The Best Action RPG's for PC

best action rpgs
Grim Dawn. Enter an apocalyptic fantasy world where humanity is on the brink of extinction, iron is valued above gold and trust is hard earned.

Here are the best action RPGs available for PC

2016 has seen a number of RPG games come on the market with varying degrees of participation from the fanverse. With so many flooding the market it’s often difficult to know what to invest your time in. Fret not, we have put in the hours to bring you the best action RPG games for pc. These are in no particular order.

1. Path Of Exile

Cinematic Trailer:

Story Overview:
Path Of Exile drops you in a rich, dark fantasy world of Wraeclast. It’s a fallen empire that now serves as a sort of dumping ground for criminals and other unsavory characters from the nearby island of Oriath. Everyone has their own reasons for being there and what you end up with is a world filled with dynamic interactions and a number of side quests to keep you engaged in the story. This story is one of survival in this damned world that once belonged to a dead civilization called the Vaal that ended over 2,000 years before this story takes place. Now you get to survive among your fellow exiled in this violent, ruined new world.


The gameplay mechanics can best be compared to Diablo in that there is a lot of repetitive clicking. The attack and movement system is fairly simple as you click an area to move to it and on the enemy you’d like to attack.

Like most ARPG’s there is some element of crafting and a simple skill tree system for leveling up. The interface is reminiscent of Diablo as well.

Unlike Diablo the character builder leaves much to be desired. There is no customization of appearance, you don’t even get to choose which gender you are as that too is class specific. However, what it lacks in superficial customization it makes up for in a relatively unique skill tree for each of the 7 classes(Marauder, Templar, Witch, Shadow, Ranger, Duelest and Scion) and a plethora of weapons, armor and accessories to discover, mix and match.

Each class caters to a different playstyle. For example, Marauder is a strength class great for those who prefer charging in while Ranger is a dexterity major great for those who prefer ranged combat.

There are multiple difficulty levels, however you have to play through the main story on the lower difficulty levels to unlock more difficult gameplay.



When dugeon crawling calls for melee.


Up close and personal.

Game Play Footage


2. Diablo 3

Diablo Official Trailer:


Story Overview:

The much anticipated Diablo 3 did not disappoint when it hit PC and consoles back in 2013; and it continues to rock the ARPG scene to it’s foundation with it’s depth and expansions. The game is set 20 years after the events of Diablo 2; Here you are the “Nephalem” charged with the task of investigating the mysterious fallen star that fell in New Tristam where Act one starts out.

In addition to the main story there are a number of side quests in each of the 5 Acts. If you are new to the Diablo franchise that’s ok, it’s not necessary to be up on the lore from the previous 2 titles to enjoy this newest installment

Gameplay Overview:

You are plunged directly into combat as the falling star seems to have caused the dead to arise and the town is quickly crawling with the undead.

The gameplay mechanics maintain the spirit of the previous titles with a few new additions. The system is easy to grasp for newcomers and veterans will be right at home with the fast paced, blister inducing clickfest that is the Diablo combat system. You’ll notice there is no longer a stamina system. The Gold and Auction Houses have also been removed from Diablo 3.

You’ll also notice that potions are less vital in this build with the addition of Health Globes dropped by slain enemies. This is a welcome change that encourages players to explore dark, gothic landscape that Diablo fans love. From dark dank caves to gothic manor that would give anyone the creeps, Diablo 3 has an atmosphere all its own. All crawling with plenty of diverse an nasty enemies to test your nerve.

Enemies and Bosses:

The enemies of Diablo 3 will be familiar to fans of the series with the exception of a few newcomers including Death Maidens, Executioners, Exorcists, Ghastly Seraphs and Revenant soldiers; all attacking in droves, in true Diablo fashion

There are also some new bosses and mini-bosses to face including the formidable Skeleton King with his endless hoards of skeleton minions and Queen Aranea(a giant spider with a nasty attitude). You will encounter multiple bosses in each Act.

Leveling Up:

Leveling is the same as previous titles; you complete quests and kill hoards of enemies to gain loot and stats. You’re core stats are distributed automatically.

The Paragon system is a change; coming into effect after a character is maxed out. It allows players to continue to accumulate stats that are then shared among all the characters on a players account. There is no cap on these gains


The classes have changed in this title. Each with their own unique skill sets and combat styles. You can be an Enchantress which is a magic class, a Scoundrel which is a ranged combat specialist, and the Templar which is a melee centered class.

