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For those who want to be better at Paladins console.
Champions of the Console

God Azaan

Paladins: Champions of the Realm has many options and settings to set up the best mode to give you some kind of advantage. I’ve been playing Paladins for at least four years now and I know a couple things that could help you guys to be better at gaming while using a controller to play. So take a look. 

10. X AXIS Sensitivity 

Control Settings 

This one is for those who are always playing with Flankers like Androxus, Koga, Maeve etc. You’ll be able to improve your speed with this trick but I must say that increasing your sensitivity is kind of ambiguous because not everyone will be comfortable with this. However, if you want to be faster, then do that.

I like to play with Koga and Androxus with this controller setting trick, to be specific Koga can do that shadow thing while healing himself and Androxus will be more stable while mid air. So who is faster is not hit even by masters.

  • To apply this setting you just go to Settings then go to Controller and set up the X sensitivity as much as you want. I recommend going with 5 or 7. 

9. OB 65


Well, this will be more complicated but you guys are gonna like this one. This setting will change most of the things in your controller and some people that can accurate your shots. Now we’re gonna change the sensitivity of two poles and activate some things. 

Here is the control settings below:

X Axis Sensitivity: 52 Y Axis Sensitivity: 31 Turn Acceleration Mode: Classic Turn Acceleration Strength: 3 Inverted: No Both Small Dead Zones Scope Sensitivity: -10 Both Aim Assist Magnet and Friction Strength: 100. 

  • To apply these changes just go to Settings, choose the Controller option and change these things. 

8. High Performance


This one will be for those who play Paladins on PC which I highly recommend. If you want to be faster at your movements and your reflexes then turn down some graphics settings, or invest in higher quality computer hardware so that you can have a hardware advantage. Also this includes a monitor with higher time response. 

This is common to do when in competitions.

  • To apply these options just go to the graphics section within the settings.

7. Scope Sensitivity

Invert Y AXIS

If you like to play with Kinessa or Strix you might like this setting. Well, this setting is for fans of high-precision rifles. If you want to shoot your enemies, kill them with ease and agility while moving in the shadows like a true flank gunner, then consider applying the scope setting for negative. 

I believe this change will do a lot to your accuracy.

  • To apply this adjustment just go to the controls section and apply -1 to improve your performance.

6. Change Buttons

Playstation Control Settings

Well, for those who are willing to improve their skills by playing with a controller, then here are some of the best changes to make in Paladins. First, take into consideration that the default settings are pretty balanced and hardly anyone ever messes with them but you are a player who wants to become a champion, right?

This is in fact the best way for you to increase your skills playing with the controller. By default we have the X button jumping and the R button shooting but have you ever thought about switching them around? 

  • To apply these settings go to Controller Settings and change these buttons for a better gameplay.

5. Aiming Settings


There are 3 different aim settings available on the console. Dynamic, Precision and Classic. People may feel comfortable using different styles, as it's all down to preference. However I recommend Dynamic as it is the smoothest out of the three to control. With Dynamic the further out you push the stick, the faster the acceleration curve, allowing for good flick control and diagonal aiming. With precise aiming there is only one speed and no acceleration when moving the stick further out, this is why this is good for gyro. Classic isn’t too clear, but it is not as good as the other two.

  • To apply these settings just go to Settings - Controls and and change it to your best preference. 

4. Turn Acceleration

Paladins Levels

Turn acceleration sets the acceleration curve of moving the stick outwards, basically how long it takes for the reticle to move at its top speed. A higher turn acceleration will mean that moving the stick all the way to the left, right, top or bottom, will result in faster reticle movement, enabling fast turnaround speeds.

  • To apply these settings just go to Settings - Controls and and change it to your best preference. I recommend acceleration at 10.

3. Bindings

Binding Settings 

For all of us to have an improvement in our gameplay, we first need to understand how our joints and mind work together, so we need to practice in different forms of play. Your keybindings can make all the difference at this point. Changing your keybindings for different modes can completely change your gameplay. 

I usually always change the jump and trigger buttons because they are always messed up and out of place I would say. So find the best way for you to play the controller, test different times and ways. I recommend that you have an imaginary setup from inside your head for each different Champion.

  • To know more about these Bindings just go to Setting then check Bindings options.

2. Gameplay

Gameplay Screen

I have to tell you that I am not a big fan of too many things on my screen at once, it completely takes my concentration away from what I need to be paying attention to. Well, there is a way, for those who also suffer from this same thing, that can be done within the Paladin settings to change this.

  • Go to Settings - Gameplay and you’ll have some things to remove from your gameplay screen. This is divine.

1. Deadzones

Overview Profile

Deadzones measure how much you have to move the stick to trigger the reticle to move. 

This setting is highly dependent on the condition of your controller however. Small is the way to go, and if your controller is in great condition, minimal might be better for you. This makes micro adjustments easier.

To adjust this setting you just have to go to Settings and then go to Controls.

So, yeah, that’s basically it. 

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