[Top 10] LOL Best Junglers (Current Meta)

[Top 10] LOL Best Junglers (Current Meta)
There is no fun to be had in this lane. There is only suffering to be found.

Before we begin, make sure you're listening to "Welcome To The Jungle" while reading this article because this will be the ride of a lifetime. The jungle plays one of the most important roles in the game. If your jungler is inexperienced, you risk losing the entire game. The jungle role isn't just about champions; it's also about your skill level.

It's one of the most difficult roles to master. You must concentrate on map awareness, track the enemy jungler, invade, gank, complete objectives, counter-gank, counter-invade, and so on. When you've mastered everything, you'll gain LP in every single match you play. You will rarely lose a match.

Especially in low ELO because many people don't care about the jungle role. Of course, a champion can also assist you greatly, and today we'll list some of the champions who can assist you while playing the role. Choosing a good jungler champion that fits your playstyle can improve your experience and make you look like a God in the game. So, enough of my rambling; let's get started on this list! 

10. Rammus

Let's start with the guy who is a complete nightmare for AD champions, sometimes even mages, but mostly AD people will be having a seizure just by knowing that Rammus is in their game. You might be wondering why he is such a threat to AD champions. As you can see, his W "Defensive Ball Curl" deals a small percentage of damage to the target that is auto-attacking him. While attempting to kill him, they effectively kill themselves.

While Rammus may lose 500 HP, the other may lose 600 or more. ADCs, in particular, try to avoid confrontation with Rammus. Not only that, but Rammus can use his E "Frenziying Taunt" to force his opponents to attack him if they do not wish to. He most likely insults their hairline or hygiene, causing them to feel compelled to attack him. Rammus can roll up into a ball, charge at people with his Q "Powerball," and slam right back down with his R "Soaring Slam".

You can use these abilities to gank other lanes or simply run away after you do your job. He's a real threat to those who enjoy pressing the right-click button. If you choose to play Rammus, keep in mind that the opponent will despise you more than anyone else during the match. Rammus is also skilled at capturing objectives like towers and invading the enemy jungle. His clear speed isn't particularly fast, which other junglers can exploit if they have the skill. When you play Rammus, keep in mind that you aren't locked in with them; they are locked in with you.

Why Rammus Is A Great Jungler:

  • Rammus effectively counters AD champions by simply existing in the match. 
  • His passive allows him to deal magic damage with his auto-attacks. 
  • Rammus can taunt an enemy champion effectively taking them out of the fight. 
  • You can gank lanes easily with him thanks to his Q. 
  • Using his R you can jump over walls to either escape from your enemies or catch up to them. It’s a great tool for closing the gap between the enemy and you. 

9. Hecarim

So you don't think I'm biased, I'll say it now. This list only contains facts. Hecarim is one of my favorite junglers to play, and I can't rank him higher than the number nine spot. Yes, his ganking potential is excellent, but when compared to other junglers in the current meta, he falls a little short. If you know how to do it correctly, his full clear can be quick.

Make sure that you are always pulling your camps in the direction you want to go next. Hecarim can do AoE damage with his Q "Rampage" during team fights or while clearing camps. The more people you hit with this ability, the shorter the cooldown and the more damage it deals. But Hecarim's main means of dealing damage is with his E "Devastating Charge." Nothing beats zooming past everyone and simply running over that poor ADC. If you haven't noticed, Hecarim is a horse who enjoys being on steroids and drugs.

He does more damage when he goes faster. While I don't recommend it, if you find yourself losing a lot of HP quickly, you can heal it with W "Spirit Of Dread."This ability is only useful if there are a lot of entities around you. And the best and most useful ability in his arsenal is R "Onslaught Of Shadows". Where Hecarim summons his gang to run over some homeless people on the Summoners Rift. Hecarim cannot be stopped or CC'd while using this ability, and once at his destination, he fears anyone within an AoE radius. Excellent for breaking up the enemy's formation.

Why Hecarim Is A Great Jungler:

  • Hecarim can fear people in an AoE radius. Great for breaking up the enemy apart. 
  • He can deal damage in an AoE radius. Focusing on multiple people at once is his specialty. 
  • Ganking lanes with Hecarim has never been easier thanks to the massive charge bonus from his E. 
  • His W heals him more if there are multiple targets around him. He can be quite tanky if built correctly. 
  • Because of his kit, Hecarim can clear camps or push waves quicker than most junglers. 

