Overwatch 2 Support Tier List 6.3 [OW2 Best Supports Revealed]

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Lucio prepares to boop his enemies

Why Supports Are Important

Overwatch 2 features eight support heroes. In the past, these heroes were often referred to as “healers” since their main job was to heal the team. Now, Overwatch 2 revolves a lot around support heroes because of how they need to heal, stay alive, do damage, and bring utility to the team. As competitive play becomes more prominent in Overwatch, it’s difficult to know which support heroes you should play.


Tier Rankings

This list will contain S, A, B, and C tiers. S is the strongest, and C is the weakest. Every hero will have a different tier based on how much they impact the game. The higher the number, the more impact they have.


S Tier

Support heroes in the S tier are the most impactful support heroes in the game. The abilities they have can change the game and make clutch saves. These supports have the highest versatility and can do utility, healing, and damage. Along with that, these supports are the ones that the pros love to play.


Ana (S Tier Support)

Ana gives a warm smile while waiting to be chosen

Ana is one of the two best supports in the game right now. Her diverse kit allows her to provide utility to the team, protect herself, and do high healing. Her rifle is strong, but not as strong as her biotic grenade, which is one of the most powerful abilities in the game. Along with that, she has a sleep dart ability and a nano boost ultimate that add up to make her one of the best heroes in the game.

There are very few situations where Ana isn’t a good pick. Although she’s slow and works best on high ground, Ana’s advantages make her a must-pick in modern-day Overwatch. Her rifle does both damage and healing, which allows her to snipe Pharahs and immediately go back to healing. Although Ana herself isn’t fast, her being able to switch between healing and damage in mere seconds is impressive.

The biotic grenade is the strongest part of her kit. She has the ability to "anti" the enemy team, meaning she prevents them from getting healed for a certain amount of time. It’s the perfect counter to a hero like Roadhog, who can self-heal. Any self-healing hero gets countered by Ana.

Ana can snipe, protect herself with a sleep dart, and nano boost her teammates to make them even more powerful. There’s no reason why Ana shouldn’t be picked unless you need a fast and mobile team. Ana’s main weakness is how slow she is. Otherwise, she’s a great pick.

Ana: 90/100

What Makes Ana S Tier

  • Biotic grenade gives your team an advantage
  • Her rifle can do both healing and damage
  • Her sleep dart can interrupt enemy ultimates
  • Powerful ultimate that charges fast
  • Slow and easy to target
  • Works best on high ground, so not a great pick for maps with little to no high ground


Kiriko (S Tier Support)

Kiriko stays in a crouched position, waiting to engage the enemy

Kiriko is arguably the best support in the game right now. One of the newest, but most welcome, characters. Her kit is versatile and relatively easy to use, although she does need to take good aim in order to use it more effectively. Otherwise, she’s fast, can teleport, and has one of the best abilities and ultimates in the game.

She has a healing Suzu that makes her teammates invulnerable. Suzu is arguably the best ability in the game as of now. This ability cleanses all negative effects, like Ana’s grenade and Ashe’s dynamite. Since it takes away all negative effects and gives teammates invulnerability, it’s extremely powerful, especially considering it doesn’t have a lengthy cooldown like Baptiste’s Immortality Field.

Beyond that, Kiriko has a powerful kit. Her kunai are perfect for landing headshots that can kill enemies in two shots. If a support or DPS is at half health or lower, Kiriko can kill them in one shot. The damage she can put out makes her a worthy addition to the game.

Her teleportation and wall climb make her mobile. She can keep up with an aggressive team while also doing damage. It’s super easy to position well with her. You can choose the high ground, or you can be more aggressive and play frontline with your tank. Either way, Kiriko is the most useful support in the game right now.

Kiriko: 100/100

What Makes Kiriko S Tier

  • Amazing abilities
  • Can keep up with the fast pace of the game
  • Does high damage
  • One of the best ults in the game
  • Can save teammates from death using Suzu
  • High mobility


Lucio (S Tier Support)

Lucio leans against a wall, hiding from his enemies

Lucio is another support who is one of the best. His speed and multi-target healing make him a deadly foe, not to mention he’s perfect for stalling and providing utility. His ultimate is one of the best ones in the game. It can counter almost every offensive ultimate and is one of the only counters to Sigma’s ultimate.

