[Top 10] Overwatch 2 Best Combos

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Genji, Tracer, and Cassidy being themselves.

Why Are Combos Important?

In Overwatch 2, you need to do as much damage as possible in order to get an advantage over the enemy team. If not damage, then at least smart plays and unique combos. One way you can get those combos is by using powerful DPS combos. However, with so many DPS heroes in the game, it can be difficult to narrow down which DPS to use.


10. Cassidy + Hanzo

Hanzo being smug

Cassidy and Hanzo are both long-range DPS heroes that have been shipped together a concerning number of times. Hanzo is the archer, and Cassidy is the gunslinger. Together, they make a powerful team with deadly combos and high damage.

Hanzo plays best on the high ground, where he gets a bird's-eye view of the map. Cassidy can play both on the low ground and the high ground. Both sides give him an advantage. That means they can either dominate the high ground together or coordinate attacks from both elevations. Hanzo can lay down fire from up high while Cassidy works on the bottom of the map.

Beyond that, the best reason why they’re a great combo is their one-shot potential. With a Mercy damage boost, Cassidy essentially one-shots anyone as long as he hits a headshot. Even without a damage boost, Cassidy can one-shot an enemy who has taken slight damage. Hanzo one-shots as long as he hits a headshot, which means together they can get team wipes in a matter of seconds.

Why Cassidy + Hanzo Is A Great Combo

  • Dominates high ground
  • One-shot potential
  • High damage


9. Tracer + Genji

Genji is awesome, just look at him

Although not as strong as they used to be, Tracer and Genji are still a solid combo thanks to them being flankers with solid damage potential. Flankers are underrated. Nowadays, everyone I see plays the same few heroes: Hanzo, Widow, Soldier, Cassidy, Ashe, and Echo. However, Genji is a fun hero to play with a unique kit. The same applies to Tracer.

If they work together and coordinate their attacks, the flankers can dive in, get a kill, then sneak out and support their tank. Combine that with their hard to hit bodies, and they’re unstoppable. It’s always a benefit when Tracer can self-heal with her rewind ability, so if Genji doesn’t finish a kill and he has to flee, Tracer can go in and secure it without worrying about dying.

Lastly, they have high agility. Tracer has three blinks, while Genji has his double jump and wall climb. Combined, they can perform stunts the enemy hasn’t seen, making them dangerous foes with high damage potential if they attack vulnerable targets at good times.

Why Tracer + Genji Is A Great Combo

  • Can tag team vulnerable targets
  • Hard to hit targets
  • Can perform plenty of stunts to avoid enemy fire


8. Tracer + Sombra

Tracer in the beautiful snow

Another flanker combo, but this one has some of the best potential of the two flanker combos. The reason why is because as soon as Sombra hacks a target to make them vulnerable, Tracer can dash in with her blinks and eliminate the weak enemy. The combo is perfect when executed correctly, especially against enemy supports.

Back in the day, many called this the hack and smack method. Although the hack and smack applies to more than just Tracer and Sombra, it works perfectly here because Tracer is fast enough to keep up with the fast pace Sombra hacks at. Her speed makes her a deadly foe on her own, let alone with a Sombra by her side.

Overall, they do solid damage. They’re far from the highest damage-doers in the cast, but they pack a solid punch when they work together. They’re perfect against Zen, Lifeweaver, Mercy, Ana, or any other support, really. Considering supports keep their teams alive, this combo is very useful.

Why Tracer + Sombra Is A Great Combo

  • Hack and smack
  • Both flankers
  • Solid damage


7. Hanzo + Echo

Echo showing off her gorgeous wings

Hanzo is often on the list because of how powerful he is. Combined with Echo, he packs an even more powerful punch. He has incredible range, and with Echo being a flying hero, they can utilize the best of their kits to make some insane plays.

I don’t need to explain why Hanzo and Echo are powerful on their own. Hanzo one-shots, and Echo does high damage with her sticky bombs and focusing beam combo. However, combine that with what I call the fly and kill combo. Echo flies in and focuses on a target while Hanzo pressures the enemy she’s targeting.

For example, if someone is on the high ground, Echo can dive in on them while Hanzo lays down covering fire. Along with that, since they both have the ability to get to the high ground quickly, they’re useful if your team is struggling to dominate the high ground.

Why Hanzo + Echo Is A Great Combo

  • Fly and kill combo
  • Both powerful heroes
  • Dominates the high ground


6. Soldier 76 + Cassidy

Soldier in the light of Watchpoint Gibraltor

This is a combo I personally see in almost every other game. The two are a good pair because of their high damage and long range. Sensing a theme? High damage is preferred in modern-day Overwatch 2 because of how fast-paced the game is. Without having high damage, you risk falling behind.

Both of them have long range, making them useful against Echo, Pharah, Mercy, and other long range heroes. They take out flying heroes, and seeing as Echo is popular, they’re great counters for her. Along with that, they have the fast and slow combo, which doesn’t sound good but actually works out well.

Soldier can sprint into position while Cassidy lays down covering fire. Then, as soon as Soldier is in position, he can lay down covering fire so the much slower Cassidy can get into his position. Together, they can provide cover fire and be best buddies who take on the entire enemy team by themselves thanks to how much damage they do.