Game Modes:

Diablo 3 has both single player and multiplayer functions, which is to be expected of a title that requires you to be online. There aren’t any co-op specific quests or additional incentives for playing together so those who would rather focus on the single player campaign aren’t really missing out. There’s a Party system where players form teams of no more than 4 and take on enemies.

Spilling monster blood on the cobblestone streets. 


 Using a spell to chip away at a bosses hp.

Gameplay Footage


3. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Cinematic Trailer:


Story Overview:

The events of the Witcher 3 picks up from the conclusion of the Witcher 2 with a cut-scene depicting Yennefer’s escape in a sort of dream sequence centered around her flight amidst blood and chaos. The player begins this game on the trail of Yennefer, Geralt’s love interest accompanied by his friend Vesmir.


Unlike the previous titles the Witcher 3 plunges players into a rich open world with multiple accessible regions and cities to explore. The Witcher 3 is a true “next generation” title in that it packs a lot into one title. There are realistic day and night cycles, changing weather conditions and multiple ecosystems that change from region to region. The maps are enormous, 20% larger than Skyrim, and the landscapes are rich and detailed. Even the economy varies from region to region.

The scenery is absolutely breathtaking with beautifully rendered mountain ranges, beautiful cascading waterfalls, lakes and forests existing alongside bustling cities and small villages. While trekking through the landscape you’ll find yourself stopping to watch the sunset over the rolling hills and feeling thoroughly immersed in this world.

Combat System:

The combat system is greatly expanded in the Witcher 3. Geralt’s movements are fluid and intuitive making 360 combat more manageable than in previous titles. You can use attacks of varying strength, parry and dodge enemy attacks. Due to the way the combat system is set up dodging is definitely mandatory if you want to emerge from an enemy encounter in one piece.

Leveling Up:

There are multiple ways to level up in the Witcher 3. There are Trophies earned for completing specialty quests that increase the amount of experience points gained by varying percentages.

Playing Gwent, a mini card based game, will also grant you a modest amount of XP.

Most of your leveling will occur as you complete side-quests and destroy bandit camps and monster nests. Completing contracts also gives you a great deal of XP. There is also plenty of treasure to find scattered throughout the regions.

Enemies & Bosses:

The Witcher 3 has a number of enemies including werewolves, basilisks, ghouls, wraiths and vampiric creatures called Ekimmaras. New to the Witcher 3 are the generals of the Wild Hunt that pose a unique challenge for players in this new build.

Geralt in full armor walking into a large city.


 Geralt exploring the marketplace. 


Gameplay Footage:


4. Fallout 4

Cinematic Trailer


Story Overview:

You start off in Sanctuary Hills with the threat of nuclear attack imminent. In the chaos and confusion you and your family are tricked into being placed into cryogenic sleep.

Fallout 4 goes for the throat with the player awakening to witness the kidnapping of Shaun (your son) and the murder of their spouse (male or female depending on your character’s gender) before being thrust back into a cryogenic sleep. Thanks to a technological malfunction the player is released from cryo-sleep and emerges from Vault 111 to a post-apocalyptic Boston in the year 2287. This is 210 years after a devastating nuclear war.

A breath taking vista of Boston.


Mowing down a Behemoth.



Fallout 4 features a dynamic camera that allows you to switch between first and third person viewpoints.

Unlike Fallout: New Vegas you cannot forge your own ammunition. This however doesn’t detract from the dynamic crafting and building system featured in Fallout 4. Craft new weapons, items and build various types of structures. You can also scrap entire houses for the materials.

The character builder is one of the most in depth of any title; players have even been able to create characters resembling beloved characters such as Joker and Harley Quinn. The possibilities for customization of your character are endless.

Combat System:

The VATS system is back with a very notable change. You can no longer freeze enemies; instead you only slow them down dramatically.

Critical hits are no longer a hit and miss affair. Instead there is a critical hit bar that you fill through attacking enemies and critical hits are executed manually.

Assisted targeting makes another appearance in Fallout 4 and the ability to target specific parts of your enemy’s body is available.


Upon emerging from the vault you will get a chance to join one of 4 factions. There are The Minutemen, The Brotherhood of Steel, The Railroad and The Institute. Each of these factions have their own manifesto each with their own reward for joining.

Leveling Up:

The leveling system is pretty in depth. Like most games you gain points by defeating enemies and completing quests. The system allows you to choose from stat increase and perks.

