The 12 Best Overwatch Characters Who Will Get You More Wins

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Overwatch Heroes ready to lead the team to victory

The Best Overwatch Characters That Will Bring You More Wins

Overwatch, being the newest golden child from blizzard, is always changing, always evolving, always growing. From the new maps, to the nitty-gritty stats, lots of changes are bound to come with each patch, making the players happier and blizzard a lot more satisfied.

Now, the real heart and satisfaction, however, is not just in the maps, in the game modes, in the dancing skirmish sessions that we all love but, in the characters! The characters of Overwatch are what makes it so great.

So, whether you’re an experienced player or someone that just got the game, I’m going to tell you the three best characters of each class and, hopefully, give you a lot of victories!

Best Overwatch Offence Heroes

Ah, the beautifully crafted offence heroes. From the Genji’s cry for healing, to the Mccree’s high noon death announcement, these are the characters that, hopefully, will destroy your enemies when they least expect it. 

Tracer (The best)

Tracer getting 24 Kills and 0 Deaths

Primary: Pulse Pistols – Not only are her shots incredibly fast, but she also has two guns to work with. Think Lara Croft’s weapons but ten times faster and with a lot more damage.

Secondary: Blink – Skips quite a few steps ahead to the direction you’re moving in, almost like teletransporting. It has three charges that generate gradually. Great for getting to the point faster, getting behind enemies or fleeing. This ability makes it very hard for the enemies to hit her.

E Ability: Recall – This ability makes tracer go back in time, to the point she was seconds ago, regaining her health, ammo and position that she had in that point in time.

Ultimate: Pulse Bomb – This bomb can be dropped on the ground or stuck to an enemy, dealing high damage to the enemies in the bomb’s radius.

She is, by far, the best offence character in the whole class. She is fast, she does a considerable amount of damage, she can go back in time and restore the health and ammo she had in that moment, she’s amazing! 

Tracer is Strong Against:

  • Widowmaker: Tracer’s rapid movements makes it very hard for widowmaker to hit her.
  • Zenyatta: Can easily counter act the fast damage done with the help of Zenyatta’s discord, by recalling.
  • Hanzo: The rapid movement and quick damage makes it very hard for Hanzo to handle. 

Tracer is Weak Against:

  • Mccree: If Mccree hits Tracer with his Flash Bang, she’s as good as dead.
  • Winston: Since this tank has a lot of mobility, it is very easy to counter Tracer, especially if she’s focusing on another enemy.
  • Mei: Tracer’s fast movement won’t be a challenge for Mei, because she will freeze her in the spot and it only takes one shot to the head after freezing to deliver the kill.

Soldier 76 (The 2nd best)

Ranked Player gets 24 Kills streak

Primary: Heavy Pulse Rifle – A rifle that has fully automatic pulse fire and that is more accurate than you’d expect.

Secondary: Helix Rockets – A second mode to this gun, shooting three rockets in one shot, dealing a lot of damage to the enemies that find themselves in in the explosion’s radius.

Shift: Sprint – Sprints at great speed, ends if he takes any other action other than sprinting.

E Ability : Biotic Field – Creates a healing beam that restores health to him and the teammates that are within the circle.

Ultimate: Tactical Visor – Inspired by the dirty aimbotters, Soldier’s ultimate makes it so easy to hit the enemies that you don’t even have to try and be precise.

If you’ve ever played any other FPS in your entire life, then you’ll be very familiar with this hero. He is the typical shoot, reload and sprint type of guy, that will get the job done with his gun and lots of bullets. It’s perfect for people who have experience in other FPS games and just got into playing Overwatch.

Soldier 76 is Strong Against:

  • Torbjörn: The smooth aim and the rockets makes it very easy to destroy both Torbjörn and his turret.
  • Lucio: Since you don’t need to have the sharpest aim ever, countering Lucio’s movement gets a lot easier.

Soldier 76 is Weak against:

  • Genji: Genji can deflect soldier’s attacks and his movement gets him an advantage.
  • Reinhardt: Reinhardt has a shield to protect him from Soldier’s attacks and, if he charges against him, he could kill him instantly.

