[Top 10] Best Overwatch 2 Custom Games We Love

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Zenyatta stares at a Genji while training his aim

What Are Custom Games

Overwatch 2 is full of new and remastered workshop custom games. Workshop is for you if you want to play games that aren't in the quick play or competitive modes. From aim training to hide and seek, you can find a wide variety of unique game modes you’ve never played before.


10. Tiny Hide And Seek

Tiny hide and seek is exactly what it sounds like: hide and seek, except tiny. The goal of this custom game is to hide for as long as possible. The player with the most points will win.

The best way to play this game mode is to gather a group of your friends and hop on. You’ll benefit from playing with a microphone, whether you’re with strangers or friends. For even more fun, put on some funny skins to get extra laughs.

Playing tiny hide and seek is great for players looking for a hilarious and fresh take on Overwatch 2. With the game revolving around constant battles and teamwork, it’s refreshing to play a game mode without much shooting or communication. This game mode is straight fun, especially with friends, and you can rely on yourself to bring yourself the win.

How The Game Works

  • Hiders are tiny
  • Hiders have a few minutes to hide
  • The best hiders get the most points

Fun factor: 85/100


9. Doom Sumo

Doom sumo is Overwatch’s take on sumo wrestling. The game is simple: knock the other Doomfist players off the map. It’s a king of the hill style game.

If you’re someone who wants to have fun without needing to make friends or bring friends into it, Doom sumo is great for you. You can rely on yourself while changing up the typical Overwatch formula and having fun.

Along with that, you can practice your Doom skills. As Doom weaves his way up in popularity, he’ll become more useful in the current state of Overwatch 2. The more practice you have on Doomfist, the better your tank play will be in the long run.

How The Game Works

  • King of the hill gameplay
  • Doomfist only
  • Knock other players off the map to win

Fun factor: 85/100


8. One Dad Vs. Eleven Kids

One dad vs. eleven kids is a classic Overwatch game. How you play the game is in the name. You’re either the dad or one of the kids. The dad has more power than the kids, so he needs more kills to win. The kids need very few kills to win, but they have more weaknesses.

This is a great game mode if you want to make new friends on Overwatch. It’s best to go into this mode without friends. Join a game of strangers and get ready to meet some new people. Since it’s a casual environment with low stakes, you’re less likely to encounter toxic players. It’s a possibility, but much less likely than in competitive and quick play.

No matter how you choose to play it, dad versus kids is a fun game mode with lots of memorable moments. It’s even more fun if the person playing the dad overacts and gives a stellar, angry dad performance. Or, if you want to get into it, you can play the role of the angry dad. 

How The Game Works

  • Cooldowns are much faster
  • Dad has more health than kids
  • The dad is gigantic
  • The kids are miniature size
  • 100 kills to win for dad
  • 10 kills to win for kids

Fun factor: 85/100


7. Rein Invasion

Rein invasion is a survival game. Despite how Overwatch 2 is a 5v5 shooter, Rein invasion changes that up and adds a survival element to it similar to Junkerstein’s Revenge. If you enjoy PvE events, Rein invasion is perfect for you.

Gathering a group of four or more is the best way to play this game mode. This game mode can be made to feel like an Overwatch version of Left 4 Dead or other similar games. Together with your buddies, face hordes of Reinhardts and try to survive as they become more powerful.

The reason you should play Rein invasion is the change of pace from the core game. Yes, Rein invasion still revolves around shooting things, but it’s in a different way. It puts a spin on the type of playstyle you’re used to while also giving you a memorable experience you can have with friends.

How The Game Works

  • Survival gameplay
  • Survive against waves of Reinhardts
  • The power of the Reinhardts grows more each round

Fun factor: 90/100


6. Gun Game All Heroes

Gun game is a fast-paced, free-for-all workshop game that’s growing in popularity. It's as if your gun changed after each kill, except your hero changes instead of the gun. That’s the selling point of gun game: changing heroes each time you get a kill.

Gun game is perfect for practice and fun alike. If you’re bored and waiting for the queue, you should hop in a gun game lobby to warm up. Not only will you practice a wide variety of heroes, but you’ll see how other players adjust to changing heroes so rapidly.

Overwatch 2 is a game that has a rapidly changing environment and playstyle. The more you can adapt to this playstyle, the better. Gun game gives you the perfect opportunity to practice your reaction time, aim, and self-defense.

