[Top 5] Overwatch 2 Best Supports To Carry The Game (Ranked)

Overwatch 2 Support Heroes
Playing Support Heroes ain't that bad.

Which support hero is the best?

Overwatch 2 includes a handful but distinct roster of support characters who buff, heal, and assist the team as a whole. A superb support is usually the one who can masterfully save their team from being utterly annihilated, and without them, the enemy team may simply destroy the DPS and tanks.

If you're seeking for the greatest support hero to utilize in Overwatch 2, you've come to the right spot since we've ranked the top five support heroes in the game.

5. Moira

Moira has been one of the most beginner-friendly heroes in Overwatch 2. Her skills are simple. For one, her primary attack/healing, Biotic Grasp, can do area-of-effect healing, and if you are out of biotic energy, you can damage opponents to gather it back faster. She also has a biotic orb, which is literally a big orb that bounces off walls and is quite powerful in both healing and damage potential. She can also escape pretty quickly with Fade, as she will be invisible and invulnerable for a second. Finally, her ultimate, Coalescence, is both a powerful healing and damage ultimate, and thus it can either wipe out the whole opposing team while actually healing your opponents tremendously.

As for her main support strategy, stay away from the frontlines as much as possible, though you can assist your flanking teammates as Moira is also a great flanking hero. Throwing a Biotic Orb depends on the situation, but I found it most effective when used as a healing orb, especially since Moira has limited primary heals and it takes time for it to refill even if you are damaging your enemies constantly. On the other hand, you may use a damage Biotic Orb if you are in an advantageous position, like throwing it in an enclosed space towards the enemy, or if you are trying to disturb the opposing team’s positioning. Of course, you have to watch when you use Fade, as it only needs to be used for escaping and retreating back behind your team’s tank.

Many people argue that she should utilize her ultimate on offense, but I'd pair it with another hero's ultimate, such as Zarya, Mei, or Orisa, to maximize its effectiveness.

Why Moira is a Great Support That Can Carry The Game

  • She can do amazing healing and decent damage, which is quite rare for a support. Some Moira focus on damage, and you will be seeing a lot of them either outdamaging their healing prowess 2:1 in some cases. A great Moira, however, balances it out.
  • She can easily escape enemies, hence she can contest longer and she can support better with her Biotic Orb. just be careful on how you throw it towards your team.
  • Her ultimate, Coalescence, is amazingly powerful. It can wipe an opposing team, heal your teammate quickly, and it is long range.

Choose Moira if:

  • You have a long range or single-unit healer teammate like Ana, since Moira can effectively heal multiple teammates at once.
  • The map has enclosed spaces or a lot of walls. This is to make the Biotic Orb very effective, plus, it helps with her ultimate as well.
  • If the team composition is a Dive team since you can use Fade to go in-and-out of the clash.

Support Carry Score: 85/100

4. Baptiste

Baptiste edges out Moira simply because Baptiste's support skills can be more helpful in a way that they can literally save a team in clutch moments. To begin, his primary weapon, the Biotic Launcher, is a powerful three-round burst attack with an area-of-effect that can heal your teammates a lot. He has the Regenerative Burst skill, which can heal himself and his allies, which makes him very viable in clutch moments, and he has the Immortality Field, which he can deploy to prevent anyone from dying. As for escaping or retreating, he can jump quite highly with Exo Boots, which can be helpful when helping your DPS, who is on higher ground. Lastly, his Amplification Matrix literally doubles the damage and healing of any projectiles that come through it.

As for his main strategy as a support, it is always going to be defensive and to stay close with your teammates since you need to use your skills, especially Immortality Field, when your team is being overwhelmed. Be mindful that when you deploy an Immortality Field, it can also be destroyed. It has a decent amount of health, and if you are lower ranked, a lot of people do not even destroy it.

As for Amplification Matrix, it works great with long-range heroes, as they can fully utilize it when shooting the enemies. If you are pressuring the enemies, his ultimate can be quite helpful to finish the job. A common tactic with Baptiste is to shoot while crouching, as this charges his Exo Boots, which can be used to escape if you are being targeted by DPS.

