[TOP 10] Overwatch Best Doomfist Skins That Look Awesome

Top 10 Doomfist Skins
No mater what skin he's decked out in this DPS can pack a punch!


[TOP 10] Overwatch Best Doomfist Skins That Look Awesome

In a fast-paced game such as Overwatch where there a clone of the hero you’re playing on the other team so the ability to look cool and unique cannot be understated. Playing with a skin you like improves your play makes you more confident and allows you to play your best games. And once you wipe the other team and get a play of the game you’ll get to bask in all the glory of what makes your favorite skin epic! With Overwatch 2 on the near horizon, we look back on the 5-year run of the original to check out some of the coolest skins for Doomfist the game has to offer.

10. Leopard

Leopard is an awesome skin because it fits right into Doomfist beast-like playstyle. Watch him bob and weave through danger to hunt down his prey!

  • The leopard skin fits with Doomfist’s theme, making him look even more badass than his basic skin.
  • The blue tint on the skin gives a nice contrast to the dark leopard pattern.
  • The face paint adds a more tribal feel than his normal skin.

How to get Leopard: Normal loot boxes or buy in the store for 250 credits.

See Leopard in action:


A true force to be reckoned with, Irin turns Doomfist into a robotic terror. Seeing this machine flying through the air will leave any enemy shaking in their boots.

  • The green on the skin really makes him stand out from any other skin he has.
  • Looks like a mix between the terminator and Streetfighters Guile
  • The Mohawk adds a nice touch to his often shaven head.

How to get Irin: Normal loot boxes or buy in the store for 1000 credits.

See Irin in action:

8. Painted

The coolest epic skin in Doomfist’s arsenal, the paint takes the tribal feeling to another level. Looking as hostile as ever with the white tattoos covering his body, like a Māori warrior ready to destroy any enemy that gets in his way.

  • The patterns of the tattoos are awesome, twisting and turning all over his upper body, head, and left arm.
  • His huge weapon fits perfectly the menacing presence he gives off.
  • The orange tint is a subtle touch but adds to the overall feel this skin portrays.

How to get Painted: Normal loot boxes or buy in the store for 250 credits.

See Painted in action:


A younger version of Doomfist from when he first joined Talon this skin shows why it’s no surprise he eventually became the big boss. Outfitted with the Talon gear, this youthful version would strike fear in any Overwatch member that faces him in battle. 

  • The talon gear matches the other skins in the game, allowing for a true Talon vs Overwatch battle.
  • The younger looking Doomfist gives us Michael Jordan in his rookie year vibes.
  • The white and grey fit perfectly together making him look like a Stormtrooper boss.
  • The red face paint adds to the skin. (we just hope it’s not the blood of his foes)

How to get Talon: Open Archive boxes or buy in the store for 1000 credits during the Overwatch Archive/ Anniversary events.

See Talon in action:


Added in the newest Winter Wonderland update this skin sees Doomfist replace his ‘doomfist’ with a giant ice arm! Looking like a Nordic god, Jotunn turns him one scary awesome Viking.

  •  Looks like Mei helped him out on this one as his ice arms make this one of the coolest skins in the game (and coolest golden weapon too)!
  • The Viking helmet and runes along it make this skin feel like Doomfist is about to go pillage the enemies of a win.
  • The loincloth can’t keep him that warm….which makes it all the more badass that he’s willing to kick anyone’s ass anytime anywhere!

How to get Jottun: Open Winter boxes or buy for 1000 credits during the Overwatch winter and anniversary events.

See Jotunn in action:


An awesome legendary skin, Avatar takes the tribal theme to another level! Seeing Doomfist’s skin turning red with molten light coming through, we can’t help but love this skin.

  • The wooden and straw armor really make Doomfist feel like a pacific island warrior ready wreck shop.
  • The tikis are a great touch on the large wooden arm.
  • The molten orange light coming through the skin really proves the point that maybe Doomfist has ascended into an avatar.
  • The mask is epic and really pulls the whole skin together.

How to get Avatar: Normal loot boxes or buy in the store for 1000 credits.

See Avatar in action:


Released alongside the Blizzard World map, Blackhand transforms Doomfist into a Warcraft character. Paying homage to another Blizzard character by the same name this skin turns Doomfist into a truly menacing presence on the battlefield.

  • This skin really puts the ‘doom’ into the fist, changing his huge arm into a clump of molten metal.
  • The deathly white skin is a scary contrast to the already threatening look that Doomfist’s default skin has.
  • The fire coming from his chest adds an awesome effect, and his blazing eyes look like the center of the hottest furnace.

How to get Blackhand: Normal loot boxes or buy in the store for 1000 credits.

See Blackhand in action:


Breaking away from the theme of most terrifying Doomfist skins, this skin suits Doom up as if he’s ready to attend an evil villains party. Turning into a mob boss, Doomfist seems ready to kick any enemies’ ass and still make it to his date on time.

  • The suit really stands out, showing the swagger this hero processes.
  • The sunglasses just double the cool factor of this skin knowing that he’ll get proper eye protection for once.
  • The arm is akin to a sports car, a very expensive sports car.

How to get Formal: Open Anniversary boxes or buy for 1000 credits during the Overwatch Anniversary event.

See Formal in action:

2.Swamp Monster

From the depths, this skin is the epitome of doom if there ever is such a thing. Truly a terrifying sight to behold, this skin seems like the number one cause of why summer camp teens go missing by lakes in horror movies.

  • The fishlike monster look adds such an awesome look to an already cool character.
  • The gills on the side of the skin and the seaweed add a great feeling to the skin.
  • The fist looks sharper than ever, ready to pack a punch for sure!

How to get Swamp Monster: Open Halloween boxes or buy for 1000 credits during the Overwatch Halloween and Anniversary events.

See Swamp Monster in action:


Honoring the amazing season the SF Shock had in 2019 of the Overwatch League, this skin is truly a work of art. An awesome Demon-like skin with so many details, this has to take the cake for coolest Doomfist skin by far!

  • His ultimate leaves an SF shock logo on the ground after using it.
  • The gold trim adds the epic feel that this skin is above the rest.
  • The terrifying face really plays into the fact that you don’t want to run into a good Doomfist player alone…
  • The purple on the arm looks awesome in action!

How to get Thunder: This awesome skin was made available for limited time purchase, from March 26 through April 9 of 2020. If you missed it hopefully Overwatch 2 will bring it back!

See Thunder in action:

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