11 Most Famous RPGs in PC Gaming

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11 Legendary RPGs Loved by Millions Worldwide

Why do we love role playing games? Is it the thrill of fighting overwhelming odds? Building a character or team and using tactics to win epic battles against bandit kings and fire breathing dragons? Or are we simply child at hearts playing through our characters and unleashing our imagination in a colorful world?

RPGs have a rich history of games that pull us from the humdrum of every day and place us in incredible fantasies. Some games stand out from the rest. We’ve poured hours into these adventures and will continue to do so for years to come.

From old to new, these classics can never be forgotten. Without further ado, here are 11 legendary RPGs every PC gamer should know about.

11. Diablo

The dark landscape and cruelly jagged architecture of Diablo’s gothic world strikes the perfect tone. As soon as you venture out into the pitch, rainy wilderness, you know danger is afoot. From crawling and winged creatures, to shambling corpses, to twisted blood-red imps, the land and its perverse dungeons are teeming with disturbing monsters.

You select your character from a plethora of classes, such as the close combat barbarian and the wizard who strikes from afar with blazing spells. Attributes and skill trees are expansive and customizable; no two builds will ever feel the same.

"I'll just be taking that. You don't mind, right?"

Diablo is an old school epic. It’s easy to get lost in the rich lore and disturbed history of the world plagued by chaos and demons. You fight these demons in goretastic, point and click battles where felled monsters lay strewn in a heap of blood (or even explode in a storm of chunks).

A horror game through and through, Diablo remains perhaps the darkest RPG around. Whether it's Diablo III or its classic predessors, players still return to the dank catacombs, wretched forests, and scorched deserts of this dark fantasy.

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