[Top 10] LOL Best Solo Queue Champions

LOL Best Solo Queue Champions
"Hate is not in vain, it is built up by small pieces".

Hey guys, what's up, Frankenstein here in the area and this time I come to bring more content for all of you and it will be about the League of Legends!

The intention here is to bring a TOP 10 about the best champions in the Solo-Q ranking.

Each one has a style of play and has some character in which they consider themselves the best, however, I will bring here those who have a greater prominence in the statistics.

Let's remember that LoL today has over 150 champions, and the focus here is the champions that grow the most during the game, the ones that have a true map rotation control, the ones that turn into a "snowball" the most, and the ones that become stronger if you get a good initial kill.

Let 's go!


10- Kai´sa

"Beware my onslaught, it may be your last chance!"


About Kai'sa:

Kai'sa is an amazing ADC, with a very interesting skill kit including passive and building her equipment.

This ADC is one of the favorite shooters for players playing the lower route. The champion has a high level range of skills, and extremely powerful to use.

Kai'sa is a strong Carry, as well as maintaining a very favorable route phase. Champion can reposition herself from ambushes with her Ultimate.

Why do we say that Kai'sa is so good at SOLO Q?

  • Kai'sa is a powerful champion. She is an end-game ADC. She has an interesting mechanic that allows the champion to make items that target both physical and magic damage.
  • If she gets a good amount of minions and a few kills during a battle, Kai'sa can load up the game extremely fast.

Kai'sa Performance Rating in Solo-Q: 90%


9- Vayne

"The tip of my arrow will be the end of you!"


About Vayne:

A highly mechanical shooter, Vayne is one of the favorite porters in the League of Legends community. The champion scales very well towards the end of the matches and becomes a potential target to Carry the game.

The possibility of making beautiful plays and winning fights alone is what sets Vayne apart from the other champions.

She has good itemization, and good damage. However, like Kai´sa, she needs to farm a lot of minions and if she is lucky, a few kills to turn a real headache for her opponents.

Why do we say that Vayne is so good at SOLO Q?

  • Vayne stands out because she can load the entire game on her own. She has excellent performance when the Gamer plays well, she can fit well with her team in team fights, if she comes in at the right time.
  • Vayne is an excellent champion to play solo, when the game is very difficult and you need to stand out to get the victory.

Vayne Performance Rating in Solo-Q: 92%

 Vayne ADC vs Kai'Sa

8- Ahri

"The hatred of my spheres will reflect in your defeat."


About Ahri:

Ahri is the portrayal of a fox woman with nine tails. The champion is a magic type who has excellent area control, but she also has a very aggressive skill combo, as well as her ultimate skill, which makes us put the champion on a kill and win game level by herself.

Champion is known to be picked constantly in the rankings, due to it's not-so-high difficulty and its great impact on the game.

Why do we say that Ahri is so good at SOLO Q?

  • Ahri is an extremely powerful champion, much of that power being through her skill kit. Ahri is a very safe champion to play on the flanks and has an incredible ability to decimate enemies with the combination of her skill kit. Ahri is a champion that deserves to be on the list here because of her incredible ability to change the course of the game in her favor.
  • She is a character who, although the matchup is a bit difficult, she can carry the game if she gets good minion routes and a good amount of kills.
  • In a brief summary, she is a very complete solo charger champion.

Ahri Performance Rating on Solo-Q: 93,5%

Ahri Mid vs Sett 

7- Udyr

"The elements will destroy you!"


About Udyr:

Udyr appropriates animal spirits to deal damage and pursue his enemies. The champion is a fighter and appears in the jungle, but can also be used on the top route.

Udyr's mechanics are simple and make the champion a true Carry, managing in a short period of time to have mastery and control of the jungle and map.

Why do we say that Udyr is so good at SOLO Q?

  • Udyr presents a very interesting kit, with shields, area damage, speed, stun.
  • The player who uses the character in Solo-Q, has in mind that if everything goes wrong on some route, he can easily Carry the game, rotating extremely fast on the routes that are a little better and in the opponent's jungle.

Udyr Performance Rating on Solo-Q: 93,9%

Udyr Jungle vs Lillia 

6- Darius

"I want you to feel the fury of my axe!”


About Darius:

Carrying a large axe, which spurts blood as he unleashes attacks on his enemies, Darius is a great fighter and an excellent champion who goes to the front lines for his team.

The champion has a very strong route phase due to his extremely powerful skill kit and his ease in putting his opponents in their place.

Why do we say that Darius is so good at SOLO Q?

  • Darius is a bloody champion. He makes his enemy bleed all the time with his passive ability "hemorrhage", the bleeding that Darius applies is accumulated and when it reaches the final limit, the damage done by his ultimate is true damage.
  • Darius is a true "snowball" because he simply dominates the upper route if the enemy falters, and this means he can win the match in a short period of time.
  • This character is a true Solo-Q champion, safe, efficient and very strong.

