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Gear up and get ready for the final frontier.
An Excalibur Riding an Odonata Prime Archwing

Warframe is a game where you play as awesome space ninjas, and Archwings put the space in “space ninja”. These flight systems help the player take the fight to the cold expanse of space. But which Archwing should you use? All of the game’s 5 Archwings are built with a purpose in mind, and they’ll be listed down below if you wanna know which one to use for which situation.

5. Amesha (Best for support)

Somebody called for a space doctor?

Unless you only play solo, Warframe is first and foremost a co-op game. And everybody knows the most valuable asset to have in your party is the medic, the mage, the healer. Whatever you decide to call it, there’s no denying how much your survivability goes up with an Amesha in your team.

This Archwing boasts abilities that distract, block, heal and buff. So you can count on it to stop or divert damage and boost the skills of other Archwings.

What The Amesha Excels At:

  • Buffing

With Vengeful Rush (4th ability), you can give yourself and your nearby allies a 10& boost to Ability Duration, Range, and Strength.

  • Diversion 

Benevolent Decoy (2nd ability) allows you to place beacons that draw enemy fire.

  • Healing 

Benevolent Decoy also has the power to heal you and your party. This happens when your decoy gets hit.

  • Protection 

Watchful Swarm (1st ability),. Warding Grace (3rd ability) and Vengeful Rush all keep you from damage or even status effects. Watchful Swarm and Vengeful Rush block damage (Vengeful rush goes a step further and converts damage to energy). Warding Grace makes you immune to status effects.

How to get Amesha:

Both the main and component blueprints are researched and bought in your Dojo’s Tenno Lab.

Getting the Amesha

Amesha Details

4. Elytron (Best for offense)

The best defense is a lot of missiles

Some people believe Warframes should be stealthy figures of the night who strike from the shadows unseen. And then there are Elytron players, who don’t believe that space is silent.

Go in guns blazing with Elytron’s explosive arsenal of high-yield missiles. This Archwing is built with only one true purpose in mind, and that is:

What The Elytron Excels At:

  • Pure, Utter Chaos

Confuse locked-on projectiles with your Core Vent (2nd ability). Shell an area nonstop with Thumper (3rd ability). Launch and detonate rockets with Bloomer (1st ability) or for a higher cost, use Warhead (4th ability) to cause an even bigger bang. 

Cause as much chaos and loud noise as you can and the enemy won’t even realize what’s happening before getting blown up.

How to get Elytron:

Both the main and component blueprints are researched and bought in your Dojo’s Tenno Lab.

Getting the Elytron

Elytron Details

3. Itzal (Best for stealth/speed)

Wanna see me fly across the map?... Wanna see me do it again?

Perfect for when you feel like doing a quick smash-and-grab, Itzal has the highest default flight speed of all the Archwings at 1.2. Its skill set allows you to fly fast and undetected, and to stop those that do detect you from doing anything.

A little fun fact: Itzal used to be the only Archwing capable of using Blink. It used to be its 1st ability before being replaced by Arch Line. Because of this, players almost exclusively used only Itzal for the open-world areas.

What The Itzal Excels At:

  • Crowd Control

No matter how fast and stealthy you are, having a fallback never hurts. Cosmic Crush (3rd ability) creates a vacuum that sucks up enemies then self-destructs dealing blast damage. Fighter Escort summons drones that fight for you and are useful for dealing damage to multiple enemies surrounding you, allowing you to switch priorities.

  • Mobility

Apart from having the highest base flight speed, Arch Line (1st ability) can be used to slingshot you across the map. It takes some getting used to, but hey, Spider-Man probably hit walls face-first when he was starting out web-slinging too.

  • Stealth

Penumbra (2nd ability) casts an invisibility field for you and your allies as long as you remain still. There are exceptions to the rule though, using Blink or Arch Line doesn’t break your stealth despite technically being “movement”.

How to get Itzal:

Both the main and component blueprints are researched and bought in your Dojo’s Tenno Lab.

Getting the Itzal

Itzal Details

2. Odonata (Jack-of-all-trades, beginner Archwing)

Your first space taxi

Odonata is the first Archwing you’ll get so it makes sense that the developers gave it a wide array of abilities for players who haven’t found their preferred playstyle yet.

This Archwing’s abilities have a fair bit of defense and offense, even sliding in some distraction and zoning functions.

What The Odonata Excels At:

  • Introducing You To Archwings

As stated earlier, the Odonata makes for a great introduction to what Archwings can do. Energy Shell (1st ability) and Disarray (2nd ability) offer protection while Seeking Fire (3rd ability) and Repel (4th ability) offer offense.

  • Zoning (Keeping Enemies Away)

Use Repel to put some distance between you and your enemies. If they shoot you from afar, use Energy Shell to protect yourself. You can then use Seeking Fire to deal damage from a distance.

How to get Odonata:

Both the main and component blueprints are given as rewards during the quest “The Archwing”.

Getting the Odonata

Odonata Details

1. Odonata Prime (Same role as the Odonata)

Your first space taxi 2.0

Odonata’s big brother, Odonata Prime features higher health, shields, and flight speed. It also comes with an additional Naramon polarity, allowing for a more varied initial mod loadout. 

This is the only Prime Archwing in the game (as of Update 31.3). It is also the hardest one to obtain because it is currently vaulted, meaning you can’t get Void Relics with its blueprints except through trading with other players.

What The Odonata Prime Excels At:

  • Same As Odonata

Odonata Prime shares the same abilities as base Odonata. So aside from being slightly tankier, faster, and easier to mod, Odonata Prime plays exactly the same. (It also looks cooler, not gonna lie)

How to get Odonata Prime:

As with most other prime items in Warframe, the Odonata Prime’s main and component blueprints come from cracking Void Relics. Just to name a few, Odonata Prime main and Systems blueprint come from Axi V8, while the Wings and Harness come from Neo O1. You can check the Wikia for the full list of Relics containing Odonata blueprints.

Void Relic Guide

Odonata Prime Details

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