[Top 10] Overwatch Best Brigitte Skins

  Overwatch Best Brigette Skins
Behold Brigitte's shield, one of the most hated objects of the Overwatch universe.

What are Brigitte's best skins?

Brigitte has been a controversial hero since her release early last year. Some players find her stun ability pretty annoying, and bemoan the amount of damage she can output just as a healer. However, others enjoy her sustainability and brawl-centered heals that allow her to stick close to her tanks. Either way, Brig’s introduction really shook up the game, and she’s become a mainstay among the healer lineup. Before we start, it’s worth noting that any seasonal skins can be unlocked during the Anniversary event, so keep that in mind. Now let’s jump into our top 10 list:

10. Carbon Fiber (Epic)

Soft smiles can be deceiving.

Brigitte wasn’t the first Overwatch character to get a carbon fiber skin, and she probably won’t be the last. We can’t really blame the devs for that, though. It’s a sleek-looking material that makes for some pretty awesome-looking armor.

What Makes This Skin Epic?

  • Her eyes are blue to match the accent colors. It’s the little things.
  • The blue accents ombre from blue to purple and it’s honestly stunning.
  • The cool color palette is a nice departure from Brigitte’s usual yellows and reds.

How to get the Carbon Fiber Skin: Regular loot boxes or 250 currency

5/10 Not too different from her usual look, but it’s an interesting change of pace.

Check out the skin in action:

9. Tre Kronor (Epic)

Yellow and blue have never looked so intimidating.

This skin is a detailed recolor of Brig’s classic ensemble, and pays homage to her Swedish heritage. The brightness of it might make you stand out on the battlefield, but its cool details were enough to drop it in this list.

What Makes This Skin Epic?

  • The three crowns on her left hip are a nod to the Swedish coat of arms (it’s also where the skin’s name comes from)
  • The yellow lion on the shield looks particularly regal.
  • Her cape is the Swedish flag. Doesn’t get more patriotic than that.

How to Get the Tre Kronor Skin: Summer Games loot boxes or 750 currency during the Summer Games event

5.5/10 Definitely reminds me of IKEA.

Check out the skin in action:

8. Ironclad (Epic)

Brig's not afraid to get a little dirty.

Everyone loves a badass warrior, and this skin makes Brig look like she just finished a hard day of battling the toughest of foes. She’s known to be pretty tough based on her cinematic, and we bet this is probably a usual look for her when she’s out and about with Reinhardt.

What Makes This Skin Epic?

  • We love that you can see all of the little chips and chinks in her armor.
  • The 07 refers to the model number of her armor, which is a cool Easter egg.
  • Can’t get enough of the grease stain on her face, reminding us what a capable engineer she is.

How to Get the Ironclad Skin: Regular loot boxes or 250 currency

6/10 I would say I’d die for her, but I know she can handle it herself.

Watch the skin in action:


7. General (Epic)

Studded leather is never a bad look.

The Lunar New Year event always gives us some awesome new skins that are so different from everything else in the hero gallery, and the General skin is no exception. It’s a striking new look for Brig, making it an outfit we want to equip all year long.

What Makes This Skin Epic?

  • It stays with the theme of Lunar New Year while also giving Brig her own unique look.
  • That headpiece is everything, especially with the little tassel it has on top.
  • The light-up pieces look so cool!

How to get the General Skin: Lunar New Year loot boxes or 750 currency during the Lunar New Year event

7/10 I have a feeling she and Mulan would be besties based on principle alone.

Watch the skin in action:

6. Polis (Legendary)

We'll always behave when she's on duty.

D.va got her own police skin a few years back, and now Brig is the latest to get a law enforcement-inspired ensemble. Her original outfit already resembled police gear a bit with her personal barrier, so it makes sense that this became an in-game cosmetic for her.

What Makes This Skin Legendary?

  • It’s a high-tech take on police armor.
  • Polis is, you guessed it, the Swedish word for police. A nice touch!
  • The colors are also mainly blue and yellow, which again point to Brig’s home country.

How to Get the Polis Skin: Overwatch Anniversary loot boxes or 1000 currency during the Anniversary event.

7/10 Gotta love the attention to detail.

Check out the skin in action:

5. Sól (Legendary)

Brig’s mentor Reinhardt has multiple skins that put him in old school armor, so it was only a matter of time before she got some, too. 

What Makes This Skin Legendary?

  • Female armor has never looked so good.
  • The combination of the purple and gold is gorgeous.
  • The feathers on her helmet are great, especially because they have their own physics in game.

How to Get the Sól Skin: Regular loot boxes or 1000 currency

8/10 Truly my knight in shining armor.

Check out the skin in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZN4uR5_fi2E

4. Máni (Legendary)

If you thought the Sól skin was good, just wait until you see this one. The Máni skin is another full suit of armor, but has been recolored to create a more somber and mysterious effect.

What Makes This Skin Legendary?

  • The combination of glossy finish on her torso versus the metallic finish on her arms and legs looks amazing.
  • The plume of purple feathers on her helmet have been replaced by a single raven’s feather.
  • They gave her little blonde bangs peeking through! So adorable.

How to Get the Máni Skin: Regular loot boxes or 1000 currency

9/10 I’m suddenly feeling like a damsel in distress...

Check out the skin in action:

3. Engineer (Legendary)

It's her number 03 model armor, but she's number one in our hearts.

While Brig is learning from Overwatch’s best, Torbjörn and Reinhardt, this skin incorporates her own unique color scheme of burnt orange, dull silver, brown, and olive green to show that she’s paving her own path.

What Makes This Skin Legendary?

  • It’s symbolic of her own journey as an engineer and fighter, which is honestly really cool to see.
  • The goggles on her head are a really cute touch. 
  • The one-strap-on overall look is really trendy right now.

How to Get the Engineer Skin: Regular loot boxes or 1000 currency

9.5/10 Makes me want to watch her cinematic again.

Check out the skin in action:

2. Mechanic (Legendary)

She even looks cute with bug-eyed goggles.

A recolor of the Engineer skin, the Mechanic is yet another look that harkens back to Brigitte’s Swedish heritage.

What Makes This Skin Legendary?

  • The blues and yellows are more dulled down with this skin, which looks really nice for colors that can otherwise be pretty overwhelming.
  • The wrench emblem on her shoulder is a look.
  • Love the detail of her little tool pouch on her hip.

How to Get the Mechanic Skin: Regular loot boxes or 1000 currency

9.5/10 She can fix my car any day.

Check Out the Skin in Action:

1. Shieldmaiden (Legendary)

We have to admit, this is a bear-y good skin.

For a character who’s so patriotic, it makes sense that Brig would get a viking skin (in case you didn’t know, the Vikings were originally from Denmark, Norway, and Sweden). This skin is easily her best, and is cool enough to make even the most stubborn of her ancestors proud.

What Makes This Skin Legendary?

  • The wooden bracers really tie the whole look together.
  • The blue streak in her hair is iconic.
  • The bear on her shoulder. Enough said.

How to Get the Shieldmaiden Skin: Overwatch Anniversary loot boxes or 3000 currency during the Anniversary event

10/10 Would run away in fear if facing Brig in this skin.

Watch the skin in action:

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