[Top 10] LOL Best Ranged Champions That Wreck Hard!

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[Top 10] LOL Best Ranged Champions That Wreck Hard!

10. Senna-The Redeemer

As you start the game Senna’s auto attack range is decent but not that amazing but as you begin to reach the late game her range increases more and more due to her passive, she is the only champion whose range scales infinitely as long as you collect on her passive.

What makes Senna Great:

  • She can be played as a support or an all damage carry because of her support kit and her reliable damage
  • She has an ultimate move that goes across the map that shields allies and hurts enemies in the center of the shot
  • She has a powerful root that stays on whoever is hit and can stun anyone who is around the area of the enemy once it goes off
  • Her Q ability goes through allies healing them and hurting enemies in the line and marking enemy champions for her passive
  • She has the ability to make herself and any allies who enter her disappear as shrouds to help escape from bad team fights or ganks or engage by hiding your allies

See Senna in action:

9. Aphelios-The Weapon of the Faithful

Armed to the teeth with moonstone weapons given to him by his sister from a distant temple, Aphelios is a deadly marksman under the moonlight and he’s ready to strike down your enemies so pick him up and add him to your roster soon.

What’s great about Aphelios:

  • He’s a very skillful champion if you’re looking for a challenging champion to learn and add yo your roster of champions
  • His unique play style is unique to him alone and takes time to master but if you do you’ll be able to use one of the strongest all damage carry champions
  • Each of his five weapons have a unique basic attack with different ranges with his sniper having the farthest range, each weapon has a unique activated ability that gives different effects
  • His weapons are so cool and use ammo to attack allowing you to plan which weapons you want to keep and use and which you want to change out for the next one
  • Aphelios’s ultimate changes for whatever main weapon you have equipped and applies whatever weapon condition your main weapon has on it

Watch Aphelios in action:

8. Caitlyn-The Sheriff of Piltover

The Sheriff of Piltover is armed with a sniper rifle given to her by her parents to hunt the criminals of Piltover with her partner Vi in hopes of making it safe for everyone.

What’s great about Caitlyn:

  • She has one of the farthest-reaching execution ultimates in-game that tracks one enemy and charges up a critical shot that can devastate late game
  • Her traps grant vision in bushes when you’re out of wards so you can safely check for enemies to get the jump on them
  • With her headshot passive, you stack shots so your next shot is a guaranteed critical, when you build attack speed almost every other hit will be a critical
  • If you trap or net an enemy you get a boost to your auto attack range to shoot them with an automatic headshot critical
  • Your early game with Caitlyn is stronger than most so as long you don’t fall behind you’ll be able to snowball the game to victory

Watch the sniper in action:

7. Seraphine-The Starry-Eyed Songstress

This pop star has just arrived on the scene of Runeterra and is taking the game by storm, being a strong support champion and a decent choice for mid lane she is worth adding to your champion roster.

What’s great about the newest pop star:

  • Seraphine can easily be played as a support or in the mid-lane role because of her reliable damage and speed boost with a shield and heal
  • Her ultimate is one of the farthest traveling because the range increases for every ally and enemy champion hit by it as it travels forward to charm every enemy champion hit
  • Each of her abilities can hit twice with an extra effect if the enemy is hit by another effect such as slow or stun or charm
  • She’s a new relatively easy champion to learn with nothing except skill shots in her kit that can hit twice because of your passive
  • She looks amazing and she is included in a deal with her and her K/DA All-Star skin that has its own amazing quest for you to level her up on her way to ultimate stardom

Watch this star in action:

6. Twitch-The Plague Rat

Twitch is definitely not the cleanest or best smelling or the best dressed or the smartest but...he’s something. He’s a connoisseur of the not so finest things and it shows, he’s a lover of moldy cheese and anything and everything that’s disgusting.

What’s great about this rat:

  • Twitch can be played as an all damage carry or a jungle which is rare for ranged champions like our favorite nasty rat
  • He has excellent ganking potential because of his stealth that gives him a boost to attack speed so you’ll be able to go in stack an enemy champ and burst them down with your toxic crossbow
  • Twitch’s skins are some of the few rare ones that change twitch’s entire species from a raccoon to a mouse to a rat of snow and ice
  • His ultimate move allows you to fire at turrets outside of their range while you don’t have minions to aggro the tower, this helps when chipping down turrets and split pushing to make that weak tower finally fall of for clearing minion waves
  • He has on hit poison that is deadly late game as he scales with adaptive power and attack damage or AP and AD

What’s this rat scurry around:

5. Kindred-The Eternal Hunters

This champion is the hunter of death, Lamb takes those who are ready to pass as Wolf hunts those who try to run from death, this champion is tricky to play and takes skill to play effectively but when you get used to playing them they are extremely strong.

