class solo?

The Magicka Nightblade is a great class. This class can handle dungeons, world bosses and is great in trials. The class is great because you can cause major damage from a distance and provide healing as well. There are few battles you can’t win, and you will be surprised how quickly you can dispatch enemies.


Why Magicka Nightblade Excels in Solo

  • Ultimate on Ultimate
    •  The Magicka Nightblade has an ability “Soul Harvest” that actually gives you your ultimate to use upon a kill. You can stack ultimates making everything around you at risk of dying a quick death.
  • Heal yourself
    •  The ability to heal yourself and be at a distance from your enemies makes it so you can survive longer. You can always just heal up and continue to send more ultimates at them. Between the healing and the ultimate attacks they can’t survive long against you. 
  • Buff your damage
    •  As if the ultimate abilities weren’t enough, abilities of a Magicka Nightblade allow you buff your damage output by up to 10%! The enemies of Tamriel were already at risk, but when you are able to cause even more damage, it means that you can take on almost anything! Time to get some new gear!

Choose Magicka Nightblade if…

  • You enjoy a fight
    •  Every battle with the Magicka Nightblade will be just that, a battle. You will be fighting with a buff of damage and multiple ultimates, but the battle will always come to you. You should choose this class if you enjoy the chaos of battle, because you will be the one causing it!
  • You enjoy Magicka. 
    •  There isn’t any reason to put points into any other type other than Magicka for this build, so if you enjoy the Magicka skills this is the class for you. You will be using almost exclusively Magicka skills and you will be good with them, so if you want to feel like an unstoppable staff wielding champion this is for you.
  • You want a challenge
    •  This is one of the more intensive classes to play, meaning there is a lot that you will be casting and using in strong battles. This is a great class if you are interested in getting into the more fine points of the game. This class has a wealth of damage output and health recovery, but to really make it shine you will need to be on top of every cast. This is a great class for those who are interested in every little detail. If you are, you’ll be destroying world bosses in no time! 


Solo Score: 85 /100


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