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Healers are the backbone of a group

The Elder Scrolls Online features a variety of roles that you can take on, one such is the Healer, a Healer is the backbone of any group, everyone wants a good healer, so if you want to take your healing skills to the next level? Figuring out what sets are the best or what you need? Then this Guide is for You!

10. The Worm’s Raiment

Blue Glowing Orbs from the Worm's Raiment

The Worm’s Raiment is a dungeon set from the Base Game, obtained from the Vaults of Madness Dungeon, it is one of the best sets to start with as a healer used in both dungeons and trials, it’s easy to obtain, grants a good range of stats for a healer, and provides everybody with additional Magicka Recovery for sustain.

It might seem like a miniscule buff but since you don’t need to do anything else other than to stick with your group, more sustain equals more damage for your Magicka DPS members and an easier time for your Tank with extra resources to deal with, get this set when you are starting, and you can pair it with almost any other healer set and you can’t go wrong with it.

  • Name: The Worm's Raiment
  • Type: Dungeon
  • Location: Vaults of Madness
  • Style: Soul Shriven

Full Details at: https://eso-sets.com/set/the-worms-raiment

9.  Mender’s Ward

Casting Steadfast Ward

The Mender’s Ward is an Ability Altering Healing Staff is an Arena Set obtained from the Black Rose Prison Arena that comes with the Murkmire DLC, it provides additional healing to a single target when you cast Steadfast Ward.

It is often used in instances where you or a group member will need extra healing to deal with Mechanics, Instances include Sunspire’s Lokkestiiz during the Ice Tomb Phase, and Rockgrove’s Flame-Herald Bahsei during the Curse Phases

You want to cast your Steadfast Ward on your target first and cast your HoT and Burst Heals to maximize the Healing as it will only have 4 Seconds.

  • Name: Mender's Ward
  • Type: Arena
  • Location: Blackrose Prison
  • Requires DLC: Murkmire
  • Style: Honor Guard

Full Details at: https://eso-sets.com/set/menders-ward

8. Pearls of Ehlnofey

The Mythic Pearls

The Pearls of Ehlnofey is a Mythic Set that comes with the Markarth DLC, after collecting the 5 Leads you will be able to craft it.

This set is one of the best Mythic Sets for a Healer if used correctly, while you need to make sure that your dominant resource is under 30% which is most likely Magicka.

This may be risky as you may need extra Magicka to deal with additional Mechanics, so make sure you have a Magicka Potion ready to pop during those times, once you are able to keep your dominant resource under 30% every healing ability you cast will generate 5 Ultimate which you can use to your advantage to get valuable Ultimates out faster, such as Barrier or War Horn.

  • Name: Pearls of Ehlnofey
  • Type: Mythic
  • Location: Antiquities
  • Requires DLC: Markarth

Full Details at: https://eso-sets.com/set/pearls-of-ehlnofey

7. Jorvuld’s Guidance

The Scalecaller Set Look

The Jorvuld’s Guidance is a Dungeon Set obtained from Scalecaller Peak that comes with the Dragon Bones DLC.

This set is unique because of its 5-piece bonus which increases the Duration of all Buffs and Damage Shields to everybody in your Group by 40%, this is essential when pairing with the Roaring Opportunist Set to maximize the Major Slayer Buff

t is also useful as a starter set for healers as it effectively utilizes a Healer’s Main Spammable which is Combat Prayer to increase Minor Berserk and Resolve, longer buff durations equal to less casts which is more resources to deal with other Mechanics.

  • Name: Jorvuld's Guidance
  • Type: Dungeon
  • Location: Scalecaller Peak
  • Requires DLC: Dragon Bones
  • Style: Scalecaller

Full Details at: https://eso-sets.com/set/jorvulds-guidance

6. Roaring Opportunist

The Roaring Opportunist Staff Look

The Roaring Opportunist Set drops in the Kyne of Aegis Trial in Western Skyrim which comes with the Greymoor DLC, it comes in Perfected and Non-Perfected Versions, the Perfected Version has an additional Maximum Magicka Bonus.

This set provides the Major Slayer buff to up to 5 Group Members when you complete a full Heavy Attack, this gives a part of your group more 10% more damage in dungeons and trials for the Duration of the buff.

As a Dedicated Roaring Opportunist Healer, you want to get all the spell damage and maximum Magicka from your Champion Points tree and pair this with Jorvuld’s Guidance, as the tooltip says it’s Maximum Duration is 12 Seconds, it can be increased with this set and cap off your Major Slayer Buff at a whopping 16.8 Seconds.

To Further Maximize your Efficiency, if you are playing on PC and have access to Add-Ons, you want to get the Roaring Opportunist Add-On which provides you with timers to track the buff on your entire group, so you know exactly when to start heavy attacking.

