Top 10 Games Like Divinity: Original Sin 2 (Games Better Than DoS2 In Their Own Way)

Games Like Divinity: Original Sin 2
Adventure together if you enjoy not being dead.

What Are The Best Games Like DoS2?

Divinity Original Sin 2 took the world of RPGs by storm when it first released, rushing to Twitch’s front page and taking a solid place as one of the best isometric games available.

However, for those who have already delved through every dungeon and beaten every big bad, here’s a list of what to play next.

So go ahead and check out these ten games similar to Divinity Original Sin 2.

10. Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition

Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition gameplay

Check out the newest release of an old classic. With a third game just around the horizon, revisit the latest chapter in the Baldur’s Gate franchise.

You’ll lose yourself into this historic epic with all the trademarks of the tabletop game that inspired it.

Three things that make Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition great:

  • Intense battles truly test both your ability to build strategies and your skills in combat.
  • Player choice makes the story unravel naturally through your actions as opposed to a static plot.
  • An in depth character creator will give you the same feeling of connection between player and character as Dungeon’s & Dragons.

Gather an unstoppable team of adventurers and take on epic enemies.

Explore beautiful locations on your quest for glory.

9. Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire

For one of the most immersive experiences available in isometric games, look no further than the Pillars of Eternity series. Chase a rogue god through Deadfire across both land and sea with a fully customizable team from seven fully realized characters in a lovingly built game world.

Three things that make Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire great:

  • A huge world to explore offers hours of adventure.
  • Massive, seven party teams allow for a wide variety of play options with enough customization to make sure no two players are playing the same way.
  • Piloting your ship allows you to plot your own course through the somewhat open world.

Keep your cool if you want to survive gripping battles.

Set sail and explore the open seas.

8. Pathfinder: Kingmaker - Enhanced Edition

Our next entry has a special place in the heart of all fans of the incredible Pathfinder tabletop series. Just like how Baldur’s Gate realizes Dungeons & Dragons in computerized glory, Pathfinder offers an automated system to play for when you can’t get your buddies to sync schedules, or if you just can’t find your dice.

Three things that make Pathfinder: Kingmaker – Enhanced Edition great:

  • Character creator based on the Pathfinder system allows players to make the hero or villain of their dreams.
  • Huge cast of NPC characters gives players control over crafting their party with their favorite in universe characters.
  • Expansive world offers hours of exploration.

Use epic magic and powerful abilities to fight the coming hordes.

Create a party of expert adventurers to survive.

7. Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden

A somewhat dark combination of XCOM and Alice in Wonderland, Mutant Year Zero delivers compelling gameplay in a twisted, yet colorful, package. With a host of grotesque creatures to choose from, the only limit on how to survive each encounter is your own imagination.

Three things that make Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden great:

  • Intense, strategic battles often have more than one way to win.
  • Create your own team, making sure that your playthrough is specific to you.
  • Elaborate animations bring your every action to life.

Plan carefully to survive thrilling battles.

Travel with mutants and monsters to survive the long night.

6. Wasteland 2

Lose yourself in another lovingly crafted world by the original creators of Fallout. Following a group of Rangers, a familiar archetype from inXile, through a post-apocalyptic wasteland, you’ll find yourself unable to peel yourself away from the game for all 80 epic hours.

Three things that make Wasteland 2 great:

  • Familiar turn-based system will satisfy players waiting for a return to form of the original two Fallout Games.
  • Player choice impacts gameplay by offering both rewards and consequences for each decision.
  • With hundreds of characters, thousands of Rangers, and over 150 guns, no two players will ever have the exact same experience when playing.

You’ll have to be quick on the draw to survive the wild wastelands.

Gather Rangers from all over the world to join the fight for survival.

5. SpellForce 3

With a unique blend of real-time strategy and RPG elements, SpellForce 3 delivers on a type of gameplay that hasn’t been executed so wonderfully since Warcraft 3. Craft your hero and assemble an epic team as you explore the fantastical world of Eo, conquering the land with powerful armies.

Three things that make SpellForce 3 great:

  • A number of thrilling multiplayer modes let you test your mettle against other players as well as dive into epic co-op adventures with your friends.
  • Three playable factions offer a wide variety of play options.
  • An epic story will take players through over 30 hours of intense, army building battles.

Engage in epic battles between entire armies.

Fully customize your character and become the hero of your story.

4. XCOM 2

Easily one of the best strategy games of recent history, XCOM 2 takes everything wonderful about the original and cranks it up to eleven. While games like Mutant Year Zero might have had some innovative tweaks on the formula, it’s hard to beat the original. Create your own team of grizzled soldiers and craft the best strategy for the survival of humanity.

Three things that make XCOM 2 great:

  • In-depth tactical combat offers a huge range of options for each player to live out their own unique story on each playthrough.
  • Complex character creation lets you put yourself, or your favorite fictional characters, right into the action.
  • Challenging multiplayer mode pits you against enemy players to determine who the best strategist really is.

Fight off the fearsome enemy hordes.

Strategy and planning will see you through every encounter.

3. Torment: Tides of Numenera

From the same company that just sent players to explore Wasteland 2 earlier on this list, comes the spiritual successor of Planescape: Torment. Journey through the Ninth World as you unravel complex story through a beautifully built world, rich with characters, magical creatures, and a deep lore.

Three things that make Torment: Tides of Numenera great:

  • Moral choices mean you have the power to decide the fate of your favorite, or least favorite, characters and maybe even the world itself.
  • The crisis system brings environmental puzzles into combat, creating complex encounters.
  • Character driven story keeps the action compelling through the entire story.

Destroy your enemies with powerful magic.

Travel to wonderful and horrifying locations as you fight for your life.

2. Tyranny

Tyranny has the expert polish you expect from one of the best development teams out there. Coming from Obsidian Entertainment, the people who brought you Fallout: New Vegas and are currently developing the upcoming Outer Worlds, you can trust that you’ll fall in love with this story-rich experience.

Three things that make Tyranny great:

  • The real-time combat creates a thrilling challenge that will push your strategy skills to the limit.
  • Branching stories mean that player choice becomes more than a simple good or bad ending and instead means you’ll be creating completely different story for your personal world.
  • Voted the best RPG by Game Debate in 2016.

Fight with your party of heroes to conquer cruel foes.

Make use of your abilities to crush all those who stand against you.

1. Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark

And at the top of our list is a game that fans of “floating chessboard” games like Final Fantasy Tactics and the Ogre Battle series have been aching for. With a system that is rare to find today outside of Fire Emblem or various portable rereleases of ancient games, Fell Seal: Arbiter is a breath of fresh air to an underexplored genre from gaming history.

Three things that make Fell Seal: Arbiter’s Mark great:

  • The turn-based tactics create intense battles where only your own wits can ensure victory.
  • Character customization lets you build your whole team from scratch out of the 30 available classes, allowing each player to have his own personalized experience.
  • End-game content keeps the fun going long after the end of the base story.

Form up a band of brave adventurers.

Be tactical in your deployment of strategies to achieve victory.

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