LoL Best Alistar Skins That Look Freakin’ Awesome (All Alistar Skins Ranked Worst To Best)

LoL Best Alistar Skins That Look Freakin’ Awesome (All Alistar Skins Ranked Worst To Best)
Don't tease the bull if you don't want the horns.

This guy doesn’t get much attention and care lately regarding skins, but he has a decent number of them. 15 skins in fact and I’ll be listing them all from the worst ones to the best ones. I’ll list these skins by their looks and how well they perform in-game. Of course, these skins range from 10$ to 5$ but sadly this champion doesn’t have any legendary skins even though he’s one of the first champions ever released for this game. But to make up for the lack of legendary skins he has a rare unobtainable skin that we’ll get into later. Now enough chit chat let’s get into the list! 

15. Original Alistar (Ok)

It doesn’t get more basic than this. The main theme of this skin is the color purple and maybe the brown pants that he wears. This champion is a buff cow so there isn’t much to work with. What else can you put on a cow except for extra large muscles and some pants? That’s right, nothing else. Alistar is a great tank support that was here since the beginning of time so put some respect on his name. 

How To Get Original Alistar: 

You can buy the champion and his original skin for 585 RP which is 5$ or you can get him for free after completing the tutorial. It’s up to you if you wish to waste money on nothing. 

14. Sweeper Alistar (Ok)

This skin line is the worst in the game. There’s nothing special about them. The champions are dressed up in football gear and that’s it. Some skins have great animations but this one doesn’t. I guess if you like football you might like this skin otherwise it’s a hard skip. 

How To Get Sweeper Alistar:

You can only get this skin through a chest as it’s legacy skin. 

13. SKT T1 Alistar (Ok)

Another basic skin that’s been created for SKT T1 because they won the Worlds Championship back in 2015. This was a simple reskin, nothing new was added. Only people who are huge fans of SKT T1 are fans of this skin otherwise everyone else thinks it’s bad. 

How To Get SKT T1 Alistar:

You can obtain this skin from a chest only as it’s a legacy or you can buy it from the League shop during the Worlds championship for 975 RP or 9$. 

12. Marauder Alistar (Ok)

This is the first non-legacy skin for Alistar and it’s better known as the grim knight of the support roles. Sadly they don’t release any more Marauder skins but they really should. This is a simple basic skin that only changes the champion from the outside and nothing else. If you wish for your Alistar to look like a cool knight this skin is for you! 

How To Get Marauder Alistar:

You can buy this skin for 750 RP or 7$ in the League’s shop. 

11. Matador Alistar (Ok)

How the roles have changed. Instead of the bulls charging the red cape the humans are doing it. Why? Because why not? Same as the previous skins, this one doesn’t add anything special. Except for the major fact that Alistar wears a yellow jacket and his fur has changed colors. 

How To Get Matador Alistar:

You can obtain this skin only through chests as its legacy. 

10. Longhorn Alistar (Ok)

Most Alistar skins are old. That’s because there weren’t a lot of champions back in the day so a lot of people played Alistar today there’s not a lot of people. There are a few and sometimes people pick him to counter Leona. This skin dresses up Alistar into a cowboy but sadly he doesn’t get a horse. He’s a horseless cow. 

How To Get Longhorn Alistar:

You can only get this skin from chests because it’s a legacy. 

9. Infernal Alistar (Average)

Alistar was one of the first champions to get a skin from the Infernal skin line. The only thing that this skin has going for it is looks and that’s because it was released back in 2012. Sadly this skin suffers from the lack of animations and good effects like the previous skins. Why? Because it’s old we already established that. 

How To Get Infernal Alistar:

You can buy this skin for 975 RP or 8$ in the League skin shop. 

8. Conqueror Alistar (Average)

Finally, this skin breaks the curse of not having any animations or effects. They aren’t anything special but it’s a nice addition to give to the champion. The color palette is simple but it’s cool to see on the champion. It’s dark black mixed with bright red gems. The best part is that there’s a red gem in the center of his head. 

How To Get Conqueror Alistar:

The only way to obtain this skin is from a chest since it’s a legacy. 

7.  Unchained Alistar (Average)

The skin barely looks any different from the original Alistar but the only reason that it’s at number 7 is that it’s really rare. In my 1000 hours of playing League, I only see this skin once. If you own this skin consider yourself lucky and don’t get permanently banned under any means. The skin is basic as it gets and only a few features are changed. In-game there is no difference. 

How To Get Unchained Alistar:

You can’t obtain this skin anymore; it was a limited-time offer. 

6. Lunar Beast Alistar (Good)

This is the most recent skin for Alistar that was released for the Lunar New Year 2021. It was a fun event while it lasted and it brought us some new and unique skins. One of those skins was for our dear cow. This skin brings new animations, effects, and a brand new unique recall animation. It is also one of the rare skins for Alistar that uses a lot of different colors. 

How To Get Lunar Beast Alistar:

You can only buy this skin during the Lunar New Year event for 1350 RP or 10$. 

5. Golden Alistar (Good)

One of the oldest skins for Alistar but also the most simplistic one. You won’t believe what it changes. It turns the bull from purple to gold. How unique Riot Games, good job! While using this skin the model will look smaller which can give you a bit of an advantage. 

How To Get Golden Alistar:

You can buy this skin for 390 RP or 5$ in the skin store. 

4. Blackfrost Alistar (Good)

Blackfrost is one of the coolest skins in the game. The color scheme is simple and the effects look cool. The only downside to the skin is that it gives a bigger model to the champion. Otherwise, if you love the effects and you love frozen water you’ll love using this skin. 

How To Get Blackfrost Alistar:

You can buy the skin for 1350 RP or 10$ in the League of Legends skin shop. 

3. Hextech Alistar (Excellent)

The most expensive skin for Alistar. If you don’t have lots of cash laying around you’re out of luck. While using this skin your cow will be transformed into alien machinery that only you can control successfully. The color pallet is basic and nothing special but what’s special are the effects and they do look pretty neat when casting your abilities. 

How To Get Hextech Alistar:

You can buy this skin with mythic essence but that can cost you from 50$ to 100$ depending on your luck or you can save up mythic essence but that can take up a whole year. 

2. Moo Cow Alistar (Excellent)

This is the ultimate meme skin in the game. If you don’t own this you’re not a true Alistar fan. Even if you don’t like playing Alistar you have to own this skin. The best part about this skin is the dance animation where Alistar hits the cowbell. This can be very tilting when you kill someone and I highly recommend that you spam it any chance you get. It also comes with different chromas if that’s your thing. You can color the bull any color you wish. 

How To Get Moo Cow Alistar:

Go to the League of Legends skin shop and buy this skin for 975 RP or 8$ in total. 

1. Black Alistar (Best)

This is one of the rarest skins in the whole game and you can’t obtain it anymore. It was the first skin ever released for Alistar and it was only given to people who preordered the Deluxe Edition of League of Legends. As the name says it turns our cow from purple to black and that’s it. If you own this skin you’re one of the lucky few people on this Earth and if you get a permaban owning this skin you should give up at League of Legends. 

How To Get Black Alistar:

This skin isn’t obtainable anymore and it was given to people who preordered the Deluxe Edition League of Legends. 

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