[Top 15] LOL Wild Rift Best Champions That Are Overpowered

15 Best Overpowered Champions from League of Legends Wild Rift

Whether you’re brand new to League of Legends (or even multiplayer online battle arena [MOBA] games for that matter), looking for an alternative to the often toxic PC environment, or just thinking of taking League with you in your pocket, Wild Rift is an excellent addition to the MOBA scene, especially on mobile. The game offers a much better Co-Op vs. AI experience than traditional League of Legends, making it a great entry point for both new players looking to hone their skills before jumping into Player vs. Player and players who’d rather skip PvP altogether. If you’re on the fence about giving Wild Rift a try, I’d highly recommend going for it, and if you’re wondering which champions will give you the greatest chance at success, here’s a list of 15 of the best champions that are overpowered (disclaimer: champions in Wild Rift, like in all MOBA games, get nerfed and buffed regularly, so do check the date this article was posted before you come for me saying I give horrible advice).

15. Sett

The big boss man in his big boss chair.

HellsDevil: https://youtu.be/rPOyFzjOGL8

Sett is a Baron Lane fighter who’s also a great Jungler and decent Support. He can be played as either a full tank or as a hybrid fighter who can seek and destroy the more vulnerable opposing champions. Instead of a typical mana bar, Sett has a Grit bar that fills as he takes damage. When you activate Haymaker (ability 2), it turns your Grit into a personal shield.

Sett is a powerful choice who can catch opponents off guard with how much damage he can do despite how tanky he is. Don’t shy away from being aggressive with Sett, as he truly shines when it appears that he’s down for the count.

Why Sett is great:

  • Crowd Control with Facebreaker (ability 3) and ultimate.
  • Can be played as Baron Lane, Jungle, or Support (or even Mid Lane, really).
  • Haymaker (ability 2) makes him excel in 1v1 battles.
  • The Show Stopper (ultimate) allows him to single out dangerous/disruptive targets.

14. Lulu

Pix ftw!

LLWR Moba: https://youtu.be/kFu0KkCwylE

Lulu is an Ability Power Support champion who can also be successful in the two solo lanes. She is excellent at keeping her laning partner alive with her powerful shields, healing, and crowd control. As the game goes on, Lulu just keeps getting stronger, improving her shields and giving her the ability to dish out damage as well as prevent it.

Lulu is a fairly simple champion for beginners, especially since she can be played in more than one position. Once you get the hang of her, you’ll be your team’s MVP in team fights, no matter what lane you started in.

Why Lulu is great:

  • Whimsy (ability 2) and Help Pix! (ability 3) can be used on both allies and enemies.
  • Three crowd controls - a slow, polymorph, and an AoE knockup.
  • Her versatility makes her a solid pick in almost any game.
  • Can do decent damage even if you build her as a full support.

13. Kai'Sa

Are those guns on your shoulders, or are you just happy to see me?

DNZio: https://youtu.be/Zd4SHwU8KD4

Kai'Sa is a marksman who can be built to focus on attack damage or ability power. Kai'Sa can struggle early because of her shorter auto attack range, but grows exponentially more powerful as the game goes on. Her unique passive (Second Skin) allows Kai'Sa to upgrade her basic abilities when buying items. The most important abilities to upgrade are Icathain Rain (ability 1), allowing the ability to shoot more missiles, and Supercharge (ability 3), granting invisibility when using the ability.

Kai'Sa is an interesting and fun champion. If you want to be a mobile allstar in your lane and in all your team fights, then Kai'Sa is the right champion for you.

Why Kai’Sa is great:

  • Fits most team compositions since she can choose between AD and AP builds.
  • High burst damage in duels and can contend with both tanks and fighters.
  • Great initiation and backline diving ability with Killer Instinct (ultimate).

12. Renekton

The official champion of Florida.

LLWR Moba: https://youtu.be/Titu7ZkKPSM

Renekton is a formidable Baron Lane fighter with high damage and sustainability. Instead of a mana bar, he has a Rage bar from his passive, Reign of Anger. When the Rage bar is at 50% or greater, his abilities get more powerful.

Renekton is a great choice because he can win the early game, giving him the ability to carry the rest of the team on his back. His abilities are easy to get familiar with, and since he has no mana, you only have to worry about balancing cooldowns.

Why Renekton is great:

  • Excels in the early game, winning trades that can make him snowball.
  • Great at split pushing - few champions can beat him 1v1 and he can demolish turrets with the help of Ruthless Predator (ability 2).
  • Highly mobile for a tanky champion thanks to Slice and Dice (ability 3).

11. Rengar

He doesn't actually have nine lives...

Silence Wild Rift: https://youtu.be/u66Fp8IOXps

Rengar is an aggressive assassin Jungler. He boasts a strong early game, speedy jungle clear, and good health management with the heal from Battle Roar (ability 2). Once you unlock Thrill of the Hunt (ultimate) at level 5, Rengar gains invisibility, giving him a huge advantage for lane ganks.

