[Top 15] Overwatch 2 Best Duos For A Great Combo

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Mercy and Reinhardt team up

Why Duos Are Important

To maximize your power in Overwatch 2, you should team up with a friend and create a combo with two heroes. Since Overwatch 2 is a team game, you’re better off playing in groups rather than solo. By playing in pairs, you will create better combos and maximize your potential.


15. Bastion + Symmetra

Bastion and Symmetra show off their iconic hero poses

It personally hurts me to put this on the list, but it’d be ignorant to ignore the power of Bastion and Symmetra. Truthfully, they should be higher on the list, but I’m too bitter to put them higher than fifteen. Symmetra and Bastion work like a charm. While Symmetra gets up close and personal, Bastion supplies suppressing fire to keep her safe.

The reason they’re so hated is because they do extremely high damage. It’s annoying for any team to play against one of those heroes, let alone both of them. As someone who primarily plays support, seeing Bastion and Symmetra team up to do countless amounts of damage makes my skin crawl.

These two pack a deadly punch. If you want to use them more effectively, try having them flank on opposite sides. Have Bastion go right while Symmetra goes left. The two powerful forces ambushing the enemy will have them scrambling, left at your mercy.

Why Bastion + Symmetra Is A Great Combo

  • Both heroes do extremely high damage
  • Symmetra’s turrets do damage that Bastion can follow through on
  • Bastion provides cover fire so Symmetra can rush in


14. Sojourn + Baptiste

Sojourn stares at you with her enhanced eyes

Sojourn is extremely powerful. Many call her OP because of how much damage she does at once. If you want to make even more Overwatch players mad, try comboing Sojourn with Baptiste. Both of these heroes excel when they’re placed in the frontlines. Their synergy is perfect: Baptiste can jump up and spot targets, and Sojourn can dive in with her slide to kill the target.

When used correctly, the powerful duo can single-handedly win games. Sojourn is a hero with very high solo carry potential. If you want to boost your chances of winning, use Baptiste and Sojourn. Baptiste’s ultimate works perfectly with Sojourn. Her high damage will be even higher thanks to his ult.

If you want to use this combo more effectively, make as many call-outs as possible. For example, Sojourn is extremely fast thanks to her slide ability. She can whip around and peel for Baptiste whenever he’s in danger. The more you communicate, the better synergy the combo will have.

Why Sojourn + Baptiste Is A Great Combo

  • Baptiste can spot targets and Sojourn can kill them
  • Baptiste’s ult maximizes Sojourn’s potential
  • Sojourn is fast enough to peel for Baptiste


13. Junker Queen + Lucio

Junker Queen in her cinematic and Lucio in his groove

Lucio is a name you’ll see a lot on this list. His speed boost is too useful to ignore. With an aggressive hero like Junker Queen, Lucio’s speed boost is extremely helpful. Junker Queen is supposed to be right up in the enemies' faces. Lucio enables her to do this task quicker.

With Lucio’s speed boost, Junker Queen becomes even more intimidating. She’s much more likely to hit successful knife shots while also having a higher success rate with her hammer. Junker Queen also has an ability that grants her and any teammates in range extra health and speed. If Lucio is pushing with Junker Queen and finds himself in a pickle, she can bail him out with that ability.

To use Lucio and Junker Queen more effectively, coordinate your pushes. As soon as Lucio amps up his speed boost, have Junker Queen jump in and terrorize the enemy. The quick burst of speed will catch the enemy off guard, allowing more damage to be done. Along with that, use Lucio to push in with Junker Queen when she ults. She’ll need the extra support in order to capitalize on the damage she just did with her ultimate.

Why Junker Queen + Lucio Is A Great Combo

  • Lucio’s speed boost amplifies Junker Queen’s aggressive power
  • Junker Queen can save Lucio’s life when they push together
  • Lucio can help Junker Queen maximize the efficiency of her ult


12. Hanzo + Widowmaker

Hanzo vs Widowmaker thumbnail

Good Hanzo and Widowmaker players will literally make the game unplayable for the enemy team. If you have a good Widow, then the enemy is already suffering enough; but add a good Hanzo? The enemy will pull all their hair out and pray for the game to end.

