Overwatch Best Skins That Look Freakin Awesome!

Overwatch Best Skins
What could be more freakin awesome than Reinhardt's beard?

How can you possibly choose the best skins from Overwatch? 

Believe me, it's difficult. Overwatch boasts an assortment of all kinds of great skins, from creepy to cute to just plain awesome.

Consistently, the skins for Overwatch heroes seem to capture the essence of the characters very well, which is one of the reasons why many of them are so talked about among fans.

Without further ado, let's take a look at some of the best skins in the game! 

15. D.Va: Cruiser

D.Va rocking the Rosie the Riveter look

"Hey, daddy-o!” This skin is an awesome throwback to the 50s and brings to mind the Rosie the Riveter “We Can Do It!” poster. Not only does it look great, but when it’s equipped, D.Va also has some great nuanced voice lines.

What makes Cruiser awesome: 

  • The sleek bright blue color of the mech that resembles an antique car 
  • The fun voice lines that come with the skin
  • D.Va’s simple sassy look, like a pin-up girl from the 50s

You can get Cruiser for 1,000 credits as a Legendary skin during the Overwatch Anniversary event! 

See Cruiser in action:

D.Va - Cruiser - Overwatch Anniversary Skin Spotlight

14. Sombra: Los Muertos

The ultimate hacker vibe 

Just when you thought Sombra couldn’t get any cooler, you see this skin. It does a perfect job of capturing Sombra’s personality, while at the same time making her stand out in a unique way. 

What makes Los Muertos awesome: 

  • The callback to Sombra’s past as part of the Mexican Los Muertos gang
  • The heavily pronounced skull motif, especially the one on Sombra’s face that takes a second to really see
  • The perfect color combo for Sombra’s mysterious personality: mostly black, but with bright pink highlights that make Sombra unmissable 
  • The splashes of glowing green body paint 
  • That. Hair. 

You can get Los Muertos for 1,000 credits as a Legendary skin!

See Los Muertos in action:

13. Ashe: Mobster

One fedora to rule them all 

Can’t you just see Ashe in a saloon wearing this skin? Though different from the Gangster skin only in color, Mobster boasts a bright set of colors that brings to mind Doomfist’s Formal skin (also on this list). It really makes Ashe stand out, especially when paired with the hulking form of B.O.B. and his complimenting outfit. 

What makes Mobster awesome:

  • The small details, like the designs on her arms and the purple flowers
  • That hat though!
  • The interesting contrast of normal outfit and futuristic armor
  • It might seem a very minor detail, but that choker completes the whole saloon look 

You can get Mobster for 1,000 credits as a Legendary skin!

See Mobster in action:

12. Roadhog: Toa

What can I say except you're welcome? 

While not really a flattering skin (though are any of Roadhog’s skins flattering?), Toa is a bright, detailed skin that makes Roadhog stand out. While the meaning behind the skin is somewhat uncertain, it’s obvious that it has its roots in Pacific Islander culture and legends. 

  • What makes Toa awesome: The tongue sticking out; come on, it’s such a Roadhog thing to do! 
  • The detailed patterns on the clothes, mask, and tattoos
  • That hook design, which bears a strong resemblance to the one associated with the demigod Maui (remember Moana? Yeah, that guy!) 
  • Just the tattoos themselves! 

You can get Toa for 1,000 credits as a Legendary skin! 

See Toa in action:

11. Baptiste: Buccaneer 

Yo ho, yo ho, a healer's life for me

Even though Baptiste is one of the latest heroes to Overwatch, he still has one of the coolest skins. I mean, anything pirate is automatically awesome, right?! 

What makes Buccaneer awesome:

  • His gun looks like a pirate’s pistol!
  • The futuristic eyepatch that may or may not be able to see into your soul
  • That marvelous red coat and striped pants combo. He’s not just a pirate; he’s definitely a captain

You can get Buccaneer for 1,000 credits as a Legendary skin! 