Rengar can scale well into the late game by using his ultimate to go invisible and stacking up successful ganks.

Why Rengar is great:

  • Unique brush leap mechanic makes him a fun and rewarding champion to play.
  • Strong Jungler who can snowball uncontrollably with his Bonetooth Necklace passive which grants him stacking bonus damage.
  • Great early game dueler who’s able to win scuttler battles and eventually chase enemy Junglers from their own jungle.
  • High sustain for an assassin with decent map control thanks to the reveal from his ultimate.

10. Diana

Not sure what's cooler, the glowing forehead mark or her wicked crescent axe...

Pronicle WR: https://youtu.be/tKBDMqM93N0

Diana is a Mid Lane magical assassin. As a melee champion, she can struggle to last hit minions early versus ranged opponents, but once at level 5, Moonfall (ultimate) allows her to roam around the map and rack up kills. Lunar Rush (ability 3) lets her dash to ranged enemy champions, and then her ultimate can unleash a massive amount of damage.

You have to play safely early, but when you gain enough confidence to go in, you can be a multi-kill machine. With Diana, it's all about timing your attacks.

Why Diana is great:

  • Deals a lot of burst and sustained damage which allows her to carry games on her own.
  • Can initiate fights and survive thanks to Moonfall (ultimate) and Pale Cascade (ability 2).
  • Great mobility from the combination of Crescent Strike (ability 1) and Lunar Rush (ability 3).  
  • Can push lanes and take down turrets really fast.

9. Braum

Topless in the snow.

YourDoomsday0: https://youtu.be/sEKHAwOon4k

Braum is a tank Support champion. He is a protection machine with Unbreakable (ability 3) blocking all incoming abilities and auto-attacks and Stand Behind Me (ability 2) giving an ally bonus resistances. Braum is effective at all stages of the game because of his defensive abilities and crowd control which allows him to survive and help the team win.

Braum is one of the most beginner-friendly champions. If you are interested in playing support and want a champion who is good at both protecting the team and setting up teammates for kills, Braum is the guy for you.

Why Braum is great:

  • Safe pick because he can play both aggressively or incredibly safe.
  • Provides excellent crowd control and team fight presence.
  • Protects his team excellently and counters many skill-shot-based champions.

8. Akali

Style, grace, and knives for your face!

Zeironn: https://youtu.be/ZXKEnqCCIvM

Akali is an ability power assassin that can be played as Mid Lane or Baron Lane. When she reaches level 5, she gets access to Perfect Execution (ultimate) which is her main source of damage. At this point, she can start to utilize her aggressive play style and try to get an early advantage by either racking up solo kills or by grouping early with your team around objectives and focusing on the squishy targets past the tanks.

Akali is an incredibly aggressive champion. If you enjoy jumping into the enemy's face and killing them, then she is a good choice for you. She has a very high skill gap which means it might take a few games to understand how to play her, but if you can master Akali you can climb the ranks and reach the very top.

Why Akali is great:

  • Loaded ability kit that allows her to deal extreme amounts of damage while also being hard to kill.
  • Reliably kills enemy carries every time her ultimate is up.
  • Tools to outplay opponents such as an ability to be invisible and two abilities that both have two charges with dashes.

7. Varus

Void hunk for hire.

Night Challenger Wild Rift: https://youtu.be/1AuLbZQrCh4

Varus is a deadly Dragon Lane champion who can also fit in on either solo lane. He uses a mix of attack damage with auto-attacks and magic damage to take out his enemies. The later the game goes and the more items he gets, the stronger he becomes due to his quick attack speed, great poke from Piercing Arrow (ability 1), and crowd control potential from Chain of Corruption (ultimate).

Varus is a great starter champion if you want to be able to play in any lane. His abilities and play style are really simple for beginners. If you're looking for a champion that can stay back and use abilities to poke down the enemies or snipe them as they run away, Varus is the right champion for you.

Why Varus is great:

  • Incredible hybrid, HP-based damage which makes him a good pick to counter tank heavy compositions.
  • Long range with his auto attack and abilities which allows him to damage enemies safely from a distance.
  • Utility with Hail of Arrows (ability 3), which slows down enemies and applies Grievous Wounds, and Chain of Corruption (ultimate), which applies a root that can potentially control the entire enemy team.

6. Kha'zix

This guy bugs me.

Canserole: https://youtu.be/hMk8G5Y7VtU

Kha'Zix is an attack damage assassin Jungler. He can be vulnerable early unless he can find an isolated enemy and take advantage of his passive, Unseen Threat. His jungle clear is decent and the heal from Void Spike (ability 2) keeps his health fairly high.

If you love to jump around the map as an AD assassin, picking off enemies with ease, then Kha'Zix is the perfect champion for you. You can jump into an enemy, kill them, and jump back out before they even know what hit them.

