[Top 5] ESO Best DPS Class 2019 (PvE)

ESO Best DPS Classes

In RPG’s there is always an ideal team dynamic consisting of the classic healer, tank and DPS troop. And whilst Elder Scrolls Online is no different in this regard, it does still beg the question of what makes a decent PvE character? With player vs player situations being more easy to navigate, some might be fooled into believing that PvE is a similar choice but it’s not always so. 

In PvE it’s better if you can be a bit of an all-rounder in most situations, perhaps even forgetting about the ‘healer’ and ‘tank’ titles altogether. After all, what good is it if you can heal yourself but can’t defeat an enemy or when you take the agro your unable to do anything with it but survive and curse? 

That’s where DPS comes in, and regardless of your build, doing damage and defeating your enemies will need to be at the forefront of your thoughts as you battle through Tamriel on your quest. DPS is one of the main focuses of the end game. It what helps you get through the trials. The key thing to remember is the more damage you can do to your target in single hits, the quicker you can bring them down and the better the chance you will win. 

To make life and gaming just a little bit easier, here is a list of the top 5 DPS class builds that will ensure you not only come about victorious but don’t need a lifetime supply of soul gems just to see you through. 

5. Stam Sorc - Stamina Sorcerer 

A strong contender in any situation, the Stam Sorc has awesome area of effect and single target damage potential. With quick rotations, fierce strikes and the ability to bolster power between light and heavy attacks, the Stam Sorc is a champion in the arena. 

What Makes the Stam Sorc Great for DPS

With daedric summoning guarding your flank and the awesome power of storm calling to increase damage, the Stam Sorc not only is swift but deadly. By using quick rotations and alternating between heavy and light attacks strategically you can keep the damage coming quickly and so effectively that the enemy won’t know what hit them. 

Build details:

  • Dual wield and bow setups
  • Good sustain
  • Points to Stamina
  • Medium Armor - for better stamina
  • Perfect for end game 

4. Stam Knight - Stamina Dragonknight

Useful throughout all areas of the game, the Stam Knight carries wicked DPS capabilities with the added bonus of being just a little bit evil when applying poisons to the mix. 

What Makes Stam Knight’s Great for DPS

The Stam Knight has great sustain meaning that you can throw attacks with little concern of spamming a button with no stamina left. Alternating between heavy and light attacks, ranged, area of effect and melee will give you the best opportunity to beat down your opponent without showing them any quarter. Not only is your unrelenting assault for the win but the Dragon Knights ability to trap enemies will ensure that you have to do little dodging and can just concentrate on the killing. 

Build details:

  • Points to Stamina
  • Medium amour
  • Sustainability 
  • Use a bow and dual wield weapons 
  • High damage area of effects. 

3. Mag Blade - Magicka Nightblade 

The assassin in the night, the Nightblade is notorious for its sneaky, devilish demeanor. Fun to play, tricky to kill and with high single target damage and swift stealth, it is the ultimate choice for players looking for a little bit of everything. 

What Makes mag Blade Great for DPS

Not only is the build great for its sustainability, easy survivability and ultimate generations but it gets brownie points for its self heals as well. Able to survive, which is always a good thing, the Magicka Nightblade has intense single target, ranged, melee and area of effect damage. With hit point piling up against your enemy the Nightblade can also drain their abilities with siphoning attacks and drain enchantments. That way when you near your opponents you can drain their essence like a bug. 

Build details:

  • Points to Magicka
  • Enchant with draining glyphs
  • Heavy Attack rotation 
  • Mix some heavy/medium armor with light for increased survival

2. Stamden - Stamina Warden

Stamina Warden are a great class to play when looking for a nice all-rounder. With animal companions, healing ability, resistance,  speed of evasion, dexterity - the Stamden has it all. A fun build with the ability to be proactive with both melee and ranged weapons, its damage scales powerfully with poison and frost enchantments and skills. 

What Makes Build Name Great for DPS

The Stamden poises ferocity in a fight, not just for its self-healing capabilities making it hard to kill but also for its animal companions, meaning damage comes from all sides and forms. With a Betty Netch bolstering your resources and swarms and bears backing you up, you can perform damage to multiple enemies at once. With your own little team of animal muscle, you can focus your attention on the objective rather than the petty fighting that takes up your time. 

Build details:

  • Points to Stamina
  • Morphe all Skills to Poison 
  • Betty Netch - include in skill bar to ensure resources do not deplete. 
  • Animal Companions to increase damage dealt and watch your back 

1. Magplar - Magicka Templar

Magicka shields, the ability to survive whilst kicking butt, dropping enemies yet sustaining your own power...what more could you want? The Magplar is a formidable enemy in all areas of the game, not least for its swift and deadly, sometimes undodgeable attacks. With high DPS all round and the boon of healing both themselves and any allies they might pick up along the way, the Magplar is an end game-winner. 

What Makes Magplar Great for DPS

Trapping, stunning and enialating your enemies with swift ease, the Magplar is great for regeneration and sheer power. Not only this but its DPS is only overshadowed by its self-healing abilities. 

Build details:

  • Couple natural abilities with skills from the Psijic tree
  • Soul Splitting Trap - You get this tree in the beginning for a reason!
  • Solar abilities and spears - blast them with the light
  • Self Healing 
  • Points to Magicka 
  • Light armor mixed with some defense 

Bonus Tip

In the heat of battle, it can be harder to keep an eye on the hit points you are dealing to your enemy. However, this is an easy fix as there are several DPS tracker addons available to download that can help with this, such as Combat Metrics. 

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