Perks branch out into their own tree. There are Special perks obtained by specific actions, quest perks that you get as a reward for quest completion and the list goes on. There are more than 70 perks that enhance your character in various ways.

For example the Iron Fist perk increases punch damage by as much as 80% and also has a paralyzing effect on your opponent. Perks add another level of depth to the customization of your character.


Gameplay Footage


5. Dark Souls 3

Cinematic Trailer:


Story Overview:

One of the flames that have protected the world for the so long is fading and the powers of darkness threaten to overtake the world plunging it into chaos and bloodshed. The ritual to link the flames and beat back the darkness has been abandoned and it’s up to the Ashen One, the main character of the series, to save Lothric.

Cinematic cutscene where the player encounters a tree with bodies hanging from it.


 Facing the undead soldiers with double sword technique.


The picturesque vistas of Dark Souls 3 are well detailed with gothic spires, dark desolate landscapes, swamps, haunting prisons and undead villages. The layout for regions is complex, in true Dark Soul fashion. The bonfire system is even more necessary in this title to navigate this elaborate landscape.

Combat System:

The combat system is dynamic and complex keeping to the level of difficulty that makes this series so appealing to fans of the series.

There are varying levels of strengths for attacks; normal attacks, strong attacks and charged attacks. There are two handed variants for all attacks and special powers for some weapons.

There are various weapons that change your combat movements depending on their properties to accurately match how you would wield them in reality. Different weapons swing at different arches and speeds.

Enemies and Bosses:

The enemies are a bit more challenging as they can use all the same attacks as you and use various strategies depending on their abilities and level.

There are a number of different enemy types including Crystal Lizards, Infested Corpses, Darkwraiths and Stray Demons.

There are a number of mini bosses that are optional as well as main bosses that are part of the primary narrative. The boss battles are dynamic with each boss posing their own set of challenges to the player. Defeating these bosses gives you Boss Souls that can be converted into special weapons, spells, or items.

Gameplay Footage:


6. Borderlands 2

Cinematic Trailer:

Story Overview:

Set five years after the events of the first Borderlands. Handsome Jack makes a return in this sequel and is now the primary threat. He’s taken over the Hyperion Cooperation and declared himself Dictator of Pandora.

After a spectacular train crash the game starts with you waking among the wreckage with the familiar Claptrap digging through the wreckage around you. You play as one of five new characters tasked with killing Jack and pulling Pandora back from the brink of perpetual rule and back to normal.


Mowing down baddies with a rifle.


 The apacalyptic wasteland that is Borderlands 2. 



There are a number of additions that are new to this title including an all new set of vehicles, a new trading system for multiplayer, slag (a substance that increases damage), a new class of weapons called “E-tech”, Eridium bars which are a new form a currency for premium items and the “Secret Stash” which is a small storage area for transferring items between characters. There is also plenty of DLC to keep your gameplay experience fresh.

Gameplay mechanics are the same as the previous titles with several ways to play depending on your class and playstyle. The character and vehicle customization system has been updated with new color schemes, character head designs and a vehicle point scheme.

There is also the introduction of the “Bad Ass Rank” system where points are awarded for various in-game challenges which get you tokens that can then be redeemed for stat boosts

Playing through the entire story unlocks a new difficulty mode called True vault Hunter mode.

Enemies and Bosses:

The enemies that populate Borderlands 2 feature both familiar types such as Skags and Bandits, as well as some new comers such as Varkids and Goliaths. The AI for the enemies will be reminiscent of the first title, so fans of the series will feel right at home.

Borderlands 2 is loaded with many more boss encounters than the first title each posing their own set of challenges. Boss fights are as intense as the previous title and the bosses themselves are imaginative with encounters with characters such as Bad Maw who is a nasty nomad like creature with hoards of minions.


Gameplay Footage:


7. Victor Vran

Cinematic Trailer:


Story Overview

This Bulgarian Indie title offers a unique twist on the Action RPG genre. You assume the role of Victor Vran, a quirky demon hunter doing what he does best, hunting demons. The game is set in the haunted city of Zagoravia, a dark gothic style city filled with skeletons, spiders and a myriad of other cartoonish creatures that Victor must vanquish to save the city.

This story has no shortage of comic relief with funny, if not a bit dated humor. Think skeletons in wigs and sunglasses dancing to the pop hit Gangnam Style. Yes, that did in fact just happen; you aren’t imagining it.

 Hordes of skeletons crowd attracted by their master.


 Recieving some sage advice.