Genji (The 3rd best)

Genji killing like the ninja he is

Primary: Shuriken – Throws one throwing star.

Secondary: Fan of Blades – Throws three throwing stars in quick succession.

Shift: Swift Strike – Swings forward, slashing the enemy with his sword. If the enemy is eliminated, he can instantly use this ability again.

E Ability: Deflect – Uses his blade to reflect oncoming projectiles and throws them back to their enemies.

Ultimate Ability: Dragonblade – Pulls out his sword and strikes a whole lot of damage, being very effective in killing.

Genji can be a perfect addition to any team, if played right. He’s very fast and agile, double jumps, does a considerable bit of damage and can counter many heroes. He’s also very good at getting behind the enemy line and killing enemies from behind, making him the perfect choice for those players that like to play fast and effective.

Genji is Strong Against:

  • Hanzo: Even though they are brothers, Genji’s speed can counter Hanzo’s movements with a lot of ease.
  • Bastion: You’ll likely find bastion sitting somewhere, shooting people, so, the double jump and incredible speed will be a breeze when it comes to getting to Bastion.
  • Widowmaker: Just like with Tracer, fast movement characters can be a headache to widowmaker, making Genji very hard to hit.

Genji is Weak Against:

  • Mei: Do I really need to state the reason as to why Genji is bad against her? If Mei starts shooting her Endothermic blast you might as well say your last words.
  • Roadhog: Having his hook to grab his victims, if he catches you, it only takes one shot to send you back to death.
  • Pharah: Being able to fly and make it “rain from above”, Pharah is a hero that makes it very hard for Genji to reach and counter. 

Best Overwatch Defence Heroes

This is the class of heroes that deal the most damage and that are just lurking in the corner, waiting for you to fall into their traps. From Mei’s beautifully evil freezing to Junkrat’s incredible explosives, this is a class that is crucial for victory. 

Mei (the best)

Mei gets 91% Kill Participation

Primary: Endothermic Blaster – This is the blaster that is going to make the enemy tremble with fear. It damages, slows and ultimately freezes the enemy that is unlucky enough to encounter it.

Secondary: Icicle Projectiles – These are projectiles made of ice that can deal a lot of damage and, combined with the Endothermic Blaster, it is a death sentence to the enemy.

Shift: Cryo Freeze – This is a miracle of an ability. Mei surrounds herself with a thick block of ice, making her immune to any projectiles and regenerating a bit of her health.

E Ability: Ice Wall – This ability can ultimately save you and your team members or just make everything worse. She builds an ice wall that lasts ten seconds, blocking any damage or any pathway she desires.

Ultimate Ability: Blizzard – Throws a drone that slows down the enemies in the surrounding area. It also deals damage to them and, ultimately, it can freeze those who stayed too long.

Also known as the devil’s child or the devil itself, Mei is loved and feared by many. Being the one that can slow down while dealing damage and, eventually freeze the enemies, she is a great addition to the team, whether you’re defending the point or attacking it, Mei is always a good choice to go for.

Mei is Strong Against:

  • Lucio: Lucio’s speed and movement is no match for Mei. She will certainly slow him down and freeze them without any mercy.
  • Genji: Since he’s so hard to hit by other heroes, Mei is really a blessing. Her freezing abilities and the fact she can restore health, make her a fearless opponent to Genji.
  • Winston: Tanks can really push forward the enemy team, so, being able to counter a tank is a very powerful thing. Freezing Winston and then shooting him to his death with icicles, is without a doubt a good path for victory.

Mei is Weak Against:

  • Pharah: Since Pharah can fly, the only attack Mei can inflict that will be somewhat effective would be the Icicle Projectiles but, unfortunately, that is no match for Pharah’s wings and rocket shooter.
  • Widowmaker: Mei isn’t the most agile hero in the universe, making her an easier target to hit.
  • Junkrat: Being able to drop traps that will imprisoned the enemies, Junkrat can be a force to recon with for Mei.