Why Soldier 76 + Cassidy Is A Great Combo

  • High damage
  • One is fast while the other is slow
  • Powerful abilities


5. Sojourn + Sombra

Sojourn loading up one of the most annoying abilities in the game

Sombra works well with almost every DPS hero for the sole reason that her hack can disable enemy abilities temporarily. The temporary stun is enough for a high damage hero like Sojourn to get the killing blow on a fleeing enemy. Together, Sombra and Sojourn pack a powerful punch, even though they’re not the most traditional DPS combo.

While the hack is a wonderful benefit, Sombra benefits from this combo as well. Sojourn has an ability that can slow enemies. If she fires it right in the middle of enemies, Sombra can sneak up behind them and take them out while they’re vulnerable. Although she’s not going to kill all of them (probably), she has a higher chance of securing a kill.

Along with that, their ultimate combo works pretty well. After Sombra EMPs, Sojourn can activate her ult and take them out while all barriers are temporarily down. The high damage potential will annihilate the enemy team if used correctly. Make sure Sombra and Sojourn coordinate their ults for the best results.

Why Sojourn + Sombra Is A Great Combo

  • Sojourn pairs well with Sombra’s kit
  • Sojourn finishes off the damage Sombra causes
  • Sombra’s hack works with anyone
  • Sojourn can slow enemies for Sombra to kill


4. Reaper + Mei

Mei sliding around and ruining days

Reaper and Mei are a fantastic combo because they’re both close-quarters heroes. However, they work better than most close-quarters heroes because Mei has an ability most don’t: slowness. Reaper’s shotguns are powerful at close range, which is why Mei and him work so well together. They encourage each other’s aggressive play styles and produce deadly results.

The best benefit of using them is Mei’s slow combined with Reaper’s giant shotguns. The slow makes sure the enemies stay in Reaper’s firing range, meaning he can secure a kill in a matter of seconds. At the same time, Mei has a long-range icicle fire that can work well with Reaper’s close range. While she shoots from a distance, Reaper closes the gap and annihilates his opponents.

Lastly, their ults work well together. Her ult traps enemies in a circle of ice, forcing them to freeze and not have access to any of their abilities. Reaper’s close-quarters ultimate is a storm of damage. Now imagine helpless enemies watching Reaper ult on them. Yeah, that’s a good combo, alright.

Why Reaper + Mei Is A Great Combo

  • Both close-quarters heroes
  • Mei slows and Reaper kills
  • Perfect ultimate combination


3. Junkrat + Cassidy

Junkrat trapping Cassidy

Some people may have been expecting this combo while others weren’t, but this combo can work well if used correctly. Junkrat is a close-quarters hero, while Cassidy is the opposite. Cassidy is strong right now, so using him in your combo is an automatic benefit. Junkrat is also strong because he’s Junkrat. He doesn’t have to look where he’s shooting, and he still gets a team wipe.

It’s the best of both worlds. If the enemy has a strong tank that isn’t dying and a Pharah or other flying hero, you can use Junkrat and Cassidy to counter both. Junkrat does such high damage that he can shred through the tank while Cassidy covers the sky. They work well together when the enemy team’s comp requires a variety of different play styles.

Although this is less common in the high ranks, in the lower ranks, I would recommend this combo. Junkrat is so powerful that you should be using him anyway, and the same applies to Cassidy. Why not use two powerful heroes at the same time?

Why Junkrat + Cassidy Is A Great Combo

  • Junkrat handles close battles while Cassidy handles long-ranged ones
  • Their play styles mesh well thanks to their explosive kits
  • High damage potential


2. Ashe + Echo

Ashe is the love of my life

Ashe also works well with Cassidy, but she does well with Echo in particular because of their kits. For the same reason that Echo and Hanzo work, Ashe and Echo work perfectly. While Ashe lays down covering fire, Echo can zoom in and secure kills without much conflict. Along with that, their kits mesh together beautifully.

For example, Ashe has dynamite, a powerful explosive that does burn damage over time. Echo can swoop in with her focusing beam and finish off the burning targets. They’re glowing red, which gives Echo a clear target. It’s like an airplane going toward an airport; the red light guides her home.

Lastly, they dominate the high ground. Ashe plays best on the high ground, and Echo is always soaring in the air. Together, they’re a menace to society. Although it’s a less traditional combo, it works well if you play together and coordinate your attacks. You hear me say that a plentiful amount of times, but that’s because it’s true. If you coordinate and utilize your kits, you can make this combo work perfectly.

Why Ashe + Echo Is A Great Combo

  • Their kits mesh well
  • Ashe provides covering fire while Echo attacks
  • They dominate the high ground


1. Hanzo + Widowmaker

Widowmaker's design in the first cinematic

I’m sure we all saw this coming. Sure, there’s a nerf to the one-shot coming soon, but Widowmaker and Hanzo will still be powerful together because of the damage potential they have. When Widow is good, she dominates a match. Hanzo, like Junkrat, can shoot without looking and still somehow get kills, which is why Hanzo and Widow make a good team.

The one-shot potential is insane and makes the enemy team want to kill themselves. Whenever I play against the very common Widow and Hanzo combo, it makes me die a little on the inside. They’re the most annoying heroes to play against since they can play in two completely different positions and still wreck you.

Along with that, their ults go well together. Both of them are situational, but together, they’re powerful. If Widow uses her wall hacks, she reveals where the enemy is, giving Hanzo a good idea of where he should release his dragons. Now, he has a much higher chance of getting plenty of kills with his ultimate.

Why Hanzo + Widowmaker Is A Great Combo

  • One-shot potential
  • They dominate the high ground
  • Their ults work well together


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