Top 15 Overwatch Best Custom Games (2020 Edition)

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Overwatch Custom Game

As of April of last year, Blizzard has allowed all players of Overwatch to create their own custom game modes to play with friends and share with the world. These custom games can be accessed by entering the Game Browser within the Play menu of the game.

15. Katamari Hammacy (Great for Katamari fans)

As its name implies, Katamari Hammacy is a custom game mode based on the popular Katamari Damacy game series. This version of the beloved gameplay takes Wrecking Ball (Hammond) and lets you roll around collecting heroes to increase the size of your ball. The physics aren’t as accurate as you would find in the mainline Katamari series, and the heroes surrounding Wrecking Ball can look a bit janky. Despite this, the gameplay is fresh and is a great compromise if you don't know whether to play Overwatch or Katamari Damacy.

What's Fun About Katamari Hammacy

  • Rolling around as Wrecking Ball is satisfying alone, collecting your fellow Overwatch heroes is even moreso.
  • The pun in the name makes me want to play the game even more.
  • Seeing players run away from your giant katamari is hilarious.

Try it out with the Workshop Code: TQ1V4

14. Lava Rising (Great for Groups of 4+)

Who didn’t play “The Floor is Lava” as a kid? Essentially this mode forces players to the highest points on the map. As attacks are dealt to you, the higher your percentage and therefore your knockback received, a la Super Smash Bros. This mode can be really fun, just as long as you survive long enough to get some good hits in.

What's Fun About Lava Rising

  • Easy to learn, easy to play with a large group of friends.
  • Smacking players around as Reinhardt in this mode is too funny.
  • It requires a good knowledge of map layout.

Try it out with the Workshop Code: k33fe

13. Tiny OW (Great for the Chaotic Neutral)

Despite what you may think, no, the heroes aren't minimized in this game mode, what is smaller though is the map. With very little space to work with and maximized abilities and short cooldown times, this game mode is pure madness. At every second, someone is dying, pulling off an Ultimate, or both. This custom game is sure to make you laugh, go nuts, and have fun all at once.

What’s Fun about Tiny OW

  • Small map, huge abilities.
  • Chaos in Tiny OW is a great diversion from the usual Overwatch gameplay.
  • Having 10 Ultimates all fired at once is crazy yet enjoyable. .

Try it out with this Workshop Code: Y58T7

12. Prop Hunt (Great for Groups of 5+)

This custom game mode sees you either as a prop or a hunter. The props go and hide in a random map, and the hunters set out to find said props. Its classic hide and seek within Overwatch. This mode is sure to test your map knowledge and hunting or hiding skills.

What’s Fun About Prop Hunt

  • Just like Hide and Seek, it is exciting to playwhichever side you are on.
  • You get to disguise yourself, who doesn't love disguises?
  • When you hunt, you get to use your weapons.

Try it out with this Workshop Code:JF0FJ

11. Reinkart (Great for Groups)

This game mode is a mix of two beautiful things, Overwatch, and MarioKart. Except this has 100% more Reinhardt, 100% more death, and 100% less racing. Basically you’re supplied with the Charge ability with 0 second cooldown. The Fire Strike ability freezes enemy opponents giving you essentially a free kill as long as you pin them. And just like Mario Kart, when you fall off the map, you get put back where you left off. This mode can be as chaotic as it is gratifying , give it a try!

What’s Fun about Reinkart

  • Charging and pinning enemies is just as fun as in regular Overwatch.
  • Instant respawns means there is no down time
  • Freezing opponents with fire is so silly and satisfying.

Try it out with this Workshop Code: HYFAB

10. Mercy Boxing (Great for a squad of 6)

The name explains it all, you can only choose mercy with only melee attacks. This is a 6 vs. 6 elimination mode, so the fighting teams fight to kill all the opposing team members. The team with at least one member standing left wins. This mode is great for the sake of its simplicity yet consistent gameplay.

What’s Fun about Mercy Boxing

  • Easy to understand gameplay makes this a simple choice for a group of 6 if you’re tired of traditional Overwatch.
  • You can still boost players with Mercy’s Staff.
  • It's the Overwatch equivalent of “Final Destination, No Items, Fox Only”

Try it out with this Workshop Code: D7VC0S

9. Genji Dash (Great for Genji Mains)

This mode pits up to 12 players against each other and encourages you to combo dash attacks and ultimates. You die quick, you respawn quick, and you rack up points fast. This chaotic nature of gameplay makes it perfect for the genji main.

What’s Fun about Genji Dash

  • Ultimate combo-ing with Genji is as satisfying as it is challenging.
  • The chaos increases as the number of players increases.
  • New players will find the dash attack practice helpful.

Try it out with this Workshop Code: BBQ9Z

8. One in the Chamber (Great for Duos)

This mode has a simple premise, play mcree, you get one shot. If you miss, you can only punch. This provides great practice for those who struggle aiming as McCree, such as I. The simple concept is more fun the less players there are. Dueling as if you were Hamilton and Burr, or recreating old westerns can be amusing. For only one bullet, this mode has infinite possibilities.

