[Top 10] LOL Strongest Late Game Champions That Are Feared

League of Legends Strongest Late Game Champions That Are Feared
Fear us cuz if you don't we will win the match!

So today we’ll be talking about the best champions for late game. Not any champion but champions that make other people run away as soon as they see you. These champions are mainly for the late game and during the early to mid-game everyone will want a piece of you.

So try to play it safe if you can during that time. Your whole point playing these champions is to survive and get gold. By getting gold you can get items and by getting items it will make the enemy team afraid of you. Now that you know what, let's get into the list. 

10. Karthus

“Even in death, you shall sing!”

Let’s start this list off with an AP jungler named Karthus. At first, Karthus couldn't do much. His full clear is slow, if he gets invaded he’s dead because he has no mobility, ganking is hard with him, and scaling takes a long time.

But once Karthus reaches the late game with more than 10 dark harvest stacks, people start getting worried. Getting close to Karthus is hard but getting away from him is even harder. Because he can spam his Q ability to deal damage every second, slow people with his W, deal AoE damage with his E, and has a global ultimate ability that targets everyone on the enemy team.

If someone is low HP and runs away from Karthus they are going to die because he will ult them from spawn. There’s nothing you can do except accepting death when he starts channeling his ultimate ability. Plus he deals a massive amount of AP damage thanks to the dark harvest and his abilities that scale insanely well with AP. 

Why Karthus Is Powerful Late Game:

  • His abilities scale insanely well with AP. 
  • Karthus has a global ultimate ability that targets everyone on the enemy team and deals damage based on how much HP the enemy has. 
  • If someone manages to get close to Karthus, getting away becomes even harder. 
  • His passive allows him to use his abilities even if Karthus dies. The more mana he has the longer he stays alive after dying. 

9. Brand

“I want to set the world on fire!”

Here we have another AP champion and his name is Brand. He loves setting things on fire, especially the people he’s fighting. When it comes to Brand he can either be played in the mid-lane or as a support.

When it comes to his late-game potential it’s pretty much insanity. Brand’s ultimate ability can jump from target to target setting them on fire and later they explode in a fiery blaze. Brand alone can get a triple or a quadra kill even just by using his ultimate correctly.

He also has an ability that can stun people and his W is great for clearing out huge waves in the late game. Overall wherever you play this guy you are bound to do well in the late game. 

Why Brand Is Powerful Late Game:

  • Brand has the potential to kill everyone with a single ultimate ability. 
  • Great wave clearing potential thanks to his W. 
  • Brand’s E ability is point and click and it sets your enemy on fire. 
  • Each ability deals damage based on how much health the enemy has. 

8. Senna

“Let’s get it on!”

Next up is another support champion and that’s Senna the chick that was trapped in a lantern. Senna isn’t your classical support, she's more of the carry type support. As long as you pick up lost souls that are dropped by your team killing minions or you killing champions. Those souls give you extra AD, attack speed, and range.

In the early stages of a match, Senna will be your typical support that pokes the enemy so her ADC can get the kill but in the late game, Senna is the one who is doing the killing thanks to the massive buffs that she gets.

To be feared in the late game as a Senna player you have to collect as many souls as possible. Of course, also the items that you buy play a really big role but don’t worry about the gold as each soul gives you gold based on your level. 

Why Senna Is Powerful Late Game:

  • In the late game, Senna will have over 100 souls collected. 
  • Senna can become untargetable when she uses her E. 
  • Getting close to Senna in the late game will be hard thanks to the insane buffs she gains from her passive ability. 

7. Nasus

“We will live, they will die.”

Ah, the most known stacking champion in the game and that’s Nasus. With Nasus your first 30 minutes will be farming and pressing your Q ability on minions. After those 30 minutes pass you will reward yourself with 5 minutes of gameplay as that’s how much you need to finish a match.

You see once Nasus gets into the late game he will one-shot everything that stands in his path including turrets and the nexus. His main ability is his Q that deals damage based on how many minions or champions he has killed.

That’s also the ability he stacks with. His other abilities are just there to help him survive, especially the ultimate ability that turns him from a bruiser into a tank for a few seconds. And once you start playing the game instead of playing farming everyone will run for their lives but nobody can escape the dog. 

Why Nasus Is Powerful Late Game:

  • If Nasus has over 1000 stacks by the 30th minute he can one-shot everything that exists, including turrets and the nexus. 
  • His ultimate ability turns him from a bruiser into a tank for a few short seconds which can result in you winning a 1v3 situation. 
  • Nasus can stack infinitely, he doesn’t have a cap. 
  • Nasus can life-steal from his passive ability. 

6. Viego

“The whole world will know my name!”

Let’s get back to the jungle for a bit and talk about Viego. Now Viego is a special case. I was thinking of putting him down lower but I think this is where he belongs for now. When it comes to Viego he can either be a powerhouse in the late game or he can simply flop. And all that depends on how much the enemy team is farmed.

You see Viego’s passive ability allows him to take over the dead bodies of the enemies he has killed. And if the enemy is under-farmed and easy to kill so is Viego while controlling their body. But if you take someone who is farmed you can eliminate the whole enemy team.

Also, a neat ability that Viego has is that his ultimate ability refreshes each time he takes over a new body. It might sound OP and broken but it’s not. His ultimate ability allows him to dash a tiny distance. 

