Top 10 Overwatch Best Emotes That Are Super Cool

Overwatch Best Emotes
The Overwatch gang having them selves a little dance party.

Top 10 Overwatch Best Emotes that are Super Cool

Ah emotes, one of the best ways to demonstrate your dominance over an enemy or to use when celebrating a team kill with your teammates. But, out of the hundred or so emotes that Overwatch has to offer only 10 rain supperer over the rest. So gather close my friends as I show the best/coolest emotes that should be a part of your Overwatch collection.

10. Game On

The most expensive emote in the entire game, “Game on” is certainly one to add to any Overwatch gamers collection. Though the reason it is ranked low on this list is because all it is is a sitting emote. Granted it is the best sitting emote out of the game with the most complex animation, but it is still a sitting emote all the same.  

See Game On in action:


9. Lounging 

Another sitting emote that is nowhere as epic or cool as “Game On” , but it is the way that players have figured out how to be cheeky with this emote that it earns a place on this list. You see, on certain maps like Rialto and Watchpoint: Gibraltar there is a lot of shrubbery near the payload’s path and when a Junkrat does the “Lounging '' emote in said bushes he becomes practically invisible. And this emote will be able to contest the payload for however long it takes for the enemy team to figure out that there is a rat in their midst.   

See Lounging in action:


8. Widow's Kiss

The “Widow’s Kiss” emote perfectly captures what every Widowmaker main feels like when they pop that Tracer that has been targeting them the entire game. This emote holds a lot of sass yet elegance as you give your enemies the kiss of death as they watch you through their kill feed. 

See Widow’s Kiss in action:


7. Bomb Spin

A very fun emote for a very spunky and charming character. This emote is an animation of our dear Tracer being a dork and playing around with her Pulse Bomb and nearly dropping it several times throughout the emote. Why would Tracer play around with one of her most deadliest weapons is as much a mystery to you as it is to me. 

See Bomb Spin in action:


6. Facepalm

A personal favorite of mine, this emote betrays the feeling that every healer main feels when they see their Reinhardt charge head first into the enemy of six while screaming “I need Healing”. This is the perfect emote to do after killing a fleeing Genji who thought he could escape your wraith or a baby D.Va who thought she was all that and a box of chocolate before she came face to face with your Discord Orb. 

See Facepalm in action: 


5. Kicking Dirt

If this emote doesn’t say “get off of my back please and have a nice day” I don’t know what will. This is the perfect emote to spam after you kill the Rienhardt that tried to charge you while you were in your Fortify form. It is a very polite, disrespectful emote that will make any enemy rage. 

See Kicking Dirt in action:


4. Shrug

This is truly the one of funnest emotes due to the fact of how out of charter it is for Reaper, the murdering terrorist who has no problem shooting you in the face with a shotgun if you are in his way. This is an absolutely perfect emote to spam at your fellow teammates when they are giving you crap on your reaper playing or when they are shouting “how on earth did you get a 5k without your ult?” 

See Shrug in action: 


3. Ribbon 


A very pretty and elegant emote, Symmetra graces us with a beautiful ribbon dance to make us feel as light as a feather, even during the heat of battle. Like I said this is a very grateful, rage-inducing emote, especially when you spam it after a 3 man turret kill.   

See Ribbon in action:


2. Sweethardt 

A very sweet testament to Reinhardt’s personality, Sweethardt (see what they did there) is a dance emote where Reinhardt waltzes with his beloved hammer. Sweethardt is a very lovely emote to do, especially over the corpses of your enemies after you throw your hammer down and buried them 3 feet underground with your charge. 

See Sweethardt in action:


1. Stretch

Ever wonder if Zenyatta could walk or what he would look like if he walked everywhere instead of floating? Well Blizzard took that fantasy and made it into our worst nightmares. Not exactly a good emote to get back at enemies or to make a point, but it is one of the funniest emotes that Overwatch has to offer and can definitely freak out new Overwatch players who had no idea that this emote even existed. So for comedy sake, I believe that this is truly the best emotes that Overwatch has brought us thus far.

See Stretch in action:


And there it is, the top 10 Overwatch emotes that are the coolest thing since bread. I hope that you enjoyed this top 10 Overwatch list and I wish you all a wonderful day full of Overwatch.

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