Why Kha’zix is great:

  • Great solo queue Jungler because of his good clear, 1v1 potential, and objective control.
  • Immense burst damage with core items that allows him to destroy most carries and mages with just one combo in the mid to late game.
  • High replayability since choosing different orders of Evolution can lead to varying playstyles.

5. Nami

Bubble power, activate!

Darkbreaker: https://youtu.be/OUgxp0fdDSk

Nami is an enchanter Support champion who can also be built to play in the Mid Lane. She has great crowd control as well as healing and buffing abilities. She scales well the later the game goes. Her heals become stronger while her Tidal Wave (ultimate) and Aqua Prison (ability 1) allow her to lock down the enemies.

Nami is a fairly easy champion to play though she does have some skill shots that may take practice. She is great at keeping your team alive and can put a lot of pressure on the opposing pair during the laning phase.

Why Nami is great:

  • Effective Support champion, making her a safe pick that can work in most situations and together with most champions.
  • Great mobility that she can share with her teammates, giving her the ability to help control the tempo of the game.
  • Kit contains knockup, heal, damage, slow, and an ultimate which grants almost all of that in one ability.

4. Ziggs

Bombs ready, buddy.

OUTSIDER WR: https://youtu.be/4Go_cjpohgQ

Ziggs is a dangerous Mid Lane mage champion. He uses his abilities to control a team fight, wave clear, and burst down the enemies, especially Mega Inferno Bomb (ultimate) which can change the balance of a team fight.

If you want a champion that can stay back, use his abilities to control team fights, and can farm and push waves pretty safely in the mid lane, then Ziggs is a perfect champion for you.

Why Ziggs is great:

  • Long-range mage who can destroy the enemy team by lowering their HP little by little even before fights break out.
  • Ultimate can do tremendous damage to the whole team.
  • One of the few mage champions with strong split pushing capability.
  • Built-in escape mechanism makes him extremely annoying to play against.

3. Jayce

Braun and brains, what a combo...

Darkbreaker: https://youtu.be/JLaNMuIPcPM

Jayce is possibly the most versatile champion in the game. He can be successfully played as Baron Lane, Mid Lane, or Jungle (or even as an ADC). He has two different forms, Mercury Cannon (ranged) and Mercury Hammer (melee) that he can switch via his ultimate, which is available at level 1. Each of his other abilities has a different version per form, giving him six total abilities. He can poke, engage, and kill any type of enemy champion.

Jayce is a very flexible and versatile champion that can be played in many different ways. It can be hard to play Jayce at first when there are so many abilities available, but with a bit of practice, you can play him almost anywhere and dominate your opponents.

Why Jayce is great:

  • Best of both worlds, having access to melee and ranged forms.
  • Can easily win his lane thanks to his ranged advantage, transitioning into a great mid game where he becomes stronger than most other champions during that phase.
  • Access to six abilities with the potential to either burst down enemies or to wear them out through relentless damage per second.

2. Lee Sin

Always trust a blind monk.

Assassin Dave: https://youtu.be/QaQhoZE8-k8

Lee Sin is a highly mobile attack damage Jungler. He has one of the best early games in terms of jungle clear and 1v1 potential against the enemy Jungler. He does fall off a bit when you get to the late game, but if you take advantage of his great early game ganks, you can help the rest of your team snowball.

Lee Sin has a lot of mobility allowing him to jump over multiple walls and can make some really fantastic, flashy plays. If you like an aggressive jungle playstyle and a champion that can use his early advantage to carry the team, then Lee Sin is the go-to pick for you.

Why Lee Sin is great:

  • Loaded champion with seven abilities crammed into four buttons - two mobility abilities, a shield, a slow, an on-hit effect, and a knockback.
  • Clears fast and is an incredible ganker, snowballing the game to the point that the enemy team has no possibility of a comeback because of the gold and level gap.
  • Unpredictable and fun to play over and over again.

1. Fiora

En garde!

HellsDevil: https://youtu.be/4i94VpYtSBY

Fiora is a Baron Lane fighter who also makes an excellent Jungler. She isn’t the strongest early game champion, but once she reaches the mid to late game and has a few items under her belt, she is the ultimate 1v1 duelist. Duelist's Dance (passive) reveals Vitals on the closest enemy champion, and when you hit one of these Vitals, you deal more damage and Fiora heals.

Fiora has a very fun playstyle that many people will enjoy. She is one of few champions that can carry the entire game on her back. She’s capable of games where you split push and destroy the enemy nexus, winning the game all on your own.

Why Fiora is great:

  • One of, if not the strongest duelist in the game - she can 1v1 most champions and come out on top.
  • Strong damage output with true damage mixed in so it doesn’t matter if she’s fighting a carry or a tank.
  • High mobility as the cooldown for Lunge (ability 1) is quite short at max level when it hits an enemy. Plus, she gains bonus movement speed when she strikes a Vital.
  • Sustain that allows her to survive fights and her ultimate can even heal her teammates as well.

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