8. Elise

I'm afraid of spiders, but I'll make an exception here. The spider queen is another name for Elise. It may not sound appealing, but we can make it work. Elise's unique trait is that she has her ultimate ability unlocked from level 1. Elise can transform into either her human or spider forms, with all of their respective abilities. In total, she possesses six abilities. They are classified as either engagement or for combat.

The human form is primarily concerned with long-distance combat and stunning the enemy, whereas the spider form is concerned with melee combat and getting up close and personal. Her full clear isn't as fast as you hoped, but she makes up for it in mobility. Because ganking with Elise is so simple. Once you've set up an ambush for an enemy, you can use your E to transform them into a cocoon or rappel towards them. Preferably you do both.

Elise's E ability makes her untargetable and invaluable for a few seconds, or until she falls back to the ground. Taking objectives like dragons, barons, and towers is also simple thanks to the spiderlings she can spawn. Elise can quickly push a wave and take objectives this way. She's also an AP champion, so she doesn't have many counters. Let's be honest: AP champions are bad to the bone. Bad in a good way ;).

Why Elise Is A Great Jungler:

  • She has her ultimate ability unlocked from the start. 
  • She has six abilities in her arsenal, all of which are useful in different situations.
  • Her spider form is the most effective for combat. When she uses her E, her Q deals more damage and she becomes untargetable.
  • The human form is best when setting up ambushes, ganks, or being the first one to engage a fight. 
  • Once in your human form, you can use your little spiderlings to block incoming abilities. 

7. Skarner

Who'd have guessed that this ancient, decrepit champion would be on this list, let alone so far down? Well, it's because of the recent buffs he received thanks to Riot Games' many wonderful geniuses who know how to balance a game. So, if you enjoyed playing Skarner before, I strongly advise you to play him now that he is broken. I'll cut to the chase: the most entertaining ability in his arsenal is his R "Impale," in which he freezes a target and kidnaps him to his dungeon.

This never gets old, especially when your friend is getting kidnapped. His other abilities include dealing AoE damage with his Q, gaining extra armor and movement speed with the W, and slowing people with his E. This champion's main goal is to eliminate the opponent's main carry in a fight. Ganking with the scorpion will be difficult in the early stages, and you'll need to collaborate with your team to pull it off.

While farming and clearing your jungle will be simple, engaging in a straight street fight with other champions is not recommended. Once you have your items, you can challenge even God. Skarner is a fantastic champion with a lot of potentials, but his success is dependent on the team. If you don't have a team to play with or aren't a high rank, you may have to pass on him. But you can always invite your buddy and get depressed together. 

Why Skarner Is A Great Jungler: 

  • He’s able to take out the main hard carry-out of a team fight thanks to his R. 
  • Skarner can start fights because of the movement speed of his W. 
  • Skarner also engulfs his whole body in blue crystals with the W gaining extra armor and a shield. 
  • Deals AoE damage with his Q which makes him clear camps faster than other junglers. 
  • He can slow down people with his E, which can either be helpful when chasing someone or when escaping someone. 

6. Fiddlesticks

There's a hint of nostalgia in the image above. Fiddlesticks is scarier now, but we can't forget about the OG. Fiddlesticks is the very first demon ever created. Before the great rune wars. His abilities revolve entirely around fear, earning him the moniker "ancient fear". So spooky. Fiddle will entice enemies by impersonating the voices of those he has killed, including children at times. He excels at clearing the jungle and never runs out of HP while doing so.

Because Fiddle can suck the life force out of someone with his W "Bountiful Harvest", anyone in range of the ability will be quickly sucked off. The number limit that you can suck off is indefinite. The more people he sucks, the more HP he gains. Fiddle is also an excellent ganker because he can frighten anyone with his Q or E. The Q "Terrify" fear is a point-and-click fear, whereas the E "Reap" fear is an AoE fear that only works if he's hidden in a bush. If anyone sees him, they will not be feared, only tickled a bit.

