[Top 15] LOL Best Beginner Champions To Play

Top 15 Beginner Champions For League Of Legends

League is a very competitive and confusing game for newer players so this should clear things up for who to play as you start playing League.

League of Legends has five specific roles for the main game mode summoners rift so i'll be recommending 3 champions in each role. Going from Top,to Mid, Support, Bottom, and finally Jungler with Top being the easiest to Jungler being the toughest role to learn. 


Garen is a part of the Demacian vanguard and leads the army into battle and his kit really shows that same idea. Garen passive preservation allows him to regenerate his HP after a few seconds of not being hit. His Q Decisive strike empowers his next auto attack, cleanses any slows on him, and gives him a speed boost to either chase enemies or to run away bravely. His W Courage has 2 effects one passively and one actively, the passive allows him to stack armor and magic resist while he kills both minions and champions while if you press w Garen gains a shield and tenacity (determines how long a statue effect will remain such as stun or silence the more of it the shortening of the effect.). Garen E Judgement is his spin to win he spins his sword around him dealing damage and lowering the defense of any enemy hit and lowers every second the enemy is hit with his E. Finally Garens R Demacian Judgement Garen summons a giant sword that deals a flat amount of damage but can execute champions in a certain threshold. 

Garen is such an easy champion for both the lane and in general because of how simple his kit is. He simply runs around killing minions until he's tanky enough to take a hit from the enemy champion and even if he takes a decent hit he just has to run away enough to regenerate his hp to get back into the fight. Eventually he can tank enough hits and with his q constantly being available because he doesn't deal with mana so he only needs to deal with the cooldown he'll be able to catch up to any champion and execute them with his ultimate. The only downside for garen is whenever it comes to range champions because of how easy it is to kite him till garen dies. 

Runs around at mach 5 with certain runes and items and his q giving him a speed boost.

Hit very hard with his q empowering his next auto attack and ultimate ability 

Being able to tank a hit because of his w passive


Nasus is a good learning champion on the importance of farming and last hitting minions. Nasus passive Soul Eater is a flat lifesteal that allows him to stay in fights for longer. His Q Siphoning Strike is an empowered auto attack that gets more powerful for each Q strike that kills the enemy. Wither W is a slowing effect that affects both an enemy champion's attack speed and movement speed making them easily catchable. Nasus E Spirit Fire deals an area of effect spell that deals damage and lowers the armor of anyone within its effect. Finally Nasus ultimate Fury of the Sands that makes Nasus grow in size allowing him to deal damage in an area around him reducing the cooldown of Siphoning Strike and increases both Magic Resist and Armor. 

Nasus teaches the importance of last hitting. Because of how his Q works he needs to last hit minions to gain stacks. Coupled with the fact that he has a passive 12 percent lifesteal makes it so that he only really needs to get armor and magic resist to become unkillable. 

Becoming a farmer in top lane that allows him to bonk champions out of existence

Is extremely hard to kill with his passive and ulty combo

Can easily snowball if not dealt with for any amount of time 

3. Malphite  

ROCK SMASH! Malphite is a mountain and this shows in how this rock grows. Malphite passive Granite Shield allows him to passively gain a shield for about 10% of Malphites HP that breaks when it's drained or is hit with an ability; he gains a new shield after a few seconds of not getting hit. Malphite Q Seismic Shard tosses a rock towards an enemy that deals damage and steals their movement speed and applies it to Malphite. ThunderClap turns his normal attacks into an area of effect attack in front of him for a few seconds. GroundSlam deals damage in an area scaling on armor and reducing the attack speed of the enemy. Malphite R Unstoppable Force sends Malphite flying dealing magic damage and knocking up all enemies caught in the range of the attack. 

The magic rock is such a menace in top lane and his ease of use adds to that menace. Malphite being able to build either a full tank or going full magic rock makes it so that either works. This adds on the fact that because of his Q it's very difficult to outrun a malphite he sticks onto players if he goes all in on you. 

Slows enemies while gaining movement speed

Gaining Armor makes sure the rock can damage

A flying rock hitting like a truck 

4. Annie

TIBBERS! Annie is a fire girl with a very scary teddy bear that can leave your opponents burned in no time. Annie’s passive pyromaniac allows Annie to stack her spells in that after casting 4 spells on the 4th cast she’ll stun whoever is hit by the spell. Annie Q disintegrates throws a fireball that deals magic damage and can refund the mana cost if it kills whatever is hit by it. Annie W incinerate casts a small zone of fire that deals damage to whoever is caught in it. Annie E molten shield casts a shield on either herself or an Allie, giving them a short movement speed boost, and damages whoever hits said shield. Annie R Tibbers summons her stuffed animal dealing an area of magic damage and creates a minion Annie can control to attack whoever she targets.

