[Top 15] Awesome RPGs With Character Creation

RPGs With Character Creation
Orcs. Small brains, big muscles.

One thing that I love about certain RPGs is the character creation. You always want to look unique, perhaps add orange hair to your orc in Skyrim, or maybe make your Fallout 4 character look like a disturbing abomination!

In any case, I’ll be talking about the RPGs with the best character creation options. I’ll spare you the intro and get straight into it:

15. Cyberpunk 2077

On a more serious note, this game lets you customize to high degrees - it lets you choose between a male and a female, series of cool and weird or ridiculous haircuts, eye color, and some fancy robotic stuff attached to your skin. I also think this is the least buggy part of the game!

14. WoW: Classic

Some races have more features than other races. I personally always picked the Undead with no jaw and a Tomahawk haircut. Weird but cool!

13. Baldur's Gate 3

Although character creation in this game is limited, you’ll still be able to enjoy the simplicity of it and the beauty of the character that you’re designing. It will surely be more enjoyable than creating a female Tauren class in WoW!

12. Kenshi

Well, you can change the posture of your character - by doing this, he’ll look like a grandpa with a crooked back. You can also fiddle around with the chest/stomach/waist options, but be careful, he might either look too thicc or too disproportionate. Another cool thing is that customizing doesn’t end on 1 character - you can literally customize hundreds of your characters and make an army of weird-looking freaks!

11. Red Dead Online

You can set the gender of your character, age, body build(athletic or fatty), and plenty of other things that will make your character look badass - SCARS!

10. Mass Effect 2

You can either pick the good ol’ Shephard or go for the custom character creation - it will most likely be ugly, so make sure to change the facial structure, neck width, and brow depth - these things are probably the most crucial options, fiddle around with them too much and your character might look like 5 generations of too-close family bonding!

9. Elder Scrolls Online

Depending on the character you choose, you’ll be able to pick different customizations - Argonians will have their own customizable horns, Orcs will have different teeth options, and races, in general, might have different adornments. The game is also dope btw!

8. GTA Online

Facial hair, eyebrows, skin aging, skin complexion, nose options, eye options, hipster outfits - this game has it all. If you’re gonna do drivebys, you gotta look elegant. And maybe have ginger hair!

7. Final Fantasy XV: Comrades

You can change the size of your chest, I guess so ladies can admire your manboobs. Besides that, you can make your arms look bulky, your stomach either flat or FUPA’d, and even increase the size of your butt. Lovely game!

6. Black Desert Online

And that’s just the face - your chest, stomach, waist size can be changed to whatever you wish, hell, even your leg can be changed. Also, you might fall in love with the character that you’re creating!

5. Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

Your body will be covered by armor most of the time, so focus on your face - add a kickass haircut, a thousand-yard stare, clearly visible chin and you’re set for carnage. Kick-ass game!

4. Fallout 4

You can change the gender of your main character in the process of customization and make both you and your partner look awesome - change their cheeks, lips, nose, eyes placement, forehead size, hairstyle and color, and a thousand more things that I didn’t pay attention to cuz I lack creative thinking! Awesome game, try it out of you want to make your wifey look worse than a ghoul!

3. Final Fantasy XIV

Height and bust size - the most crucial ingredients for a perfect cat-gurl. Tail shape and hairstyle - another incredibly important pair of ingredients to make a cat-grill. And the last option are the eyebrows - without them, your “supawaifu” will look like a man! EEEEEEEE!

2. Monster Hunter World

You can put a cool tat on your face and adjust the localization of it - if you want to put it in the middle of your forehead, you’re completely free to do that. By the way, did you know that you could have the infamous Karen haircut in this game - that’s right, not even monsters will be safe from its wrath. On a serious note though, characters look pleasant to look at and you’ll have a long as hell list to choose from to customize your character!

1.The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The character creation is first of all, simple - everything is clearly visible and you’ll know exactly what you want to customize. Second of all, it’s unique - you get out of the prisoner wagon with other Stormcloaks and that itself will make you want to make your character as unique as humanely possible.Also, the game's player count refuses to die!


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