Lucio has a speed boost that he can switch to healing whenever he wants. He can also wall ride, which increases his speed and makes him even harder to kill. His knockback ability allows him to knock enemies off the map. Lucio is perfect for control maps in particular. In fact, you should almost always have a Lucio on these maps to increase your chances of winning.

Right now, Lucio is one of the best supports. He has high healing rates thanks to his multi-target healing. He can outdo even the main support when it comes to healing. Use his speed and healing as evenly as possible to get the most out of Lucio.

It’d be impossible to talk about how strong Lucio is without mentioning his ult. His ult can block damage by providing overhealth to any teammate within range. He counters offensive ults like Graviton Surge, making him essential to use against a highly offensive enemy. Lucio is perfect for almost every single situation, and he can keep up with the fast pace of the game.

Lucio: 95/100

What Makes Lucio S Tier

  • High utility
  • Multi-target healing is game-changing
  • Wall riding makes him fast and hard to kill
  • Lucio is a great pick for contesting
  • One of the best ultimates in the game
  • Has a great knockback ability


A Tier

A tier heroes are solid heroes that impact the game in a unique way. They have interesting kits that can do damage while also providing healing and utility. These heroes have great ultimates and abilities that give their team an advantage over the enemy.


Baptiste (A Tier Support)

Baptiste uses his powerful regen burst to refill his health bar

Baptiste has a solid kit that includes an amazing and useful ability called Immortality Field. This field saves teammates from death and can counter ultimates. If you have a basic ability that can counter entire ultimates, that’s how you know you’re powerful.

He has a regeneration burst, an Immortality Field, a primary fire that does damage, a secondary fire that does healing, and an Amp Matrix ult that amplifies the damage and healing of his teammates. He has a well-rounded kit that makes him useful on most maps, especially control maps thanks to their tight corners and objectives.

Baptiste can also jump extremely high in order to reach higher ground. That means he gets along well with dive teams that spend a lot of time on high ground. He can follow his team into battle and keep up the momentum of the fight.

Overall, Baptiste is a solid support who can make clutch saves. He isn’t quite in the S tier because he doesn’t have as much of an impact on the game as the S tier supports. However, he gives his team a huge advantage and can keep himself alive while also providing utility.

Baptiste: 85/100

What Makes Baptiste A Tier

  • High healing
  • High damage
  • Great abilities
  • Solid ultimate that combos well with hitscan DPS
  • Good mobility


Zenyatta (A Tier Support)

Zenyatta floats in harmony

I debated putting Zen in the B tier, but his utility is too great to be ignored. Zen has his flaws that prevent him from being in the S tier, but his discord orb and ultimate make him extremely powerful. Along with that, his new snap kick ability makes him able to protect himself more. His major flaw is that he’s slow and squishy, making him easy to counter.

Zenyatta is slow, but he has the damage to make up for it. A good Zen player can hold their own when an enemy dives at them. Zen works best with teammates who are willing to peel back and help protect him. Make sure to communicate with your team when you’re playing Zen; that way, they’ll know when you’re getting attacked.

Zen’s ultimate is extremely powerful. It’s a defensive ultimate that rapidly heals teammates. It’s perfect against most offensive ults. It’s also good for stalling on the objective for a little longer. Since Zen’s movement speed is increased, it also means he can get to teammates that are far away very quickly. If you need to contest the point and are far from it, then using Trans can help get you there faster and can potentially save the game.

The discord and harmony orbs Zen has make him useful to any team he’s on. The discord orb increases the damage the enemy target takes. The harmony orb heals one target on Zen’s team. However, keep in mind that Zen doesn’t do much healing, so you should choose him for utility, not high healing.

Zenyatta: 80/100

What Makes Zenyatta A Tier

  • High damage
  • Discord orb is a fantastic ability with no cooldown
  • His ultimate is one of the best in the game
  • Snap kick is a great new addition to his kit
  • Is slow and can get dove on easily
  • Very low healing rate


B Tier

B tier heroes are good picks, but not as great as the S and A tier heroes. They have diverse kits that make a big impact. They have flaws in their kits that need to be tweaked to make them stronger, but their ultimates and abilities give small advantages to their team.


Mercy (B Tier Support)

Mercy gets ready for battle on Route 66

As someone who has played a lot of Mercy, it hurts me to put her in the B tier instead of the A. Mercy’s main issue is that support isn’t what it used to be. In the original Overwatch, she was solid thanks to her high healing. Now that supports need to do more utility, Mercy can’t keep up. However, her kit is still strong and definitely not worthy of anything lower than a B.

