[Top 10] LOL Best Tanks That Can Absorb Massive Damage

LOL Best Tanks
“In the heat of battle, we stand steadfast and strong. None shall prevail against us”

Hey there shrimps, my guess is that you wanna know all about those lean, mean, damage absorbing machine? Well, you're in luck. The champs in this top countdown are built like giant impregnable fortresses of steel, heck they’ll be lucky to get even a tickle in.
Tanks are the main defensive champions of the game. They are responsible for taking the frontline to absorb as much damage as possible while using an array of CC to disrupt the enemy.

So, without further ado here are the top 10 best LOL tanks that can absorb massive amounts of damage.

10. Taric
The Shield of Valoran

He’s tall and handsome, with such lovely flowing locks, he shines wherever he goes(literally), rescues kittens in trees, kisses babies, heals the sick and aids the elderly. Taric is the perfect example of what man should be, Scratch that, he is the perfect man. 

Taric is a Support-Type Tank that shines(again) as a strong bot-lane counter duo. His ability to absorb massive damage while supporting his team makes him the best at team play.

What makes Taric an op Tank?

  • He has an AOE stun, heal and damage immunity. His kit baits the enemy into using all their abilities making them vulnerable in between cooldowns.
  • Most of his CC scales with Armor, building Zeke’s convergence or Iceborn gauntlet will give him the power spike he needs. And they're relatively cheap.
  • While linked to an ally, Taric’s passive buffs both their Armor, and it also scales with his armor items making them more durable in-game. 

Taric is weak against:

  • Taric does best when he’s bot lane with  an ADC. We don’t recommend sending him to solo.
  • Being a Supportive-Tank, he has weak engage and doesn’t have much pushing-power.
  • He burns a lot of mana in the early game, so use his abilities sparingly. 

9. Shen
The Eye of Twilight

Being the leader of a clan of deadly ninjas does have its perks. He may not be as flashy as the others but when you’re this fly who can complain. And besides, the stealth-style approach is so overrated.

Shen is a top-lane juggernaut that excels in countering the enemy’s tank. His  ability to protect his allies while engaging the enemy makes him perfect as a front-line tank-buster.

What makes Shen an op Tank?

  • Shen’s kit has an array of shields and blocks, which makes him great at countering top-lane fighters such as Garen and Nasus who depend on melee attacks and abilities.
  • He has a global-shield, which he can use to shield a low health ally and teleport to their location. This ability is good for getting the drop on enemies and counter ganking.
  • Shen rules at early-game and even more so at late-game. Be as aggressive as possible, force the enemy top-lanner to back while he charges his ultimate.

Shen is weak against:

  • His ultimate makes him abandon his lane, leaving his tower undefended. He usually loses the first tower in most games.
  • He’s only offensive ability is his ‘Q’, and since he uses energy, he is limited to only a few abilities at a time.
  • He’s weak at damaging multiple targets at once since he is more of a protector than a disruptor.

8. Braum
The Heart of the Freljord

His shield is strong and his heart is stronger. He is well known as a hero throughout the Freljord, stories of his overwhelming strength and resolve are told to children everywhere.

A protector of the weak and a slayer of evil. The heart of Freljord will never be forgotten, and as his mother always said; “if things get tough, stand behind Braum.”

Braum is a support-type tank that does best at the front-line. His ability to absorb massive amounts of frontal damage while stunning and slowing his enemies makes him a powerful threat in team-fights and laning.

What makes Braum an op Tank?

  • His shield can absorb most frontal ultimates like Ezreal’s True Shot Barrage and Caitlyn’s Ace in the Hole.
  • His passive and ultimate allows him and his allies to stun multiple targets at once and is also good at gank assist and escapes.
  • Braum has excellent engage and pushing power, absorbing most incoming projectiles while his team pushes  the lane.

Braum is weak against

  • While Braum’s shield is activated, champions such as Akali and Qiyana can always get behind him. Forcing him to cancel it early to protect his squishy allies.
  • Being a support-style tank, he doesn’t have much damage, so he relies on his team to attack while he defends.
  • He has a weak early game with high cooldowns. If the enemy keeps focusing his ADC, he will be forced to use all his mana and become useless.