What’s great about the Hunters of Death:

  • The playful banter between Lamb and Wolf is adorable as they are the two parts of the champion Kindred
  • She’s a slightly difficult champion that is tricky yet rewarding to play and learn if you’re trying new champions for the jungle
  • Her range is able to grow as you get marks, your passive, 25 being the max amount of marks once you hunt everyone on the enemy team as well as some of the enemy jungle camps
  • Her ultimate is great for clutch plays or to help your team escape as it stops everyone from dying in an area as well as heals after it’s over
  • With her leap lamb is able to jump over small walls to gank easier and go through the jungle faster than some other champions

What Kindred as they hunt:

4. Kog’Maw-The Mouth of the Abyss

This cute creature of this abyss isn’t a dark creature like others from the abyss he wants to cuddle and play catch, but sadly can’t because of his acid saliva that’s able to melt everything it touches. this cute champion to your roster for a strong and cute All Damage Carrydc.

What’s great about this cuddly adc:

  • Kog’Maw is an artillery kind of adc with great slows and damage as well as an ability to increase his range and attack speed
  • His ultimate has almost no cooldown but cost a decent amount of mana but late game you’ll be able to use it more often without running out of mana
  • When you die you become a bomb that can move to enemies and execute enemies that are low on health and chunk those who weren’t low so your team can go in for the kill
  • Late game you’re able to burst enemies down fast with good range while your W ability is on as it allows you to attack from a further range with increased attack speed
  • Your Q ability resets your auto attack as well as erodes armor and magic resist on your enemies so your team can do extra damage

What’s great about this little guy:

3. Jinx-The Loose Canon

Jinx loves blowing up everything and everyone with pow pow, her minigun, and fishbones, her rocket launcher. She’s got a loose screw and named all of her weapons pow pow, fishbones, zapper, chompers, and super mega death rocket, she uses these to cause as much chaos as possible as she’s chased by her sister Vi.

What’s great about this loose cannon:

  • Zapper does a great amount of damage that enemies aren’t able to easily dodge and is often underestimated as an attack
  • Pow Pow attacks extremely fast late game while Fishbones offers a large amount of splash damage as well as on hit damage
  • When you kill an enemy champion or get an assist you get an insane movement speed burst and attack speed burst to melt enemies down
  • You’re ultimate move, super mega death rocket does an insane amount of damage and travels across the map gaining more and more damage the further it goes
  • Your chompers do a great amount of damage and if they bite an enemy champion they get rooted and burn the enemy doing extra damage

Watch someone going crazy with Jinx:

2. Tristana-The Yordle Gunner

This yordle isn’t like others; she's ready for adventure and is armed with her trusty cannon, Boomer, Tristana is ready to leap into battle and become a legend like the great adventurers of old.

What’s great about this cannon wielding yordle:

  • Tristana is able to engage or escape with her cannon by using her rocket jump ability that does damage as she lands
  • With your E ability, you’re able to do extra damage to towers and it’s guaranteed damage to any enemy or minions hit that detonates faster with auto-attacks
  • With rapid-fire cannon, you’ll be able to attack quicker and detonate your E faster for extra damage as well as destroy objectives faster
  • When you get a kill your rocket jump resets so it makes it easier to tower dive for an easy kill then escape without dieing to the tower
  • Your ultimate does amazing damage, pushes enemies back, and if they have an explosive charge on them it’s detonated at twice the radius hurting any enemies nearby with extra damage

Watch this yordle leap into battle:

1. Xerath-The Magus Ascendant 

Xerath is a being of pure magical power who wishes to destroy the world and recreate it in his perfect image as the ascended magus.

What’s great about this being of pure power:

  • Your passive makes you gain mana back when you auto-attack an enemy with more mana gained back if you attack an enemy champion allowing you to stay in lane longer
  • Your Q is a beam of power that goes through any wind wall such as Yasuo or Samira’s that can be charged to increase the range
  • You have a stun that lasts longer the further it travels and a slow that last longer and is stronger from the center and weaker further out
  • Xerath has the best dance in all of League of legends and is worth adding him to your roster of Middle Lane or Support champions just to see it in action
  • Your ultimate has a large area in which you can aim with 3, 4, and 5 shots respectively as you level it up in-game, that deal a large amount of damage in the area that’s hit to all enemies

Watch as he dominates Runeterra:


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