League of Legends Secrets: 10 Tips On How To Farm Like a Pro

League of Legends Secrets
Let's learn to farm

Were you ever watching one of your favorite’s team matches and wondered how do they make it look so easy? How do they afford all those expensive items even in the early game? Or what are their secrets of being some of the world’s greatest players?Let’s take a look at some tips of how to farm in League of Legends like a professional player.

#1 - Always get the last hit

Either you are mid, solo top, or the team’s AD Carry on bot lane, you should always last hit as many minions as you can. And when I say as many as you can, I mean all of them.  Why let another minion take that gold from you? Of course it’s not a huge amount of gold, but some gold from this minion and some gold from that minion will get you enough to buy that Bloodthirster in early or mid game.

#2 - Never harass your lane

Even if your enemy has no chance against you, never harass your lane, especially in early game. So what if he can’t get near you cause you might take the kill? That doesn’t mean you should push all the way to his turret. You may be strong for him, but in early game, the turret is still stronger than you. And despite the fact that you might get killed, you won’t be able to last hit properly. And you’ll always have to be cautious so you don’t get ganked by the enemy jungler. Just keep it simple and casual, farm your gold and keep the enemy afraid of you.

#3 - Never let someone harass you

Don’t let yourself get stuck under your own turret. Yes, it may be safe, but that won’t get you to farm like a pro. Most of the minions will get killed by your turret and you’ll be left empty handed.

You’ll just end up in a game where your enemy takes the lead way ahead of you and I don’t think you want to be just another minion on the map.

#4 - Ask your jungler for help

Don’t be afraid to ask your comrades for help and of course, never be to proud to do it. Do you feel like you can’t face your enemy? Just ask your jungler to come and gank your lane. If you succeed in taking your opponent down, you will gain the gold on his kill and you will also have a time lapse in which you can farm without problems, giving you time to catch up or even get ahead of the enemy team.

#5 – You’re the jungler? Farm your jungle…

Even though your top priority as a jungler remains to help each ally on his lane when they are in trouble, don’t forget to take care of yourself. Either you start at Blue or at Red, just farm as fast as possible and always be ready to gank wherever you are needed. Either it’s top, mid or bot lane go aid your friends and then get back into wiping out those jungle monsters.

#6 – …as well as theirs

Once you are done with farming your own jungle, don’t just sit there! Go out on the enemy territory and steal everything you can either it’s Blue, Red, or even some petty wolves, if you can take that gold from you enemy just go out and take it. And who knows? You might just get a kill while you’re at it.

#7 – Kill the Dragon!

Be very careful at the spawning time of the Dragon. Why let the enemy team take the kill when you and your friends can get your hands on some gold and some experience. It will give you an advantage maybe not big, maybe not small, but still an advantage. A dragon here, a dragon there, and you’re already with two good items ahead of your opponent. How does that sound for a table turn?

#8 – Assassinate Baron Nashor

It’s one of the best advantages you can get in a League of Legends match. Despite the 300 gold that each of the team player gets after killing it, you gain some buffs that will make your enemies run from your sight once they see you. Sometimes killing Baron Nashor not only gives you the gold and the experience, but it can make you win the game in a matter of minutes, if you and your team are well coordinated.

#9 – Forget about the double kill, go for the penta!

We all get that pride when we get to kill our enemy, or even two of them in a row. But what about when you get the chance of wiping the whole team out? Over 1000 gold in less than 10 seconds, now that’s a downfall for the enemy team. Don’t get greedy, you might fall in the hands of the enemy and get yourself killed or worse, your whole team. But if you get the chance to turn the tables, go for it.

#10 – Engage team fights!

Be ready to jump in to aid your friends at anytime. If you see on the map that there’s a battle upcoming, don’t just stand ignore it, go help. You might get in a very nice 5 versus 5 fight and now… that’s a way of making things interesting. You win time to push lanes, by killing the enemy team and let’s not forget about the gold that comes with it. And even though you don’t win, at least you had the pleasure of fighting in an awesome battle!

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