[Top 10] Overwatch 2 Best Battle Pass Skins That Look Freakin’ Awesome

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Genji's skin in the first Battle Pass

Is The Battle Pass Worth It?

Although the Battle Pass is a controversial topic for Overwatch players, you have to admit that some of the skins that came out of it are amazing. So far, we’ve had 3 seasons, meaning plenty of legendary and epic skins were in the 3 Battle Passes. However, which skins are the best ones?


10. Poseidon (Battle Pass Exclusive)

Bow for your king

See Poseidon in action: 

Poseidon is a legendary skin for Ramattra. It portrays Ramattra as the god Poseidon since season 2 was based on gods and goddesses. You’ll notice how his staff is modeled after a triton, and the rest of the skin is based on the sea. There’s even a golden crown on his head to top it all off.

Ramattra has only been in the game since season 2, but he's already made a huge impact. Not only is he a strong tank, but his Battle Pass skins have been phenomenal so far. He received two, and both of them made him stand out even more.

With Poseidon, Ramattra really sells the god-like look. Seeing as Ramattra is an omnic with a large tank form, he feels like a larger-than-life character. When he uses his ult with this skin, you know to get ready for some chaos since Poseidon is coming after you.

How To Get Poseidon

  • Tier 20 Season 2 Battle Pass


9. Hades (Battle Pass Exclusive)

A preview of the Hades skin

See Hades in action: 

Hades is a legendary skin for Pharah. Like Poseidon, this skin was released in season 2, when Overwatch was themed after gods and goddesses. To put it simply: Hades is a sick skin with amazing armor. The amount of detail that went into it is astonishing. As you can see from the picture, even her armor relates to the legends regarding the god Hades (the three dog heads).

However, the awesomeness of the skin goes beyond the armor. Pharah herself looks creepy. Seeing as Hades is supposed to be creepy, Pharah sells this look well. Her armor was the perfect fit for this style. The coloring of her face and hair tie this skin together.

I see this skin a lot in Overwatch. Players really love this skin due to how simple yet detailed it is. It doesn’t make any drastic changes to Pharah’s appearance, but it also helps her on night maps. As most players know, Pharah is stationary during her ultimate. During nighttime maps, this skin will help her blend in with the sky, meaning she’ll be safer.

How To Get Hades

  • Tier 60 Season 2 Battle Pass


8. Galactic (Battle Pass Exclusive)

What a legend

See Galactic in action: 

Oh, come on, just look at that skin. Look at the beautiful colors and the way the skin moves as you rotate it. This is one of the most creative skins to come from Blizzard in recent years. Despite how simple the concept is, they executed it really well.

It also helps that it fits Sigma’s character. Galactic is a legendary skin for the beloved tank Sigma, and it’s an extremely common skin since so many people love it. From the pale blue face of Sigma to the galactic design throughout the suit, Galactic is a perfectly executed skin with an interesting idea.

The closer you look at the skin, the more details you pick up. For example, if you look at the picture, you’ll see there are a lot of cyan accents in his otherwise dark armor. On the back of his neck, there are plates of armor that are cyan, which you may not notice upon first glance. It’s small details like those that make the skin come together.

How To Get Galactic

  • Tier 70 Season 3 Battle Pass


7. Demon Queen (Battle Pass Exclusive)

Moira doesn't need a demon skin for us to know she's a demon

See Demon Queen in action: 

Although Demon Queen is not one of my favorite Moira skins, it is a very elegant one that fits in with her character. Demon Queen is a legendary skin for the support hero Moira, who is commonly known as the villain in the Overwatch game. Despite Overwatch being a simple FPS game, Moira is known as the antagonist who caused chaos for the entire cast.

Her being a Demon Queen fits perfectly. The skin itself isn’t too extravagant, but it is elegant. From the pack on her back, which has a gorgeous design, to the details of the crown on her head, Moira rocks the demon look. Well, it does help that she herself acts like a demon.

Overall, Demon Queen is one of the best Battle Pass skins so far. It has an intriguing and creative color scheme that blends together nicely, and the theme fits Moira’s character perfectly. I’ve always been a big fan of skins that also fit the lore and traits of the character.

How To Get Demon Queen

  • Tier 40 Season 3 Battle Pass


6. Hong Hai Er (Battle Pass Exclusive)

Junkrat poses in his new skin

See Hong Hai Er in action: 

Does this skin not scream chaos? Seeing as Junkrat is a chaotic individual, this skin fits him well. Like I just said with Moira, I’m a big fan of skins that also fit the character’s traits and lore. This skin is another that fits Junkrat’s personality and lore. Along with that, it looks really cool.

Hong Hai Er is a legendary Junkrat skin and one of the most recent Battle Pass skins. The skin uses a light color palette to craft a skin that looks like a firework. Forgive me; I only know Korean, not Chinese, but from what I can tell, the name Hong Hai Er means "Red Boy", which is displayed quite clearly in the skin’s aesthetic.