Annie being able to crowd control after casting a certain amount of spells allows her to not only make ganks easier for the friendly jungler, but once Annie hits level 6 there's now 2 sources of magic damage that the opponent has to deal with. Add onto the fact that Annies E allows her to both take blows without worrying about her HP but allows her to kite her enemies as well. While the main issue is that if she doesn't have her stun ready she can't shake off enemies that easily.

Easy to Access Stun 

Area of effect spells that can burn your enemies


5. Lux  

DEMACIA! Lux is the little sister to Garen but unlike her brother she can hit people from a range instead of running at people. Lux passive Illumination leaves a charging effect whenever she hits her enemies with her abilities that deal extra magic damage whenever hit with another attack. Lux Q Lights binding she releases a ball of light that snares and deals magic damage to the first 2 enemies hit with the ability. Lux W Prismatic Barrier throws her wand a short distance that shields both herself and whoever is in range of the ability. Lux E Lucent  Singularity shoots an area of light that slows anyone in its effect and if triggered again will cause an area of magic damage. Lux R Final Spark shoots a long range laser that deals magic damage. 

Lux's long range abilities make it easy to deal with anything from a safe distance. Her abilities and passive allows her to crowd control her enemies enough to get the kill and to use it effectively is to keep that distance and if things start getting too close using Q to get them ensnared and running away to keep that distance. Her biggest drawback was that if things get close she has no durability or anyway to get out of range she dies very quickly. 

Crowd Control Queen for early players

Being able to poke anyone with range

Stealing objectives with a laser

6. Veigar

Veigar is the embodiment of evil and will let everyone know it. Veigar passive Phenomenal Evil power is similar to nasus Q stacking in that whenever veigar kills a minion with ability or if he assists or kills a champion he gains stacks of ap. Veigar Q baleful shoots a bolt of energy striking up to 2 enemies and if he kills any minions or hits a champion gains a stack of his passive. Veigar W Dark Matter shoots a small area of magic after a small delay that can get shorter cooldown with more stacks of Veigar passive. Veigar E event horizon makes a cage to contain anything that’s trapped within and that if anything touches the edge of the cage gets stunned. Veigar ultimate Primordial Burst shoots a tracking shot of magic towards any enemy targeted by it dealing magic damage that increases scaling on how low whoever is getting hit by it is.

Veigar is an evil gremlin of a champion. His ability to zone champions is incredible and can make sure he can control the tempo of a match and add on the fact that he scales infinitely and has an execute for an ultimate makes sure he can hit like a truck if not careful. With the main downside to him in that he has no way of getting out of danger if caught out.

Infinite value champion

Easily zone controller

Has a pocket nuke as an ulti ready to go 


7. Soraka

The Stars will hear your healing if you’ll play Soraka because of how much she does heal and her kit focuses on this. Soraka passive Salvation Soraka gains movement speed towards low health allies. Soraka Q Starcall deals an area of effect of magic damage and slowing any enemies caught within it, she also recovers HP if any champions are hit with this ability. Soraka W Astral Infusion gives a portion of Sorakas HP to give to another allied champion targeted by it. Soraka E Equinox does immediate area of effect silence to anyone caught within it and after a short amount of time anyone still within the ability is rooted. Finally Soraka Ultimate Wish heals all allied champions for a portion of their health no matter the distance. 

    Soraka is a pure healer and it shows. In early game managing her resources can be annoying but late game it's impossible for her not to heal chunks of damage with a single w and because of that she can keep her allies in a fight for much longer. Her Strengths are also her biggest weakness because she is a healing factory she very rarely does any damage herself so if her allies are down she's a sitting duck. 

Extreme amount of healing 

Comes running in if you're in damage

Can heal regardless of the distance with her ultimate

8. Sona


The musical mage from Ionia that moved to Demacia Sona uses her music in helping people and her kit shows how much it can help. Sona passive has 2 effects first is that whenever she hits a champion with her abilities she gains a stack of ability haste that caps at 70 after which all the cooldown goes directly to her ultimate cooldown, second being that depending on which ability she uses she gains stack to make her next auto attack infused depending on special effect that can either deals extra magic damage, reducing the next attack damage from a enemy, or slowing a enemy. Sona Q Hymn of Valor sends 2 bolts of magic towards her enemies, prioritizing enemy champions and monsters and gives her a blue aura that boosts any allies' damage against enemy champions. Sona W Aria Of Perseverance Sona shoots a green aura towards an ally champion healing them for a certain amount of health, she also gains a green aura that gives any allies in it a temporary shield. Sona E Song Of Celerity gives nearby champions a movement speed boost; she also gains a purple aura that also gives a movement speed for any allies within it. Finally Sona Ultimate Crescendo she sends an area of magic towards enemy champions stunning them and forcing them to dance.

