[Top 10] Best Overwatch 2 Heroes For Beginners

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Overwatch 2 has an ever-changing roster of heroes. With Lifeweaver’s addition to the support roster, it’s difficult to keep up with the best heroes beginners can use. Whether you’re playing tank, DPS, or support, there’s always at least one hero you can try if you’ve never played the game before.


10. D.Va

D.Va doesn't realize it's not Christmas anymore

D.Va is one of the best tanks in the game right now. Her high mobility makes her useful in every situation. D.Va has boosters to move her around, meaning she can get to the high ground, low ground, or backline in a matter of seconds. That, when combined with her Defense Matrix, makes her a formidable foe.

The Defense Matrix is one of the strongest abilities in the game. It can eat all projectiles, including projectile ultimates. If you can master the Defense Matrix, you’ll be an amazing D.Va player. When you first pick up D.Va, be sure to learn how to use the Matrix. Learning positioning and diving comes second.

D.Va is great for beginners because she has a simple yet powerful kit and a versatile play style. No matter if you’re an aggressive or passive gamer, you can find something to do with D.Va. Some of the tanks are more complicated to learn, so trying D.Va first is your best bet.

What Makes D.Va Great

  • Powerful kit
  • Versatile play style
  • Fun to play
  • Fun ultimate

D.Va guide: 


9. Tracer

Tracer zips into action

Tracer is the poster child of the game, which goes to show that even Blizzard is encouraging you to play her. The reason why is because she has a straightforward kit that’s easy to use. Along with that, Tracer can rely on herself. Tracer players are supposed to zip around the map getting health packs instead of relying on supports to help them.

Tracer is a flanking DPS hero with a fast-moving kit thanks to her "blinks". She has 3 blinks, each needing 3 seconds to charge, meaning 9 seconds total for all 3 to charge back. She also has a rewind ability that restores her health and ammo, taking her back to a previous position.

Overall, Tracer is a great pick for beginners who want to learn more about the game and maps. With Tracer, you can explore all the details of the maps and rely on yourself. She’s also easy to learn since she’s such a fast and straightforward hero.

What Makes Tracer Great

  • Fast and mobile
  • Can rely on herself
  • Easy to learn
  • Simple kit

Tracer guide: 


8. Lucio

Lucio is just chilling

Lucio is a fun and versatile support hero that is easy to learn but hard to master. Lucio is the perfect balance of a great hero for beginners and a wonderful hero for experts. As long as you aren’t getting too aggressive, using Lucio as a beginning hero is a solid choice. Since he’s a multi-target healer with high mobility, he’s the best choice to introduce you to the support role.

Even if you aren’t great with him, his wall ride, boop, and utility make him useful to any team he’s on. You don’t have to be a master to have a high impact on the game. The first thing you should learn is when to use his defensive ultimate. His ultimate grants his team shields, protecting them from enemy offensive ultimates.

Although each situation is different, a general rule of thumb is to use Lucio’s ultimate to counter high damage. Whether its high damage from primary fires or from enemy ultimates, that’s up to you. As soon as you learn how to use Lucio’s ult, you can learn more about his boop, wall riding, and multi-target healing.

What Makes Lucio Great

  • Can rely on himself
  • Very good at staying alive
  • Fun to play
  • Provides his team good utility

Lucio guide: 


7. Reinhardt

Reinhardt poses like the legend he is

Reinhardt is another tank that’s fantastic for beginners thanks to his simple kit and fun play style. You can’t have a bad experience while playing Reinhardt; otherwise, you’re not a true Reinhardt player. Remember, you always have to say "for glory" and get really passionate about it. All Reinhardt players get into the role of Reinhardt, so you have to too.

Reinhardt is a classic tank. He has a large body and a big shield to protect his team. If you think of who the classic tank is in Overwatch, you’re going to think of Reinhardt. He’s easy to learn, and although he’s not the best tank in Overwatch, he’s still important to learn. If you want to play tank, you should learn Reinhardt.

First, you should learn how to use his shield and play with the team. It’s tempting to charge in and take on the enemy, but you need to know how to protect your teammates. If you charge in, you’re leaving your team vulnerable. Although there are instances where that’s okay, you need to make your team aware of your plans before you implement them. After that, you can learn his offensive ultimate and Fire Strike.

What Makes Reinhardt Great

  • Easy to use
  • Fun to play
  • A classic tank

Reinhardt guide: 


6. Reaper

Reaper attempts to be threatening

Reaper is a DPS hero that does high damage and is good for countering tanks. If you like playing heroes that are aggressive, then Reaper is for you. Reaper is supposed to be up in the enemy’s face as much as possible. He has a wraith form that temporarily makes him invulnerable, and a teleport that gets him in and out of fights in a matter of seconds.

His strength is his self-healing. As long as you do damage, you will heal. Self-sustaining heroes are always the best for beginners since you can make mistakes but still stay alive. For example, if you push in too far, Reaper’s wraith form and self-healing will save you. Along with that, Reaper has high health and can shred through enemies.