See Buccaneer in action: 

10. Widowmaker: Comtesse

One shot, one kill...in the most French way possible
Not only is this skin freaking awesome, but it’s also classy, and let’s face it: normally, Widowmaker’s outfits of choice are anything but classy. This skin is also a reminder of Widowmaker’s French origins; just in case her accent wasn’t enough! 

What makes Comtesse awesome: 

  • Gotta say it again: the class 
  • You can feel pompous and French while headshotting your enemies 
  • The muted colors, including Widow’s signature purple 

You can get Comtesse for 1,000 credits as a Legendary skin!

See Comtesse in action: 

9. Reinhardt: Guan Yu

He's just standing there, menacingly!

Wow. What a skin, right? Guan Yu is one of Reinhardt’s most unique skins, and the picture makes it obvious why it ended up in this list. Not only is it one of the skins where we actually get to see Reinhardt’s face (and his incredible beard!!), but the gold and greenish-turquoise color combination make this skin absolutely stunning to look at.

What makes Guan Yu awesome: 

  • The BEARD!
  • The casual huge freaking dragon head hanging out on his wrist 
  • His hammer’s unique design, which also features a dragon on the end
  • Once again, just the incredible color choices! 

You can get Guan Yu for 1,000 credits as a Legendary skin during the Lunar New Year event! 

See Guan Yu in action: 

Reinhardt Guan Yu Skin Demo (Legendary)

8. Doomfist: Formal

Voted most likely to crash your next party: Doomfist

Speaking of classy, you don’t get much more classy than Doomfist in a suit. With this skin, not only do you look completely awesome with the sunglasses, perfectly tailored suit, and sleek black fist, but you can feel like you’re crashing a high class party when you eliminate the enemy while looking top notch. Plus, anyone else getting a Cobra Bubbles vibe from Lilo and Stitch? Because I am. 
What makes Formal awesome:

  • Just seeing Doomfist dressed up, as opposed to the minimal ragtag clothing he usually wears
  • The sunglasses
  • The glossy black paint on his mechanical arm; even his destructive fist is classy! 
  • The white suit jacket. I mean, come on, it just makes it! \

You can get Formal for 1,000 credits as a Legendary skin during the Overwatch Anniversary event!

See Formal in action: 

Formal Doomfist Skin Spotlight | All Cosmetics & Gameplay [Overwatch Anniversary 2018]

7. Genji: Nomad 

The ultimate ninja skin for Genji 

Genji has a lot of great skins, which can make it difficult to choose a favorite. One look at Nomad, however, and it definitely takes the cake. While it almost hides the fact that it’s Genji underneath the turban, you can’t mistake the fact that he still looks like a ninja. 

What makes Nomad awesome:

  • Curved, scimitar-like blades
  • The pop of bright blue around his waist and accented around the outfit; it draws attention, but not too much attention
  • The turban and the unique goggles
  • The subtle, detailed patterns 

You can get Nomad for 1,000 credits as a Legendary skin!

See Nomad in action:

Overwatch: Genji Nomad Skin All Emotes, Poses, Intros & Weapons + First Person (Epic)

6. Hanzo: Okami

Become one with the wolf with Hanzo's Okami skin 

An old fan favorite, Okami still remains as Hanzo’s coolest (literal wolf) skin. There honestly isn’t much to say on why this skin is awesome; just look at it! In this case, the picture is definitely worth 1,000 words (and credits). 

What makes Okami awesome:

  • Hanzo’s voice lines change from referring to “the dragon” to “the wolf” 
  • He’s wearing a freaking wolf skin. Does it get any better than that??
  • In contrast to the similar Lone Wolf skin, this skin is based around white, making the skin brighter so that Hanzo stands out more. 

You can get Okami for 1,000 credits as a Legendary skin! 
See Okami in action:

5. Brigitte: Shieldmaiden

This amazing skin makes us all wonder why it isn't her default

I know what a lot of you are thinking: “This should be Brigitte’s default skin!” And I agree. This skin just screams “epic” (or, perhaps, “legendary”) the second you look at it. From the colors to the details and Brigitte’s hair, this skin is definitely one of the most epic in the entire game.