Torbjörn (The 2nd best)

Torbjörn owning the match

Primary: Rivet Gun – Shoots projectile rivets at long range and molten metal at short range.

Secondary: Forge Hammer – This is the hammer that will upgrade and repair your turrets but, in case you’re feeling adventurous, you can also use it as a weapon.

Shift: Build Turret – This is the star of the show, the all mighty turret! Being able to be placed pretty much anywhere, this is a great defence mechanism. It’s an enemy-tracking autocannon that can be upgradable to have a second cannon barrel and a rocket launcher.

E Ability: Armor Pack – Drops an armor upgrade that both his teammates and himself can pick up to absorb damage.

Ultimate Ability: Molten Core – When you hear Torbjörn shout these two words, you better watch out. He becomes far faster than normal when it comes to attacking, repairing and building. He also gains a significant amount of armor and scrap.

Torbjörn is a must have hero for the defence rounds. If placed correctly and strategically, his turret can make it almost impossible for the enemy team to push towards the point. He also can save his teammates lives, by delivering armor packs that will decrease their damage intake. In a way, Torbjörn is almost two heroes in one, having his turret always dealing damage.

Strong Against:

  • Tracer: Since his turret automatically tracks the enemy, it’s very easy to counter Tracer’s fast mobility, shooting her without her even realising it.
  • Winston:  When Winston jumps out of sight and you lost your aim on him, fear no more, the turret is there to help you!

Weak Against:

  • Pharah: Yes, you guessed it, her flying ability and rockets can destroy Torbjörn’s turret in no time.
  • Junkrat: Since Junkrat can simply spam his frags on the enemy, it is bound to happen that those frags will also hit Torbjörn’s turret and him.

Junkrat (The 3rd best)

Pro Junkrat leads team to victory

Primary: Frag Launcher – He shoots grenades out of his improvised grenade launcher, making them bounce, creating a great opportunity for different attack and defence strategies.

Secondary: Concussion Mine – This is the command that, once you drop down the actual concussion mine, you use to activate it.

Shift: Concussion Mine – This mine has quite a few uses. It can send enemies flying through the air, deal damage to them or, even better, blow it up below you and you’ll be the one flying!

E Ability: Steel Trap – This is the trap that condemns many heroes to their death sentence. It traps players in their place, making them very vulnerable, since they aren’t able to move.

Ultimate Ability: RIP Tire – Just like the name indicates, when you hear the mechanical sound of this tire, you run, or you’re dead. He releases the tire and controls it to hit wherever you want, dealing a lot of damage to the surrounding explosion area with, many times, instantly killing the enemies.

Junkrat is definitely the most insane character in the whole Overwatch universe, which makes him such a good opponent. His frags deal a lot of damage but, even if you don’t have a good aim you don’t need to worry, because they bounce on objects and walls, making for great strategies.

He also has the fear factor of the RIP tire. Trust me, when the enemy team hears the rusty sound of that tire, they know that it’s time for them to run for their lives.

Junkrat is Strong Against:

  • D.VA: She is no challenge for Junkrat’s frags and, when the Mech is destroyed, a simple trap will imprisoned D.VA, making her a little bug ready to be squished in seconds.
  • Mercy: She is a healer that will most likely be moving around to heal all her teammates all the time, making her a bit hard to hit, however, since frags are flying all around, she is bound to be hit by them.
  • Zenyatta: It’s still a mystery how Zenyatta can be trapped if he’s floating, however, we’re very thankful he still is! Trapping Zenyatta is a great choice, for that way, he won’t be able to move around and heal his teammates or to save himself for the mayhem that is coming.

Junkrat is Weak Against:

  • Pharah: I know that she is in this list a lot but, it’s for a reason. Heroes like Junkrat that deal a lot of damage on the ground, can be very vulnerable when someone’s in the air. Since Pharah can fly, it makes it almost impossible for Junkrat’s projectiles to hit her.
  • Hanzo: Since Hanzo is (technically) a sniper, he is usually a bit further away than most heroes and, because Junkrat’s damage is mainly done in close range, it’s a challenge to deal with Hanzo.