7. Zac
The Secret Weapon

Don’t let his looks fool you, he’s not as soft and squishy as he looks. He’s more of a tough and bendy kind of guy, like rubber. And besides, who needs flesh or a skeleton when you’re this flexible. And yes, he does work out.

Zac is a burst-type tank that uses the element of surprise to literally get the drop on the enemy. His ability to engage from far distances and deliver an enormous amount of CC makes him ideal for starting and sustaining a fight.

What makes Zac an op Tank?

  • Zac mainly plays as a Tanky-Jungler. He has a full kit of AOE that gives him strong engage and catching potential.
  • He can sustain massive amounts of damage by just using his abilities and collect his cells. 
  • He does a decent amount of damage mid-game despite being a tank. This is because his ‘W’ does percent health damage that scales both AP and HP.

Zac is weak againstL

  • Most of his abilities scale with HP and cost his own health, so he is relatively weak in the early-game.
  • His ’E’ can be used against him. Enemies can bait his ‘E’ by setting up an ambush, and it can also be stopped with CC. 
  • His passive splits his body into smaller pieces as a last hope of survival. The only downside is that they are easy to kill and can be smiled.

6. Tahm kench 
The River King

Tales of this legendary river demon has been going on for as long as the rivers themselves. He’s known by many names and is said to be as sly and cunning as demons come. His insatiable hunger for human greed and misery knows no bounds as he searches far and wide for his next meal.

So, next time you’re down on your luck don’t head down by the river, or ‘old Two Coats’ will get yah.

Tahm kench is a supportive tank that uses his unique abilities to capture enemies, protect allies, and absorb enormous amounts of damage.

What makes Tahm Kench an op Tank?

  • His ‘W’ can capture unique targets like marksmen to weaken the enemy team’s offensive power, all the while getting tickled.
  • He can play many different roles including Tank-Top, Tank-Support, and Jungler. His ultimate can teleport any short distance on the map, making him ideal for pincer ganks.
  • Tahm kench’s ‘W’ does a large amount of percent health damage that scales with AP and his max HP, making him one of the most feared Anti-Tanks in the game.

Tahm Kench is weak against:

  • He has weak CC, especially against multiple targets. He is also weak against CC, after all the needs to reach in to eat.
  • Tahm kench doesn’t have much engage or pushing power besides his ultimate. He is very slow-moving and hates fast-food.
  • Despite being a supportive-tank, he does not do well with his team. He prefers to dine alone at the top-lane with his date on the menu. 

5. Galio
The Colossus

Galio the Colossus is the sworn guardian protector of Demacia. He stands ever vigilant for decades only reanimating when the arrival of a powerful mage threatens the livelihood of his fellow countryman. There's nothing he enjoys more than a good fight, as he punishes evil with his fists of justice. 

Galio is a Mage’s worst nightmare. He is a Tank-Mage whose abilities allow him to deal a decent amount of AP while disrupting the enemy mage’s spell-casts. He is built like an Anti-magic bulldozer that absorbs enormous amounts of magic damage, making him a powerful counter-mid. 

What makes Galio an op Tank?

  • He has no rival when it comes to countering Magic-Damage. He will usually win a fight against a mid-lane mage.
  • Galio does very well in team-fights. His ultimate can be used to save allies while he counters enemies with his CC.
  • His ‘E’ cast has a decent burst for closing in the distance while his damage reduction shield reduces all incoming damage, making him ideal for tanking the frontlines.

 Galio is weak against:

  • Most of Galio’s abilities scale with his items, so he has a weak early-game.
  • Galio is strong against magic but more vulnerable to physical attacks.
  • If his ally dies while casting his ultimate, he can become their next target if outnumbered.

4. Rammus
The Armordillo

If Galio is a Mage’s worst nightmare then Rammus is the terror of Melee-Fighters everywhere. Rammus is the enigma responsible for the cracked-bone epidemic during the warring times in Runeterra. claiming the limbs and weapons of thousands of soldiers who tried to strike his armored shell, And thus he was named Rammus the Armordillo.

