[Top 15] LoL Best Chinese Players Right Now

LoL Best Chinese Players

We’re already aware of the sheer power RNG, Invictus Gaming, EDward Gaming, and other Chinese teams bring to the table and the pressure they put on the competition. But who are the best players among the many great ones, who are the pillars that carry these powerhouses? We’re here to find out just that.

15. GALA (Royal Never Give Up, Bot Laner)

While it is true that, since Uzi retired, RNG has been having some trouble staying in the competition. And while it can’t be said that RNG has remained the best Chinese team as it was in 2017, strong and reliable players like GALA keep the team alive.

With Ming leaving RNG this year, we are left wondering who’ll have the honor of supporting this top-tier adc in the coming years. With the right support, GALA could be the one to bring back the old RNG dominance, and seeing as he’s only 20 years old, we have yet to experience his true potential.

Latest best achievement: 5-8th place 2021 World Championship as a player for RNG ($100,125 prize amount)

GALA highlights

14. Flandre (EDward Gaming, Top Laner)

When ganking top, the jungler should always be prepared for the worst even if it looks like a secure kill. With Flandre as that top laner, the probability of him turning the tables on you doubles. Too often has he been on the receiving end of a tower dive only to completely outsmart his opponents and salvage at least one kill, if not both.

Previously the leader and shot-caller of Snake Esports (currently LNG Esports), Flandre now stands proudly as a top laner for the 2021 World Champions, EDward Gaming. Thanks to his large champion pool, we can always expect something new and exciting when Flandre’s in the game.

Latest best achievement: 1st place 2021 World Championship as a player for EDG ($489,500 prize amount)

Flandre highlights

13. Scout (EDward Gaming, Mid Laner)

Even though Scout was technically a member of SKT back in 2015, with Faker being such an essential part of the team, he didn’t even have a chance to prove himself. On the other hand, when EDG took him in, Scout became more or less what Faker is to SKT.

Maybe because of his need to constantly prove himself, Scout has a tendency to be overaggressive which would sometimes cost his team the win. On the other hand, this is exactly what makes him such a threatening player and it’s how he managed to earn the MVP award on three separate occasions, including this year’s Worlds.

Latest best achievement: 1st place 2021 World Championship as a player for EDG ($489,500 prize amount)

Scout highlights

12. Bin (Weibo Gaming, Top Laner)

Bin is definitely one of the more patient top laners in professional play. Usually, we find some monsters who pride themselves in being able to solo kill their laner and brute force their way to victory. Bin shows us a different strategy where you bide your time, wait for reinforcements, and then safely secure a kill.

In solo queue, however, this strategy just gets thrown out the window, especially when he plays Irelia and goes into beast mode. By some considered to be the best Irelia player, Bin even scored a pentakill during LDL 2019 Summer with her. Even more impressive is his pentakill in the 2020 Worlds Finals with Fiora which made him the first and only player to get a penta in Worlds Finals.

Latest best achievement: 2nd place 2020 World Championship as a player for Suning ($389,375 prize amount)

Bin highlights

11. Jiejie (EDward Gaming, Jungler)

Since its founding, EDG has changed its roster a lot, with various good, bad, awful, or amazing players coming and going over the years. When Clearlove left the jungle position it was extremely hard for EDG to keep their spot as a powerhouse considering they lost one of the best junglers in the world. As of 2019, this problem seems to have been resolved with the addition of Jiejie.

It is safe to say that Jiejie lacks experience in the professional field, and filling the shoes of someone as great as Clearlove is difficult, to say the least. But seeing his performance this year at the Summer LPL, not to mention Worlds, we are definitely witnessing a star in the making.

Latest best achievement: 1st place 2021 World Championship as a player for EDG ($489,500 prize amount)

Jiejie highlights

10. Xiaohu (Royal Never Give Up, Top Laner)

In professional play, role swapping comes with certain risks because your teammates get used to having specific people in specific positions and based on their playstyle learn what to expect from one another. Also, in order to beat other amazing players, you need to master your role completely which takes a lot of time and effort.

Xiaohu is one of the rare people who managed to role swap and immediately become among the best top laners in China. As such he is the only player to win two international titles across two roles, as a mid laner and top laner.

Latest best achievement: 1st place LPL Spring 2021 as a player for RNG ($306,701 prize amount)

Xiaohu highlights

9. SofM (Weibo Gaming, Jungler)

SofM is considered by some as the best Vietnamese player in the world. He is the first Vietnamese player to reach Challenger rank on the Korean server, and he even did it while playing with 100 ping. He started playing professionally at a very young age and has technically played every role except support. However, SofM’s best position by far is the jungle.

He enjoys experimenting with items, like building Knight’s Vow on Lee Sin and Redemption on Olaf which later became very popular worldwide. His team, Suning (now Weibo Gaming) hasn’t had much success until recently but seeing as they took 2nd place in Worlds last year, their time might soon come.