Why Viego Is Powerful Late Game:

  • If the enemy team is OP in the late game, so is Viego. It’s kinda weird I know. 
  • Viego has the blade of the ruined king in his passive. 
  • During the late game, Viego can use his ultimate 3 or 4 times during a team fight as long as he keeps killing people.

5. Cassiopeia

“There is no antidote for me!”

Here we have the most poisonous snake in Runeterra and that’s Cassiopeia. Another thing that this slippery snake can do is turn the whole enemy team into stone. That’s her ultimate ability by the way. Another great thing about Cassiopeia is that she’s an AP fighter mage that excels in dealing damage, especially in the late game.

As she has lower cooldowns and a lot of AP. Plus let’s not forget her signature ultimate ability that turns anyone into stone if they dare to look at Cassiopeia. Whenever this chick pops out of a bush everyone runs the other way since she can kill them in a split second. She’s also one of the best mage fighters in my opinion. 

Why Cassiopeia Is Powerful Late Game:

  • Cassiopeia can turn the whole enemy team into stone. 
  • She can disable all dash-type abilities with her W. 
  • Her E damage scales by how much AP she has. 
  • Everyone will run away from you in the late game because of your R ability. 

4. Irelia

“They shall die by my sword!”

Here we have a champion that I like to call the ultimate scarecrow in the late game and that’s Irelia. When it comes to playing Irelia it’s simple. You get passive ability stacked fully and then you unleash hell onto your enemies.

You also have other abilities such as your Q which gets reset each time you kill a minion, your W which reduces incoming damage, your E which can stun multiple targets at once, and your ultimate ability which allows you to Q to anyone and get a free reset.

All you have to do to be good with Irelia and be a menace in the late game is to hit her combos correctly. Once you master that everyone will fear you in the late game. 

Why Irelia Is Powerful Late Game:

  • Irelia can reduce incoming damage by 40% with her W. This ability is great if you like jumping into 1v3 situations. 
  • Irelia is one of the most agile champions for the late game. Her Q allows her to move insanely quickly. 
  • Her ultimate ability is great during team fights as Irelia can simply jump between her enemies with her Q. 

3. Bel’Veth

“I swallowed a whole city.”

A new champion and already on the list who could have guessed it? Well, technically Bel’Veth isn’t considered broken just yet and that’s because nobody has found the correct build to play her. Some people like to build AP on her while others go full attack speed. It’s all up to you how to play this champion.

But when it comes to late game nobody hits harder and faster than Bel’Veth. She deals the most true damage out of anyone and she can reduce incoming damage by 90% thanks to her E. Bel’Veth can also dash in 4 different directions without having to worry about a cooldown timer. This can come in handy during hectic team fights allowing you to dodge all incoming abilities that are aimed at you. 

Why Bel’Veth Is Powerful Late Game: 

  • Bel’Veth can reduce incoming damage by 90%. That speaks for itself. I don't even have to explain this one gamers. 
  • She can also dash 4 times in a row in different directions, this is especially useful during a team fight. 
  • Bel’Veth deals the most amount of true damage and has the highest attack speed in the game during the late game. Nobody can even come close. 

2. Kassadin

“The void shall show you no mercy!”

One of the scariest things during the late game is not being able to escape. That’s exactly where Kassadin excels at. Once he hits level 16 nobody can stop this creature from catching up to you. While you might think that you have a chance at escaping his grasp, trust me you don’t. Most Kassadin players love playing with their prey.

When it comes to his abilities Kassadin can dash every 2 seconds with his R if he is level 16. His Q is a great tool to silence people, his W empowers his next-auto attack and with E he releases a blast of energy that he charges up by other people using abilities. He’s also a great counter to mages so anyone that deals AP damage is a goner. He might be the scariest so far but what’s even scarier is something that you can’t even kill. 

Why Kassadin Is Powerful Late Game:

  • Once Kassadin hits level 16 everybody starts running away ASAP. 
  • He’s a great counter to all mages. 
  • His W can one-shot objectives in the late game period, this is great for finishing long matches. 

1. Kayle

“Justice shall prevail!”

And the champion that people fear the most in the late game is Kayle, the champion that can’t be killed. Seriously, have you ever tried to kill a Kayle that reached her full potential and the match is already in the late game period?

Yeah, that’s what I thought. The reason why people fear Kayle so much is because she deals on-hit damage thanks to her R ability. Her R allows her to evolve each time she hits levels 6,11, and 16. Kayle can also cast her R on herself or her ally protecting them and shielding them from death. Kayle is one of those champions that really suck in the early and mid-stages of a match but later they are an unstoppable force.

Also if you combine her other abilities such as her Q that reduces the target's armor and the fact that she can heal herself with W you get yourself the best champion for the late game. I have seen Kayle win a 1v5 situation and carry the whole match by herself just because the match dragged out for so long. Scary stuff let me tell you. 

Why Kayle Is Powerful Late Game:

  • Kayle can evolve each time she hits 6,11 and 16. And each time she evolves she gets stronger and stronger. 
  • She can cast her ultimate ability on an ally or on herself to become unkillable. 
  • She is the ultimate late-game carry champion. 
  • Her Q reduces the armor of all targets that have been hit by it. 
  • She can heal herself with W. 
  • Kayle deals a great amount of on-hit damage. 

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