The reason this combo is so good is because of the one-shot potential it provides. Think of the potential: Hanzo and Widow get one pick per fight. That means, with their one-shot power, they’re getting two picks per fight. That only leaves three left for the other three members of the team to deal with if Hanzo and Widow can’t deal with them first. It’s an insane combo that leads to insane power.

To use this combo efficiently, find consistent Hanzo and Widow players and team them up. Have Widow stay on one side of the map while Hanzo stays on the other. Now that’s two spots into which the enemy will need to dive to protect themselves. Now that the enemy team is split, the rest of your team can push forward and capitalize on the distraction.

Why Hanzo + Widowmaker Is A Great Combo

  • One-shot potential
  • Ability to confuse the enemy team
  • Dominates the high ground


11. Roadhog + Kiriko

Roadhog and Kiriko photoshopped next to each other

Roadhog got nerfed recently, but he’s still a solid pick due to his high health and hook ability. This ability is one of the best in the game since it can separate enemies from their team. Roadhog is every support’s worst nightmare, meaning you should choose him to put your team at an advantage. To strengthen that advantage even further, add Kiriko to make Roadhog stronger.

Roadhog’s one main weakness is Ana and her anti-healing grenade. Kiriko’s cleanse can wipe that away, meaning Roadhog is almost unstoppable. Kiriko’s cleanse is so powerful that it’s considered the best ability in the game. With Kiriko’s powerful ability and Roadhog’s high damage, the pair are an unkillable duo.

If you want to maximize the efficiency of the duo, try using Roadhog to feed Kiriko’s ult. He’s a bullet sponge. Have Roadhog calm down on the healing and let Kiriko heal him; that way, she’ll get her ult a lot faster and have it for most team fights. Have the two push in as much as possible since they have high health and amazing abilities that can save them if they get into any trouble.

Why Roadhog + Kiriko Is A Great Combo

  • Kiriko can cleanse Roadhog from anti-healing
  • Roadhog can feed Kiriko’s ult
  • Both have high healing abilities that can save their lives


10. Tracer + Sombra

Sombra and Tracer fight each other

Tracer and Sombra are extremely annoying heroes since they move fast and flank. Sombra’s hack is irritating, and Tracer’s blinks make her hard to track. Together, the two make supports want to die. And, if used right, Tracer and Sombra will grant them their wish.

Since Tracer relies heavily on health packs, Sombra can help her out by hacking all the health packs to make them readily available. Along with that, they’re both flankers, which means they can coordinate their attacks to make them more effective. If they communicate and flank the same target together, then the target is almost certainly going to die.

Sombra and Tracer are a powerful pair, but they aren’t as high up on this list as they could be because they require a lot of coordination. Only use this duo with someone you know can communicate with you well. Otherwise, you won’t be reaping all the benefits from this combo.

Why Tracer + Sombra Is A Great Combo

  • Sombra can hack health packs for Tracer
  • They can flank targets together
  • They’re both fast-moving DPS


9. Mercy + Zenyatta

Mercy shows off her pretty wings

Support heroes help their team succeed in combat. Although supports aren’t expected to do a lot of damage, they can at least assist their team and point them in the right direction. Mercy and Zenyatta are two of the best support heroes for allowing their team to get offensive benefits. Mercy’s damage boost is insanely good, and Zenyatta’s discord orb only amplifies that.

By having these two together, you create a powerful combo. It also helps that Zenyatta tends to stay in the back, meaning Mercy will always have someone to fly to if she ever gets into trouble. That’s the other thing: if Zen gets into trouble, Mercy can quickly fly to him to bail him out. It’s a win-win situation.

Both of these heroes are very powerful. After Mercy’s recent changes, she’s playing a lot better. Her ultimate is more useful, and her self-healing is more impactful when used strategically. Capitalize on her new changes by playing her with Zen by your side. Zen can heal you from afar while you peel back to help him when he needs it; it creates perfect synergy.

Why Mercy + Zenyatta Is A Great Combo

  • High offensive capabilities
  • Zen can heal Mercy from afar
  • Mercy can quickly fly back to help Zen if he gets flanked


8. Mercy + Pharah

Pharah lands in the battlefield

Mercy makes another appearance on this list, but her damage boost is too good to leave out. Although Pharah isn’t a great DPS right now when compared to the others, she’s powerful with a Mercy pocket. Mercy’s damage boost amplifies Pharah’s power and makes her an intimidating foe.