Latest best achievement: 2nd place 2020 World Championship as a player for Suning ($389,375 prize amount)

SofM highlights

8. Doinb (Previously Mid Laner for FunPlus Phoenix)

Doinb is truly a specific type of player. Although he plays mid, his picks are so out of the box that you can barely call him a mid laner. Often picking off-meta tanks or bruisers he focuses on supporting his team rather than carrying games himself.

Apart from his strange, but effective competitive play, Doinb is also a very entertaining streamer, playing with other famous players, always talking with his chat, and even dancing when he receives donations.

Latest best achievement: 2nd place LPL Summer 2021 as a player for FPX ($154,841 prize amount)

Doinb highlights

7. Nuguri (Previously Top Laner for FunPlus Phoenix)

Similarly to TheShy, Nuguri sometimes just starts feeding for no apparent reason and it makes you wonder whether he’s actually a good player or not. On the other hand, even if it looks like he’s being dominated, out of nowhere he’ll just start carrying teamfights and making unbelievable plays.

Nuguri is known for his unique Vladimir builds, like building Fiendish Codex and Kindlegem early for maximum cooldown reduction or buying Cull and Ancient Coin for gold income.

Latest best achievement: 1st place 2020 World Championship as a player for DWG ($556,250 prize amount)

Nuguri highlights

6. Karsa (Top Esports, Jungler)

From one of the strongest Taiwanese teams, Flash Wolves, to the powerhouse that is RNG, and then finally Top Esports, that has become a true threat in previous years, Karsa has always been around top-tier players, constantly improving and honing his skills.

Almost every jungler tends to master Lee Sin, seeing as he’s consistently been one of the best champions in the game since his release. While this is still true for Karsa, what’s interesting is his other favorite pick, Kindred, a champion we rarely have a chance to see in professional play. Despite being nerfed way too many times, Karsa still manages to outperform his opponents with this champ.

Latest best achievement: 3-4th place 2020 World Championship as a player for Top Esports ($200,250 prize amount)

Karsa highlights

5. Viper (EDward Gaming, Bot Laner)

Even though a lot of players share the same name, when someone mentions Viper, the first person that comes to mind has to be EDG’s godlike bot laner that really puts the carry in AD carry. Transferring from the LCK to the LPL allowed Viper to slither his way to the top even quicker, earning the Championship crown at Worlds 2021.

Along with his extreme mechanical prowess with regular adcs like Kai’Sa and Tristana, Viper was very skillful in playing mages in the bot lane back in 2019 when this became popular.

Latest best achievement: 1st place 2021 World Championship as a player for EDG ($489,500 prize amount)

Viper highlights

4. Knight (Top Esports, Mid Laners)

It takes an astonishing level of confidence to buy Mejai’s in a tournament match and Knight being the absolute beast that he is, justifies this confidence completely. Known for going 1v9 and still managing to effectively use Mejai’s without the fear of dying truly sets Knight apart from other mid laners.

His best champions are Ekko and Zoe with whom he managed to hold Rank 1 in Korean solo queue multiple times. Oddly enough, Knight uses his left hand to control the mouse and his right hand for the keyboard which is not something you generally see in players. This has earned him the nickname “Golden Left Hand” in the League community.

Latest best achievement: 3-4th place 2020 World Championship as a player for Top Esports ($200,250 prize amount)

Knight highlights

3. Tarzan (LNG Esports, Jungler)

Tarzan’s strength comes from his large champion pool and thorough understanding of his damage. Being able to play tanks, bruisers, ap carries, and assassins while still managing to know exactly how much damage he can take as well as dish out makes Tarzan worthy of being called one of the best junglers in the world.

Latest best achievement: 4th place LPL Summer 2021 as a player for LNG ($46,452 prize amount)

Tarzan highlights

2. JackeyLove (Top Esports, Bot Laner)

Starting at the early age of 15, JackeyLove has proved himself a child prodigy. He is recognized as one of the best Kai’Sa players in the world by countless professionals and was also known for his Draven streams in China

Previously a member of Invictus Gaming, JackeyLove has 2 LPL champion titles as well as a World Champion title. This is not to say that he’s been slacking off when he joined TES. Earning yet another LPL champion title and MSI champion title, JackeyLove has shown us that he’s a force to be reckoned with no matter what team he’s on.

Latest best achievement: 1st place 2018 World Championship as a player for IG ($2,418,750 prize amount)

JackeyLove highlights

1. Rookie (Invictus Gaming, Mid Laner)

Not only is Rookie easily the number 1 player in China, he is also regarded by most to be one of if not at times the best mid laner in the world. While people have doubts about putting anyone ahead of Faker, Rookie definitely deserves the honor of being compared to the King himself.

Since 2014, Rookie has been the pillar of IG and the main contributor to their victory at Worlds 2018. He usually goes for ap picks who can one-shot most squishy champions and even half-health bruisers at times. His most played and best champions are Syndra, LeBlanc, and Orianna although he can and does play a variety of different champions, making him extremely versatile and earning him the nickname “Faker Junior”.

Latest best achievement: 1st place 2018 World Championship as a player for IG ($2,418,750 prize amount)

Rookie highlights

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