[Top 15] Final Fantasy XV Best Accessories (And How to Get Them)

Yes, Noctis. I make the same face too when my food turns out good. Or when my grades turn out great too.

You know that Final Fantasy isn’t complete without having accessories to equip, right? I mean, they make your in-game life SO MUCH easier. Most of the players can vouch for this statement.

And if you’re looking to have some comfort in your playthrough through the world of Eos, you’ve come to the right place. Stick around some more because you’ll be thanking me after reading this guide.

I would recommend having a copy of the Royal Edition / Windows Edition though because, at this point, the game feels incomplete without experiencing the whole magic the developers prepared for you.

15. Platinum Bangle (Best for HP Boost Early Game)

How to get Platinum Bangle

Before I start, let me just start my franchise-recurring counter. Alright, now we can begin.

First making its appearance in Final Fantasy VII and returning in the latest entry (That’s 1 right there.), this bangle will certainly help you in starting your journey here. But you might be wondering why mention this bangle at all. Well:-

  • Provides boost to Max HP Limit. (Seriously, that’s the purpose of Bangles in the Final Fantasy world.)

How to get this gem? Well, it’s really easy actually. Just play Justice Monsters Five. That’s the game within the game. (Inception moment, yes.) You can get this as early as Chapter 1 by playing the pinball game in the Crow’s Nest Diner which costs 10 gil per game and winning 80 chests in a single game to get this item. 

You can also play the pinball game present in Altissia and get the bangle by winning 10 chests only but the catch is that the city unlocks mid-game (Chapter 9) and the machine costs 10,000 gil. Problem is, you can only get these items from the pinball game ONCE. 

You can get another via Costlemark Tower and the rest in three out of eight endgame dungeons. Well, there’s the resolved issue of finding them.

I’d recommend getting each one for the chocobros. It would boost everyone’s HP. Also, if possible, get 12 of them. Seeing as there are three accessory slots, you can stack them up and have an HP Boost 3 times its given capacity. This would apply to all accessories to be discussed here. So feel free to use them however you see fit.


  • Max HP: +700

Image of the Pinball game you’re gonna play to get the item. But no image of the item sadly. Sorry.

14. Onion Bangle (Best for HP Boost Mid-Game)

How to get Onion Bangle

As weird sounding as this weapon is named, I assure you, it’s worth having this bangle. Considered the second-highest HP boosting bangle, this non-franchise-recurring accessory will provide quite a significant boost to the chocobros. Why bring up this bangle at all? Well:-

  • Provides boost to Max HP Limit. (I know. Same reason as above but see the stats for better comparison.)

Two ways to get this. One is attaining this via Costlemark Tower Dungeon. (The video above explains this method only.) The other is via winning 90 chests in the 10,000 gil pinball machine at Altissia. If you have enough gil, you can farm this for the rest of the chocobros. Or stack them up to one character. Or maybe the best of both worlds. Your choice.


  • Max HP: +2500

No image of the Onion Bangle this time, too. Just the boys playing the pinball game for passing time.

13. Adamantite Bangle (Best for HP Boost Post-Game)

How to get the Adamantite Bangle

This one’s the best of the best bangles in-game. Trust me when I say it is. This non-franchise-recurring bangle is the highest HP boosting accessory in-game.
The reason for listing this here is:-

  • Provides boost to Max HP Limit. (Again, you say? Look at the stats this time, will ya?)

The only problem is that in order to get this item, you need to defeat the Adamantoise by accepting the “Lonely Rumbles in Longwythe” hunt at Hammerhead (unlocked after completing the game.) where you’ll get a sweet Trophy/Achievement plus the item. 

Defeating this colossal monster once is enough unless you have enough time to keep killing the Adamantoise for one whole hour. Or you can use the Ring of the Lucii to cast away the Adamantoise but I wouldn’t recommend doing that since that decreases the chances of getting the Adamantite Bangle and the Adamantite Ores.


  • Max HP: +10000

Not going to lie, I’d think twice before facing this turtle too. But it may be just me but he sure looks like he’s about to say something along the lines of “Surf’s up, dude.”

12. Dark Matter Bracelet (Best for Strength Building)

How to get Dark Matter Bracelets

This is surely worth it if you are aiming for a Strength Build or making Gladio more of a Tank than he already is. A non-franchise-recurring bracelet, it's listed here because:-

  • It enhances Strength phenomenally. (It sure does.)

