Top 25 Best Alien Games For PC

Top Best Alien Games for Pc
Best Alien Games to Grace the Earth

We, as humans, are fascinated by what lies outside the boundaries of the earth. Are we truly alone? Are aliens even real, and is the galaxy filled with other life forms? Games have tackled these various questions in ways we never could have imagined. bringing to us the answers that we could only hope for. Here are the top 25 best Alien Games to get your alien invasion career started.


25. Serious Sam 3: BFE (PC/PS4/XB1/Nintendo Switch)


The gameplay for Serious Sam 3 just keeps getting better and better with the new and much more advanced guns and thousands of aliens to kill in one go, the action and finally the storyline is really a piece of art.  

The trailer of Big Sam 3 gives us a small teaser of how great this game actually is. The new maps and scenarios, not to mention the appearance of new aliens and monsters is something that we could never have even thought of.  

In a world filled with raging monsters and aliens whose numbers double by the second. Times have changed, taking cover is for newbies, bloody body parts everywhere, bone chilling music and even creepier sound effects. Serious Sam 3 is not here to mess around anymore. 

Witness a first-person shooter experience like no other as alien life forms swarm your screen, giving you no time to breathe or even reload.

Unleash Serious Sam’s h Serious Sam's arsenal includes everything from heavy assault rifles to the punishing minigun, leaving no room for survivors. So, do you have what it takes to survive in the near-future Egypt that reeks of blood and chaos?


24. Warhammer 40k Mechanicus (PC/PS4/Xbx)

An alien raid isnt complete without the Mechanicus. The character design, the CGI and overall tactical game play really gets your head buzzing with innovative and out of the box strategies that can get you the win over the aliens. 

Dive deep into the world of Mechanicus where Evil thrives. Going over the release teaser trailer we understand why it is among the top Alien games to play. Every move, every decison counts, because one wrong startegy and you are seeing the end of your well planned army.  

Every move, every decision, and every strategy gets you one step closer to victory. Rage on with the dogs of war as you take control of the most technologically advanced armies in the Imperium.

Fighting humans is outdated. Take on the robotic Necron warriors that push you to the limits of your knowledge and strategies to overcome them. Not to mention, the Empire is at constant war with every alien it encounters.

Having strong allies gives you the upper hand over everyone else, but the question still remains. Who could be trusted? The killer robot skeletons, perverts and pirates from the Webway, or egocentric Xenos who only care about themselves?


23. Breathedge (PC/PS4/XBOX)

A real life space game with a chicken that never seems to die. Giving you a first person view of an astronaut stuck in outer space as he tackles issues such as running low on oxygen, finding food, scavanging for materials and getting the hell out of space itself. 

Visiting space has never felt so realistic until you start playing Breathedge. The slow gameplay, mixed with a difficulty level that just gets you frustrated beyond measures has it's pros and cons. 

Getting trapped in outer space is not everyone’s cup of tea. This outer space survival game walks us through the simple life of a person called “The Man”. Determined to take his beloved Grandfather’s ashes to a galactic funeral, only to instead be trapped in a vast field of space wreckage with nothing more than an immortal space chicken for company. 

This creative, survival game pushes the limits of what it's like to actually be trapped in outer space. The zero gravity environment, innovatively crafting tools and scavenging for air tanks to avoid suffocation. Now he must uncover the reason behind the crash of the biggest liner in space history. 

With little to no alien life forms, apart from the ones that gouge out your insides, this simple yet realistic space game tests the limits of one's survival skills. But mind you, if the lack of oxygen doesn't kill you then the awful dad jokes will.


22. Space warlord organ trading simulator (PC/ Xbox/Nintendo Switch)

If you ever wondered what its like to traffic organs? Get ready to have your life change, for the worst. 

If you just ate dinner then better be ready to throw all of that out with the gruesome thriller. Space Warlord organ trading simulator makes you feel like a doctor, except you arent treating anyone and just are trading organs. Moreover, the simple graphics makes you feel you are back in the 90's when life wasnt so tough.  

Space Warlord organ trading simulator which you might have guessed just by the name is a sci-fi horror game in the bloody organ black market. Your job here is simple, bloody but simple, you are an organ trader in a cut throat market where you are in charge of buying and selling body parts purely for profits. 