To learn Reaper, you should work on how aggressive you are. Reaper is a close-quarters hero who has a powerful ult. If you can master your movement and flanking, you’ll be a great Reaper player. From there, work on prioritizing targets and learning which enemies you should target first.

What Makes Reaper Great

  • Can self-heal
  • Can get himself out of trouble
  • Does high damage

Reaper guide: 


5. Mei

Ah, look: it's the devil

Mei is seen as the devil by the Overwatch community. Not many like her, but her kit makes her a great pick for beginners. Not only can she self-heal and block enemies off, but she also has slightly higher health than the other DPS heroes. She’s annoying to play against, making her a solid pick for a beginner.

Mei has a self-healing ice block, an ice wall, a blizzard ultimate, and two firing modes. Her primary fire is an ice blast that slows enemies, while her secondary is an icicle that is more long-ranged. Her being able to slow enemies down is what makes her so annoying.

Since her kit is annoying to play against, it’s easy to play her and be irritating. All you have to do is slow down as many enemies as you can and flank with your ult. The most important part of learning Mei is using her ult correctly. Don’t throw it into a D.Va’s Defense Matrix; instead, try flanking and using it when the enemy least expects it.

What Makes Mei Great

  • Can self-heal
  • Has two fire modes
  • Is annoying to play against

Mei guide: 


4. Moira

Moira being evil... again

Moira is a blast to play, and although she doesn’t provide her team with much utility, she does high healing and damage that make up for it. She can heal herself in three different ways, which makes her so good for beginners. She can self-heal with the support passive, self-heal with the healing biotic orb, and self-heal with her primary fire.

She can sustain herself, making her a valuable pick for beginners. The more you can protect yourself, the better. You don’t want to force your teammates to protect you if you make a mistake, which is why you should try Moira. Moira is a fantastic starter support who makes a high impact on the game without needing much skill or game sense.

As you master her, you can become a great support player. Use her ultimate to get both high healing and damage. You can heal and do damage at the same time, so take advantage of it by playing around your team.

What Makes Moira Great

  • Can do both healing and damage
  • Easy to learn
  • Simple kit

Moira guide: 


3. Junkrat

Junkrat almost (accidentally) blows himself up

Junkrat is a super easy hero to learn since he doesn’t require aim. All you need to do is fire grenades and be as obnoxious as possible. With his trap, you can make enemies vulnerable, so be sure you’re setting that up as often as possible. Combine your primary fire with his mini mines to do the most damage possible.

Junkrat is arguably the easiest DPS hero in the game due to his simplistic kit. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t take skill to learn good positioning and game sense with him, but it doesn’t require much skill to learn the basics, making him a perfect hero for beginners. He should be one of the first DPS heroes you choose when you first pick up the game.

Focus on learning how to use his ultimate. The reason why is because it has low health and makes loud noises, meaning the enemy can destroy it before you destroy them. It can climb pretty much every surface in the game, so be sure to practice using it to flank the enemy.

What Makes Junkrat Great

  • Simple kit
  • High damage
  • Works well with most support heroes
  • Powerful without needing much skill

Junkrat guide: 


2. Mercy

Mercy uses her Barbie Blaster 3000

Mercy is a fun and simple support hero with an easy kit. Overwatch players like to dunk on Mercy mains, stating that Mercy doesn’t take much skill. Although it doesn’t take much skill to learn her kit at a beginner level, she is difficult to master, especially as you go through the ranks. But because you don’t need to aim and you can provide a lot of utility for your team, Mercy is a great beginner hero.

Mercy is a flying support hero that pairs well with other flying heroes like Pharah. Her damage boost is extremely useful, and her resurrect ability is arguably overpowered. She’s a small target, but when she gets dived, she’s a vulnerable target. You have to rely on your teammates to survive.

She’s easy to learn at the cost of being a very team-oriented hero. Practice her movement to become a better Mercy player. Also, don’t be scared to pull out your pistol to defend yourself. Nicknamed the "Barbie Blaster" by Overwatch players, Mercy’s pistol can do serious damage if used right; don’t be scared to defend yourself.

What Makes Mercy Great

  • Easy to learn
  • Fun to play
  • Does high healing
  • Has a powerful res and damage boost

Mercy guide: 


1. Soldier 76

Soldier 76 takes a breather

He’s literally the tutorial. Must I say more? He’s the classic DPS hero that feels like you’re playing Call of Duty. If you want a familiar play style, look to Soldier 76. He has it all: a simple kit, high damage, and self-healing. He has a mix of everything positive about heroes for beginners.

Even though Soldier is easy to learn, he does a lot of damage and has a high impact on the game. His primary weapon, his rifle, is insanely powerful, especially when combined with Mercy’s damage boost or Zenyatta’s discord orb. His helix rockets finish the job and can shred through enemies, making him a dangerous foe.

If you want to get better at Soldier, work on your positioning. He can sprint, making him mobile. With his fast speed, you can get to high ground in mere seconds. Take advantage of that by exploring the map and finding the best spots to use it. You can also try flanking with your sprint and self-healing.

What Makes Soldier 76 Great

  • It’s like playing COD
  • Simple kit
  • High damage
  • Works well with most support heroes

Soldier 76 guide: 


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