Best Overwatch Tank Heroes

This is the class that will allow your team to move forward, towards victory. They are the ones with most health and are the frontliners, the ones who need to be there, barricading, dealing a lot of damage, allowing the team to push further than they ever have!

Alright, jokes aside, tanks are very important, which is why they have a very special place on this list. 

Reinhardt (The best)

Reinhardt gets 45 Kills in Ranked

Primary: Rocket Hammer – Probably the most epic melee weapon in the whole game, this massive hammer is able to deal a lot of damage, with each swing he makes.

Secondary: Barrier Field – This is one of the reasons why he was chosen as the best tank to use.  He projects a broad shield facing forward, not only protecting him but, also, his teammates that decided to stay behind him, making it a lot easier to deal damage to the enemy team while moving forward. It is, however, not infinite, it takes damage and is able to be destroyed. He cannot attack while projecting the shield.

Shift: Charge – Oh the joy of dragging enemies out of the map and beyond a cliff. This ability doesn’t need much explaining. He charges forth at great speed, in a straight line, taking the first enemy in is way, either smashing him against a wall (most of the time, instantly killing the enemy), pushing him away or just dragging him off of a cliff, to oblivion!

E Ability: Fire Strike – This is the only projectile that Reinhardt can do. When he whips his Rocket Hammer forward, he shoots a flaming projectile that deals damage to whoever it touches.

Ultimate Ability: EarthShatter – Slamming his Rocket Hammer into the ground, he knocks all enemies in his range down, dealing damage as well.

Reinhardt is the perfect tank to have in your team. His shield will enable your teammates (and him as well) to be protected while pushing forward, dealing damage as you walk closer and closer to the objective. However, his shield is not the only great ability he has.

His charge ability can save a lot of key moments for the match, as well as his ultimate ability that could get your team the victory!

Reinhardt is Strong Against:

  • Hanzo: His shield can protect Reinhardt from the Scatter Arrow that flies all around the place it was shot to, ricocheting the shield with ease.
  • Torbjörn: We all know his turrets are amazing, however, it only takes about two Rocket Hammer strikes to end the poor turret’s life.

Reinhardt is Weak Against:

  • Pharah: I swear Pharah isn’t my favourite hero, but she is a great opponent to a lot of them! Sure, Reinhardt’s shield is amazing, but only to heroes that are striking right in front of him. His shield has no effect for someone that is striking from above.
  • Reaper: Reaper can easily destroy any tank hero in Overwatch, for his two guns can do a lot of damage and, whenever he needs to flee Reinhardt’s hammer, he can just glide away, like the ghost that he is. 

Roadhog (The 2nd best)

The Roadhog God (91% Win Rate)

Primary: Scrap Gun – This Scrap Gun fires a short-range blast of shrapnel, doing a considerable amount of damage.

Secondary: Instead of firing a blast of Shrapnel, it launches a ball of shrapnel that detonates farther away, widening the impact.

Shift: Chain Hook – Probably the ability he is most adored for, his hook! Roadhog grabs an enemy with his hook, pulling them closer to him, being able to, after hooking them, one shot the enemy.

E Ability: Take A Breather – Restores a bit of his health.

Ultimate Ability: Whole Hog – Pouring his ammo, Roadhog shoots a fast stream of shrapnel that can knock back enemies.

Roadhog is an incredible tank, having lots of health and the ability to heal himself as well, having two types of shooting, a hook that is pretty much a death sentence and a ultimate that will ensure that the enemies will stay far away.

He’s a great addition to the team, not to mention that if you team him up with Junkrat, the universe is at peace. 

Winston (The 3rd best)

Pro player carrying the team with Winston

Primary: Tesla Cannon – His weapon fires a short-range electric beam, for as long as he holds down the trigger.

Shift: Jump Pack – This is a tank with a great agility factor to him. This ability enables him to jump in whatever direction you wish, dealing damage every time he lands. It’s great for fleeing out of the battle or for jumping back in.

