10 PC Role-Playing Games That Will Take You on Great Adventures

PC adventure RPGs
On the road again.

Embark on Epic Quests with These 10 RPGs

Whether we’re napping in a sunny field or stuck in mind numbingly slow traffic, we’ve all had the same thought float through our heads. “If only life could be a little more exciting.”

Well, barring traffic and boredom, life is full of its own excitements. But it can’t answer our fantasies of setting out on an adventure, wielding magic and blades to fight off dastardly bandits and otherworldly creatures. Thankfully, we have an answer to that.

Video games allow us to step into another world. Epic narratives full of rich stories, dimensional characters, titillating quests, and environments to explore.

These 10 RPGs will bring that passing thought to life by taking you on exciting adventures.

10. Dragon Age: Origins

A Blight has pervaded the land of Thedas, and it’s up to you to stop the army of grotesque demons and monsters. As a legendary Gray Warden, you set forth to unite the factions under one banner—a combined force to turn back the Darkspawn. If only asking nicely was enough.

In Dragon Age: Origins, you dive headlong into a fantasy medieval world. When you select your character’s class and race, choosing between a dwarf, an elf, or a human, you jump into their backstory and get an insight into the ornate cultures that make up the world. No race is perfect.

The dwarves employ a discriminatory caste system. The elves suffer poor treatment at the hands of humans. And humans lock up their mages or exercise their power and authority over others (namely mistreating lower classes and murdering rival nobles).

The world of Thedas is filled with violence, squalor, and injustice. But you’re recruited into the Gray Wardens and tasked with the thankless job of saving it. Mainly from a horde of tainted, orc-like creatures—Darkspawn—who invade during Blights, following the orders of a demonic dragon. Sure, sounds like a cinch!

They'll be fine.

Wild animals, creatures, bandits, rogue mages, demons, and even massive dragons of fire and death will attempt to kill you or gobble you up. You journey across the land with an ensemble of colorful companions, such as an awkward Gray Warden, a sarcastic mage, a loyal war hound, and an irreverent assassin. You travel across golden plains, through murky wilds, up snowy mountains, and even into the blurry dreamscape of the Fade, the source of dreams, demons, and magic.

As you ready armies to face the Blight, you’ll find yourself wrapped up in each race’s politics. Attempt to appease everyone, find a solution, incite conflict, or twist things around so you benefit the most—the choice is yours, and the results are numerous and malleable. If the stars align, you can even appoint yourself king or queen.

Thankless job? Just thank yourself!

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