What makes Shieldmaiden awesome: 

  • Obvious Viking influence
  • A simple but beautiful shield design
  • The unique accent of blue that stands out amidst the earthier colors 
  • The flail! Look at that detail! The last thing your enemies will see is that beautiful design

You can get Shieldmaiden for 1,000 credits during the Overwatch Anniversary event!
See Shieldmaiden in action:

4. Ana: Snow Owl

Can Ana turn her head 360 degrees to snipe you? Probably... 

Still hailed as one of the best skins in the game by many fans, Snow Owl speaks for itself when it comes to how awesome it is. It fits the winter theme perfectly, while still giving off Ana’s deadly sniper vibe. 

Why Snow Owl is awesome:

  • Come on, just the owl mask alone would make it onto this list
  • The colors that blend in with snow and winter surroundings; perfect for Ana’s sniping capabilities 
  • The accents of feathers around her neck, arms, and hanging from her coat totally complete the owl look

You can get Snow Owl for 1,000 credits as a Legendary skin during the Winter Wonderland event! 

See Snow Owl in action:

New Ana Snow Owl Skin Overwatch Gameplay

3. Winston: Gargoyle

He may look menacing, but he's still wearing his teeny tiny glasses! 

As Winston’s newest skin during the Anniversary event this year, Gargoyle became an instant favorite with many players. Possibly the best thing about this skin is that despite the ominous appearance, Winston is still wearing his cute little round glasses!

What makes Gargoyle awesome: 

  • The animation of Winston’s stone body and how it moves is just incredible! 
  • The asymmetrical twisted horns on his head
  • The fiery red accents are a nice touch, and the white stone brings to mind a cathedral that Gargoyle Winston could be sitting on
  • In conclusion, you become an actual stone gargoyle that rips people apart with its bare hands. You don’t get much better than that. 

You can get Gargoyle for 1,000 credits as a Legendary skin during the Overwatch Anniversary event! 

See Gargoyle in action:

Gargoyle Winston Skin Spotlight | All Cosmetics & Gameplay | Overwatch Anniversary 2019

2. Symmetra: Oasis

Oasis makes Symmetra look like a beautiful, sleek goddess

Made to blend in with the map of the same name, Oasis is undoubtedly an amazing skin whether you’re a Symmetra fan or not. The skin is extremely symmetrical (hehe) and geometric, perfectly encapsulating Symmetra’s personality and beliefs. Like Reinhardt’s Guan Yu skin, the sleek gold armor of the Oasis skin makes it simply incredible to behold. 
What makes Oasis awesome: 

  • The perfect symmetry 
  • The detailed patterns all over the armor
  • The bright blue, turquoise, and gold color combo with the added silver that somehow all just works and stands out perfectly 
  • How perfectly it suits Symmetra

You can get Oasis for 1,000 credits as a Legendary skin during the Overwatch Anniversary event! 

See Oasis in action: 

Symmetra - Oasis - Overwatch Anniversary Skin Spotlight

1. Zenyatta: Cultist 

Experience Cultist: the best and most terrifying skin in the game

One of the coolest things about this skin is that it transforms the peace-loving robot monk into an absolutely terrifying being straight out of dark mythology. No longer is it “experience tranquility,” but “experience nothingness.” With all the ominous and creepy elements of this outfit, it’s the perfect Halloween skin. 

What makes Cultist awesome: 

  • The spooky voice line changes which are rooted in darkness and chaos rather than light and peace (e.g. instead of “Zenyatta is here,” it’s “Zenyatta is everywhere;” pardon me while I go hide in my closet) 
  • The freaking creepy eyes on the orbs
  • Just the tentacles on his face alone could make the enemy team run away in terror
  • The fact that he has chains on his wrists, as if he has just escaped from somewhere; really, could they have made this any more creepy? 

You can get Cultist for 1,000 credits as a Legendary skin during the Halloween event! 
See Cultist in action:

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