[Top 10] Overwatch 2 Best Maps For Tanks

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A look at the Eichenwalde castle

Why Maps Are Important For Tanks

With Overwatch 2 only having one tank, you need to be more prepared to stand on your own. That means knowing the maps well. As a tank, you are bulky and absorb a lot of damage. There are certain maps in Overwatch 2 that play to your strengths very well; all you have to do is find them.   

10. Colosseo

A look at the final point on Colosseo

While Colosseo is not my personal favorite map, it’s hard to deny how strong it is for mobile tanks, in particular. Tanks like Wrecking Ball, D.Va, and Winston dominate on this map due to how many narrow paths there are. That means enemy squishies can’t escape as easily. You’re much more likely to secure eliminations on this map if you play as one of the dive tanks.

The bridges on both sides of the map are the best for Reinhardt players. They can easily get a flank shatter. If they want to make a cool highlight, they can jump off the bridge and shatter while the enemy is coming up the path. The bridges are the highlight of the map for me since that’s where the fight gets the most intense.

The end points are interesting as well. The open space contrasts with the narrow pathways the rest of the map has. It forces you to change up your playing style. As a tank, you need to adjust as fast as possible. When you’re faced with new space, make sure to cover as much of it as you can. If you let the space fall into enemy hands, you have a much lower chance of winning the fight.

Why Colosseo Is Great For Tanks

  • Narrow spaces help dive tanks succeed
  • Lots of opportunities to flank
  • Tight spaces allow for you to peel for your support easier


9. Ilios

One of the pathways you can go down on Ilios

This map really has it all. I’m personally not a fan of control maps, but Ilios is great for a wide variety of players. Every map has an opportunity to knock enemies off the map. Seeing as most of the tanks have knockback abilities, this fits that play style perfectly. Orisa and Roadhog are especially good on this map.

Roadhog is arguably the best on this map due to how many spaces there are to use his hook. If you’re practicing Roadhog, Ilios is a great map to do so. Along with that, the maps vary in size and style. One map has a giant well; another has a small lighthouse to fight inside; and the other is centered around ruins.

It’s very versatile and fits most tanks' play styles. If you’re someone who plays more passively, then you can sit on point and hold down the fort. If you’re more aggressive, the well map in particular is great for you.

Why Ilios Is Great For Tanks

  • Plenty of knockback spots
  • Variety of wide and narrow spaces
  • Plenty of flanking opportunities


8. Busan

An aerial view of Busan

Busan is unique from other control maps because it places an emphasis on cover. There are countless opportunities to play with the environment of the map and use it to your advantage. For example, there are hangar bay walls that pop up and down. If you time it right, you can use those walls to block enemy ultimates or hide from enemy abilities.

The vibrant colors of Busan pop and guide you to the points on each of the three maps. There’s the hangar, the village, and downtown; each map has its own unique quirks. The village has a drum you can play around or even go on top of. Downtown has a train you can knock enemies off. Lastly, the hangar has those doors I mentioned earlier.

D.Va works well on this map because it focuses on high damage. You’ll need to play fast and aggressive, and D.Va fits that style perfectly. This map is very fast-paced, meaning you need to be prepared to have enemies hopping on you all the time.

Why Busan Is Great For Tanks

  • Narrow corridors easy for fast picks
  • Lots of opportunities to use the map environment to your advantage
  • Wide variety of map styles


7. Dorado

The Dorado festivities during the day

Dorado is a map that often goes unnoticed by the Overwatch community. I very rarely see people talking about this map, and I can see why. It’s not the best in the game, but it’s undeniably great for tanks. The first push in particular has an amazing choke point early on where it’s all on the tanks to battle it out.

This choke point is perfect for Reinhardt’s and Sigma’s. Their ultimates combo perfectly with the tight space and lack of areas for cover. Most tanks work well with this first push. For the later pushes, Rein and Sigma still work well, but so do the dive tanks. Their mobility allows them to reach the higher ground areas depicted later in the map.

Dorado is an overall solid map for tanks because of the intense chokes and map layout. The design is simple and easy to learn. It makes for a great practice map if you’re trying to learn new tanks.

Why Dorado Is Great For Tanks

  • Intense choke points
  • Many high ground points for mobile tanks
  • Easy to memorize map layout


6. Route 66

The first point on Route 66

Whenever this map pops up, I feel excited to play D.Va. There are so many amazing bomb spots on this map that it would be nearly impossible for the enemy to get out of the way in time. Orisa is another great pick since her strong kit makes her a walking fortress. This map is more long-distance, so choosing mobile heroes or heroes who can drag enemies toward them is a great idea.

Route 66 has several high-ground spots that are ideal for mobile tanks. There are also countless different paths you can take. The first point has four different paths. There’s the high ground, straight down the middle, to the right, or the cave on the left. Your experience will vary depending on which path you choose.

There are many places on Route 66 where the map is spacious. Thanks to this space, you can spot enemies easier. It’s easier to maintain line of sight, so it’s easier for you to plan and execute your attacks. 