Why Baptiste is a Great Support That Can Carry The Game

  • His skills can heal multiple heroes at once
  • He can deploy an immortality field, which makes the team invulnerable for quite some time.
  • He can play well with any team composition and any maps, but he works best on teams that hold the line instead of a Dive composition, which can be quite hard to follow for Baptiste.

Choose Baptiste if:

  • If you have a team composition of mostly long range weapons, Baptiste's ultimate will be maximized when you activate it.
  • You can counter multiple DPS ultimate with Immortality Field, provided they have not destroyed it once you deploy it. One example is Junkrat.
  • You are on a defending side, and need to defend a point or checkpoint. Baptiste works well, he is defending a spot since his Immortality Field only has limited radius.

Support Carry Score: 88/100


Ana is undoubtedly the most difficult support hero to master in Overwatch 2, as she requires a high level of accuracy to be a good support.

However, if you manage to master her skills, she can be an amazing support in any situation. As for her skills, she is a long-range support and uses a Biotic Rifle that has a scope, which makes her quite hard to defeat since you need to flank the whole team just to get her, and she might even use her Sleep Dart on you with ease if she sees you attacking him. Her other skill, Biotic Grenade, is one of the most helpful skills as it deals damage to enemies and heals allies within its area-of-effect, while enemies cannot be healed for a while once they are hit, which usually means a death wish for anyone who cannot be healed. Finally, her ultimate, Nano Boost, is amazingly effective as it boosts damage and reduces damage on the one you are targeting; it works best when coordinated with DPS heroes like Genji to maximize his ultimate.

The main strategy for Ana as a support is to find a good location where you cannot be shot easily while being able to support the whole team from a distance. If your teammates are fighting, use a Biotic Grenade to debuff opponents while healing your teammates, and avoid using scope if you are close to them. The nano boosts need to be used to support DPS, especially when they use their ultimate. If you have a Moira on the team and she does her ultimate, you can use Nano Boost with her as well to maximize the damage of her Coalescence. As for Sleep Dart, it works best against flankers like Mei and Genji. Once you make them sleep, your DPS can headshot them to finish them off. However, even minor damage will awaken the sleeping enemy, resulting in chaos. You can also use Sleep Dart on heroes that will try to use their ultimate, like Genji or Reaper, to stop them completely.

Why Ana is a Great Support That Can Carry The Game

  • She is a long-range support, which can be quite hard to deal with, as her allies will always be healed from afar.
  • She can be an anti-flank with the use of her Sleep Dart, it can be used to stop ultimates, which quite amazing to pull off in clutch moments
  • Her Biotic Grenade is an amazing debuffer as enemies that cannot be healed always get finished off in a chaotic clash. This works best on tanks since you can pretty much finish them off if they cannot be healed.
  • Ana can deal quite a bit of damage as well if needed, especially since she has a long range shot, she can use her scope to aim better.

Choose Ana if:

  • You are defending a checkpoint or objective, as Ana can be maximized if she does not move too much in a location.
  • You can play Ana in any maps except Push mode, which I found quite tiring to keep moving, especially since she is not as mobile as other heroes as well.
  • If you know you have a good aim, Ana can be a very powerful hero overall, especially when supporting allies and dealing damage against enemies.

Support Carry Score: 92/100

2. Kiriko

Kiriko is Overwatch 2's newest support, and she's already one of the better support heroes in Overwatch 2.

Being a ninja, she has Genji’s mobility but with healing abilities, as she can climb walls as well. Using her Healing Ofuda, her primary weapon, she can easily heal teammates, as it is a homing healing device. She also has an alternate fire, a Kunai, and you can kill DPS with one body shot and one headshot.

As for her other skills, she has great mobility, as she can do a Swift Step, which is basically teleporting herself to nearby allies while debuffing herself. She can also debuff others with Protection Suzu, and her ultimate, Kitsune Rush, buffs your whole team a lot by increasing movement speed, rate of fire, reload time speed, and cooldown reduction, which are great when you are initiating a clash with the opposing team.