There are ONLY FOUR of them present in the game. One is you can get via the Pinball game (seriously, that game makes things easier). Another is when you become a Hunter of Rank 10.

The third one is by defeating a Level 120. Aranea in a training session at camp and the final one is at the Costlemark Tower’s Menace Dungeon.


  • Strength: +100

Just the chocobros riding their chocobos. Nothing to see here. Move along.

11. Friendship Band (Best for Smooth Teamwork)

How to get Friendship Band

Remember the Shōnen Manga and Anime trope of “Power of Friendship” where a villain who has trained all his life, has the proper planning and means to eliminate the main hero’s team and yet he/she is still defeated by one burst of friendship memory and then boom, the day is saved?

Well, thankfully, the band doesn’t work like that here. (Talking about the Accessory, not the boyband.) Unique only to FF15, there’s a good reason why the band has been mentioned in this list at all. And that’s because:-

  • It can unleash link strikes even over great distances. (That’s a huge plus considering you have a horde of enemies surrounding you.)

The one issue is that Noct can’t equip this. But the rest can. Equip it to either of the three (Gladdy, Iggy, Blondie) or you can equip it to all three of them (if you have the patience and endurance for it.)

The great thing is though that you can get them as early as Chapter 3! But you need to go to Balouve Mines, Glacial Grotto and Crestholm Channels to get each of them separately AND you need to be Level 35 or above for the bands to appear. So, there’s that.

You might also be thinking how do I do Link-Strikes? Well, it comes naturally as you play the game. Just have your parrying and blocking times on spot and you’re good to go.


  • Increases Link-Strike Activation Radius

That’s the “Power of Friendship” to you. Really wished the band did that. (Again, the accessory. Not them at all.)

10. Megaphone (Best for HP Recovery)

How to get Megaphone

Not to be confused with the one people use during protests and certainly not to be confused with the weapon from Final Fantasy VII. This accessory is exclusive only to this game and boosts the morale of the party in its own unique way! (Counter is still at 1 if you’re wondering.)

There’s a unique charm to this accessory which makes it part of the reason why this was added to the list in the first place! It’s because:- 

  • It increases the party’s HP recovery. (Oh, thank God. I should start taking cover more in-game.)

Thing is, there’s only one in the whole game. And it’s exclusive only to Gladio. But like most accessories here, you can get this as early as Chapter 3! (Reason being is that the open world opens up in this chapter.)

You just have to go to Myrlwood that’s in the north of the Cleigne region and northwest of the Vesperpool. From there, you have to go to the northern point of the large area after entering the forest and then voila, you’ll get the accessory!

One piece of advice, don’t use it when in dungeons. Unequip it at that time. Use it more frequently for the open-world parts. You’ll see and feel the difference.


  • HP Recovery Rate +10% for the whole party. Max HP Recovery Rate unaffected.

Noct is on his way to find Gladio’s Loudspeaker in Myrlwood Forest. That’s about it. What did you expect?

9. Anklet of the Gods (Best for Vitality Boost)

How to get Anklet of the Gods

With a name as grandiose as that, there must be something special about this item. Exclusive to this game only, this accessory is a must-have if you want to make your playthrough smooth. (Weird how the counter is still at 1.)

I’ll get straight to the point. This is why it’s on the list:-

  • Enhances vitality phenomenally. (That’s it. What? Taking less physical damage from enemies isn’t enough?)

There are three ways to get this item. One is via the Menace Dungeon under Steyliff Grove, one is in the Menace Dungeon under Crestholm Channels maze and the other is you get by fighting a Level 90 Aranea in a training session at camp. (Better than a Level 120 one.)

Use it on any of the chocobros or stack ‘em all into one! Your choice.


  • Vitality:- +150

That’s about the only image I have regarding the accessory. Sadly, this game doesn’t have many photos of the accessory items. Would be cool though.

8. Hypno Crown (Best for Magic Build)

How to get Hypno Crown

Ah, yes. The Hypno Crown. It was one of my most used accessories in my playthrough. Making its first appearance in Final Fantasy IV and returning for this game, this franchise-recurring item is a must on this list! (Counter just went up to 2.)

As you all might have guessed, there’s a good reason for having this item on the list. The reason being:-

  • It enhances magic phenomenally. (Perfect for Noct using the Ring of the Lucii spells.)