The gameplay in this title is very straight forward hack and slash. There is no skill tree or classes, but there are plenty of weapons each with their own unique abilities. Stats are modified with the use of destiny cards.

There is both a single and multiplayer mode in this title, though neither is particularly deep. The game is just a fun hack and slash style Action RPG with friends.

Enemies and Bosses

You’ll encounter a number of different enemies such as skeletons and spiders that attack in mass; this means copious amounts of hacking and slashing fun for the player.

Bosses are definitely a challenge and if you haven’t properly level grinded you are in for a very lopsided battle. They are cunning and hard to kill which can get frustrating, but they are also rare so it stands to reason that they would be beefed up to give players the most bang for their buck.


Gameplay Footage



8. Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen

Cinematic Trailer

Story Overview

Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen is an expansion on the original title centered around a new region called Bitter Black Isle.

You once again assume the persona of an Arisen named Savan, who’s charged with the task of hunting the dragon who stole their heart, literally, and is currently terrorizing the land. You must follow their path of destruction to reclaim your heart.

 Engaged in boss combat in the depths of a dungeon.


 A beautiful and cinematic spell sequence. 


Along the way you battle some familiar enemies such as Chimeras along with a whole host of new foes including Gazers (enormous evil eyes), Poison Undead and terror inducing Banshees that literally paralyze you with their shrieks.

Combat System

This expansion plunges players into rich landscapes and dynamic cities filled with characters that the player can interact with and day/night cycles. There is no direct multiplayer mode, but there are online events players can participate in.

How you fight varies depending on the vocation you choose at the beginning. For example, Fighters are melee specialists so you’ll need to get in close and map your strategy around it; while Strider can climb enemies giving you an advantage against larger enemies. You choose from one of 10 classes: Mage, Fighter, Strider, Warrior Ranger, Mystic Knight, Assassin, Sorcerer and Magic Archer.

This title also introduces the Pawn System which gives the player access to three party members. One is a fixture in the characters world while the other two party members are non-playable characters borrowed from other players by connecting online or are locally generated by the game. They respond to a series of commands, but are not playable by the player.

Enemies and Bosses

There are no shortages of enemies in this expansion as you get all the old favorites with a few new editions unique to this title including, what could best be described as a salamander made of lava.

As in the previous title boss battles are challenging and a test of skill. There’s even a Cursed Dragon that requires more than a little strategy to defeat.

Gameplay Footage (Mystic Knight)


9. Grim Dawn

Cinematic trailer

Story Overview

In Grim Dawn players find themselves immersed in the desolate, dark battle scarred world of Cairn; a ruin of a previously grand empire that is now a shell of itself. This world has become the battle ground for two other-worldly powers, the Aetherials(pure energy entities seeking to use human bodies as a resource) and the Chthonians(horrid creatures who use human blood for their dark magic that are seeking to destroy humanity). It’s up to the player to defend humanity and survive in this apocalyptic landscape.


Entrance to a dungeon.



Attack! Attack!


One of the most unique features about combat in Grim Dawn is the ability to resolve conflict without bloodshed on rare occasions. That’s right, Grim Dawn has integrated the use of diplomacy in its combat system.

Damage taken by you and your enemies is region specific. Attacks can land on the head, shoulders, torso, arms, legs and feet with varying levels of probability and effectiveness depending on skill set, weapons and defense.

Whether or not your attack or an enemy’s attack qualifies as critical depends on the offensive and defensive ability of both parties. Elemental damage and shields are also major factors in combat situations and tip the balance of combat.

Another unique feature is the Constitution System, which is essentially a secondary health regeneration system; Constitution appears as a yellow bar on your screen that once completely depleted slows the regeneration of the player’s health.

This title also features a crafting system that is accessed by unlocking the Blacksmith, which happens early on in the first Act. There’s a Master Blacksmith and an Apprentice that you’ll encounter in the game. Bring your materials, enchanted, rare and common along with a set of blueprints to your blacksmith to get unique items, weapons and armor.

Enemies and Bosses

One of the most notable features associated with combat is that your slain enemies drop their gear for you to collect. When tangling with an Outlaw they even drop their stolen loot when killed.

The world of Grim Dawn is teeming with enemies including a special class called Hero Monsters(indicated by a star above them). Each of these have unique abilities such as elemental attacks and health regeneration that players must contend with.

Bosses in this title are challenging and there are no shortages of these encounters that players come across as they progress through this game. They take sound strategy to defeat, but they drop specialty items so the regards are great. From giant spiders to a blood sucking vampire creatures the bosses are imaginative and well designed.