Darius Performance Rating on Solo-Q: 95%

Darius Top vs Viego 

5- Ekko

"In which line of music, do you want to die?”


About Ekko:

Ekko is a champion with the ability to flip time always in his favor. The champion is a middle route assassin and his abilities allow him to get in and out of fights quickly.

His biggest differentiator to the other assassins is his "R," the ability shatters the timeline and rewinds Ekko to a new point on the map, presented by a shadow of the champion himself. Ekko deals damage to all enemies within the area of his ultimate.

Why do we say that Ekko is so good at SOLO Q?

  • Ekko is a killer champion, with great potential for damage and mobility. His skills give the champion a high "clean wave" power, regardless of the route the champion is playing.
  • In addition, its great damage potential allows the champion to take down his enemies and reposition himself safely. Currently, this champion is mostly used on the jungle route. This champion is also seen in the middle route
  • If well staggered, he can be a big Carry in the game alone.

Ekko Performance Rating on Solo-Q: 95,9%

Ekko Mid vs Ahri 

4- Katarina

"My blades feel thirsty to kill.”


About Katarina:

A serial killer, Katarina is a champion who causes a lot of trouble in ranked games. The champion has a wide variety of skills, but it is  very easy to be counterattacked.

In low-level games, a well-played Katarina tends to easily load a match. For those who play the champion, their skills can be confusing, but with practice, they can be mastered.

Katarina does not use mana.

Why do we say that Katarina is so good at SOLO Q?

  • Katarina is a champion known in the League of Legends for her mechanics and speed. This character has reset the cooldown of her abilities due to her passive skill. The champion is very powerful in team fights.
  • If the player enters the right moment in a fight with this champion, he is unlikely to lose the battle or the match.

Katarina Performance Rating on Solo-Q: 96,7%

Katarina Mid vs Talon 

3- Fizz

"The sea is cold, dark and treacherous...”


About Fizz:

Amphibious, Fizz is very reminiscent of a fish. Known for being very difficult to deal with, the champion has a range of skills that are easy to master. Your "E" (Playful cheater) does a high amount of damage, in addition to leaving the champion unable to take enemy damage.

Fizz is a killer champion, who has great potential for burst and mobility. Fizz's skills allow the champion to take down enemy champions quickly and be able to reposition himself to stay safe soon after. He is a very powerful champion in one on one clashes. Usually, this champion is used in the middle route.

Why do we say that Fizz is so good at SOLO Q?

  • In very dark terms, Fizz is a cold, bloody, evil character. This champion stands out in everything he does, making the player always have an alternative route, a second chance to escape and even a great degree of murdering his enemies, be they tanks or adc.
  • Fizz is an extremely complete champion, and when you acquire good mastery with him, the Solo-Qs become extremely easy to carry.

Fizz Performance Rating on Solo-Q: 98%

Fizz Mid vs Ahri 

2- Irelia

"You can try to escape, but you will never make it!”


About Irelia:

Irelia is a fighter who plays on the top or middle route. The champion is very strong in all stages of the game and can become uncontrollable if she kills a lot.

Irelia has already undergone a “rework” that changed the champion and pleased the community. Her "Q" (Blade Outbreak) is reset by other skills, although it is difficult to master, when well controlled Irelia becomes a deadly weapon in the hands of any player.

Why do we say that Irelia is so good at SOLO Q?

  • Irelia is basically a champion where the player who dominates her, will not have much difficulty in winning a Solo-Q game. Many are afraid to play games with her, either because of her mechanics or her specification, but Irelia is here in our Top 2, precisely because she is an extremely complete champion.
  • The character can step on the enemy, can enter and exit a team fight with mastery, can perform route ganks with agility and can face almost any enemy champion.
  • If her goal is disaster, destruction and death, this is the right champion to use on Solo-Q.

Irelia Performance Rating on Solo-Q: 99,5%

Irelia Top vs Renekton 

1- Master Yi

"A samurai's sword can be considered its shadow.”


About Master Yi:

Yi is a swordsman who practices Wuju art. The champion is known to stay in the jungle for much of the game, however, when he leaves, he slays opponents with his sword.

The champion has simple mechanics, making him a good champion for beginners and a real "snowball".

Why do we say that a Master is so good at SOLO Q?

  • Master Yi is an extremely fantastic champion in Solo-Q. You can even call it a real "mono finger", because it simply presents extreme power against your enemies, with a single click of your fingers.
  • Yi is a totally lonely champion and he can easily carry an entire match on his own. Master Yi has an incredible strength against any type of champion and at the end of the game he leaves nothing to be desired, becoming a real differential in the match, taking the victory for his team with dominance.
  • If you are thirsty for blood, death and hatred, Master Yi is the ideal character for you to kill all your enemies, with the cold blade of your sword.

Master Yi Performance Rating on Solo-Q: 100%

Master Yi Jungle vs Vi 

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