To get this item, you must go to the Costlemark Tower maze and from there you’ll get the Hypno Crown. Just make sure you’re levelled up high enough to take down those tough dungeon monsters.


  • Magic:- +300

Typical items of a Mage Build Noctis. The Hypno Crown is a must.

7. Black Choker (Best for preventing HP Drain)

While playing through the game, when you were using Noct’s Royal Arms, did you ever wish you could stop it from draining so much of your HP? So much so that you just wanted one item or ANYTHING which could stop it from being drained?

Well, this Black Choker is here to do the job. Also known as the Obsidian Choker which made its debut in Final Fantasy X-2 and returning for this game, this item would surely aid you in your smooth Royal Arms usage. (Counter bumped up to 3.)

Well, how do you think it works? An accessory which helps you in using Royal Arms? Can’t believe it! That’s part of the reason why it’s on the list here. Because:-

  • It increases the HP recovery rate phenomenally. (Biggest plus point.)

To get this choker or chokers, there are four ways to go about it. Firstly, you have to be at Chapter 15 (Post-Game) and go to the Costlemark Tower maze and you’ll find one there. (Although there is a 50% chance of it. Make sure you’re levelled up highly.) 

The second one is by going West of Nebulawood and you’ll find the item lying there. 

Third is by getting the reward for completing the “Devils Cry Curses” Hunt (Sounds oddly familiar to Devil May Cry.) and lastly by becoming a Rank 7 Hunter. You’ll get 4 chokers and it’s up to you whether you stack it all on Noctis or divide it equally among the bros.


  • HP Recovery Rate:- +6%

Just Noct unleashing his Royal Arm. Perfect for use with the Black Choker.

6. The Grand Chamberlain (Best for Auto-Healing)

How to get The Grand Chamberlain

It’s only understandable that such a gentlemanly-sounding item could only belong to Specs himself. This item exclusive to this game is technically lazy man’s God Mode. How? Well, here’s how:-

  • Automatically uses an elixir when the player-controlled character’s maximum HP falls to half.

Keep in mind here that the focus is on “player-controlled” meaning that if you’re updated to the latest patch and have unlocked player control via the Ascension Tree, Iggy can heal Noct, Gladdy and Blondie when push comes to shove! (I mean, he heals himself too when the action is done. Just saying.)

The catch is, that this is a post-game item as they appear in Chapter 15. The same goes for its cousin “The Good Chamberlain” but the difference is “The Good” cousin uses Hi-Potion to heal the character (healing HP) whereas “The Grand” cousin uses Elixir to heal the character (healing both HP and MP.). You’ll find “The Grand” item in the menace dungeon of Fociaugh Hollow whereas you can find “The Good” item at Costlemark Tower.

Take note, that the item won’t take action unless or until you have the Elixir in your inventory. If that’s gone, then no luck.

Oh, and this proves useful in some no-items dungeons as well.


  • Ignis will attempt to run over and heal the party leader, including himself, when their HP falls to half, assuming there are no obstructions.

Just Iggy being Iggy. He’s known as Best Boy amongst the fandom for a reason. Making him a “Grand Chamberlain”.

5. Nixperience Band (Best for XP Grinding)

How to get Nixperience Band

This one’s an exclusive here to this game. I used to think this band was made in remembrance of Nyx Ulric, the main hero of Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV but it’s nowhere related to him AT ALL.

Also known as the Level Stopper, it basically stacks all of your XP gained throughout and never let it get used/tallied when staying at a hotel or camping. Oh, right part of the reason it’s on the list too. Because:-

  • It’s an item that stops experience points from being tallied, preventing the party from levelling up for an added challenge.

You must be wondering why you must become a masochist for this. Well, you might’ve noticed that there are XP multipliers on wherever place you stay. Well, if that XP were stacked up, it would give a huge boost. 

I’ll give you an example. Say that you’ve had the band on for seven days. All the XP accumulated until the seventh day when you take it off. Once, you reach a high XP multiplier place, let’s say Altissia (3.0x Multiplier. Damn.), all of the XP you’ve stacked will be multiplied by three and you’ll level up high in no time!

Keep in mind, that it’s only one in-game and Noct gets to be the one who uses it. And it’s available on the “Free” Holiday Pack, on both base games and on Royal/Windows Edition.