Gameplay footage (Occultist Class)


10. Warhammer: End Times Vermintide

Cinematic Trailer

Story Overview

The Empire of Sigmar is spiraling into chaos as The Dark Gods unite to rain death and destruction throughout the land. The story begins in Ubersreik, a drab town in Southern Reikland where the Skaven host swarm first emerges. The players play as one of five heroes tasked with defending the town as the first line of defense. Should they fail, all is lost



Facing the Skaven with your blunderbuss.



Facing down a Big Skaven


Players choose from one of five heroes

    Victor Saltzpyere, a Witchhunter
    Sienna Feugonasus, a Bright Witch
    Bardin Goeksson, a Dwarf Ranger
    Kerillian, a Waywatcher (Elven Rangers)
    Markins Kruber, an Empire Soldier

Warhammer is primarily a co-op gaming experience, but there is a single player gaming mode that players can enjoy if they’d like to work out the finer points of the game mechanics before tackling players from around the world.

The combat system is pretty much your typical first person shooter with melee elements and casting woven within it. There are a number of ranged weapons including pistols, crossbows, blunderbuss and a number of other unique firearms. Melee weapons are both one and two handed swords, maces, axes, hammers and various shields. The types vary depending on your class.

There is an element of crafting that takes place in a place called The Forge located at the Red Moon Inn. Fuse weapons to unlock various abilities to help you in combat.

Leveling up:

Leveling up isn’t a significant part of this game, which is unique for games in this genre. There are no level requirements for weapons and armor, nor are there stat increases associated with your level.

Enemies and Bosses

You will primarily find yourselves tangling with hordes of vicious ratmen known as Skaven. They are ill-tempered beasts that come in various shapes, sizes and levels.

There are no mini bosses to speak of, though the player will encounter elite forms of familiar enemies as they progress through the story. There’s only the final boss battle that can only be described as epic and completely worth the wait.


Gameplay Footage


11. Torchlight 2

Cinematic Trailer:

Story Overview

Set several years after the events of the first Torchlight, Torchlight 2 features a new foe. The Alchemist, one of the heroes of the first Torchlight, has become unstable and after destroying the town of torchlight goes on to plunge the world into chaos. The player must follow his path of destruction in hopes of setting things right and putting an end to his reign of terror.


The undead horde is closing in.



Dealing out major combo damage.


Keeping with the spirit of the first title, Torchlight 2 features randomly generated dungeons and various types of enemies to test player’s skills.

There are a few new features included in this title including day and cycles, a dynamic weather system and class specific armor and weapons. There’s also some light character customization in terms of physical appearance. You can choose gender, facial features, hair style and hair color

Gone is the character retirement system of the first title and in it’s place is a New Game Ex mode that is unlockable by completing your first playthrough. This allows you to start a new game with the level you have at the completion of the game.

There is also an alternative Mapworks dimension which includes advanced item stores, services and the ability to activate level specific maps that are randomly generated.


The classes from the previous title don’t make a reappearance in this new title, though they do appear as non-playable extras. You choose from one of 4 new classes; Engineer, Outlander, Deserker and Embermage.

Combat System:

Much like the first title there will be copious use of the CTRL key to keep your player grounded during the click intensive combat that players will remember from the first title. SHIFT also will be your best friend as it makes you stand completely still ideal for sniping

For those who have played Diablo the combat system will seem vaguely familiar; lots of frantically clicking enemies is a common theme in Torchlight 2.

Pets make a reappearance in this title with a number of new additions. Like in the first title they carry out a number of services including spell casting and the selling of unwanted items. You can choose from a Panther, Cat, Bulldog, Chakawory, Papillion, Ferret, Hawk and Wolf.

Character Builder

The character builder is pretty extensive allowing for a number of variations of the four classes. There’s also a rich skill tree combined with a wide variety of equipment and items makes customization of your character a satisfying experience.

You can build a character that caters to your play style. Be it taking on enemies head on with a tank or from a distance with a ranged weapon specialist.

Enemies and Bosses

Torchlight 2 has a number of enemies that populate its landscape, including Bandits, Ghosts, Trolls, werewolves and Zombies to keep the player busy. The variety also adds a level of strategy to each enemy encounter that is dependent on the class you are using.

Each Act has a number of boss encounters, each with their own unique attacks and accompanying minions to deal with. From a pyromaniac bandit to a giant snake that dishes out elemental damage, Torchlight 2 introduces some dynamic bosses that make for truly epic encounters.