How The Game Works

  • FFA deathmatch gameplay
  • 12 players
  • Change heroes after every kill

Fun factor: 90/100


5. 1000 Damage

Like gun game, you switch heroes after you do 1000 damage. This is a good alternative to gun game if you want to stay on the same hero for longer, such as Widowmaker. Switching quickly can be jarring and difficult because Widowmaker can get a headshot that kills in one hit.

Unlike gun game, this workshop mode is better for training aim. Since this game is more focused on damage than kills, you can practice your aim. Even as a DPS player, you won’t always be killing things. Putting in a lot of damage and landing consistent body shots can be better than getting kills. It shows you’re contributing to the team and allowing your other teammates to follow through on the damage you’re doing.

1000 damage trains your aim and, by extension, makes you a better team player. Try focusing on body shots. Focus on doing damage rather than going for headshots all the time. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with headshots, but a well-timed body shot could make a huge difference. It’s all about game sense and knowing what shots to hit and when, and 1000 damage helps you train that.

How The Game Works

  • FFA deathmatch gameplay
  • Switch heroes after dealing 1000 damage

Fun factor: 90/100


4. Ashe Roulette

This is one of my personal favorites among custom games because of how simple yet fun it is. Alone or with friends, hop into an Ashe roulette lobby. You’ll come out with a lot of fun memories. All you have to do is say "hi", and whoever gets the uncommon Ashe voice line gets killed.

Although Ashe Roulette is less popular with the new voice lines, you can still find it in the Overwatch 2 workshop. This game is great for those looking to make new friends. You can do this with your friends as well, but it works best with strangers since you don’t need teamwork to play.

Build memories together with people who could potentially become your new Overwatch buddies. Ashe roulette is a very simple game mode that anyone can play, yet so many fun moments come out of it. For example, one time I said the rare voice line and had to run. A teammate ran with me, pretending to be my friend. Right when I trusted him, he killed me, and we laughed about it for a while.

Don’t worry; I got my revenge later.

How The Game Works

  • Only Ashe
  • Little combat
  • Say “hi”
  • Stand in a circle

Fun factor: 95/100


3. Aim Training

There are countless aim trainer workshops you can try out. The most common is an arena in which you compete against AI. You’ll have infinite ammo, and sometimes the AI will float so you can practice on aerial targets as well.

Aim training is great for warming up. If you’re about to hop into competitive mode, you should first do the aim trainer. This way, you can warm up your aim and reaction time before joining a game.

Along with training your aim, it’s also fun. When playing against AI, you’ll see the AI do funky things you wouldn’t see real players do. Sometimes the AI will glitch or randomly have better aim than even pros. It’s hilarious to watch and play against, giving you fond memories while training your aim.

How The Game Works

  • Infinite ammo
  • AI enemies
  • You vs AI

Fun factor: 95/100


2. Lava Parkour

Lava parkour is exactly what it sounds like: you do parkour while dodging lava. The lava is actually just death barriers, but it’s still called lava. This is completely different from the main game since it relies on parkour rather than shooting and healing.

You can play this game either alone or with friends. The playstyle relies more on the individual than the group, but with friends, you can work together to survive. Thanks to this, lava parkour appeals to a wide audience. It appeals to both those looking for a fun individual experience and those looking for a group activity.

Lava parkour is an exciting experience since it’s fast-paced. It’s different from the core Overwatch experience. It doesn’t have the shooting, but it isn’t relaxing by any means. If you’re looking for a thrill without needing to shoot at enemies, then lava parkour is perfect for you.

How The Game Works

  • Parkour gameplay
  • Death barriers will kill you if you touch them
  • Get to the next checkpoint without dying

Fun factor: 100/100


1. Genji Ball

Genji ball is arguably one of the most iconic and fun workshop games in Overwatch. You really have to be soulless to not find enjoyment in this game mode. All you have to do is play Genji and use his deflect when the ball is coming at you. The last Genji alive wins.

This game mode is best used in small groups rather than big ones. With a duo or trio, you should play Genji ball and laugh over how hard it is to dodge the ball. It's pretty much video game dodgeball. It’s hard not to find at least one thing to enjoy in this mode.

I recommend going into this as a duo, with you and one friend. When I played this with my duo, we targeted each other the entire time and had a blast. The rest of the players laughed at us, and we formed great memories thanks to it. If you’re more competitive, you can find some competitive Genji ball in the workshop too.

How The Game Works

  • Only Genji
  • Energy ball targets a single player
  • Dodgeball, pretty much
  • The last remaining Genji player wins

Fun factor: 100/100


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