[Top 5] Black Desert Online Best Horoscopes

Black Desert Online Best Horoscopes

Black Desert Online comes with a very extensive character creation process which can take a player hours in making of their character. From the hair length, eye colour and style, to very specific facial features; BDO indeed took into account the fully-detailed customization of their classes and characters. 

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Even the tiniest details can be tweaked to a player’s liking, but what is quite interesting in BDO is that the game has its very own set of “Horoscopes” which players can choose from.

In an overall view, BDO’s Horoscopes actually don’t make much of a dent in-game save for being a titleholder and giving your character a form of a “personality, but it does come with small benefits in the form of “Amity” or the relationships you form with non-playable characters. 

There are 12 Horoscopes to choose from and they are as follows: 

  • Boat – Free, Optimistic, Relaxed, Wanderer
  • Camel – Docile, Enduring, Patient, Witty
  • Dragon – Attentive, Exalted, Prestigious, Sensitive, Social
  • Elephant – Committed, Crass, Honorable, Strong, Trustworthy
  • Giant – Ambitious, Dreamer, Nimble, Observer
  • Goblin – Adaptable, Intelligent, Linguist, Materialistic, Opinionated
  • Hammer – Brave, Combative, Conservative, Cooperative, Righteous
  • Key – Attentive, Determined, Relaxed, Scholar
  • Owl – Naive, Stereotypical
  • Sealingstone – Careful, Ephemeral, Quaint, Secretive
  • Shield – Deliberate, Disciplined, Rational
  • Wagon – Ambitious, Calculating, Noble, Wealthy  


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When it comes to choosing a horoscope, there is actually no “best” option to pick as each sign has its own set of benefits within the game save for when it comes to gaining Amity.
Amity is the player’s reputation within the game and every NPC within BDO has a certain level of Amity towards you. The only thing left to do at this rate since a player already has a relationship with the NPC is to improve the Amity with them through conversations which normally costs varying amounts of energy. A single point of energy can be regained every 3 minutes so you don’t need to worry about running out, if you’re a little impatient then there are “Energy Regen” potions from shops and the Central Market. These potions cost a pretty penny but get the job done much more quickly.

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Now here is where the real benefit of Amity comes along. As mentioned earlier, Amity is gained through conversations and knowledge, talking to various NPCs around the city will give you knowledge on characters, locations, items, etc. 

If you click on the “Conversation” tab when you’re interacting with an NPC, it will bring you to a “Mini-game” of sorts wherein the game asks you to pick other NPCs to talk about. The more options and knowledge you have, the better chances of the NPC you are talking to spark a certain interest which results in Amity points which is usually indicated by a smiling blue face for success and a gray sad face for a failed attempt. Finding the right combination of knowledge is what makes you win the so-called mini-game as it would yield more Amity points compared to having failed attempts.

Maxing out an NPC’s Amity yields the occasional gift of items or gear and some valuable knowledge if you’re on a quest. But overall, the Horoscope system off BDO isn’t much to write home about, unless you’re the completionist type of gamer. 

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