Gameplay Footage(Official Armor Feauturette From E3 2011)


12. Final fantasy XIII: Lightening Returns. 

Cinematic Trailer

Story Overview

Welcome to the world of Novus Chrysalia a world in chaos. This game begins 500 years after the events of Final Fantasy XII-2. It’s the end of the world for the people of Gran Pulse and the clock is ticking. In this title you play as Lightening charged with the task of saving as many souls as possible and bringing them to the new world. You hold the power to save a soul of abandon it to the darkness.


Panoramic view of the city.



Full moon


Unlike previous titles you play only as one character, Lightening. The map is an open world layout filled with dynamic interactions and a number of side-quests to keep you busy. The design style keeps to the gothic, industrial-fantasy feel of the previous incarnation of the series.

The maps in this title are much larger than the other Final Fantasies. Because of the size of the playable areas in this game, including the dense wilderness and beautiful cityscapes, you may not be able to explore it all on the first playthrough.

The “Doomsday Clock” counting down to the apocalypse adds a sense of urgency to the game. You’re originally given just 7 days, but you can extend the countdown to as many as 13 by completely side quest. Chronostasis temporarily stops the flow of time and so does talking to people and cut-scenes. A day is 24 hours in real-time.

Time is a reoccurring factor in this game and aspects of the game change. Depending on when you face enemies, including bosses their stats and appearance can change. Day and night cycles are also significant as enemies become more vicious at night.


There are a number of boss fight crammed into this title despite the doomsday clock ticking away. They very in difficulty and have their own set of strengths and weaknesses that you’ll discover in combat.



Gameplay Footage( Nifliem Base Battle Footage)


13. Titan Quest

Cinematic Trailer

Story Overview

The story begins in ancient Greece and spans across multiple countries. The legendary Titans have been released from their prison and it is up to you to stop them.



Taking on reanimated skeltons.



Bringing down the lightning. 



For those who love an honest to goodness hack and slash game with hordes of randomly generated enemies to plow through, Titan Quest doesn’t disappoint. There are no shortages of enemy encounters and the player is offered a number of weapons choices for getting the job done; including axes, clubs, swords and staves.

Players will explore multiple regions including Egypt and the Silk Road. There’s tons of treasure to find and loot to collect with varying levels of rarity.

There are also a number of unique side-quests for each region to keep you busy as seek higher levels and stats for your character.

Leveling Up:

The level up system is much like any other ARPG in that the player gains experience points by completing quests and cutting down enemies that they can put towards increasing their stats.

Titan Quest has both multiplayer and single player modes. Players can move seamlessly through the two modes bringing characters they have leveled up in Single Player into Multiplayer and vice versa. This adds a level of freedom that most ARPG’s just can’t claim. Players can also save multiplayer progress like in single player which is a sharp deviation from most ARPG’s. Players can also exchange loot and gear making the multiplayer experience unique in Titan Quest.

Another unique feature is Titan Quests’ level editor that allows players to customize their play experience and share those customization with other players.

Enemies and Bosses

There are a number of enemies in Titan Quest though they all invariably fall into one of 9 categories; Beastman, Beast, Undead, Insectoid, Demon, Device(mechanized enemy), Construct(some sort of animated substance), Magical and Plant.

There are a number of boss type monsters running the gamut from Minotaur-like creatures to Hydras. They are all challenging and require specific strategies to overcome.


Gameplay Footage


14. The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing

Cinematic Trailer


Story Overview:

Yes, there is another incarnation of the well worked over Van Helsing story, but don’t overlook this one. Unlike it’s predecessors The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing isn’t a tacky bundle of cliches, but instead a breath of fresh air that offers a fresh take on an old story.

The story takes place in Borgova, a steam-punk-gothic city filled with all manner of imaginative beasts that the young Van Helsing, son of Abraham Van Helsing White, must kill to save the city.


Your companion Lady Katrina.



 This can only be described as one really bad day at the circus.


Those who have played Diablo will be familiar with this click to move, click to attack gameplay setup. Hack and slash is the name of the game in this dark, yet often humorous title.

Customization in this title centers around a multi-tiered skill tree that allows players to focus on leveling up skills that cater to their playstyle.

There are a number of landscapes to traverse in The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing. Explore huge buildings, abandoned laboratories and monster infested sewers.

Customization also extends to your hideout, which is unusual for an Action RPG. Equip your hideout with traps and various other defenses.