  • EXP is still gained but never tallied when resting, etc. Cannot save EXP if already at max level

Just sit back and watch XP rise when you think your grind is done. The level-up noise is satisfying in this game too.

4. Magitek Suit V2 (Best for Armor Boost)

How to get Magitek Suit

The fabled legend of the Magitek Suit V2. Exclusive to this game only (Counter is still at 3.), this is one of the rarest and most difficult finds of the game. Why is it most sought after?

  • It enhances strength, vitality and maximum HP remarkably. (Probably one of the only accessories to do so here.)

You can farm it too. As many as you want. Yes! But here’s the catch of it.

What makes it so rare is that it comes as a drop from the MA-X Angelus-0 superboss which is a random encounter, appears post-game and has a 5% drop rate of the Magitek Suit V2. It’s also Level 99 with 202,000 HP and a -90% (Yes, you’ve read that right. Negative Ninety Percent.) damage from ALL damage types. And it’s also resistant to the spells and attacks from the Ring of the Lucii! It’s like finding the One Piece. Only you’re in Dark Souls level of difficulty.

If it’s any consolation, you can get the Magitek Suit as a drop if this accessory isn’t dropped. It’s basically V1 with Max HP:- +1000, Strength :- +70 and Vitality:- +50. But that doesn’t mean you should just give up on it!


  • Max HP:- +2000
  • Strength:- +70
  • Vitality:- +50

What a pain. Fighting that machine just for a rare drop. Worth the effort though.

3. Ribbon (Best for Status Prevention)

How to get Ribbon

If you’re a longtime Final Fantasy player like I am, you’ll know that there are certain things Final Fantasy is known for. Chocobos. Moogles. A tale involving a crystal. Well, these ribbons are among them. (Counter flew up to 4 now. Had to.)

You all know why it’s here on the list. And I’ll say it here too:-

  • Protects the wearer from almost all status ailments. (Pretty neat. Like a good luck charm in effect.)

It’s back in this game as usual too but this time there are only three of them. You can get one as early as Chapter 3 where you complete ALL of Sania’s quests.

Then, the next is when you reach Altissia for the first time and trade 40 Oracle Ascension Coins to Alessio. 

Then, you get the last one when you complete the “Dead General Strikes down the King” quest in Chapter 15.

Since you can’t get them all at once, I suggest putting it on Prince Charming first then next to Specs here.


  • Prevents 'almost all' status ailments, including Instant Death, stat debuffs, and periodic elemental damage. Doesn't prevent Ignis's Quick Recipeh debuffs or Danger and Down.

This lady right here is Sania. One of the people responsible for giving you the Ribbon if you complete her questline.

2. Black Hood (Best for Dodging)

How to get Black Hood

Wanna make Noctis look cool like an Assassin but in black? Well, this accessory cuts it. Well, sort of.

Also known as Black Cowl, this baby made its debut in the original Final Fantasy and return to this game as the Black Hood. (Counter went up to 5)

Here’s what makes this so unique from other items:-

  • Automatically evades attacks. (Yep, you read that right.)

This item is only available in Chapter 15 (Post-Game) via the Pitioss Ruins and consumes MP while using it. Exclusive for Noct’s use only, good thing that MP replenishes! Doesn’t work with Ring of the Lucii as a weapon though. You must make sure that you have the Hood with you, otherwise, you will have to do the dungeon all over AGAIN and that is a pain.


  • Enables auto-parries and automatic passing through attacks even while running, but takes away phasing-related abilities (e.g. MP cost is the maximum, disables Blink). Does not work with the Ring of the Lucii as a weapon.

Noct in front of the entrance of the toughest dungeon in-game.

1. Moogle Charm (Best for Additional XP)

How to get Moogle Charm

Moogles are the unique mascot of the Final Fantasy franchise. Akin to a guardian angel. Although childish-looking, they provide some warmth and comfort to the heart. Veteran players would surely know what I’m talking about.


Also known as Mog’s Charm or Mog’s Amulet, this item made its debut in Final Fantasy VI and returns to this game. (Counter bumped up to 6.)


What makes this item so unique is that:-

  • It increases the EXP earned.