The main strategy for Kiriko is to keep moving and keep healing heroes, this can be easy with her skill Swift Step as she can teleport to the nearest hero with critical health. She works well with flanking allies, as she can easily teleport back to his team if needed. Her Kunai can be a great counter to DPS attacks; just make sure to connect a headshot. As for her debuffing skill, Protection Suzu, it is mostly timing, as it can counter the ultimates of other heroes like Mei’s Blizzard, Reinhardt’s Earthshatter, etc. Moreover, you can use it to make your allies invulnerable, even for a little while, so you can save some lives in a crucial moment. Lastly, her ultimate works well in clutch moments if you are trying to capture a point, as it buffs everyone under the ultimate, even B.O.B. by Ashe, and everyone can spam their skills with the huge cooldown reduction.

Why Kiriko is a Great Support That Can Carry The Game

  • She can pretty much heal everyone at ease with her Swift Step. Combining it with Protection Suzu can rescue DPS or low health allies from certain death.
  • She has great debuff and buff skills, which makes him very essential.
  • Her ultimate is compatible with everyone as it buffs almost every status of a hero, and the skill cooldown reduction is too powerful.

Choose Kiriko if:

  • The team consists of flanking DPS as she can heal them efficiently
  • If you are up against heroes with debuffs like Mei’s Blizzard or Ana’s Biotic Grenade.
  • You are on the attacking side of the payload, or push mode as her skills, especially ultimate, can help pressure enemies constantly.

Support Carry Score: 95/100

1. Lucio

Lucio is currently the best support in Overwatch 2 as he has the highest survivability among the support heroes, and he can easily be mastered as his skills can be considered passive most of the time. Basically, Lucio can pick whether he can do a speed buff or heal, and it can easily be changed depending on the situation, and it works as a passive buff or heal as well, which is quite powerful. He can also increase the intensity of this buff or heal with Amp It Up, which is powerful even for a few seconds.

He can Wall Ride, which buffs his speed, and he can be pretty hard to hit when he is riding the wall, especially in an enclosed space. His primary attack may not be quick, but it actually works great against heroes like Widowmaker and Bastion, or anyone who is staying still when shooting. His alternate fire is quite effective as well on maps with edges, as it pushes anyone who gets hit quite far. It is actually satisfying to get the kills this way.

Now, his ultimate, Sound Barrier, is basically giving overhealth or a shield to his allies, which can be effective when his allies are being pressured or stuck due to an ultimate like Zarya’s Graviton Surge, and it can counter a handful of DPS’ ultimates like Genji’s Dragonblade.

As for his main strategy, he works well on any map, but he works best on maps that have edges, so you can push opposing heroes off the edge as well. Most of the time, you only use speed boost at the start of the round and then just use the healing boost to heal your team passively. As his skill is passive, he can shoot his Sonic Amplifier towards enemies or try to damage barriers as much as possible.

As for Lucio’s ultimate, the Sound Barrier, use it wisely. The best way to use it is to counter other heroes’ ultimates like D’Va’s Self Destruct, Genji’s Dragonblade, and Zarya’s Graviton’s Surge. Also, always do a Wall Ride to get speed buffs for yourself, and it makes you harder to get hit by projectile attacks. You can also constantly contest a point with this strategy on some maps, which gives your team time to regroup.

Why Lucio is the Best Support That Can Carry The Game

  • Lucio has the highest survivability in the support roster with his ability to speed boost himself and wall ride.
  • His abilities apply passively, which makes you focus on other things like aiming enemies, and observing the enemies.
  • His ultimate can save plenty of lives especially when timed right.
  • He works best on any maps whether it is attacking or defending.

Choose Lucio if:

  • Although Lucio can play well on any map, he works more efficiently on maps with edges that you can push enemies off, and maps with several walls to quickly move from one place to another.
  • If your team composition is filled with slow heroes like Zarya and Orisa, you can partner with them to speed boost them or heal them as they defend or push a point.
  • If you are up against heroes like Genji, D.Va, and Junkrat, Lucio can counter them very well with his ultimate. Although, Sombra can erase your ultimate with her ultimate. 

Support Carry Score: 98/100

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