[Top 5] Overwatch 2 Best 2vs2 Maps (Ranked)

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A compilation of the maps in Overwatch 2

2vs2's Role In Overwatch 2

Although Overwatch 2 is primarily known as a 5v5 FPS, that doesn’t mean it lacks other team compositions and mechanics. 2vs2 is one mode you can try out in the workshop, but since the game is designed for the 5v5 format, what maps are the best for 2vs2?


5. Castillo

Since 2v2 is a smaller scale, playing on a smaller map will best suit your interests. Castillo is a tiny map with a simple layout, making it easy to learn and great for smaller-scale battles. The greatest strength of Castillo is how much open space it has.

Although there is a close quarters section on one side of the map, the middle is all open ground. Heroes relying on vertical space will dominate on this map (i.e., Pharah and Echo). If you excel at playing a hero that benefits from vertical space, you should play Castillo when you do 2v2.

Castillo is perfect for the 2v2 format because of its size, open space, and environment.

Castillo details: Castillo - Overwatch Wiki


4. Malevento

Not only is this map gorgeous, but it’s practical for a 2v2 format as well. The smaller size allows for more room for a 2v2 battle. Along with that, it’s an absolutely gorgeous map. The scenery is aesthetically pleasing and adds more to the lore of Overwatch.

If you’re a fan of close combat, you’ll love this map. However, that’s also a flaw for those who play longer-ranged heroes such as Cassidy and Pharah. There isn’t much room for vertical space as this map relies heavily on close-range encounters. If you play a hero like Roadhog, you can dominate this map.

Malevento is perfect for the 2v2 format because of its close-ranged combat, balanced environment, and small size.

Malevento details: Malevento - Overwatch Wiki


3. Necropolis

Necropolis has an amazing layout and beautiful environmental features that add to the experience. Now, Necropolis has weather effects that cause sandstorms to roll in. Not only is this aesthetically pleasing, but it also adds to the pressure you feel while playing the game.

Unlike Malevento, Necropolis works for all types of heroes. With close-ranged areas present in the three pyramids and a wide open space in the middle, all types of heroes are useful on this map. High ground is also present on this map, making it appealing to hitscans like Widowmaker as well.

Necropolis is perfect for the 2v2 format because of its versatility, appeal to all classes, and unique environmental effects.

Necropolis details: Necropolis | Overwatch Wiki.


2. Ecopoint: Antarctica

Ecopoint: Antarctica is a classic for any arcade player. This chilly map has plenty of areas to choose from for combat. Like Necropolis, Antarctica has indoor and outdoor spaces ranging from small to large. This accessibility allows for all types of heroes to be utilized.

Antarctica also offers countless hiding places. If your teammate dies early and you need a breather to think of strategy, go and hide. The map is small enough that the enemy will find you eventually, but you’ll at least gain extra time to rethink your approach.

Ecopoint: Antarctica is perfect for the 2v2 format because of its hiding spaces, versatile environment, and appeal to all classes.

Ecopoint: Antarctica details: Ecopoint: Antarctica - Overwatch Wiki


1. Kanezaka

Arguably one of the most beautiful maps in the game, the Japanese map Kanezaka is breathtaking as well as functional. There is a mix of close-ranged and long-ranged areas. Every hero can play to their fullest potential thanks to this.

Kanezaka boasts a diverse environment that can benefit the wide variety of heroes in the game. You can engage in close combat in the enclosed rooms or sniper battles in the open areas. Whichever you choose, you can pick your heroes to match it, making it a solid map for 2v2.

Kanezaka is perfect for the 2v2 format because of its open spaces, closed-off spaces, and versatility.

Kanezaka details: Kanezaka - Overwatch Wiki


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