Since Pharah flies high in the sky, Mercy has a beacon of hope. She can jump up and protect herself whenever someone is coming after her. Pharah is Mercy’s protector, and Mercy is Pharah’s helper. It’s a symbiotic relationship of sorts. Together, Mercy and Pharah dominate the sky and can block off pathways to box enemies in.

To use Pharah and Mercy, or Pharmercy, more effectively, work on positioning. Pharah is a hero that is used best when positioned well. Try to always stay in sight of Mercy. Or, if you’re playing Mercy, call out your position so Pharah can adjust. The more you communicate your positioning, the more effective the combo will be.

Why Mercy + Pharah Is A Great Combo

  • Pharah can bail Mercy out of trouble
  • Mercy pocket make Pharah much harder to kill
  • They are both flying heroes


7. Zarya + Reaper

Reaper tearing things up

Zarya and Reaper are a pair you probably didn’t expect to see on this list. The two make a deadly combo because of how much damage Reaper gives and takes. The whole point of Reaper’s character is to rush in and do as much damage as possible; he’s a close-quarters hero who always needs to be close.

Thanks to the nature of Reaper’s character, Zarya will gain high energy from him. Together, the two can synergize to take out targets. Zarya can bubble Reaper when he gets into trouble and doesn’t have his wraith form. Reaper can communicate with Zarya to maximize the effectiveness of her bubbles. It works out perfectly.

To use this combo more effectively, have Zarya and Reaper flank. Although this seems like a weird strategy considering tanks don’t flank very often, pulling this maneuver will take the enemy by surprise and guarantee Zarya will get high charge. Reaper and Zarya do some of the highest damage in the game; use that to your advantage.

Why Zarya + Reaper Is A Great Combo

  • Reaper’s playstyle matches Zarya’s perfectly
  • They can flank together
  • They do some of the highest damage in the game


6. Lucio + Reinhardt

Lucio helps his team defend the point

I told you to expect to see more Lucio on this list. Reinhardt is another good combo with Lucio because of how slow but powerful Rein is. Lucio gives him the speed boost necessary to keep him going. Seeing as Reinhardt is not in the best spot right now, having Lucio as a helper will make Reinhardt more useful.

Lucio’s speed boost is the main reason why this combo works so well. With Reinhardt’s movement being sluggish, the speed boost allows Rein to become a formidable foe. Now, imagine an angry German man charging at you. That doesn’t sound so peachy, does it? That’s exactly why the Lucio and Reinhardt combo works so well.

If you want to use this combo more effectively, save amp it up for speed boost. Although the extra healing is always a plus, Reinhardt becomes even more intimidating if he has an amped-up speed boost right behind him.

Why Lucio + Reinhardt Is A Great Combo

  • Reinhardt becomes a menace to society with a speed boost
  • Lucio can hide behind Reinhardt’s shield
  • Amp it up works perfectly with Reinhardt’s kit


5. Roadhog + Reaper

Roadhog blasts away an enemy Torb

This may be another shocking pick for some, especially so high up. However, Roadhog and Reaper can be an extremely powerful duo when played right. For example, Roadhog can hook an enemy, and Reaper can finish them off while they’re trying to run away. Reaper likes getting up close and personal with his enemies, and Roadhog likes the same.

Together, the two are powerful enough to take out entire teams. Both heroes excel at flanking, which means you should take them and make them flank while the enemy is distracted by the other members of your team. From there, you can wipe them out with your hook and kill combo.

To use them more effectively, use Roadhog as a meat shield. Have Roadhog cover Reaper while he does as much damage as possible. Although Reaper is pretty strong, you’ll increase your survivability by having Roadhog be a bullet sponge.

Why Roadhog + Reaper Is A Great Combo

  • Roadhog can soak up bullets
  • Roadhog can hook an enemy and Reaper can finish them off
  • They can flank together


4. Kiriko + Reinhardt

Kiriko and Reinhardt get ready for battle

Right now, Kiriko is arguably the best support in the game. She has a powerful ultimate, an arguably overpowered ability, and high healing and damage. She can do it all, which makes her a vital asset to any team she’s on. When combined with Reinhardt, Kiriko reveals her full potential and enables Reinhardt to do better.

