Can’t Get Enough of Overwatch? Blizzard Has You Covered With Overwatch Novels

Can’t Get Enough of Overwatch? Blizzard Has You Covered With Overwatch Novels
Who Wouldn’t Want Novels Staring This Bunch

Releasing Extra Lore for It’s Franchises Is Nothing New to Blizzard

If you are a Blizzard fan, the news of Blizzard releasing a novel based on it’s multiplayer shooter game won’t come as too much of a surprise to you. Quite honestly, it’s really hard to name a Blizzard game that doesn’t have plenty of lore. Starcraft, check; Diablo, check; Warcraft, check; And when Blizzard can’t fit all of its lore inside a game (well truthfully they often do, but not many of us bother to go look for it) they make awesome novels, comic books, manga and so much more.

Blizzard Now Have Their Own Book Publishing Label

Blizzard books have up until now always had a third party label on their written works but very soon a Blizzard label is going to appear on any new (and any re-released) lore book, novel, graphic novel, manga or the like made by Blizzard. This label will give Blizzard new opportunities and much more freedom when making all of their fan-favorite books.

So What About Overwatch Novels? When Can We Get Those

Unfortunately Blizzard hasn’t officialy stated that Overwatch novels are on the way and it didn’t help that the Overwatch Graphic Novel has been canceled. However, Blizzard have said that they are definitely going to expand the Overwatch lore. How they are going to expand the lore of a First Person shooter game, we are not sure, but if anyone can do it, Blizzard can. Knowing Blizzard and their history it’s only a matter of time before they make good on their promise.

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