This strategy also applies to his ultimate ability, "Crowstorm." The ability deals AoE magic damage and is as large as the lane. You can't possibly miss it. He can also dash a short distance over a wall, but be aware that it takes time to cast. If your team requires crowd control, Fiddlesticks is an excellent choice. He can clear jungle camps quickly and, with the assistance of this team, take a dragon. He is useful in any team composition because more CC equals more GG.

Why Fiddlesticks Is A Great Jungler:

  • He’s able to replenish his health back quickly thanks to the W that sucks the life force out of anyone that’s in range. Works on minions and camps too. 
  • Has a point-and-click fear ability. 
  • His E and R can fear anyone as long as they don’t have vision over him. 
  • The ultimate ability does AP AoE damage and it’s hard to counter. 
  • Has good sustain during team fights and can change the tide of battle. Also not a hard champion to get into. 

5. Mordekaiser

Mordekaiser is a grim-faced bastard with a bad sense of humor who is also an excellent jungler. His W "Indestructible" allows him to store the damage he deals to summon a shield and you can recast the ability to restore a percentage of his missing health. His other useful jungling spells are his passive ability "Darkness Rise" and his Q "Obliterate," which allows him to hit multiple targets at once while the passive ability deals AoE damage.

In battle, he's a tank mage who can take a lot of damage and also deal it back. Mordekaiser can take someone to Brazil if he is surrounded by three or more people. That's his R "Realm Of Death," where he transports a poor soul to his dimension. Mordekasier is so badass that he can bend death to his will. When he exits the death realm and kills the other person, he consumes their soul, granting him extra damage and health, so the ass whooping never stops when he's around.

It also makes me happy and brings a tear to my eye to see this old champion resurrected. As some of you may know, he was removed from the jungle role because he was too broken, but he appears to have been reintroduced with just the right amount of OP. 

Why Mordekaiser Is A Great Jungler:

  • The passive gives him an aura that boosts his damage and it deals AoE damage to anyone that’s around him. 
  • The shield can be left alone or consumed to heal you for a % of his missing health. Great for sustaining during team fights. 
  • Mordekaiser can take a random poor soul to Brazil where he can whoop their ass alone. 
  • His E allows him to pull people closer to himself or push them away. 
  • Mordekaiser can take anyone in a 1v1 situation during the early game period so use this to your advantage to snowball the game.

4. Bel'Veth

Bel'Veth can be very useful in the early game on the lane, but depending on your opponents, you may have to resort to jungling; don't worry, Bel'Veth is one of the best junglers in the game, which is why she's ranked so high. Her passive, "Death in Lavender," grants her next two attacks extra attack speed, and after slaying a large minion in the jungle or a champion, she gains Lavender stacks, which increase the attack speed.

Her E "Royal Maelstrom '' is an AoE spell that grants her 70% damage reduction and a decent amount of life steal, which will keep her going in the jungle or during a hectic team fight. I should also mention that her Q "Void Surge" allows her to dash four times in four different directions. It's great for catching enemies or simply shortening your time in the jungle. Her W "Above and Below" sends people flying.

When ganking or trying to set up an ambush, this ability comes in handy. Her R "Endless Banquet," which has a passive and active ability, is the best ability in her entire kit and what makes her a great jungler. The passive allows her to deal true damage with her auto-attacks, while the active allows her to consume a dead body, explode in a fiery blaze, and spawn her voidlings from dead minions. She can be effective when pushing lanes or simply adding distraction and pressure to a lane.

Why Bel’Veth Is A Great Jungler:

  • Royal Maelstrom is a highly useful spell for dealing AoE damage and healing you at the same time, it’s also great during team fights as Bel’Veth takes 70% less damage. 
  • Permanent attack speed per killed big minion or champion.
  • She’s able to dash 4 times in different directions each, allowing her to either catch up to someone or shorten the amount of time spent in the very useful jungle. 
  • Her R allows her to deal true damage with her auto-attacks. 
  • She’s able to spawn little voidlings from dead minions that push the lane. It’s useful for putting pressure on the enemy team. 

3. Rek'sai

Rek'Sai is a fun champion to play. Her spells are simple to learn and are the primary reason for her effectiveness as a jungler. To begin, her passive "Fury of the Xer'Sai" causes Rek'sai to generate fury by dealing damage with basic attacks or abilities. What's the significance of this? Because you can use your W "Burrow/Unburrow" ability to burrow yourself in the ground and regain a significant portion of your lost health, depending on how much fury you have consumed.