Why Route 66 Is Great For Tanks

  • Great ultimate spots for tanks like D.Va, Orisa, and Sigma
  • Wide spaces give you easy line of sight of the enemy
  • Many back paths you can take to push


5. Hollywood

The offensive spawn room for Hollywood

Hollywood is a classic map because of the familiar map layout. This map is easy to memorize and has a nice balance of wide spaces and tighter passageways. This map is great for tanks who can close the long distance quickly, like Winston. D.Va is another great pick because of her high mobility and how many spots are great for her Self Destruct.

The first point is perfect for mobile heroes because they can jump over the buildings and take the enemy by surprise. At the same time, barrier tanks like Sigma and Reinhardt thrive on this map thanks to the archway narrowing the scope of the fight. No matter which tank you play, you will find a useful path, obstacle, or design that can help you.

As you progress through the map, it becomes more complex. More high ground is added, and it becomes a focal point of the battle. You have to deal with enemies from above, which makes Roadhog useful for hooking the enemies down. Orisa is a little less useful during this segment, but otherwise, she’s still a solid pick for a more aggressive team comp.

Why Hollywood Is Great For Tanks

  • Familiar map layout that’s easy to learn
  • Open spaces are great for mobile tanks
  • A nice mix of wide and narrow passageways


4. Blizzard World

The second point for Blizzard World

Blizzard World is an amazing map for tanks. There are countless twisting roads and walls to climb. Tanks like Wrecking Ball are perfect for this map’s design. The first point is so much fun to play as Wrecking Ball or Orisa, which is why this map is perfect for most tanks. Even slower tanks like Zarya can get high use out of the twisting roads Blizzard World has to offer.

After the battle for the first point, you move to the main section of the map. The outside spaces and high ground make for an interesting battle. The Pylon Terrace is a perfect spot to commence awesome duels with the enemy tank. This whole segment is great for aggressive tank players who like to push up. While one teammate stays on the payload, push your team forward and claim the high ground before the enemy can.

For the last portion of the map, you have to play more carefully because of the limited visibility. It’s much darker inside than it is outside, meaning you have to let your eyes adjust to the sudden and drastic change in lighting. Make sure you play more carefully and watch the high ground and flanks.

Why Blizzard World Is Great For Tanks

  • Twisting roads and high walls are great for mobile tanks
  • The first point has an amazing design
  • Plenty of opportunities to flank


3. Eichenwalde

The payload design for Eichenwalde

Eichenwalde is one of the best maps in the game, and it’s great for tanks too. The narrow space of the first point is perfect for tanks like Reinhardt and Zarya. Their barriers will keep their team safe. This map is especially great for Zarya since she’ll get high charge very quickly. After the first point, the map becomes more open, and having a barrier will be useful to block enemy attacks.

Between high ground and multiple walls to hide behind, Eichenwalde has a bit of everything. The payload is a unique battering ram you can use to your advantage. It has a unique shape you can hide behind and use to trick the enemy. Even as a large tank, you can throw off the enemy by playing around the payload.

The giant door that needs to be broken down is the highlight of the map. As D.Va, you can throw your bomb through the hole in the door. There are two places the enemy comes from. For attack, as Wrecking Ball, you can block one of those places off. Even the other tanks can cover these exit points and pin the enemy down.

Why Eichenwalde Is Great For Tanks

  • Narrow first point is great for barriers
  • Open space allows for different types of tank playstyle
  • Amazing map that fits most heroes


2. King’s Row

The narrow streets of King's Row

King’s Row is a fan favorite map. Personally, it’s my favorite map because of how much fun it is to play tank and support on it. Since there are a lot of choke points, it’s best to use barriers for much of the map. However, you can also use dive tanks to close the gap quickly. Whenever I use D.Va on King’s Row, it works out pretty well.

Barriers are a common choice on King’s Row due to how many people choose Widowmaker, Hanzo, Pharah, Junkrat, and other heroes that cause a lot of death. You can try out a barrier hero, or you can use the other tanks. That’s the glory of King’s Row: no matter who you play, you can make it work.

As a tank, you don’t have to be overly aggressive. This map has spacious moments, but for the most part, the pathways are limited and narrow. You can take a straight shot to point as long as you’re quick to block incoming damage for the rest of your team.

Why King’s Row Is Great For Tanks

  • Plenty of choke points
  • Map design fits all tanks
  • Beloved map with simple design that’s easy to memorize


1. Lijiang Tower

One of the control points on Lijiang Tower

Lijiang Tower is amazing for tanks, particularly dive tanks, but other tanks like Orisa and Zarya work well too. Lijiang is versatile for every tank’s play style. Roadhog can hook enemies off the map, D.Va and Winston can dive on enemies on high ground, Wrecking Ball can control the point with his ult, and the list goes on and on. There’s no shortage of ways you can play tank on this map.

Each map is vastly different from each other, which makes this one so unique. If one tank does not work on one map, it is almost certain that it will work on the next. Two of the three maps have easy knockback points where you can boop enemies off the map. Along with that, there are countless walls you can hide behind and play around.

Lijiang is a solid map overall for more than just tanks, but as a tank player, you’ll see high success on this map. You’ll find yourself enjoying the play style more because of how versatile this map’s design is.

Why Lijiang Tower Is Great For Tanks

  • Every tank can shine on this map
  • Very versatile to different types of playstyles
  • Plenty of walls and high ground points you can use


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