Overwatch vs. Battleborn: 5 Differences That Make Them Unique

Overborn or Battlewatch, Take Your Pick.

Even though Blizzard’s new game, Overwatch, was just released a little over a week ago, it’s already been constantly compared to the new title that Gearbox released a few weeks ago, Battleborn. I’ve played both games thoroughly, as I’m a huge fan of Blizzard’s recent releases, and I’m writing a guide for Battleborn (and I love Borderlands 2), so I felt it’s time someone pointed out the other side of the coin: five things that these two games don’t have in common.  Brace yourselves.


1. The Combat


The battle of the century, no hotfixes allowed.


Much like a hobo with a knife compared to a hobo on drugs, the combat in both these games is very dangerous in very different ways.


Overwatch is by far the more fast-paced game with a roster of colorful characters that all want to murder you. But in Overwatch, murdering you is item number 4 on their checklist because of how easy it is. Weaker characters like Tracer (the British time-traveler) and Zenyatta (the zen robot monk) can be taken out in a single body-shot from Widowmaker (the spider-sniper lady).


Meanwhile, Battleborn is a much more attack-when-necessary kind of game. While you’re encouraged to jump around like a rabid ferret in Overwatch, Battleborn insists that you take your time and work as a team. The latter game has just as colorful a character roster, but the characters aren’t quite as overpowered.


Battleborn also borrows more from the MOBA genre than Overwatch does. In Battleborn, each character has a couple of abilities that need to be manually aimed, a unique basic attack, a passive buff, and an Ultimate that they can activate once it’s off cooldown.


In Overwatch, each character has their own way of moving around the map quickly, their own weapon/gun, and maybe an ability or two. And unlike Battleborn, characters in Overwatch have to attack the enemy and secure kills in order to charge their Ultimate ability before they can use it.


In Battleborn, every character follows the same mold: two basic abilities, a passive, and an Ultimate. The amount of abilities that a character in Overwatch has varies depending on the character; Widowmaker has a grappling hook, poisonous mine, and her Ultimate (3 abilities) while Torbjorn has a turret, armor pack, lava gun, hammer, and passively collects scraps from his enemies, all in addition to his Ultimate (4 abilities, not counting his two different weapons).


Overall, Overwatch is more creative and flexible with how their characters function, while Battleborn dutifully follows a pattern, while still keeping its characters fun to play. Both games do a great job of creating unique characters, but Overwatch’s are more liable to kill you in a couple seconds, while Battleborn’s will probably stun you first, knock you back into their team like a soccer ball, then taunt you with a quick bow and an annoying voice line after you’ve been torn apart.



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