What’s Fun About One In The Chamber

  • McCree taunts with every kill he gets.
  • McCree practice is good, especially for the right clickers out there.
  • Reenacting famous duels and classic cowboy shootouts.

Try it out with this Workshop Code: Q8GEE

7. Ana Paintball (Great for the Paintball fans)

Similarly to One in the Chamber, this custom game sees you only playing as one character, this time, Ana. Thankfully you get more than one shot though in this mode. All shots are instant kills, and so is the sleep dart. The catch is, you can't be in scoped mode for too long or else you freeze, giving your opponents a free kill. First to 25 kills wins, good luck.

What’s Fun About Ana Paintball

  • Practicing Ana aim
  • No scoping opponents
  • Practice on not being too reliant on the scope and its hitscan.

Try it out with this Workshop Code:2DRT4

6. Genji Dodgeball (Great for Duos)

In this custom game, you play dodgeball with a sphere of death that if it hits you, you’re out. To hit the ball back towards your opponents, just reflect as Genji. Thankfully the cool down time is significantly lowered in this mode, plus you can use your dash as a last ditch effort to hit the ball back. As you reflect the ball back and forth, it gets faster and faster, to the point where you’re no longer reacting to the ball, but instead are just spamming the reflect key. Despite this, the game is stupidly enjoyable, and gets better the more people that play with you.

What’s Fun About Genji Dodgeball

  • Seeing how fast you can get the ball to go.
  • Timing a reflect just right to where it is a certain kil.l
  • Jump pads add an extra dimension to dodgeball.

Try it out with this Workshop Code: QQAYZ

5. DVa Bumper Cars

This mode has you playing D.Va, obviously, and boosting around the map trying to knock others off. The knockback dealt by her boost is much higher than usual, which makes for some hectic games. This mode is fun the more friends you have in the group chat, as you get to hear their sighs as you bump them around and off the map.

What's Fun about D.Va Bumper Cars

  • Bumper Cars, at home, in quarantine, is a nice distraction from the world of today.
  • D.Va is likeable and taunting with her after every kill is super funny.
  • Boosting around maps infinitely has a lot to enjoy about it.

Try it out with this Workshop Code: HYFAB

4. SuperHot (Great for the Time Traveler)

Just like the indie game of the same name, time only moves when you move. Except, in a multiplayer game like overwatch, only one person can control this. This person is given a choice between a handful of heroes and gets a health boost. The opposing team of 6 is at the whim of the opponent in terms of time, but have enough firepower behind them to kill off the buffed up foe.

Try it out with this Workshop Code:5XYST

What’s Fun About SuperHot

  • Just like in the original game, seeing things happen in slow motion is super cool.
  • Playing Tracer in this mode is kind of cheap, but hilarious as well.
  • Challenging yourself to play projectile heroes makes it even more satisfying to get a kill.

Try it out with this Workshop Code:

3. Murder Mystery (Great for the Clue Aficianado)

Akin to Trouble in Terrorist Town, you are either a traitor, or are innocent. The innocent have to decipher who is the traitor. The Traitor has to lie and make up whatever to paint themselves as innocent. It is a classic hidden role game that is sure to make you question your friends and even question yourself.

What Makes Murder Msytery Great

  • It's a hidden role game, just like the card game, Mafia.
  • Being innocent means you don't have to lie to your friends!
  • Being the Traitor means you have an excuse to lie to your friends!

Try it out with this Workshop Code:KM9YH

2. Overwatch Smash Bros. (Great for the Fighting game Fan)

Just like the name implies, this is the way to play Overwatch if you just can’t stop thinking about Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. It is set with a 2D perspective just like its inspiration. And damage is in the form of percent which indicates how easily you can be knocked off the stage. This mode is timed, so no stocks, but it is just as fun as regular Smash Bros., just with some Overwatch flair.

What Makes Overwatch Smash Bros. Great

  • It's Smash Bros. Enough said.
  • Seeing Overwatch in a 2D perspective is really cool.
  • It is an excellent diversion from normal Overwatch games.

Try it out with this Workshop Code:7A0BF

1. Gun Game (Great for Everyone)

Gun Game is easily the best of the custom games I played. In this version, you start off as McCree, and with every kill achieved, you rotate to a new character. Some restrictions are in place for heroes later in the game, so as to give the players behind a chance to make a comeback.

This mode is extremely fun and is great for duos, groups, or even to just play by yourself with some randoms. It is the pinnacle of enjoyable game modes and one that I will be going back to time and time again

What’s Fun About Gun Game

  • You get to try out every hero in the game
  • It highlights what heroes you need work on
  • It's great to know you are an overall good Overwatch player, and not just a one trick.

Try it out with this Workshop Code:729F7

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