Sona wide area of effects can really be the make or break for certain matches with her ability to boost allies' damage, movement speed and reducing the opponent's attack and speed can change the tempo of a fight. Her abilities while seemingly complex on paper are easier to learn in-game in that spam abilities reduce cooldown later. But she is very much a champion that needs someone to boost as she doesnt do that much damage herself and her kit gearing towards boosting allies. 

Boosting allies in a area of effect

Slowing her enemies movement speed and reducing there damage output

Dance party 

9. Yuumi

The very definition of a pocket healer, Yuumi is a menace in the support role and is easy to learn and play. Yuumi passive Feline friendship while detached when Yuumi deals damage to an enemy champion she restores HP to herself and the next ally she attaches to. While attached she gives a stat boost to whoever she's attached to. Yuumi Q Prowling Projectile shoots a magic projectile that either shoots in a straight line if not attached but can be controlled if attached can be controlled and after a short amount of time in the air deals extra damage. Yuumi W You And Me makes Yuumi untargetable except to turrets and while she's attached she gains heal and shield power and heals her allies instead of herself. Yuumi E Zoomies both shields herself and gives movement speed if attached to an ally it's passed onto the ally. Yuumi Ultimate Final Chapter shoots 5 waves of magic that deals damage to enemies or heals allies. 

Yuumi is an elusive cat that is impossible to contain unless you can kill the ally. Her stat boosts and shields makes it so that her allies are unkillable and because she physically cannot be hit while attached makes it so there is no risk to Yuumi as long as an ally exists nearby. But if noone is around Yuumi is pretty useless as her entire existence is based on being untargetable. 


Gives a sizeable shield and movement speed aka zoomies



The freljord de facto queen for a tribe of averosa Ashe grew up in the cold and her kit shows how it feels. Ashe passive frost shot makes it so that her attacks slow her targets but at a cost in that she cannot land critical strike but that increasing crit gives a stronger slower effect. Ashe Q Rangers Focus needs Ashe to auto attack a few times before triggers but once triggered makes her auto attack speed increase and casting multiple arrows onto a target. Ashes W Volly shoots an area of arrows that also applies frost shot. Ashe E Hawkshot sends a hawk in any area to reveal an area giving sight along the way. Ashe Ultimate shoots a giant arrow in a straight line that if it collides with a champion will stun them depending on how long the arrow traveled and slowing enemies around them.

Ashe is a pest and if she is hunting you down you're not going to be able to run away until you're dead. The slow is devastating and impossible to evade and with how fast Ashe can auto attack it. Add onto the fact that Ashe has an ultimate that can travel throughout the map that can steal objectives if necessary. The downside to her is that if she deals with champions that can dash shes dead because dashes cannot be slowed and they can close the gap significantly better then just running at her.

Prevents sneak attacks from happening

Can steal objectives from across the map

Can easily kite opponents on how slow she makes people

11.Miss Fortune

The queen of bilgewater Miss fortune cannons can really pack a serious punch if you're just starting off. Miss fortune passive Love Tap deals bonus damage if it's the first time hitting the target. Miss Fortune Q Double tap she fires a bullet that deals damage to the target and the thing behind that target. Her W Strut has two effects one she passively gains movement speed while not attacking but once activated she gains attack speed, love tap reduces the cooldown of Strut. Her E Make it Rain sends a flurry of bullets in an area that deals waves of damage and slowing anyone in that area. Finally her Ultimate Bullet Time shoots waves of bullets in a cone dealing larges amount of damage that can critically strike.

    Miss Fortune damage is easy to learn and can deal large amounts of damage in such a short amount of time it's ridiculous. Her cannons and help from the other allies can group enemies and once ultimate can deal devastating damage in a short amount of time and even after the ultimate ends she can chain her autos with Q getting champions trying to escape the combo. But her main drawback is that if enemies dont group or if they can stop the ultimate she's extremely vulnerable to dying quickly. 

