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ESO Best Race For Each Class

You have been playing Elder Scrolls Online for hours with your favorite Nord, and it was a great experience. But sometimes, you just have a feeling that something isn’t right? 

Your character was great at first, and now you can’t even defeat a mini-boss. Is it a lack of skill? Or is it just the class you chose? After this text, you will notice that the Sorcerer Nord is not a good combination after all.

So here it is - ESO Best Race For Each Class!



We are starting with the Dragonknight, a class that excels in using damage-per-second abilities. He has great AOE skills too. But the crowd control abilities are what make Dragonknight such a great choice for tanking.             

The best races you can use for Dragonknight are Nords and Imperials. Nords are very hard to kill. And they gain extra Physical and Spell Resistance. Also, the increased Ultimate generation helps them to gain Ultimate faster. 

Imperials are the second-best choice for tanking. They get bonuses for Health and Stamina, regain all 3 resources when they deal damage and have cost reduction for all abilities.

Top 2 Best Races for Dragonknight:



You can summon companions for an attack, use ice to protect yourself, and nature to heal. The Warden is a well-rounded class. And our top races for this important and helpful class are Argonians and Bretons.

From worst to one of the best races, Argonians can become the best Warden there is. They have an increase in healing done. So with the restoration staff, Argonian Warden’s  party shouldn’t worry about their Health bar dropping.      

Bretons are runner-ups for a Warden but that doesn’t make them bad. They are a great option for healers. Breton Warden has Magicka-based recovery and cost reduction for Magicka abilities. Also with Magicka Resistance, they are a great choice for Magicka build.

Top 2 Best Races for Warden:



With the power of light, Templar shall eliminate their enemies. Master of efficiency, this class is the easiest to play with. If you are having problems with the endgame, try Stamina Templar and finish the game, the easy way. Templar class is best used with Dark Elf or Khajiit.

Dark Elves have great Intellect and Agility which gives them bonuses in dual-wielding, flame and lava resistance, weapon and spell damage, and base Magicka and Stamina. They have the highest weapon damage in the game while also having a large maximum Stamina pool. Truly a great combination for the Stamina Templar.

Khajiits are jacks of all trade. They have bonuses in pickpocketing, stealth, resource recovery, and Health and Stamina. Khajiits also benefit from higher critical strike chances thanks to their critical damage and critical health bonus which is just what the Templar needs.

Top 2 Best Races for Templar:



The Sorcerer is in a role of a mage in ESO. It uses elemental abilities at range dealing some incredible damage. The Sorcerer can also become the summoner. They can have two permanent pets at a time with the third one from an Ultimate.

 Lightning and wind are Sorcerer's primary elements for AOE abilities. And the greatest thing of all is that they can teleport across the battlefield leaving the enemies stunned. The best races for this class are High Elves and Bretons.     

High Elves have a lot of Magicka passives, and that makes them a great Magicka DPS race. They take advantage of both Spell Damage and Max Magicka's increase. Using staff with High Elves seems kind of natural, so if you use them as a mage-type character, you are playing this game the right way. 

Bretons are once again here to take the glory. With their focus on Magicka, they make a great Magicka DPS Sorcerer. Magicka-based abilities cost less with their passive, and the Spell Resistance is also nice to have. 

So as long as we have a class that uses Magicka, Bretons will be there, waiting in the top 3 races for the job.                   

Top 2 Best Races for Sorcerer:



The Elder Scrolls Online Rouge or Assassination class. It excels in stealth and surprise attacks. They have the best burst damage in the game. The use of blood magic allows them to leech the life of their enemies to themselves. 

These abilities make Nightblade great for PVP and PVE alike. Our Nightblade race selections are Dark Elf and Wood Elf.

Dark Elves are equally good in Stamina and Magicka roles. And for those wishing to take the Vampirism skill line, this class is a way to do it. Their flame resistance is a great cure for vampire fire-based weakness. All the Dark Elves passives combined with vampire stealth abilities make one unstoppable Nightblade.

Wood Elves are more Stamina-based characters, and they are no strangers to stealth gameplay. Weapons of choice for a Wood Elf are bows, swords, and daggers. From these facts, you can see that this race can be a quality Stamina Nightblade.

Top 2 Best Races for Nightblade:



As a Necromancer your main ability is raising the dead. Some can heal you, the others can explode. With Exploding Dead you can do tons of AOE damage, and that is the hardest hitting ability in Necromancer arsenal. 

You can summon dead archers, mages, spirits to heal you, even resurrect your party members. All of this can be done by Magicka and Stamina users alike. So for the best races for Necromancer class, we have High Elf and Breton.

As we said earlier, High Elves have a lot of Magicka passives. They have both Spell Damage and Max Magicka increase. For Magicka Necromancer, High Elves are an unlimited pool of Magicka.

Do you need a lot of Magicka to cast strong abilities that cost much? Use Breton! Now your Magicka costs less and is increased, so you can resurrect as much as you like. With Magicka Resistance, you are safe from your mage enemies, and with many undead, you can heal undisturbed as they fight. If there is an easy and enjoyable way to play the game, this is it.

Top 2 Best Races for Necromancer:


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