[Top 10] Overwatch 2 Best Kiriko Skins That Look Freakin’ Awesome

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Goth Kiriko staring at you

Why There Aren't Many Kiriko Skins

Kiriko is one of the new heroes in the game, so she doesn’t have too many skins. However, of the ones she has available, it’s hard to pick a clear winner. Which one of the Kiriko skins is the best, and why should you use it?


10. Classic (Free)

Classic Kiriko glares down her opponents

See classic in action: 

You can’t go wrong with the classics. In Overwatch 2, the classic skins are surprisingly good. For example, D.Va and Lucio have amazing Overwatch 2 classic skins. Kiriko is the same way with her classic skin. And the best part? It’s free.

The classic skin isn’t anything special, but that’s what gives it its charm. The red colors are pleasing to the eye, and they aren’t distracting in-game. If you don’t like skins, then the classic skin is best for you. It won’t distract you with any flashy colors or lights, unlike other special skins.

The classic skin isn’t going anywhere, so don’t be scared to use it if you prefer it over the "special" skins.

How To Get Classic

Classic is given to you for free as long as you have Kiriko. As soon as you unlock Kiriko, you will get her classic skin.


9. Ajisai (300 Credits)

Kiriko shines in the light of the training area

See ajisai in action: 

This skin is basic, but it changes the color of Kiriko’s outfit to blue. Blue is one of my favorite colors, so I may be a bit biased in putting this skin above the classic skin. However, the blue gloves are really cute and change up the red you’re used to seeing. Going from blue to red is a good idea.

It’s not a spectacular skin by any means, but it serves its purpose as a basic skin. The simple color change is nice for players who prefer cooler colors. Red isn’t everyone’s favorite, so having the option to switch to blue is a cool alternative (no pun intended).

How To Get Ajisai

This skin is one of the basic Kiriko skins, therefore it has a low price tag. All you need to do is make sure you have enough credits, then you can purchase it from the store.


8. Fuji (300 Credits)

Pink Kiriko shows off her new skin

See fuji in action: 

The fuji skin is another one of her basic skins, but it changes the color to pink. The pink color fits Kiriko’s character well. The pink is actually a nice shade of pink. There are many shades that are too bright or too dark, but this one is in the perfect middle.

My one issue with this skin is that I don’t think the pink matches her hair very well. It’s not too big a deal, especially since you’re playing in first person, but it’s still something to keep in mind when choosing what skin you want to buy.

Overall, this skin works well for changing up the first-person experience. If pink is a color you like, definitely get this skin so you can see Kiriko’s pink gloves.

How To Get Fuji

Fuji is another one of the basic Kiriko skins, meaning you can get it at a lower price than the other skins. Just like with ajisai, all you have to do is purchase it once you have enough credits.


7. Tanpopo (300 Credits)

Orange Kiriko standing in the hero information screen

See tanpopo in action: 

This will be the last entry for a basic skin on this list. The tanpopo skin turns Kiriko’s outfit orange, and it’s very bright. The bright orange is unique from her other skins since they tend to have a darker scheme (as you’ll see later in this list).

This skin keeps the basic Kiriko design but changes up the colors to make something a bit different. Since it’s so cheap, if you’re looking for a small change to the first-person experience, consider getting this skin. The orange gloves are a nice change from the red gloves you’re used to seeing with the base skin.

Tanpopo isn’t her best skin, but it’s the brightest of the basic skins, making it unique.

How To Get Tanpopo

Once again, this skin is basic and has a low price tag. All you have to do is purchase it from the store when you have enough credits.


6. Matsuri (1000 Credits)

Kiriko stares at her magical healing papers

See matsuri in action: 

This is the first epic skin on this list, and it’s okay. It’s not the best Kiriko skin, but it’s definitely creative and elegant. It’s the most elegant Kiriko skin, which is why it’s worthy of a high place on this list. The color scheme is beautiful, mixing dark with light to create patterns that are pleasing to the eye.

The headpiece is creative and different from her other skins, setting this one apart from the others. It doesn’t do too much to change Kiriko’s weapons, but the outfit is too gorgeous to take your eyes off of.

Overall, this skin is beautiful and worth buying if you have the credits to spare.

How To Get Matsuri

Matsuri is more pricey than the previous skins on this list. You’ll need to save up a lot in order to get it. When you have enough credits, you can buy it.