Enemies & Bosses

The enemies featured in The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing run the gamut from the humanoid Strongman Veterans to what could best be described as alien-like creatures wearing clown costumes. More striking than how imaginative the enemies are in this title is the sheer volume with which they attack. It brings a whole new meaning to the saying “there is strength in numbers”.

Bosses and mini-bosses are relatively challenging and usually come with a number of minions to complicate combat situations. They come in all shapes and sizes including an Arachnid Leviathan which is essentially a giant spider with a nasty attitude.


The leveling system in this game is similar to most ARPG’s. You defeat enemies and complete tasks to level up your character. The skill tree is fairly robust so there is plenty of room for customizing your character to fit your playstyle.

However one very notable change with the Final Cut is they have introduced level scaling for enemies. This means as your character gets stronger so do the enemies you encounter. This adds a level of difficulty that is lacking in other games in this genre.


Gameplay Footage


15. Darksiders 2: Deathinitive Edition

Cinematic Trailer

Story Overview

This is a masterful remaster of the original Darksiders 2 with plenty of what was formerly DLC built in. You once again play as Death, one of the four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, who sets out on a quest to save his brother war and restore humanity.

 Death striking down the enemy.



Cinematic Cut-scene Of Death.


The graphics are rendered in 1080p resolution, so there is plenty of aesthetic appeal to this remastered title. The movements are fast and fluent creating a dynamic combat system. You can stop most movements midway to dodge out of the way of enemies. You can also chain attacks together to create devastating combos

There are many ways to explore the open world of darksiders. You can swim, run along walls and scale various elements in your environment including walls and poles.

Wield a number of weapons including a scythe, warhammers and a grappling hook to name a few. You also get a horse that you can use to traverse the massive maps. Given the scale of the maps the fast travel feature is quite useful. Explore dark, foreboding dungeon, dark forests and gorges with towering stone walls.

Leveling Up

There are eight unique statistics making for a very large skill tree with many abilities to unlock and level up. Kill enemies and complete main and side-quests to level up.

Enemies & Bosses

There are many enemies you’ll encounter along the way. From wraiths, dark angels, demons and zombie like creatures called wicked.

There are a large number of boss and mini-boss encounters to test your skills from a giant frost giant to giant worms born of fire.



Gameplay Footage


16. Hand of Fate

Cinematic Trailer

Story Overview

You play as a warrior who stumbles onto a mysterious conjurer known only as the Dealer. He ushers you into the wild world of the card game that dominates this world. Starter deck in hand, you set out on your very own adventure.



The mysterious Dealer.


An intense fight sequence. 


At its core Hand of Fate is a deck-building Action RPG. Your deck determines your ability to clear dungeons and win battles so you are constantly working to improve your hand.

You earn gold to buy gear, food, health and buffs that remove curses.

In Hand of Fate use long form you build up two separate decks; one for equipment and the other for encounters.

Enemies & Bosses

There are many enemy and boss encounters leading up to the epic final boss. Common enemies include goblins, bandits, mages and lizardmen.

The boss battles are intense and you will rely heavily on strategy to get through. The bosses are dynamic and challenging and include imaginative encounters like the Queen of Dust.


Gameplay Footage


17. Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor Game Of The Year Edition

Cinematic Trailer

Story overview

This game is set before the events of The Lord of The Rings, but after the events of The Hobbit acting as a filler that bridges the gap between the two narratives for fans. You play as Talion, a man who loses everything when his family is slaughtered and he is possessed by a wraith. He sets out on a quest to avenge their deaths.


 Delivering a devestating attack from above.


 Smiting an enemy with pure energy.


This title is set entirely in Mordor, The Land of Shadows. Shadow of Mordor offers a vast open world for players to explore. You play as Talion with a number of wraith abilities including the ability to slow down time and teleport; all of which can be leveled up as you progress throughout the game.

For those who have played Batman Arkham Asylum the melee system will seem pretty familiar. There are regular attacks, counter attacks and a combat multiplier that rewards players for combos.

Unique to this title is the Nemesis System. The Nemesis System individualizes each enemy giving each their own personalities, strengths, levels and weakness shaped by encounters with the player. This means your interactions shape the way your enemies fight.

The game progresses in real-time whether you’re playing or not so when you encounter your Nemesis again they may have acquired new levels and tactics.

There are only a hand-full of the true boss encounters but they are each challenging and dynamic in their own right; including tangling with the Black Hand of Sauron.