E Ability: Barrier Projector – Like Reinhardt, Winston also has a shield, however, this one is a dome. His shield is placed on the ground, projecting a dome shaped barrier that absorbs damage, until destroyed.

Ultimate Ability: Primal Rage – Ah, the rage of a primal. When using the ultimate ability, Winston forgets science and embraces his animalistic nature. This ability boosts his health, making him very hard to kill, strengthens his melee attack and allows him to use his Jump Pack more frequently. The only “downside” of this ability is that he can only make melee and Jump Pack attacks.

Winston is a Gorilla scientist and, as you might expect, he is absolutely epic. It is very satisfying to be able to use the Jump Pack and jump back into battle, dealing damage with his landing. He’s such a great tank because, not only is he able to place a Barrier Projector, in the shape of a dome, where all his teammates can group up in, but he also can do quite a bit of damage, without needing great aiming skills from the player.

Winston is Strong Against:

  • Symmetra: Honestly, what’s more epic than two heroes that don’t need great aim from the player, to shoot beams at each other? Nothing I’d say! With its fast movement, great strength and Jump Pack, Winston can easily counter Symmetra’s attempt at killing him
  • Widowmaker: It’s most likely that you’ll find widowmaker on top level places, which, by using the Jump Pack ability, makes it very easy for Winston to reach her and end her slaughtering. Don’t end your bullet points with fullstop. Remove all fullstop from bullet points
  • Hanzo: Winton’s shield is great to counter Hanzo’s high damage arrows.

Winston is Weak Against:

  • Zarya: With both heroes having electric beams, it’d be foolish to say that Zarya’s beam isn’t stronger than Winston’s. Being able to shield herself while moving and her beam being stronger than Winton’s, she’s a very strong opponent and a force to be reckoned with.
  • Bastion: He can simply out damage Winston’s attacks, making him a perfect counter to Winston. 

Best Overwatch Support Heroes

This is the class that (unfortunately) is the least appreciated, from my experience. They are the gods of the battle, the ones that heal and watch over you in your time of need except, of course, if you encounter a support that decides not to heal and, trust me, you will find them.

However and, even though there are a lot of healers in the support class, being a support does not automatically mean that they have healing abilities. Here I’m going to show you that being a great support is not a synonym of being a healer. 

Lucio (The best)

Lucio gets 45+ Kills

Primary: Sonic Amplifier – This sound speaker looking gun hits

Secondary: Soundwave – Like Reinhardt, Lucio can also push enemies down a cliff. His soundwave allows him to knock the enemies back with a blast of noise and, if used at the key moment and place, it can mean cliff death to the enemies.

Shift: Crossfade – This ability is what turns Lucio from a fast musician running around the map, into a fantastic healer that doesn’t really need to focus on healing. I say he doesn’t really need to focus on healing because when he switches the crossfade to the healing regenerator, everyone under his circle will automatically be healed, this happens with speed as well. When teammates are under his “speed circle”, they become faster.

E Ability: Amp It Up – This ability is directly connected to the Crossfade ability. Lucio increases the “volume on his speakers”, boosting whatever crossfade ability is activated.

Ultimate Ability: Sound Barrier – His ultimate provides him and his teammates with personal shields for a certain amount of time.

With time, Lucio has become an obvious choice to any team. He can deal a lot of damage and heal a lot as well, he can do both things and, do them well. He’s also a very fast hero, making him a hard target for the enemy team.

Lucio is Strong against:

  • Reinhardt: Since Lucio has the soundwave ability, he can easily knock him back and get right behind him with his insane speed, being able to kill him that way.
  • Mercy: In the war of supports, Lucio can, quite literally, evaporate mercy. He can move so fast it makes it very hard for mercy to catch him and, not only that but, he will also push her back from her allies, making it harder for her to heal them.

Lucio is Weak Against:

  • Mei: Not only does she has the ability to heal but, she will also freeze Lucio right in his tracks, completely debilitating him and killing him in the spot.
  • Roadhog: If Roadhog catches Lucio with his hook, then it’s the end of music, for it will only take him one shot to kill Lucio. 