5. Sukajan (1900 Credits)

Sukajan Kiriko stands dramatically during golden hour

See sukajan in action: 

Sukajan is one of Kiriko’s legendary skins, therefore it looks beautiful. It’s a bit basic considering the potential skin designs you can have with Kiriko, but it’s still a very pretty skin. It’s inoffensive and safe, meaning it’s a safe option to buy if you’re looking for a new skin to play with.

The jacket is very slick. Honestly, it reminds me of D.Va’s cruiser skin since the color scheme is very similar. It also helps that you can see the changes made to Kiriko’s base skin when playing with the sukajan skin. When playing in first person, you can see the different colors on the gloves and the sleeves of her jacket.

Overall, it's a fine skin. It’s nothing special, but it’s definitely a step up from the other skins on this list.

How To Get Sukajan

This is one of Kiriko’s most expensive skins. It's legendary, so you’ll need to grind in order to get it. When you get enough credits, you can buy it.


4. Visual Kei (Store)

Emo Kiriko gets ready for battle, probably after coming home from a MCR concert

See visual kei in action: 

Have you ever wondered what would happen if Kiriko went emo? Well, here’s your answer: the visual kei skin. The dark patterns remind me of the LA Gladiators OWL skins. However, that’s a good thing since the Gladiators have some of the best OWL skins.

The theme of this skin is quite literally emo and goth. It feels like Kiriko is a rockstar, which definitely makes this skin more unique than most of her other skins. The little spikes around her wrists and collar are nice touches that give the skin more personality.

I’m not a huge fan of the hair, but it adds to the theme of the skin. Overall, this skin is solid and worth buying if you see it in the store.

How To Get Visual Kei

Visual kei is a bit complicated since you can only get it when it comes around in the store. It can come at random times, so check the store daily to find it.


3. Witch (Halloween Terror)

Witch Kiriko stares at you with an evil smirk

See witch in action: 

Witch Kiriko is a legendary skin that appears in the Halloween event and features Kiriko wearing a massive witch hat. This skin is very impressive due to how much work was put into crafting it. The fluffy hair and wild witch hat make this skin fun and even cute, despite the Halloween theme.

My favorite part are the gloves, which you can see first-person when you’re playing her. They’re very satisfying to look at. My one problem with this skin is that it’s not very original. It feels like a lamer version of the Mercy witch skin. Considering Kiriko’s magical abilities, like her teleportation, I feel like more could have been done with the colors to make it stand out.

Otherwise, this is a good skin despite being a bit uninspired. The makeup and look of the skin are great. If you’re someone who likes Halloween skins, then the witch Kiriko skin is for you.

How To Get Witch

Since this is a Halloween Terror skin, you need to wait until the next Halloween event to get her. Her price is not set in stone because we don’t know if the prices will change or not.


2. Athleisure (1900 Credits)

Athleisure Kiriko relaxes in the training area

See athleisure in action: 

Athleisure Kiriko is a legendary skin with a floral jacket and a darker color scheme. It seems as though most of her skins like darker colors, and it makes sense. The darker tones suit her more, and the floral patterns give this skin what it needs to seem different from the rest of her skins.

This skin isn’t anything spectacular. If anything, it feels like they threw leggings and a jacket on Kiriko’s base skin and called it a day. However, the designs have enough detail put into them that I can admire how they look in-game. Along with that, seeing the sleeves while playing Kiriko is a nice touch.

This skin is one of her best due to how aesthetic it is. If you value the appearance of your skin, you should experiment with athleisure. 

How To Get Athleisure

You can buy this legendary skin from the store at any time using credits.


1. Hinotori (Season 1 Battle Pass)

Kiriko snuggles with her adorable fox spirit

See hinotori in action: 

This skin is my personal favorite because it’s one of the only Kiriko skins that really changes things up. Even athleisure keeps Kiriko’s base mostly the same. Hinotori changes Kiriko completely, making her robotic with gloves that look amazing when you’re using them in first person.

My favorite part of this skin is her kunai. They turn into little knives, like tactical knives. This skin feels like something straight out of the cyberpunk world, which is a nice change from the types of skins we normally get. This skin is a sci-fi lover’s dream, and I must admit, I am one of those sci-fi lovers.

The color scheme of the skin is dark mixed with light. It has a black base with yellow, almost golden, accents that make the skin pop. Her face is silver to represent a robotic look, as is her hair, which is pulled into three buns. It’s definitely her best skin due to how different it looks from the rest of her options.

How To Get Hinotori

Unfortunately, hinotori is a skin that was limited to the battle pass. Unless you unlocked it during the season 1 battle pass, you can’t get it. There may be a way to unlock it in the future, but nothing has been confirmed.


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