Her other abilities can be used to speed up your farming progress; all of Rek'Sai spells have a low cooldown, and in times of danger, Rek'sai can easily escape from sticky situations or move quickly through the jungle. Remember, time is a main factor in the jungle. The faster you are the better. The Q "Queen's Wrath/Prey Seeker" ability in particular is beneficial, owing to the AoE damage it deals every three hits. It's ideal for clearing the jungle or dealing with two or three enemies at the same time.

You can also move quickly across the map by using your E "Furious Bite/Tunnel”. Finally, the R "Void Rush" allows Rek'Sai to leap onto a target and dispatch it. During this time, she becomes untargetable, and once she jumps out, she can burrow again and tunnel away with her E. Although there is a real rat as a champion, she is a bigger one. You'll despise playing against her but adore playing as her. 

Why Rek’Sai Is A Great Jungler: 

  • Low cooldown abilities that should improve your farming output especially because of the AoE from your Q. 
  • The passive grants you health based on how much fury you have consumed. 
  • If you unburrow when someone is on top of you, you will knock them up into the air. It’s great when tunneling towards an enemy or ganking a lane. 
  • Tunnel E can be used to move quickly across the whole map. 
  • The ultimate ability makes her untargetable for a few seconds, great for escaping incoming abilities. 

2. Olaf

Olaf is a badass Viking who specializes in the jungle and in the top lane. Is he a good jungler? Yes, he is. Keep that in mind the next time you play him. I'd like to start with his passive ability "Berserker Rage," which grants Olaf attack speed and life steal based on the percentage of his missing HP. The lower the HP, the angrier he becomes.

Olaf's W ability "Tough it out" grants him increased attack speed, reduces incoming damage, and grants him a shield. This can be useful during fights. This is amazing in any situation. Olaf's E "Reckless Swing" deals damage to both the target and himself; if the enemy target dies, Olaf's health is restored. The ability's best feature, however, is that it deals true damage. For his final ability, we have his R "Ragnarok," in which Olaf becomes schizophrenic and swings his axes around until his entire face is covered in blood.

This means that no amount of CC can stop him and he becomes immune to it for a few seconds. It will last as long as he continues to attack. So you'd better have something to hit in front of you when you use it. This is a great and simple jungler that can carry games alone, but you may need to have your back checked after carrying a lot of games.

Why Is Olaf A Great Jungler: 

  • His passive ability increases his attack speed and life steal the less HP he has. Great in solo fights and while farming the jungle. 
  • His W decreases the amount of damage he takes and it also increases his attack speed and gains a little shield. Great for clearing out da jungle. 
  • Olaf’s ultimate ability makes him immune to all CC. 
  • He can deal true damage with his E, great for dealing with people who have a lot of armor or a lot of HP. 
  • He can sustain himself greatly in the jungle and take dragons because of the life steal he gets from his kit. 

1. Udyr

Udyr is unquestionably the most badass champion and one of the most effective junglers in the game right now. After recasting one of his abilities, he enters an "Awakened" state, increasing the potential of that ability. His abilities take various forms. So please bear with me as I attempt to explain them.

The Q "Wilding Claw" is a tiger form that grants him extra attack speed and increases the damage of his next two attacks. His W "Iron Mantle" transforms him into a turtle, giving him a shield and life steal. The E "Blazing Stampede" transforms him into a ram, allowing Udyr to run as fast as he can without tiring.

Udyr is immune to CC when awakened in the ram state. His ultimate ability transforms him into a cryophoenix capable of dealing AoE magic damage. It's the best form, and you should max it out first. Each form has a purpose in certain situations; it just needs to show up. When it comes to jungling, he is probably the best champion so far!

Why Udyr Is A Great Jungler: 

  • “Iron mantle” or W grants you a shield that absorbs damage and you gain life steal.
  • The E ability is a point and click stun, in the awakened state it ignores CC from the enemy team. 
  • The cryophoenix deals AoE damage and in the awakened state, it latches onto a target Udyr attacks. 
  • Once you have enough ability haste you can spam his abilities and you can become pretty much unkillable. 
  • His fast clear makes him conducive to invade the enemy jungle and take their camps effectively crippling them. 

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