Hong Hai Er fits Junkrat perfectly from both a design and lore perspective. It feels like I’m looking at a piece of walking art. It feels like Junkrat’s most elegant skin, but somehow it still seems chaotic. In a way, I think that's a genius design choice.

How To Get Hong Hai Er

  • Tier 60 Season 3 Battle Pass


5. Invisible Man (Battle Pass Exclusive)

Oh no, where did Cassidy go?

See Invisible Man in action: 

I’ve seen this skin everywhere. Almost every time I see someone playing Cassidy, this skin is equipped for them. And you know what? I don’t blame the Cassidy mains. This skin is creative and awesome to look at. It feels like film noir comes to life mixed.

Invisible Man is a legendary Cassidy skin that has one of the most creative designs I’ve seen from Blizzard in recent years. The concept of an invisible character is fascinating. Considering Sombra is typically the one we’ve seen invisible, it’s nice to have a change of pace. Not only is the color palette beautiful, but it fits Cassidy’s character design.

Cassidy was designed to be a normal western dude, and the Invisible Man skin seems to scream film noir and western if they were combined. Thanks to that, Invisible Man is one of the best Battle Pass skins yet.

How To Get Invisible Man

  • Tier 20 Season 3 Battle Pass


4. Cyber Demon (Battle Pass Exclusive)

Genji's cybernetic mythic skin

See Cyber Demon in action: 

This was Blizzard’s first attempt at a mythic, customizable skin. Although I’m still not a fan of how limited the customizable choices are, Cyber Demon is an awesome skin with an interesting color scheme. It definitely stands out, that’s for sure.

That leads me to the only con of this skin: it stands out. As cool as it is, when you’re blading, say goodbye to any flanks or stealth mechanics. You’ll stand out like a sore thumb, to the point where the enemy would have to be kind of stupid to not see you.

Either way, Cyber Demon is a mythic Genji skin that fits his ninja character very well. Despite how I just said the colors make you stand out, I have to admit the colors are amazing and blend together well. Along with that, the mask is stunning and makes you feel like a cool ninja cyber demon thing. That was a mouthful, but it’s true!

How To Get Cyber Demon

  • Tier 80 Season 1 Battle Pass


3. Miko (Battle Pass Exclusive)

An up-close look at Mercy's Miko skin

See Miko in action: 

Miko is a very elegant legendary Mercy skin. I’ve always been a fan of the small details, like changing the color of Mercy’s wings. I feel like those small color changes make the skins come together. My one complaint about a lot of the Mercy skins is that they don’t change the wing color. Now, it seems like Blizzard has learned its lesson.

Beyond the wing color, the staff is gorgeous and looks amazing in-game. Seeing as the staff is what you’ll be seeing the most of, it’s important to get that right. The Miko staff is one of my favorite parts of this skin. Well, that and the outfit itself.

The outfit itself is absolutely breathtaking. You’d be lying if you said that outfit doesn’t fit Mercy well. She looks like an elegant guardian angel from ancient times, coming to save you. And as much as I love Mercy’s blonde look, I do love it when the developers spice up her hair and give her more colors to work with, which is why Miko is such a good skin.

How To Get Miko

  • Tier 50 Season 1 Battle Pass


2. Zeus (Battle Pass Exclusive)

All the different versions of Junker Queen's Zeus skin

See Zeus in action: 

Zeus is a mythic skin for Junker Queen. Although there is a lot of controversy surrounding Blizzard’s decision to give the second mythic skin to a new character, not a legacy character, you have to admit the Zeus skin looks amazing and fits Junker Queen well.

She rocks the battle armor, no matter what color it is. The lightning accents and her changed voice lines make the mythic skin feel more real. Along with that, the golden skin literally feels like Zeus. That was the goal, but I feel it’s important to point out that Blizzard really accomplished that.

That brings me to my one critique of the skin: the lack of customizability. It feels like you do all this work and even spend money on this skin only for it to lack creative options. Either way, it still looks sick and deserves a high spot on this list.

How To Get Zeus

  • Tier 80 Season 2 Battle Pass


1. Amaterasu (Battle Pass Exclusive)

The three different versions of Kiriko's skin

See Amaterasu in action: 

Amaterasu is probably the best skin in the game in general. For starters, the added sound effects, new voice lines, and customizability are amazing. Although I still wish there was more customizability, at least the changes you can make to the skin feel drastic and make Kiriko look completely different.

Amaterasu is a mythic skin for Kiriko, a new support hero. I personally have this skin and can’t get enough of it. The new voice lines are hilarious and make Kiriko, an unlikeable character, actually likable. You can tell they put a lot of effort into this skin and into making Kiriko more likable, which I appreciate.

Along with that, the weapons are perfect. They’re elegant, majestic, and godlike. I adore the way Kiriko looks in this skin, and the details put into it make it feel like the most detailed skin in the game.

How To Get Amaterasu

  • Tier 80 Season 3 Battle Pass


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