Mercy is amazing at healing and getting assists. Most of the time, Mercy players will have the most assists in the game. Her damage boost is perfect for pocketing good DPS players or even good tank players. Although her kit isn’t versatile enough to provide much utility, she’s strong when it comes to healing and keeping her team alive.

If your team is struggling to stay alive, Mercy is a good pick to help alleviate that. Her Res is another advantage of her kit. Res brings one fallen teammate back to life and has a 30-second cooldown. It’s one of the most powerful abilities in the game, and many call it unfair.

Her ultimate is the weakest part of her kit. If she had a better ultimate, she would be in the A or even S tier. Her ultimate doesn’t impact the game in any way, despite the fact that ultimates are supposed to be game-changing abilities. Although she becomes much harder to kill, she doesn’t really do anything other than get chain healing. Yes, that’s useful, but it’s absolutely nothing when compared to the other support ults.

Out of all the support ults, Mercy’s is the most useless. Otherwise, Mercy is a strong pick with an amazing ability and powerful healing.

Mercy: 75/100

What Makes Mercy B Tier

  • High survivability thanks to her fast movement
  • Works well with most team comps
  • Res is one of the best abilities in the game
  • Weak ultimate
  • Powerful healing capabilities
  • Doesn’t provide much damage or utility
  • Damage boost is great for pocketing good players


Moira (B Tier Support)

Moira stares at her destroyed arm with glee

Moira is in an interesting spot. Her kit isn’t too versatile, but it fits her. She has a fade that can get her out of tough situations, and she also has biotic orbs that can do either healing or damage. If your team needs a support who can do a lot of damage, then Moira is perfect for you.

Moira doesn’t have much utility, but she can keep up with fast-paced teams. If your team is aggressive, then Moira is a decent pick. She can heal at a rapid rate but needs to do damage to charge the healing back up, which is why Moira is so aggressive.

Her fade ability is solid since it gets her out of trouble. She can fade out of existence and flee from enemies, allowing her to avoid enemy ultimates such as Graviton Surge. Moira can flank, do some damage to recharge her healing, then fade away. Her ultimate can do damage and healing at the same time, like her biotic orbs, which makes it pretty useful for picking off squishies while also healing her team.

Moira players get made fun of because Overwatch players assume they only do damage and don’t heal. If you want to be a better Moira player, make sure you’re playing in a balanced way. Do damage where you see fit, but also remember to heal. Don’t let your team die for the chance that you can get a kill or two.

Moira: 70/100

What Makes Moira B Tier

  • Fade gets her out of bad situations
  • Can do a high amount of healing
  • Doesn’t have much utility
  • Can keep up with the fast pace of the game
  • Does multi-target healing
  • Biotic orbs can get quick kills
  • Can do high damage
  • Her ultimate is often a hit or miss


C Tier

C tier heroes are the lowest on the list because they don’t do much to impact the game. Although they have moments where they can make clutch saves and turn the tide in their favor, they don’t have the abilities to keep up with the other, better heroes. Along with that, their ultimates tend to be weak.


Brigitte (C Tier Support)

Brig shows off her shield

Brig is easily the worst support in the game right now. She isn’t the worst hero in the game, but she’s far from the best. Her kit doesn’t impact the game much, even though she’s designed to provide a lot of damage and utility. Every support hero has an ability that can massively impact the game in some way, but Brig isn’t like that.

It hurts me to put Brig so low because she can be very fun to play. She’s an aggressive support, which fits well with the style of Overwatch 2. It’s a very fast-paced, aggressive game, which is one of the best parts about Brig. Although she can keep up with the pace of the game, her kit has insufficient impact on the game to elevate her above the C tier.

The other supports are miles better than her thanks to how they can do all the things she can do, only better. Brig can knock enemies back, but Lucio can do so too, and he has the better kit. Brig can heal multiple targets at once, but heroes like Moira and Lucio can do the same at a more efficient rate.

There’s no reason to choose Brig over the other supports in the game. Her ultimate can give your team an advantage, but the other support ults are much stronger. If Brig had better health for herself and her shield, a more impactful ultimate, and more healing to compete with the other supports, she would be much higher than C tier. For now, she’s stuck as the worst support in the game.

Brigitte: 60/100

What Makes Brigitte C Tier

  • Low impact
  • Weak ultimate
  • Is outdone by other supports
  • Can keep up with the aggressive gameplay
  • Can provide good utility


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