Kiriko is a tank enabler. She gives them more room for agency. Kiriko can heal from a safe distance while Reinhardt charges in. Now, the enemy team has to focus on the angry German man smashing a hammer in their faces, and the funniest part is they can’t kill him thanks to Kiriko healing him. That means they have to focus on two areas, which is insanely hard to do: the frontline and the backline.

Together, Kiriko and Reinhardt are borderline unstoppable. To maximize their efficiency, make sure Kiriko uses her ult around Reinhardt. The speed boost is great for closing the gap as quickly as possible. Along with that, keep Kiriko behind you so she’s safe from harm but still able to heal her team and teleport away if someone flanks her.

Why Kiriko + Reinhardt Is A Great Combo

  • Kiriko stays safe in the back while Reinhardt charges the front
  • Kiriko’s ult enables Reinhardt
  • Reinhardt’s positioning can allow Kiriko to teleport quickly and safely


3. Ana + Reinhardt

Ana nano boosts Reinhardt

Reinhardt is appearing a lot on this list, isn’t he? Well, this appearance is justified since a nano boosted Reinhardt is one of the most powerful things in the game. Reinhardt is already hard to kill thanks to his high health and shield, but throw in a nano boost and he becomes unkillable. As a support and tank player, I get genuinely terrified when an enemy Reinhardt gets nano boosted.

Together, Ana has Reinhardt, who works as her meat shield. She can focus her healing on Reinhardt to build her ult quickly. Since she can heal from a distance, the same benefits apply here as they did to Kiriko. Ana is safe from harm but is also still making an impact on the game. And if worse comes to worst, Ana can jump down and have Reinhardt shield her.

Both of these heroes are powerful on their own, but together they pack a devastating punch to the enemy. Reinhardt’s high damage is amplified with the nano boost, and Ana’s much safer around Rein. The two work well together, and you should take advantage of that by playing them as much as possible to practice communication and synergy.

Why Ana + Reinhardt Is A Great Combo

  • Ana heals from afar while Reinhardt charges in
  • Reinhardt is OP with a nano boost
  • Ana is much safer around Reinhardt


2. Mercy + Kiriko

Mercy and Kiriko's icon pictures placed side by side

This pairing being so high may shock some people, but seeing as these two are considered the best supports in the game, they deserve this spot. Mercy used to be in a bad spot, but ever since her changes, she’s become a lot more useful. Her ultimate is more impactful on the game, and her self-healing makes her more consistent. Kiriko is just overpowered at this point, so the two work well together.

While Kiriko focuses on utility and providing her team with cover damage, Mercy focuses on healing. Or it can be the other way around: Kiriko focuses on healing while Mercy pockets someone. Since they both do high healing, either one can take the main support role while the other focuses on providing utility to the team. It’s a perfect combo that makes it so the team is always in high health.

To use them more effectively, communicate your play styles to each other before the match starts. If you’re Kiriko, ask your Mercy if she’s going to focus on healing or damage boosting. If you’re Mercy, ask your Kiriko if she’s going to focus on damage or healing.

Why Mercy + Kiriko Is A Great Combo

  • Both do high healing
  • Both do utility
  • Can communicate and play off of each other’s play styles


1. Ana + Genji

Genji flees from incoming fire

To no one’s surprise, Ana and Genji are at the top of this list. They’re too powerful together to be ignored. For starters, the nano boost and blade combo is perfect. It’s deadly, it’s quick, and it’s reliable. Seeing as Genji can die relatively quickly while using blade, the nano boost is the one thing he needs to make himself unstoppable.

Yes, Genji is a hard hero to hit while playing Ana. However, that’s what a second support is for. Ana doesn’t need to hit her shots on Genji every single time; all she needs to do is secure the nano boost to ensure she maximizes Genji’s efficiency. On top of that, Genji is a fast hero who can peel back and help Ana in the blink of an eye.

To use these two more effectively, have Ana communicate more. Ana needs to tell Genji when she’s getting flanked, so he can peel back and save her. Genji also needs to communicate when he’s using blade, then dash into the air so Ana can see him better. It’s difficult to land a perfect nano while dealing with an entire team and an enemy team, so be sure to have Genji dash up for better visibility.

Why Ana + Genji Is A Great Combo

  • Genji can peel back and help Ana
  • Ana can heal Genji from a distance
  • Ana’s nano boost is powerful with Genji


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