Can kill 2 minions with one bullet 

Shoots mountains of bullets to kill her enemies

Has the swagger to catch up to enemies while out of combat and once inside of it can shoot faster

12. Jinx

The very definition of crazy and a lover of explosion Jinx is a pyromaniac but that can be used to your advantage. Jinx passive Get Excited she gains increased movement speed and attack speed if she takes down champions, epic minions, or structures. Her Q Switcheroo! Allows Jinx to switch from her normal auto attack to an aoe attack that has increased range but costs mana to use and is slower to use. Her W Zap! Fires a zap pistol that deals damage slowing them and revealing them if they are hidden. Her E Flame Chompers! allows her to throw some grenade that activates after a second that if any enemy champions walk over are rooted in their place where they explode after 5 seconds. Finally Super Mega Death Rocket! she fires a giant rocket that can travel throughout the map that deals damage to whoever gets hit and anyone around the impact that can execute enemies. 

    Jinx is the very definition of a run and gun champion with her being rewarded for playing objectives and going for enemy champion kills. She can easily mow down teams with how she can have a auto attack that can deal aoe damage she can also gain stacks of her passive increasing her speed allowing her to dodge anything coming after her. Her downside is that if she can't get stacks of her passive she feels fairly slow if not fed or not stacking passive. 


Getting to run and gun with crazy effectiveness

Chasing down any stragglers with ease

13.Master Yi

Master Yi is the auto attack king that comes at you at such shocking speed. Master Yi passive Double Strike will allow him to occasionally hit his auto attack twice on an enemy. His Q Alpha Strike teleports him in a short range dealing damage to any enemies caught in his area of effect during that time he is untargetable, that can critically strike, and can get shorten cooldown if master yi performs auto attacks. His W Meditate makes yi go stationary but during that time he regens his health and takes reduced damage during the channel. His E Wuju Strike allows his auto attack strike with true damage. Finally Highlander gives master yi increased attack speed, movement speed and being immune to slow effects which can extend its duration with each takedown master yi gets during the duration of the ultimate. 

Master Yi is extremely difficult to kill if the opposition doesn’t have any sort of crowd control or is coordinated because of how easily he can snowball from early to late game. Yi just needs to make sure he builds damage and attack speed and no one can stop him from just shredding opponents and minions. But if you do have those matchups where they have crowd control then Yi is dead meat because he simply can't deal with being caught. 

Speedy boi

Can auto attack you 10 times before even realizing 

Can wipe an entire team while casually taking objectives like nothing happened


The punchy punchy of Piltover Vi gauntlets leaves a heavy mark on who she plans on punching through. Vi passive Blast Shield makes it that she gains a shield whenever she uses an ability. Vi Q Vault Breaker that when casted slows her but charges her punch that pushes her forwards and stunning any champion hit with the ability, which also leaves behind a stack of denting blow. Vi W Denting Blow is a passive in which whenever she punches her opponent she stacks an effect in which she gains attack speed and lowers whoever was getting punched. Vi E Relentless Force makes her next auto attack blast through the target hitting anyone behind that opponent. Finally Vi Ultimate Cease and Desist Vi targets an enemy and will go after that champion pushing aside any other enemy in between her and the enemy once she reaches her target she brings them airborne then slamming them back on the ground. 

Vi is a fun jungler in that you'll be charging into battle punching everyone to death. Vi can be the leading character in making sure if a target needs to be taken down she’ll help with how much crowd control she has in her kit. Her main downside is that she's not very tanky so she can be killed fairly quickly if not careful.

Charging into battle with little care on what's about to happen

Punchy Punchy Combat

Police brutality 


The werewolf of league Warwick is a monster from Zaun driven by blood and in-game will be on the hunt. Warwick passive Eternal Hunger lets Warwicks auto attacks deal magic damage; if Warwick falls below 50 percent hp he then gets to heal that same amount and if he falls below 25 percent the effect is tripled. Warwicks Q Jaws of the Beast Warwick lunges at a target, dealing a percent of the target's hp and healing Warwick for that same amount. Warwick W Blood Hunt senses any enemy below 50 percent gaining movement speed towards the enemy and gaining attack speed against them if the target falls below 25 percent the effect is tripled, if Warwick activates bloodhunt he chases down the nearest champion. Warwick E Primal Howl gives Warwick damage reduction and if Warwick recasts the ability near enemies they become feared for a second. Finally Warwick R  Infinite Duress Warwick leaps in any direction suppressing any champion hit with this ability for 1.5 seconds.

Warwick is a tanky beast that can be impossible to kill if left alone. Warwick can easily clear his camps and chase down any champion with his kits and once he's found his hunt can finish the hunt quickly and effectively. The main issue with him is that if he goes against a tank shredder he’ll have no chance in taking them down. 

Hunter Instinct

Healing like crazy 

Being able to tank most blows dealt to him

With these choices mentioned in this article keep in mind that play whoever you want to play. Ultimately league of legends is a game and having fun should be the priority on why you should play the game. These champions have the easiest entry level in my option and should be kept in mind if you're trying the game for the first time.

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