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Paladins Best Champions
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Well, gamers, I decided to make this list for those wondering who is the greatest champion in all roles of Paladins: Champions of The Realm. In this list I will split them into five roles: Damage, Front Line, Flanker, Support and Support + Damage (special one).

I know that there are just four roles in the game, but the special ones were created by myself. After years playing Paladins I realized that some Supports are so strong that they can take the Point just going with the Front Line, because they can cause a lot of damage on the enemy side while healing their team.

Damage: they are responsible for damaging the enemy team and killing them with a long shot range and often low mobility. 

Front Line: your role is to carry the most damage from the enemy team while protecting your allies and being in charge of taking the objective.

Flanker: you will bypass the enemy team to cause them damage without them knowing your location, making them confused and not even knowing why they died.

Support: last but not least, the healer will have the power and assignment to save any and all allies who are close to death, trying to stay close to the Front Line for their protection.

Supportage (Support + Damage): supporters that can be strong enough to kill enemies while healing their team.

10. Bomb King (Damage)

"Smiling addiction!"

See Bomb King Own In Action

Bomb King, His Majesty, is one of the favourite damage champions everyone loves (and I always hated when I see in the enemy team) to play with. He uses his bombs to explode all enemies in his way. I've to tell you, guys, that he got nerfed back to 2020 but still can easily kill most champions in the game with 2 or 3 bombs. 

In my last gameplay with him, I realized that if you do a good deck he still would be a good choice this year. Even if you miss some bomb in the enemy there’s a chance to cause some damage to your target if you detonate his bombs midair. He’s also a good choice to encounter many Flanks because of his mobility and high damage. 

Another interesting point is: Bomb King is such a good champion name for battles, after all, who could beat an anthropomorphic delusional walking huge bomb? 

Bomb King Details: https://www.paladins.com/champions/bomb-king

9. Lian (Damage)

"What are you looking at?"

See Lian Own In Action

Lian, Scion of House Aico, our Queen of high burst on squishy targets, has a great mobility making it easy to kill even in movement around the map. Lian has a Heirloom Rifle of the house Aico which is her primary weapon capable of shooting a few times.

Her abilities are pretty much weaky but when combined it can be a real problem for the enemy team. She can slide fast while shooting precisely at anyone in her point of view. Guys, she’s my favourite champ from Paladins, I admit that. Lian can do a combo easy for anyone to do, you’ll be familiar with her in a few times of playthrough. 

In accordance with the lore of Paladins, Lian was by side with the Magistrate, representing the house of Aico, but her respect came from her special skills with the rifle not from her royal blood. Pretty cool, huh?

Lian Details: https://www.paladins.com/champions/lian

8. Barik (Front Line)

"Good thing I brought my metal detector!"

See Barik Own In Action

One of the most loved tanks, the red haired builded in muscles and tiny shotman, Barik, The Master Mechanic. Barik is my favourite Front Line, he is pretty great for capturing the objective point in competitive siege, mixing his barricade with his turrets around the circle that deal 120 of damage per second. 

Barik is my main frontline, I must have many decks for him that I made myself. One tip I can make for everyone is: don't play with Barik in your first competitive match if you are not sure of yourself. Barik is such a good tank, but he is not for everyone; I have to say I was always scared when I saw him on the opposite team.

Barik, The Master Mechanic, maybe he created every weapon of the champs from Paladins lore? It’s a good way to think, I must say.

Barik Details: https://www.paladins.com/champions/barik

7. Fernando ( Front Line)

"I arrived for the costume party, everybody."

See Fernando Own In Action

Fernando is another great tank in Paladins, he’s one of the first Tanks from the first Beta along with Ruckus. He has two great weapons that help him in combat against his enemies: a Flame Lance and Aegis Shield, which is the first shield in the game if you use the legendary “Aegis”. 

Fernando used to be my main Front Line, but I have to admit that he’s better than Barik because of his shield but I would say this is more about affinity than power. If you do great playing with Barik, continue playing with him at least until the enemy team eliminates him from the match, haha. 

Fernando, The Self-Appointed Knight has great skill and it is the powerful tank from Paladins, your first choice. Also he’s Spanish and his funniest line is “I will not die. Not yet, amigo”.