You start off the game with a little bit of money and are introduced to the management interface. You are also in charge of a cyber-punk themed trading application that allows you to interact with the primary systems. Each day starts off with bidding on organs/body parts and checking the biological stock in the market. Isn't it cool if you need those early years of experience for the black market? 

But on a side note, by far the most horrible thing about Space Warlord is the music. Is it possible for a soundtrack to smell? I’ll leave you to imagine how bad it is!


21. Phoenix point (PC/PS4/XBX)

The freezing cold, blood on your face and thousands of aliens everywhere. War never felt sweeter than this. 

Unleash the beast, there shall be no survivors, espesially when you are at Phoenix Point. The trailer of Phoenix point is packed with non-stop action and suspense. The aliens are showing no signs of stopping, leaving you with the power to wipe the floor with their blood. 

Battling Alien invasions on a tactical and global scale could not have been more fun and worth the money. From the creators of X-Com, this action packed, Alien invasion game just set the bar sky high with the graphics and out of the world storyline. 

Mutated aliens now roam the corners of the earth that is itself breathing its last breaths of life. Glaciers melting, natural calamities on a rise and finally when things couldnt get worse, the human race is on the brink of extinction. Only the Phoenix project can turn things around for mankind. 

The realistically modelled shots, research and design and finally exploration throughout the war zone, makes this one of its kind.


20. Gears Tactics (PC, Xbx)

Hold on to the cross, what you will see here is worse than the devil. 

The tactics involved in this game is of another level. Gear tactics is many steps ahead of it's time, which makes us wonder what we are going to see when we start playing the game. Gruesome attacks, blood thirsty aliens and strateges that are unique in their own, action packed way. 

The gamers who play Gear Tactics wake up early in the morning and have brass nails for breakfast. Yes, you heard that right! 

The fast paced strategy game is one of the most acclaimed video games in the franchise. Outnumbered and fighting for survival for one cause and that is to smoke out the evil mastermind behind the creation of monsters and aliens.

The 4k cinematic graphics and realistic strategies are perfect for those who wish to experience failure numerous times. Like they say, this game isn't for cupcakes!


19. Red Solstice 2 survivors (PC)

There are times your parents tell you not to play some games. These are those games that you parents dont want you to play. 

Survival could never have been more tougher than this. Get past the first level and call yourself a veteran already. Red Solstice 2 really packs a punch with the whole survival, research and fight back concept. Gamers are drooling over the advanced graphics and CGI used to make the gameplay so realistic. 

Humanity has started living on Mars after the outbreak of a deadly virus that has made earth almost impossible to live on. More than 100 years since that incident the virus is back and this time it threatens to eradicate humans once and for all. 

Red Solstice 2 has everything that one could ask for in an Alien invasion themed game. The bloodthirsty aliens that look like mother nature made a big mistake. Gruff space marines that have an endless supply of magazines and finally a squad that are not to be messed with. 

Take on the role of an elite squad and explore the planet. Leave no stone unturned, find the deadly virus and put a stop to the hell that has been raised.


18. Aliens Fire team Elite (PC/PS4/XBX)

If this is what an alien invasion looks like than better never sign me up. I'll be dead before the invasion even starts. 

When the aliens come gushing out of places you didnt even know existed, you better know that its an apocolypse. Alien fire team elite's trailer really got us pinned to our chairs with the scary and realistic graphics. If the trailer is so horrifying you can bet the game would be worth the money. 

The galaxy gave birth to babies and they are not pretty! Nothing makes you feel alive  like having to pick up your guns and fight to survive against the most gruesome and frightening Aliens that you could ever imagine. 

A very odd and mysterious distress call brings your Marine Assault Unit to LV-895 in the outer colonies, where deadly Xenomorph Legions, uncovered truths and finally ancient aliens await your arrival. 

Fight off and curb the growing Xenomorph species before it’s too late. This is the ultimate hunt for survival. With the help of your AI teammates, you can customise, gear up and set ablaze these unwanted creatures of hell.


17. Among us (PC/XBX/PS4/Nintendo switch)

It may look like a kid's gae but never judge a game by it's cover. 

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