  • Name: Roaring Opportunist
  • Type: Trial
  • Location: Kyne's Aegis
  • Requires DLC: Greymoor
  • Style: Sea Giant

Full Details at: https://eso-sets.com/set/roaring-opportunist

5. Grand Rejuvenation

Casting Grand Healing to trigger Rejuvenation

The Grand Rejuvenation Healing Staff is an Ability Altering Arena Set that drops in Dragonstar Arena in Craglorn, it comes in Perfected and Non perfected Versions, the Perfected Version has an additional Maximum Magicka.

This is one of the best Healer Staffs in the game, as a single Healing cast of Grand Healing will grant additional Resources to everybody inside it, it doesn’t have any downtime if you keep casting your Grand Healing on your group, this increases group sustain almost permanently, more resources are always better, you can never go wrong with this set.

  • Name: Grand Rejuvenation
  • Type: Arena
  • Location: Dragonstar Arena
  • Style: Breton

Full Details at: https://eso-sets.com/set/grand-rejuvenation

4. Vestment of Olorime

The Iconic Welkynar Style for Olorime and other Cloudrest Sets

The Vestment of Olorime set drops in the Cloudrest Trial which comes with the Summerset Chapter, it comes in Perfected and Non-Perfected Versions, the Perfected Version provides an additional Maximum Magicka Bonus. 

This set provides one of the most essential group buffs in the game, Major Courage which increases your Groups Weapon and Spell Damage by a whopping 430 points, with the Olorime Set, this is applied by casting an AoE Skill, preferably on top of your groupmates to immediately apply the buff.

Preferably, you want this set to be active only on one of your bars as if you have it active all the time, you may accidentally cast a different AoE ability and you end up casting the circle on a wall or off a cliff, rendering the buff useless, with the set being active only on 1 bar, you can control where exactly you want the buff to go to.

  • Name: Vestment of Olorime
  • Type: Trial
  • Location: Cloudrest normal
  • Requires DLC: Summerset
  • Style: Welkynar

Full Details at: https://eso-sets.com/set/vestment-of-olorime

3. Symphony of Blades

The Symphony of Blades Helmet Look

The Symphony of Blades Set is a Monster Set that drops in Veteran Depths of Malatar which comes with the Wrathstone DLC, it provides an amazing amount of sustain and additional healing for your group.

This is the only Monster Set I highly recommend getting for any healer as you can never go wrong with pairing it with almost anything, it provides additional healing and sustain, regardless of if your group is stacked or scattered around in an area, as long as you can apply heals on them they will get sustain, this is essential especially if you are going to go for difficult Trials and Dungeons.

  • Name: Symphony of Blades
  • Type: Monster Set
  • Location: Depths of Malatar, Urgalarg Chief-bane's undaunted chest
  • Requires DLC: Wrathstone
  • Style: Undaunted

Full Details at: https://eso-sets.com/set/symphony-of-blades

2. Hollowfang Thirst

The Signature Hollowfang Effect

The Hollowfang Thirst Set is a Dungeon Set that drops in Moongrave Fane which comes with the Scalebreaker DLC, it is one of the most popular healer sets and especially effective when your group has more Magicka DPS as it provides them with even more sustain.

The Set is probably the most versatile 5 Piece Set of all as you can pair it with almost anything and it will work well, even if your group is not all Magicka Based, as it will most likely help Tanks too with maintaining their resources and it also provides additional healing.

The uptime on this set is also great even though you need to critically heal or damage, with the amount of HoTs and Skills you cast, it will almost always proc every 9 seconds, the only downside is that you need to make sure your group understands that the exploding ball of blood is a buff though.

  • Name: Hollowfang Thirst
  • Type: Dungeon
  • Location: Moongrave Fane
  • Requires DLC: Scalebreaker
  • Style: Moongrave Fane

Full Details at: https://eso-sets.com/set/hollowfang-thirst

1. Spell Power Cure

The Faint Aura on the hands is Major Courage.

The Spell Power Cure Set is a Dungeon Set that drops in White-Gold Tower in the Imperial City DLC, it provides your group with the Major Courage Buff.

This is probably the best and most essential Healer Set in the game so work on getting this 5-piece set as soon as you can as it provides the much-needed Major Courage buff to your group as long as you can overheal them, you can apply the buff as long as your heals can reach your group, unlike Olorime which needs positioning.

To overheal your group easily, you’ll need to cast your Healing over time Skill on your group and cast your Combat Prayer at least twice, this will make sure your entire group gets the buff especially during trials.

It may take some time to get used to this as you need to constantly cast heals on the group at full health which may eat up your Magicka Pool, so make sure to space out your heals in the 5 second window, heavy attack and pop a potion when needed or when low.

  • Name: Spell Power Cure
  • Type: Dungeon
  • Location: White-Gold Tower
  • Requires DLC: Imperial City
  • Style: Xivkyn

Full Details at: https://eso-sets.com/set/spell-power-cure




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