Zenyatta (The 2nd best)

Zenyatta on Fire!

Primary: Orb Of Destruction (Primary) – Who doesn’t like to throw balls at enemies, right? That’s exactly what the orb of destruction is, throwing balls. However, these balls do quite a lot of damage and can be very effective in the moment of killing.

Secondary: Orb Of Destruction (Alternate) – If you feel like throwing single balls is not being enough, then hold the right mouse button and then release it, to throw a dangerous stream of balls.

Shift: Orb Of Harmony – This is the healing ability. Zenyatta sticks a healing orb that follows the ally and heals them overtime. It can only be applied to one ally at a time.

E Ability: Orb Of Discord – Much like the Orb Of Harmony, this one also sticks to one’s body, although, this time, it’s to an enemy. When this orb is connected to an enemy, you and your teammates can inflict an extra 30% damage to that enemy. It can only be applied to one enemy at a time.

Ultimate Ability: Transcendence – When this ability is activated, Zenyatta cannot use any other abilities, however, he cannot suffer any damage and he heals all nearby teammates, being a lifesaver in very crucial moments.

Even though Zenyatta isn’t as easy to deliver healing as, for example, Lucio, his damage, and Orb Of Discord make up for it. He’s a great addition for when you need more damage in the team but, also, a healer. Like he says “True self is without form”, he’s as much of a healer as he’s a damage dealer, he’s a support.

Zenyatta is Strong Against:

  • Symmetra: The Orb of Discord makes it a lot faster to kill Symmetra, delivering powerful blows of damage.
  • Mercy: Knowing that Mercy is that one that can keep her team alive, zenyatta’s movements and attacks can easily counter Mercy’s running for her life.

Zenyatta is Weak Against:

  • Roadhog: If his hook grabs you, it’s one shot one kill and you’re dead.
  • Tracer: Because of her impeccable quick movement, she can assassinate Zenyatta before he realizes what’s going on. 

Symmetra (The 3rd best)

Symmetra gets 60+ Kills in Ranked

Primary: Photon Projector – This weapon emits a short-range beam that sticks to a nearby enemy, dealing damage that increases the longer it’s connected.

Secondary: Photon Projector Orbs – Projects a charged energy ball that deals a lot of damage. The longer you hold the right mouse button, the bigger the size of the ball.

Shift: Sentry Turret – This is the reason why Symmetra is so good, her turrets. Much like Torbjörn, her turrets are insanely helpful, although, unlike Torbjörn, Symmetra has six turrets to place. These turrets can fry up any enemy that is unfortunate enough to walk upon them.

E Ability: Photon Barrier – Shields are a must for battles, so, because of this, Symmetra obviously needed to have one. Her shield, however, does not stick to a surface and is not fixed, it moves in the direction she shot it to, enabling her to move towards the enemy while being protected.

Ultimate Ability: Teleporter/Shield Generator –This ultimate is one of the most handy ones on this list. Placing the teleporter closer to the point in the map can really increase the chances of winning, simply because it shortens the distance between spawn and the point and, even though that doesn’t look like much, it can be a great advantage.

Besides the teleporter, she also can choose the Shield Generator that, you guessed it, generates shields. Any ally that passes by the shield generator, automatically gets shielded.

Symmetra is an amazing support, especially when she’s in the defending round. Not only is her Photon Projector very effective and strong if you use it right, but her turrets, if placed correctly and strategically, can be absolutely deadly, creating the so called “death gates” or “death entrances”.

Symmetra is Strong Against; 

  • Genji: He can't excape easily from Symmetra's turrets and primary attack.
  • Reinhardt: Symmetra's secondary weapon can go through his shield.

Symmetra is Weak Against:

  • Winston: He can directly counter her turrets with his gun (being that he doesn't have to directly shoot at them to destroy them).
  • Pharah: When Pharah flies, Symmetra can't hit her and neither can the turrets. 

That’s our list of the three best heroes of each class, in the wonderful magically dangerous world of Overwatch. Do you think we should replace any of these heroes by another? Please tell us in the comments below, we’d love to hear your opinion. 


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