Rammus is the king of Armor, the more Armor he stacks the more damage he does. His ability to engage the enemy and absorb all their AD make him ideal against countering Fighters and ADCs’

What makes Rammus an op Tank?

  • His attack damage scales with his Armor, making him both a Bruiser and a Tank.
  • Rammus is relatively both easy and fun to play, he is also excellent at ganks and is best played as a Jungler.
  • He has an array of CC that focuses more on offense and disruption than protection. This makes him perfect as a front-line behemoth.

Rammus is weak against:

  • His ‘Q’ can be easily countered by  stuns or minion waves.
  • Being an Anti-AD tank, he is relatively weak against mages that deal high AP or CC.
  • He has a weak early-game and slow jungle clearing.

3. Dr. Mundo
The Madman of Zaun

Dr. Mundo is notorious in Zaun for being a crazed kidnapper and torturer. He loves pain and he loves dealing pain as well, and with a body that can regenerate almost instantly, few have tried to stop him. If only his brain cells could regenerate as fast as his body.

Dr. Mundo is the God of Self-Sustain, he is literally a walking base fountain. His ability to sustain phenomenal amounts of damage while charging the front-line makes him one of the most feared juggernaut-tanks in the game.

What makes Dr. Mundo an op Tank?

  • Unlike most tanks, Dr. Mundo has a decent amount of MS. Making him perfect for pushing lanes and charging enemies.
  • He has enough damage and sustain to 1 v 5 the entire enemy team.
  • Dr. Mundo works best as a solo Top-laner but also does well as a counter Jungler.

Dr. Mundo is weak against:

  • All of his abilities cost his own health, making him a weak early-gamer.
  • He is weak against CC and Burst-damage. So, assassins can  kill him when his ‘R’ is on cooldown.
  • His ‘Q’ can be easily blocked using minion waves.

2. Ornn
The Fire Bellow the Mountain

Ornn is a master forger of the Freljords, he crafts only the finest of weapons of the highest quality and enjoys his solitude in the molten, bellows of a dormant volcano, hammering day and night on his next legendary weapon.

Ornn is the second most tankiest champion in the game. His ability to stack Armor and Magic-Resist with his number of items, as well as upgrade his and his ally’s items, make him a living cheat engine that can disrupt the chain of power in the game.

What makes Ornn an op Tank?

  • Ornn passive allows him to upgrade his or any ally’s items while away from the shop.
  • He has as an array of CC which makes him perfect for Jungling, supporting and Top-laning.
  • He is a late-game monster. Six items mean six times his defenses making him an indestructible beast. 

Ornn is weak against:

  • His defenses scale with his items so he has a weak early-game. He is also bad at farming.
  • He has poor mobility so he prefers to protect and let the enemy come to him.
  • He is vulnerable to attacks while uses his living forge.

1. Cho’Gath- The Terror of The Void

He’s big, enormous, and gigantic, oh, and did I say colossal. Do you remember those titans and kaiju from the movies? Well, Cho’Gath was the one who ate them.

This massive behemoth has bad breath, a nasty bite and a terrible habit of growing too big to fit in the game.

Cho’Gath is truly indestructible, his ability to stack HP up to 255 times makes him a living kaiju, he can absorb both AP and AD damage like a sponge and deal an enormous amount of True-damage with his ‘R’.

What makes Cho’Gath an op Tank?

  • When it comes to absorbing enormous amounts of damage from all types, Cho’Gath has no rival. Just stand behind the beast and watch him charge.
  • The more health he stacks, the more damage his ‘R’ does, he can literally one-shot the enemy’s ADC or Support.
  • His passive allows him to stack on minion six times, making him a great early and late-game champion. He is also good at farming, supporting and Jungling.

Cho’Gath is weak against:

  • He is very immobile, especially when he gets bigger.
  • He is vulnerable to CC and has poor engage and dis-engage.
  • He is literally a big target. Items such as Blade of the Ruined King and Liandry’s Torment that deal percent health damage can work against him.

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