[Top 5] Best Sonic Games You Can Play on PC

5 Sonic Games on PC
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During the 90’s console wars, Sonic the Hedgehog was a Sega exclusive. But after the Dreamcast, Sega decided to become a third-party publisher. Now, Sonic is available on almost all modern platforms. Here is a list of the five best Sonic games available on PC.

5. Sonic Heroes

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Sonic Heroes is a unique take on the 3D Sonic mold. The story is based around four teams hunting down Eggman before his robots enslave the world. Each of the teams has one speed-based character, one powerful character, and one airborne character. Toggling their positions allows players to find new routes across stages.

Sonic Heroes isn’t as open as the first Sonic Adventure. The fourteen levels have defined edges that inhibit exploration. More emphasis lies on making it to the end. The stages themselves are long for a Sonic stage. The later ones can easily take eight minutes to complete.

If you are a casual player, you will finish this game in a few days. However, completionists who are looking for all A ranks will grow frustrated by how strict the conditions are. Having to replay the same levels with different teams also becomes boring.

4. Sonic Adventure

Sonic on Speed Highway. (Source: Sonic Retro)


Sonic Adventure was Sega’s attempt to capitalize on the 3D platformer craze. Super Mario 64, Ocarina of Time, and Crash Bandicoot were successful games that helped to define this era. Wanting to make their 3D adventure, Sega developed Sonic Adventure for the Sega Dreamcast.

This game boasts many characters whose play styles vary. Sonic is the fastest while Tails can spin his two tails for vertical height. E-102 Gamma’s stages are focused on eliminating hordes of enemies while racing through Emerald Coast or Red Mountain.

130 emblems are hidden across the world. Most can be found after completing the action stages. Others require you to explore the overworld using different characters.

For those wanting to pass time raising virtual pets - or those just wanting all the emblems - check out the Chao garden. If you give them the animals you found during an action stage, their stats increase. When their stats are high enough, try racing against the CPU in the Chao Races.

There are problems with this game, though. First off, the camera is wonky in enclosed areas. The hub world also leaves a lot to be desired. Unlike Peach’s Castle, where getting lost is an enjoyable experience, this game has bland passageways. If you are going in blind, you may get lost for more than thirty minutes and not enjoy any of it.

3. Sonic Colors

Sonic runs in Aquarium Park. (Source: SoaH City)


For more than a decade, Sonic Colors was an exclusive on the DS and Wii. It wasn’t until September 2021 that Sega decided to port the game to other platforms. 

For the most part, this game plays out like a classic Sonic game but with three-dimensional graphics. Some stage portions require you to face they-coordinate as you slide from right to left. 

This game’s defining feature is the Wisp mechanic. As you find red capsules, you can unleash a specific Wisp power based on the acquired color. Yellow Wisps can drill into soft patches of dirt. Cyan Wisps focus your speed into a laser. White Wisps just provide a speed boost.

This game is easier than titles like the Adventure games and Secret Rings. Most players should have no trouble making it to the final boss. If you are a completionist, you may only use a guide for five red rings at the most.

2. Sonic Adventure 2

GUN soldiers track Sonic in City Escape. (Source: Steam)


This game takes the first game’s formula and expands upon it. There are three types of stages divided between the heroes and villains. Knuckles and Rouge have treasure hunting levels. Shadow and Sonic prioritize speed. Eggman and Tails resemble the enemy hoard levels from E-102 Gamma.

There is no overworld in this game. Instead, there is a level select screen like that of a Mario game. Each stage has five emblems to collect. Some of them require backtracking as a few can only be found using special gear. 

Be prepared for a steep learning curve when attempting to collect all 180 emblems. It can take a few days just to obtain all A ranks on City Escape. But as you play more, you will learn the patterns for getting the highest rank.

1. Sonic Mania

Tails flies down a slope in Press Garden Zone. (Source: Sonic News Network)


Sonic Mania is a love letter to fans of the Genesis-era Sonic games. Its story involves Dr. Eggman as he seizes the Phantom Ruby - a reality-warping jewel. Sonic and his friends venture on another mission to stop Eggman from ruling the world.

The stages are a mix of remixes of older stages and new ones. The older stages have been preserved and expanded to meet modern standards. The newer ones are very creative and a blast to play. Press Garden Zone, for example, combines a forest theme with a newspaper publisher. 

Like in the original games, you can collect seven Chaos Emeralds in bonus stages. These are inspired by the Sonic CD UFO chase sequences.

Sonic 3 & Knuckles players will be familiar with the blue sphere stages. The more you play, the more extra features you can unlock.

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