Fernando Details: https://www.paladins.com/champions/fernando

6. Maeve (Flanker)

Maeve Leveling (only a few will know)

See Maeve Own In Action

Maeve of Blades is a girl with great skill using knives while has the fastest mobility of Paladins, hidden in the shadows and high speed sliding her knives in enemies’ throats. An agility compared to a cat. Cute.

That’s an honorable mention because last time I did an article about the top 5 flanks of Paladins, and I was between her and Vora, of course Vora won in my conception with her higher damage, but I have to say that if it was not for Vora, Maeve completely could be in the second place behind Androxus. 

Maeve has simple gameplay for those who have never played Paladins. I think that could be your first choice for your first match.

Maeve Details: https://www.paladins.com/champions/maeve

5. Grover (Support + Damage)

"I am Grover!"

See Grover Own In Action

Grover, The Wild. Ok, I know what you’re thinking about. Groot is that you?! Of course everyone thought about this as well. He also has the Stormbreaker with him… Ok, that’s enough. Grover is hybrid support because of his high damage and mobility. 

His healing is also great because it is a passive skill, he can heal you just by existing in your team, while his mobility is effective with his Vine skill that allows him to hang around the map. His Throwing Axe is powerful enough to kill flanks and damage with a few shots (or should I say “cuts”?) on them. 

I played with Grover a lot of times and I enjoyed it too much and he always pisses me off when I’m flanking and he comes to kill me. Heck. 

Grover Details: https://www.paladins.com/champions/grover

4. Mal Damba (Support)

"Sun da Wekono!"

See Mal’Damba Own In Action

Mal’Damba Wekono’s Chosen, this bastard can heal more than 200k for a match, oh my Lord, I hate him so much and that’s why he’s on this list. Mal’Damba has the most powerful healing of Paladins while he’s healing it is a poison for the enemy team. Hate you, Mal’Damba, unless when you’re my team, haha. 

You can counter Mal'Damba with Androxus, Buck and Vora with their stun skill and high mobility. Mal’Damba also has a stun skill which makes him very annoying and hard to kill. 

I like to play with Mal’Damba when the enemy team has just one Front Line and three damages or two flanks, because he can focus on healing his Front Line while staying in the objective being protected by the Shield.

Mal’Damba Details:  https://www.paladins.com/champions/maldamba

3. Grohk (Support + Damage)

"I'm Grohk! The God of Thunder!"

See Grohk Own In Action

Well, this is The Lightning Orc (a great title, huh?), one of the most loved supporters that can also easily kill a Front Line just by himself, Grohk. Lightning skills provided by the God of Thunder, Thor, while carrying a totem of lightning delivering to his mates a high quantity of healing. 

Grohk is one of my favourite Support, he’s pretty good at combating any Front Line or Flank because of his agility and healing skill with awesome damage. Counter Grohk is something a bit difficult but if you do with a flank and a damage you can kill him easily (maybe this champ needs a balancing). 

Grohk Details: https://www.paladins.com/champions/grohk

2. Androxus (Flanker)


See Androxus Own In Action

It’s him, the God Slayer, my favourite flanker and the impressive shooter in midair, ladies and gentlemen, Androxus. This is the best flank (maybe not the easiest to play) you can pick up. Good damage and gameplay, reversal skill, air moonwalking (that always reminds me of Sanji Black Leg from One Piece) and his Cursed Revolver, Androxus.

If you want a good flank with many skills capable of killing any champ with his shots on high elevation midair, that’s you flank.  

Androxus Details: https://www.paladins.com/champions/androxus

1. Tyra (Damage)

“They drew first blood.”

See Tyra Own In Action

A blonde woman raised in the snow and hunting for snow, surviving hard, developing countless skills with her auto rifle, The Untamed, Tyra. Anyone knows this champ more than others, always compared to Viktor with his auto rifle as well, but Tyra has more than just rifle skills; she also has a Molotov which allows her to burn an amount of the map.

Tyra is my main Damage, I’ve been playing with her for a couple of years, many nerfs and buffs were made but in all seasons Tyra is still one of the best choices of Damage. She can easily kill any of the Front Line, flanks or supporters, and if you do a good deck maybe she can turn almost invincible. 

Tyra Details: https://www.paladins.com/champions/tyra

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