I mean, it does 20% Experience stacking AND it doesn’t work like the Nixperience band either! Everywhere you go and stay, the EXP bonus will be in effect. They also stack too. Meaning that if you equip two Moogle Charms on a character, it will give a 40% EXP bonus as compared to just a simple 20%.

You can get the first one as early as Chapter 1 but you need to be Level 40 to go to Crestholm Channels for that, then the next three as early as Chapter 3 and then the last two in Chapter 15 Menace Dungeons. Specifically Pitioss Ruins and Daurell Caverns maze.


  • EXP:- +20%

One thing about this game though. Moogles are more of a doll now. But they still retain their charm nonetheless.

Honourable Mentions

Not going to finish this list just yet. There are items that need deserve a callback. Here are to name a few.

  • Blitzer’s Fanfare (Best for farming AP)

How to get Blitzer's Fanfare

This item is available in the Holiday Pack DLC (already present if you have the Royal/Windows Edition. Seriously, that’s why I said to get the Royal Edition for the full experience) and is exclusive to this game only.
What makes this so unique is that:-

  • It is a scroll of sheet music containing a song of jubilation that provides additional AP for earning an A+ in Time outside of training.

Basically, what this means is that the quicker you kill, the more Ascension Points (AP) you gain and trust me, they stack up PRETTY quickly.


  • +2 AP when getting A+ in Time in non-training battle.

Be quick or be dead. That’s the rule to get more AP when using the item.

  • Founder King’s Sigil (Best for Armiger Unleashed)

How to get Founder King's Sigil

Exclusive only to the Royal/Windows Edition, this item grants Noct the true power of the Kings. This was also my most used item in-game.
I’ll tell you why it’s mentioned here:-

  • It is a crest containing the combined strength of all the rulers of yore. Awakens Noctis to the true power of kings.

It appears only when you have all 13 Royal Arms with you (chance to unlock Faithful Heir Trophy/Achievement). Once you do that, you will have to go to the Founder King’s statue in Keycatrich in Northern Leide. For use of Noctis only.


  • Enables Armiger Unleashed.

Talk about getting OP. You get to unlock some cool poses and photos too.

  • Ring of Resistance (Also Best for Status Prevention)

How to get Ring of Resistance

This item also made its mark in the original Final Fantasy and is making a return in this game as well. (Counter just went up to 7.)

Despite its name, this item is not what it sounds like. And there’s a good reason for it too. That being:-

  • It is a protective piece of jewellery that renders the entire party impervious to magical friendly fire.

Playing with magic can be pretty risky in this game. So, this would do a fine job of preventing that. This item is part of the Holiday Pack+ DLC, so you need to either buy that or just have the Royal/Windows Edition for fun to unpack!


  • All allies become immune to friendly fire from Elemancy, with varied results.

No photo of the Ring of Resistance or Magical Combat. Just Noct pimping his ride.

  • Field Medicine (Best for Healing)

How to get Field Medicine

If you’re going for a medic build or just want to be healed every time without having to open the menu, then this item here will do the job just fine.

Exclusive for this game only, there’s a good reason why it’s on the honourable mentions list:-

  • Automatically uses potion when HP falls to half.

Works in the same way as the Chamberlain items, this accessory is exclusive only for Noct’s use and can be found in the Menace Dungeons of Daurell Caverns. (End-game Dungeon, in case you forgot.)


  • When Noctis's HP is less than 50%, uses Potion

Just Noct doin’ Noct things. Like wondering how he should use a Potion.

  • Stamina Badge (Best for Running)

How to get Stamina Badge

As the name suggests, it’s a Stamina Badge. Well, what else did you expect? If you’ve been playing the game long enough, you’d know that there is a stamina bar when used in sprinting. And part of the reason why it’s even listed here is that:-

  • It’s a device that enables Noctis to sprint and hang without expending stamina.

That’s a big relief considering that Running is a requirement here in the game for travelling long distances. (In case the car gets totalled.)

It’s available via the Holiday Pack+ DLC which is available if you either buy it or get the Royal/Windows Edition.

Run Noct Run.

And there you have it. With the counter having 7 franchise-recurring weapons, these are the items listed here that will make the chocobros lives as well as your playthrough all the easier and smoother. Make good use of them and stack up those EXP and AP for becoming OP right at the start.

Now, if you don’t mind, I have yet to find MY version of the MA-X Angelus 0 for that Magitek Suit V2 Drop. See ya.

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