The skill tree centers around melee, ranged and stealth elements that a player can customize to fit their playstyle.


Gameplay Footage


18. Mount &Blade 2: Bannerlord

Story Overview

This huge sandbox Action/Strategy RPG is a prequel to the Mount & Blade: Warband. The Emperor has died without leaving an heir, and three ruthless functions scramble to seize the reigns of power.


 Riding your mount through the market place.


 Mounted troop riding outside the city.


The gameplay mechanics are likely to be closer the first title than to Warband as the AI and player are on an equal footing.

The AI being able to do everything the player can do forces the player to strategize if they want to win. For example, you may decide to persuade an enemy’s vessel to come over to your side, but you must be vigilant because the AI can do the same thing.

The combat system is retained from the former title. You engage in siege warfare and build your empire.

The crafting is in depth as weapons break down into parts that can be swapped out and adjusted.

You can lose your weapon only for it to turn up in the hands of bandits on the other side of the map.

The developers are experimenting with the idea of co-op campaign.

Enemies and Bosses

There are a few more additions to siege warfare with new siege weapons and weather playing a factor in your combat strategy. For example, troops will slip if it’s muddy and wet.

Troops will obey certain commands such as work on siege weapon, defend and attack, but the AI will do its own thing automatically if left to its own devices, generally for the good.

What the boss battles will be remains to be seen.


19. Mass Effect 2 Digital Deluxe Edition

Cinematic Trailer

Story Overview

Again you play as Commander Shepard who now has to face down a new threat, The Collectors, an insectoid species from beyond council controlled space. Humans are being abducted all over the galaxy and you must assemble a team to investigate.

 Intense firefight with Comander Shepard.

 Ducking for cover before lighting the enemy up with laser fire. 



The same squad based combat from the previous title is implemented in this sequel. Choose your two squad members and their loadouts prior to combat.

Weapons no longer overheat, but instead have magazines that must be reloaded.

Your squad members can be revived if they fall in combat and health automatically regenerates when not taking fire.

Multiple dialogue options are available for each encounter. There is also an interrupt system that allows players to take direct action at certain points in the game

Your morality is measured with the Paragon System. Players can use charm or intimidation with their own consequences for each encounter. Your choices have impacts on merchant discounts, rewards, at the end of missions and romances that can spark between the player and squad members.


Gain points by completing missions and use them to unlock and increase the effects of abilities. What abilities and weapons you wield depends on the class you choose at the beginning of the game.


You can play as a Soldier, which is a completely weapons based combat style, The Adept, which are completely antibiotic ability based damaged combat, The Engineer, which is tech heavy combat with AI hacking and Drones, The Infiltrator, that’s stealth heavy combat with cloaking, AI hacking and sneaking abilities, The Sentinel, which is medium ranged combat with mix of antibiotic abilities and tech armor, and the Vangaurd, which is a beserker class with heavy weapons, wide range antibiotic attacks and melee.

Enemies & Bosses

Enemies are either organic or synthetic. A number of enemies with various attacks shields and armor including Assault Drones, Collector Assassins, Husks and Geth.

There are a hand full of challenging Boss battle leading up to the final battle which generally end in additions to your squad.

Gameplay footage

20. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Story Overview

This sequel to Deus Ex: Human Revolution is set two years after the events of the first title. You once again play as Adam Jenson, an augmented ex-private security agent now working to take down the shadowy Illuminati. He now works as an Interpol freelancer while at the same time secretly working for the Juggernaut collective, a hacker group hellbent on destroying the Illuminati. Front and center is the divide between augmented and non-augmented humans.

 Jenson mapping out the guard movements. 

 Beautiful sunrise over the city. 


Much like the first title players can tackle enemy encounters with a mix of stealth, hacking, social persuasion and brute force combat. While you can attack without stealth, like in the first title, this approach creates a number of different complications as the game mechanics are geared toward stealth rather than brute force. However you can choose violence and there are consequences that will be reflected in the narrative.

The game throws tough choices at you and gives you a number of approaches to tackling them with each choice effecting the direction of the story.

Set to release August 2016.

Gameplay Footage From E3


There are so many incredible ARPG titles that have exploded onto the gaming scene in 2016. But, without a doubt, when it comes to “must play” titles of 2016 these titles are ones that can’t be overlooked. There are alot of elements that go into making a quality action rpg and these games combine them all into a well polished package. Regardless of your preference these games are definitely at the top of the heap when it comes to the best Action RPG’s of 2016.


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